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How much is the MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware?

The MEGA MILLIONS is a popular multi-state lottery game in the United States. It is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays and offers jackpots starting at $40 million. The game is played in 45 states, as well as Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. One of the states that participates in MEGA MILLIONS is Delaware. This article will provide an overview of how the MEGA MILLIONS lottery works in Delaware, including details on how to play, the cost of tickets, jackpot amounts, and the chances of winning.

How to Play MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware

Playing MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware is easy. To play, you simply choose five numbers from 1 to 70 and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 25. You can choose your own numbers or use a quick pick and let the terminal randomly select them for you. Each MEGA MILLIONS play costs $2.

To win the jackpot, you must match all five white balls in any order as well as the Mega Ball. There are also eight other prize levels in MEGA MILLIONS:

  • Match 5 white balls: $1 million
  • Match 4 white balls + Mega Ball: $10,000
  • Match 4 white balls: $500
  • Match 3 white balls + Mega Ball: $200
  • Match 3 white balls: $10
  • Match 2 white balls + Mega Ball: $10
  • Match 1 white ball + Mega Ball: $4
  • Match Mega Ball: $2

You can purchase MEGA MILLIONS tickets in Delaware at any authorized lottery retailer across the state. Tickets can be bought until 10:45pm EST on draw nights.

MEGA MILLIONS Jackpots in Delaware

The current MEGA MILLIONS jackpot is reset after each winner and increases each drawing until someone matches all the numbers drawn. Jackpots start at $40 million and grow based on game sales and rollovers. The MEGA MILLIONS record jackpot is $1.537 billion, won in South Carolina on October 23, 2018.

While no one from Delaware has won the MEGA MILLIONS jackpot yet, there have been several notable high jackpot wins:

  • On August 31, 2007, a $330 million jackpot was won on a ticket sold in Smyrna, Delaware.
  • On December 24, 2002, a $174 million jackpot was won with a ticket purchased in Greenwood, Delaware.

The average MEGA MILLIONS jackpot win in Delaware is around $50 million. Jackpots tend to grow bigger when there are multiple rollovers without a winner. The odds of winning the MEGA MILLIONS jackpot are about 1 in 303 million.

MEGA MILLIONS Ticket Cost and Prizes in Delaware

MEGA MILLIONS tickets cost $2 per play in Delaware. You can add the Megaplier option for an extra $1 which will multiply any non-jackpot prizes won by a factor of 2, 3, 4 or 5.

The payouts for each prize level in MEGA MILLIONS are:

Prize Level Odds of Winning (1 in) Prize Amount
Match 5 + Mega Ball 302,575,350 Jackpot
Match 5 12,607,306 $1 million
Match 4 + Mega Ball 931,001 $10,000
Match 4 38,792 $500
Match 3 + Mega Ball 14,547 $200
Match 3 606 $10
Match 2 + Mega Ball 693 $10
Match 1 + Mega Ball 89 $4
Match Mega Ball 37 $2

For an extra $1 per play, you can choose the Megaplier option which will multiply any non-jackpot prize by a factor of 2, 3, 4 or 5. The Megaplier number is randomly selected before each draw.

Odds of Winning MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware

The odds of winning any MEGA MILLIONS prize are about 1 in 24. The overall odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 303 million. Here is a breakdown of the odds for each prize tier:

  • Jackpot: 1 in 302,575,350
  • Match 5: 1 in 12,607,306
  • Match 4 + MB: 1 in 931,001
  • Match 4: 1 in 38,792
  • Match 3 + MB: 1 in 14,547
  • Match 3: 1 in 606
  • Match 2 + MB: 1 in 693
  • Match 1 + MB: 1 in 89
  • Match MB: 1 in 37

As you can see, the odds of winning get higher as the prize amounts decrease. You have the best odds for winning a small prize like $2 for matching just the Mega Ball number. But for a chance at life-changing jackpot, playing MEGA MILLIONS gives you similar odds to other huge multi-state lotteries.

Where MEGA MILLIONS Lottery Proceeds Go in Delaware

In Delaware, MEGA MILLIONS ticket sales provide revenue for important state programs and services. By law, at least 45% of all Delaware Lottery revenue must go towards the state’s General Fund. The Delaware General Fund supports public education, health and social services, public safety, judicial services, natural resource protection programs and more.

Beyond the General Fund contributions, MEGA MILLIONS profits in Delaware also help:

  • Support small businesses – A portion of Lottery revenue goes towards Delaware’s Small Business Credit Initiative to provide access to capital for local entrepreneurs.
  • Preserve open space – Funds are allocated to preserve parks, wildlife areas, forests, wetlands and more through the Delaware Land & Water Conservation Trust Fund.
  • Enhance communities – Grants are awarded to nonprofit groups and projects that enrich Delaware communities.

So when you play the MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware, you are contributing to valuable causes that improve life across the state. It’s a win-win whether you hold a lucky winning ticket or not!

Notable MEGA MILLIONS Wins in Delaware

While there have not been any jackpot winners from Delaware yet, some notable large MEGA MILLIONS prize winners in the state include:

  • In 2007, a Smyrna resident won a $330 million MEGA MILLIONS jackpot after purchasing a Quick Pick ticket. It was the 12th largest jackpot in the game’s history at the time.
  • A retired farmer from Greenwood won a $174 million MEGA MILLIONS jackpot in 2002. At the time it was the second largest jackpot won with a ticket purchased in Delaware.
  • In 2019, a public school employee from Dover won a $1 million second prize after matching the five white balls. She said she would use the money to pay bills and help her family.
  • In 2021, a 25-year-old woman won $10,000 after matching four white balls and the Mega Ball. She said she planned to use the unexpected prize money to pay off student loans.

