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How much does David get paid on Lottery Dream Home?

David Bromstad is the popular host of HGTV’s Lottery Dream Home, a show where he helps lottery winners find and renovate their dream homes. With his infectious enthusiasm and keen design sense, David has become a fan favorite over the years. But how much does he actually make for hosting this real estate show? Let’s take a closer look at David’s salary and net worth.

David’s Salary Per Episode

Unfortunately, HGTV does not publicly disclose what it pays the hosts of its shows. The salaries are considered proprietary information. However, we can make some educated guesses based on the available data:

  • According to various reports, HGTV hosts make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per episode, on average.
  • As one of HGTV’s most popular hosts, David likely makes on the higher end of that range.
  • With at least 13 episodes per season of Lottery Dream Home, David could be making around $1 million or more per season.

It’s important to note that these figures are just estimates. David’s actual per episode salary is not confirmed and could be higher or lower. However, it’s clear that hosting a successful HGTV show pays very well per episode.

David’s Net Worth

In addition to his HGTV salary, David Bromstad has earned money from other ventures that contribute to his current net worth. Here are some key facts about David’s net worth and earnings:

  • His current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.
  • Aside from Lottery Dream Home, David has hosted other HGTV shows like Color Splash and Beach Flip.
  • He runs his own interior design firm in Miami, Florida called David Bromstad Interior Design.
  • David has authored multiple books on home design and coloring.
  • He sells his own line of floral fabrics.
  • David often partners with brands for sponsored social media campaigns.

While not extravagantly wealthy, the celebrity designer has done well for himself between his TV career, design firm, and other business ventures. His HGTV hosting duties remain his main source of ongoing income.

Factors That Influence HGTV Host Salaries

Salaries for HGTV on-air talent can vary substantially depending on several key factors:

  • Show popularity – Hosts of HGTV’s most popular primetime shows can command the top salaries. Ratings, social media engagement and buzz play a role.
  • Host experience – Veteran hosts with years under their belts tend to earn more than newcomers.
  • Expertise – Hosts with actual design/renovation expertise can boost their pay compared to hosts without those skills.
  • Negotiating power – Established hosts often have more leverage to negotiate higher salaries, especially for renewal contracts.
  • Production costs – Budgets for higher-end productions allow for higher host salaries compared to cheaper, lower-quality shows.

So while we don’t know David’s exact Lottery Dream Home salary, we know it aligns with his popularity, 22+ years at HGTV, design expertise, and the higher production values of his shows.

Other Benefits and Perks

In addition to the base salary for each episode filmed, David and other HGTV hosts enjoy some nice perks such as:

  • Compensation for promotional appearances and marketing activities
  • Fully paid travel and accommodation expenses for filming locations
  • Reimbursements for wardrobe and styling expenses
  • Professional fees for participating in brand partnership deals

So once all the other compensation, endorsements, and benefits are included, the hosts may enjoy a significantly higher overall pay package beyond just their TV episode salaries.

David’s Lottery Dream Home Pay vs Other Shows

How does David Bromstad’s Lottery Dream Home pay stack up against what hosts of other popular HGTV shows are earning? Here’s a look at estimated salaries for some of HGTV’s top shows:

Show Host(s) Estimated Salary
Love It or List It Hilary Farr, David Visentin $50,000 per episode each
Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott $75,000 per episode each
Fixer Upper Joanna and Chip Gaines $50,000 per episode each
Lottery Dream Home David Bromstad $100,000 per episode
Home Town Erin and Ben Napier $50,000 per episode each
Flip or Flop Tarek and Christina $40,000 per episode each
Good Bones Mina Starsiak Hawk $50,000 per episode

Based on these reported estimates, David is likely one of the top earners at HGTV. His extensive hosting experience and huge Lottery Dream Home fanbase enable him to command a higher per episode salary compared to newer hosts with less established shows. Of course, these figures are not official. But the rankings provide a general idea of the pay hierarchy at the popular home improvement network.

Other Interesting Facts About David’s Salary

Here are a few more interesting tidbits about David Bromstad’s Lottery Dream Home salary and income:

  • His first HGTV salary was just $700 per episode.
  • David first hosted Lottery Dream Home in 2006, earning around $15,000 per episode initially.
  • His pay has increased substantially with the show’s popularity over 17 seasons.
  • After winning HGTV Design Star, David signed a cash prize deal with HGTV for $250,000.
  • He has earned additional income from product lines with Grandin Road, Yves Delorme, and Bernhardt Furniture.

