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How much does a mega yacht cost?

Owning a mega yacht is a luxury that only the wealthiest individuals in the world can afford. Mega yachts are defined as private luxury yachts over 75 feet in length, with the largest super yachts stretching over 500 feet. Acquiring and maintaining these floating mansions requires boatloads of money, with price tags starting in the tens of millions and ongoing operating costs in the millions per year.

What is considered a mega yacht?

While there is no definitive length that constitutes a “mega yacht,” they are generally considered to be yachts over 75 feet. Here are the common size classifications used for luxury yachts:

  • Regular yacht: Up to 75 feet
  • Large yacht: 75 feet to 150 feet
  • Superyacht: 150 feet to 220 feet
  • Mega yacht: 220 feet to 300 feet
  • Giga yacht: Over 300 feet

The largest mega yachts in the world are over 500 feet long. For example, the superyacht Azzam measures 590 feet while Fulk Al Salamah is over 600 feet long. However, most mega yachts fall in the 220 to 300 foot range.

How much does a 75-100 foot yacht cost?

Entry level mega yachts in the 75 to 100 foot range generally start around $5 million on the lower end. Prices go up significantly for larger, high-end yachts with more amenities and luxurious finishes. Factors like the naval architecture,engines, interior design, and onboard features greatly affect the cost.

A high quality, fully decked out 100-foot yacht could cost $10 million or more. For example, a top of the line 97-foot yacht with high-end specs can start around $12 million.

Sample price range for 75-100 foot yachts:

  • Smaller used yacht: $3 – 5 million
  • New 80-100 foot yacht: $5 – 10 million
  • Luxury mega yacht: $10 – 15 million+

How much is a 150-200 foot superyacht?

In the 150 to 200 foot range, new superyacht prices usually start between $20 million to $50 million. However, prices can exceed $100 million for high-end, customized yachts with luxurious amenities and features.

Some factors that influence the cost of a 150-200 foot superyacht include:

  • Naval architecture and engineering
  • Quality of materials and finishes
  • Number of decks and cabins
  • Onboard amenities like pools, spas, gyms, beach clubs, helipads, movie theaters, and more
  • Cutting edge navigation, communication, and entertainment systems
  • Exterior styling, design, and customization
  • Luxury interior design and custom décor
  • High performance engines and stabilization systems
  • Reputation of the yacht builder

Higher end superyachts like those built by top manufacturers like Feadship, Lürssen, and Blohm+Voss can cost $100 million or more depending on the features and custom work.

Sample price range for 150-200 foot superyachts:

  • New 150-foot yacht: $20 – 30 million
  • Custom 180-foot yacht: $40 – 60 million
  • High-end 200-foot superyacht: $70 – 120+ million

How much is a 220-300 foot mega yacht?

In the largest mega yacht category of 220 to 300 feet, new constructions start at around $100 million. The most advanced, high-tech yachts at this size can cost over $500 million.

At this elite end of the spectrum, most yachts are extensively customized passion projects for billionaires and royalty. The ultra rich spare no expense when it comes to amenities, luxury, entertainment, comfort and safety.

Some amazing features found on the priciest 220-300 foot mega yachts include:

  • Helicopter hangars and landing pads
  • Indoor pools and spas
  • Expansive outdoor pool decks
  • Movie theaters, gaming rooms and ballrooms
  • Submarines and enclosed garages for cars and water toys
  • Gyms, salons and massage rooms
  • Medical centers
  • Bars, dance floors and karaoke
  • Hi-tech navigation and communication facilities
  • Sophisticated security and defense systems
  • Luxurious suite accommodations for up to dozens of guests

The sky’s the limit when money is no object! The largest mega yachts might have some or all of these ostentatious features tailored to the owner’s desires.

Sample price range for 220-300 foot mega yachts:

  • 225 foot new build yacht: $100 – 150 million
  • 260 foot custom yacht: $200 – 300 million
  • 300 foot luxury gigayacht: $350 – 500+ million

What are the most expensive mega yachts?

Here are some of the priciest mega yachts in the world based on reported construction costs:

Yacht Length Estimated Cost
Azzam 590 feet $600 million
Eclipse 536 feet $500 million
Fulk Al Salamah 605 feet $465 million
Dubai 525 feet $400 million
Streets of Monaco 320 feet $325 million

These are exceptional examples at the ultra high end of the spectrum. But many 220-300 foot bespoke yachts cost $200 to $300 million to construct nowadays.

What are the annual running costs?

The initial purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mega yacht ownership. These massive, complex vessels require huge yearly expenditures to operate and maintain.

Annual running costs typically amount to at least 10% of the yacht’s value. So a $100 million yacht would cost around $10 million per year to operate and keep in top condition.

Key operating costs include:

  • Crew – Mega yacht crews can number in the dozens for larger vessels, with salaries starting around $60,000/year for deckhands and up to $300,000+ for the captain. Expect at least $1 million/year for crew payroll.
  • Fuel – It takes massive amounts of fuel to move these ocean giants. Fuel costs alone can exceed $500,000.
  • Insurance – Insurance premiums for most mega yachts fall between 1-2% of the yacht’s value. So at least $1 million for a $100 million yacht.
  • Maintenance – All systems, finishes and engineering require regular upkeep and maintenance at shipyards. This can cost several million per year.
  • Docking fees – Marinas charge mega yachts huge fees to dock, with some the most exclusive ports charging over $100,000 per week.