The Delaware Lottery also has a MEGA MILLIONS Winners page on its website that lists the locations where major winning tickets have been sold. While jackpot winners can choose to remain anonymous, other substantial MEGA MILLIONS prize winners are spotlighted.

Unclaimed MEGA MILLIONS Prizes in Delaware

Unfortunately, sometimes MEGA MILLIONS prizes in Delaware go unclaimed if players don’t realize they have winning tickets or misplace them. For prizes over $5,000, players have one year from the date of the drawing to claim their winnings. Unclaimed MEGA MILLIONS prizes in Delaware are required by law to be forfeited after this expiration date.

The funds from expired, unclaimed winning MEGA MILLIONS tickets in Delaware go back to the Delaware Lottery’s prize pool accounts. The money is then used to supplement future prizes or fund increased payouts on scratch-off games. So while individual players miss out if they fail to redeem tickets on time, the money still goes to benefit lottery players in the state.

According to Delaware Lottery records, some notably large unclaimed MEGA MILLIONS prizes include:

  • $1 million second prize ticket sold in 2020 expired unclaimed in 2021
  • $50,000 prize sold in 2019 went unclaimed
  • $10,000 winning ticket sold in 2018 was unredeemed

To avoid missing out, the Delaware Lottery recommends players sign the back of tickets immediately and keep them secure until validated. Playing MEGA MILLIONS is more rewarding when prizewinners get to benefit!

MEGA MILLIONS Second Chance Drawings in Delaware

For players who didn’t win a MEGA MILLIONS prize, the Delaware Lottery offers a way to get a second chance through its Play It Again drawings. Non-winning MEGA MILLIONS tickets can be entered online on the Lottery’s website for a chance to win cash and other prizes.

The Delaware Lottery holds Play It Again drawings multiple times per year. To enter, players can submit eligible non-winning MEGA MILLIONS tickets via the website or mail. TheLottery randomly selects winners for prize giveaways including:

  • $5,000 cash
  • Lottery scratch tickets
  • Lottery swag like t-shirts, tumblers and more

Players can enter as many valid non-winning tickets as they want. Each ticket gets one entry, so more plays equals more chances. The Play It Again promotions add extra excitement and opportunities for players even if Lady Luck wasn’t on their side in the main MEGA MILLIONS game.

Buying MEGA MILLIONS Tickets Online in Delaware

For added convenience, Delaware residents can skip the trip to the store and purchase MEGA MILLIONS tickets online through the state’s official lottery website. To play online, you must:

  1. Be a Delaware resident age 18 or older
  2. Create an account on the Play It Again website
  3. Deposit funds into your online account via credit card or other approved method
  4. Select your MEGA MILLIONS ticket numbers and options
  5. Checkout to complete ticket purchase

Your ticket is generated and stored digitally. You can view your purchased tickets in your online account and also have winnings under $600 automatically deposited there. Jackpots and larger prizes can be claimed at the Delaware Lottery headquarters with the claim information provided online.

Purchasing MEGA MILLIONS tickets through the Delaware Lottery’s website provides a quick, easy way to get in the game. You can set up recurring purchases so you never miss a draw. Online play also offers deposit bonuses and promotions.

Key Tips for Playing MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware

Here are some top tips to consider when playing MEGA MILLIONS in the state of Delaware:

  • Check your tickets carefully – Make sure to double check that your numbers and ticket information are correct when purchasing. Review your ticket after the drawing to catch any wins you may have missed.
  • Sign your ticket – Be sure to sign the back of your ticket for security and identification purposes. This is extremely important if you win a jackpot or other significant prize.
  • Buy multiple tickets – You can buy up to 10 MEGA MILLION plays on a single ticket. More number combinations can increase your probability of winning.
  • Try different strategies – Change up your approach periodically. Some players use birthdays or other special numbers. Others prefer randomness with quick picks.
  • Join a pool or group – Pooling money with other players lets you buy more tickets and share any prizes won.
  • Take advantage of promotions – Look for ways to get extras like the Megaplier which can multiply non-jackpot prizes.
  • Enter second chance contests – Submit non-winning tickets for Play It Again drawings and a new chance to win.

Using these handy tips can help make playing MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware more rewarding and enjoyable. And who knows, you just might win a nice prize!

The Future of MEGA MILLIONS in Delaware

MEGA MILLIONS has continued to grow in popularity across the United States since its creation in 2002. With giant jackpots and strong ticket sales, it seems poised to only increase its success going forward. This bodes well for Delaware too.

Given the proven performance of MEGA MILLIONS over 20+ years now, Delaware will likely continue offering the game for the foreseeable future. With Delaware residents embracing the chance to play for huge multimillion dollar jackpots, MEGA MILLIONS serves an important role in the state’s portfolio of lottery offerings.

Looking ahead, we can expect to see more giant MEGA MILLIONS jackpots won, record ticket sales when the top prize rolls over repeatedly, and more Delaware players trying their luck. There is always anticipation waiting to see if a lucky Delaware resident will take home the next massive MEGA MILLIONS jackpot!


The MEGA MILLIONS lottery provides residents of Delaware the opportunity to play for enormous multistate jackpots. Tickets can be purchased conveniently across the state, both at authorized retailers and via the Delaware Lottery’s website. While the odds of hitting the jackpot aren’t great, there are still many lower tier prizes to be won. Plus, non-winning tickets can be entered into Play It Again second chance drawings for more changes to win cash and prizes. Overall, MEGA MILLIONS is a fun, exciting game that contributes substantially to state programs and services through its revenue. Delawareans will surely continue dreaming of taking home a massive MEGA MILLIONS jackpot for years to come!