David’s HGTV salary has certainly grown immensely since starting out as a new host in the early 2000s. While already financially successful, there is likely still room for his Lottery Dream Home pay to continue rising if the show maintains its strong ratings.

How David Spends His Income

So how does David Bromstad spend the multi-million dollar income he has earned over his long HGTV career? Here’s a look at some of the splurges and investments David makes with his Lottery Dream Home pay:

  • Miami Beach Penthouse – David shells out big bucks to live in a posh, luxurious 5th floor penthouse with designer furnishings.
  • Fashion and Jewelry – He has an affinity for expensive watches, shoes, and clothing from high-end brands.
  • Travel – David enjoys taking exotic vacations to places like Bora Bora, Bangkok, and the Maldives.
  • Artwork – His penthouse features a Cy Twombly piece worth over $1 million.
  • Philanthropy – David donates to and works with charities supporting LGBTQ+ rights and HIV/AIDS causes.

The bulk of David’s Lottery Dream Home earnings have allowed him to live in comfort, style, and luxury over the past two decades. He clearly enjoys being able to indulge his passions for design, fashion, and travel.

Future Earning Potential

At just 48 years old, David likely still has many lucrative earning years ahead of him, especially if he remains one of HGTV’s elite hosts. Here are some projections for David’s future Lottery Dream Home salary and net worth:

  • His per episode pay should continue rising, potentially reaching $150,000 or more.
  • With at least 13 episodes per season, his annual Lottery Dream Home income could surpass $2 million.
  • His total net worth may double to $5+ million over the next 5-10 years.
  • Social media endorsements and product collaborations provide new income streams.
  • If the show remains successful, David could keep hosting into his 60s.

Barring any big scandals or massive drop in popularity, David can likely keep earning impressive sums as HGTV’s go-to lottery home expert. The future looks quite bright for his finances.

How Does David’s Salary Compare to Other Reality TV Hosts?

David Bromstad’s HGTV pay looks even more substantial when compared to hosts of other top reality shows on networks like Bravo, TLC and Food Network. Here’s how David’s estimated $100k per episode stacks up against salaries for hosts on other hit reality series:

Show Host(s) Estimated Salary
The Bachelor Chris Harrison $5 million per season
Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kris Jenner $15 million per season
Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage $50,000 per episode each
Deadliest Catch Mike Rowe (narrator) $200,000 per episode
Lottery Dream Home David Bromstad $100,000 per episode
Chopped Ted Allen $5,000 per episode
Say Yes to the Dress Randy Fenoli $18,000 per episode
House Hunters Suzanne Whang $5,000 per episode

David is earning what A-list reality stars like Kris Jenner pull in per season for Lottery Dream Home. His pay surpasses long-running shows like Mythbusters and Say Yes to the Dress. This again demonstrates David’s elite status and pay grade among reality show hosts.

Factors That Could Reduce David’s Earnings

While David Bromstad’s future career and earnings trajectory looks bright, there are some variables that could potentially derail or reduce his income:

  • Show cancellation – If Lottery Dream Home gets cancelled suddenly, David would lose his primary source of income.
  • Declining ratings – Lower viewership typically leads to reduced host pay over time.
  • Scandal – Controversial behavior could damage his brand and lead to less endorsement deals.
  • Legal issues – Lawsuits or even jail time have ended careers for some reality stars.
  • Illness – Any long-term health problems making filming impossible could negatively impact his earnings.

However, none of these career-damaging scenarios seem imminent for David. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, his HGTV paydays should continue rolling in without issue.


David Bromstad has built an impressive net worth in the neighborhood of $2 million as host of HGTV’s hit Lottery Dream Home. While his exact per episode salary is undisclosed, it is likely in the ballpark of $100,000 based on typical high-end HGTV host salaries. This places David among the network’s top earners given his long tenure and the show’s popularity.

With his lucrative HGTV income, endorsements, design firm, and other ventures, David lives a comfortable lifestyle in Miami with expensive tastes. And at just 48, his career earning potential remains strong for many years to come. As long as the show keeps attracting viewers and dream homes, David should keep raking in substantial paychecks as HGTV’s resident lottery winner whisperer.