Add in supplies, entertainment, communications, security and more – and it’s easy for operating costs to exceed $10 million annually.

Are there financing options?

Very few yacht buyers can afford the full cost upfront. Financing is available, but usually requires at least a 30% down payment.

Most lenders will finance around 60-70% of the purchase price, with interest rates starting around 4-6% for the highest caliber ultra-wealthy borrowers.

Given the custom nature of most megayachts, the buyer usually pays 30-50% upfront during the build process, with the remaining amount financed upon completion.

Yacht financing loans typically have terms of 10-15 years. The loans are secured using the yacht as collateral.

Major banks and institutions like JP Morgan and Credit Suisse offer yacht financing. There are also specialized marine lenders like DNB Bank and pension fund managers who offer loans.

Are there ongoing costs with a financed yacht?

If you finance a mega yacht, there will be significant ongoing costs in addition to the loan payments:

  • Insurance – Lenders require comprehensive insurance to protect their collateral, which can cost 1-2% of the yacht’s value per year.
  • Interest – Depending on loan amount and term, total interest costs can amount to 30% or more of the original principal.
  • Maintenance reserves – Lenders usually require owners to maintain reserve funds for maintenance, which can mean millions per year.
  • Operating costs – Crew, fuel, docking and all regular costs will still apply, which can total millions annually.

So financing may help cash flow the initial purchase, but owners must be prepared for the substantial ongoing costs of repaying the loan and running the yacht.

Who makes the most expensive mega yachts?

There is an elite circle of luxury yacht builders behind the most expensive mega yachts in the world. Here are some of the top manufacturers:

  • Lürssen – Germany – Custom yachts 100m+ including Azzam, Dilbar and more
  • Blohm+Voss – Germany – Famous for Eclipse, one of the largest yachts
  • Feadship – Netherlands – Industry leader for exclusivity and quality
  • Benetti – Italy – Specializes in highly customized megayachts
  • Amels – Netherlands – Leading Dutch superyacht builder
  • Oceanco – Netherlands – Built the 400 foot superyacht Dilbar
  • Nobiskrug – Germany – Constructed the 468 foot superyacht Sailing Yacht A

These top tier shipyards are behind the groundbreaking engineering and luxurious fit and finish of the priciest mega yachts.

What are the maintenance costs of a mega yacht?

Maintaining a mega yacht can cost millions of dollars each year to keep it in pristine, seaworthy condition. Here are some of the major maintenance costs:

  • Dry docking – Hauling out a mega yacht for bottom cleaning, painting, hull inspection and repairs can cost over $250,000.
  • Repainting – A full repaint job for a large yacht starts around $500,000.
  • Refit – Major overhauls of systems and interior spaces every 5-10 years can cost tens of millions.
  • Waste management – Waste disposal, sewage, greywater, bilge pumping and environmental compliance.
  • Desalination – Reverse osmosis systems to generate freshwater from seawater.
  • Generators – Fuel and maintenance of onboard generators.
  • HVAC – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system maintenance.

Proactive maintenance is absolutely essential to keep mega yachts safe and comfortable while at sea.

Who owns the most expensive yachts?

With price tags over $100 million, the owners of the most expensive yachts are billionaires who rank among the world’s ultra wealthy elite. Here are some of the owners:

  • Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Owner of Azzam and Dubai – Net worth $30 billion.
  • Roman Abramovich – Owner of Eclipse – Net worth $14.5 billion.
  • Mohammed bin Salman – Owner of Serene – Net worth $10 billion.
  • Mohamed Al Fayed – Owner of Sokar – Net worth $2.3 billion.
  • The Sultan of Oman – Owner of Fulk al Salamah – Estimated net worth $1 billion.
  • Alisher Usmanov – Owner of Dilbar – Net worth $19.6 billion.
  • Andrey Melnichenko – Owner of Motor Yacht A – Net worth $18 billion.

Owning a nine or ten figure luxury yacht is the ultimate status symbol only reachable for those at the pinnacle of wealth and power.

Most expensive yachts comparison table

Yacht Owner Length Estimated Cost
Azzam Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed 590 feet $600 million
Eclipse Roman Abramovich 536 feet $500 million
Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum 525 feet $400 million
Fulk al Salamah Sultan of Oman 605 feet $465 million
Streets of Monaco Unknown 320 feet $325 million


Mega yachts are the most expensive toys money can buy, with the top models costing well over $500 million when fully loaded with luxury features. While the initial purchase prices are astronomical, owners also must be prepared for millions more in annual operating costs.

From the hundreds of expert technicians employed building these maritime mansions, to the elite designers crafting their interior finishes, to the dozens of crew needed to operate them – mega yachts provide work to thousands and display an astonishing feat of human engineering and craftsmanship.

For the select few billionaires who can afford them, owning a mega yacht represents the pinnacle of wealth and status in an ocean-going, floating palace.