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How much money did Bow Wow win in Lottery Ticket?

Lottery Ticket is a 2010 American comedy film directed by Erik White and starring Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughton, Keith David, Charlie Murphy, and Ice Cube. The film follows young Kevin Carson (Bow Wow), a young man living in the projects who wins a $370 million lottery jackpot. However, because he is underage, he must wait until his 18th birthday in 30 days to claim the ticket. Over the course of the film, Kevin must evade those trying to get their hands on his ticket and make it to his 18th birthday to claim his prize.

Bow Wow’s character, Kevin, is the holder of the winning $370 million lottery ticket. So the question is, how much of the $370 million jackpot did Kevin end up winning in the end? Let’s take a look at the details of Kevin’s lottery win and find out.

How Kevin Got the Winning Ticket

It all started when Kevin’s best friend Benny (Brandon T. Jackson) bought a lottery ticket at the local liquor store. Benny had specifically chosen the set of numbers – 05, 10, 23, 32, 36, and 42 – because those numbers held personal meaning to him and Kevin.

Later that day, Benny gets arrested for being improperly registered, and asks Kevin to hold his lottery ticket until he gets out. Kevin reluctantly agrees and puts the ticket in his pocket.

The next day, the lottery numbers are announced, and Kevin realizes those are the winning numbers on Benny’s ticket. At first, Kevin and his friends think it’s a joke, but soon the reality sets in that Benny’s ticket is the sole winner of the massive $370 million jackpot.

However, there’s a problem: Kevin is only 17 years old, and lottery rules state that you have to be 18 to claim winnings. So Kevin has to keep the winning ticket safe for 30 days until his 18th birthday, when he’ll finally be able to claim the prize.

Kevin’s Plan to Wait 30 Days

Winning the lottery brings Kevin both excitement and stress. On one hand, he can’t wait to claim the money and imagine how his life will change. But on the other, Kevin has to be extremely careful not to damage or lose the ticket, and avoid letting anyone else get their hands on it.

Kevin knows he has to keep the ticket hidden and safe for 30 days until he turns 18. At first, he hides it in one of his sneakers in his bedroom. But his aggressive, ticket-obsessed neighbor Miranda thinks she knows Kevin has a winning ticket, and won’t stop harassing him and trying to steal it.

So Kevin resorts to hiding the ticket all over – in his underwear drawer, taped under his bed, even in the chips bag that Loretta, the neighborhood grocery store owner, gave him. Through it all, Kevin manages to evade the many people chasing after his ticket.

He has several close calls, like when the school bullies almost destroy the ticket while going through Kevin’s backpack. But thanks to quick thinking and loyal friends, Kevin manages to keep possession of the ticket over the 30 days leading up to the all-important 18th birthday.

Kevin’s 18th Birthday

The night before Kevin’s 18th birthday finally comes. Kevin, excited for the next day, hides the ticket one last time in a sandwich baggie taped under his kitchen sink.

Kevin wakes up energized on the morning of his birthday. He heads to the lottery office, ticket in hand, ready to claim his millions.

However, his excitement turns to panic when Kevin realizes the ticket is missing from his baggie hideout. He searches everywhere in increasing desperation. It seems impossible that after protecting it so closely for 30 days, now on the very day he needs it, the ticket is gone.

It turns out Kevin’s father Otis had found the ticket earlier that morning. But instead of trying to steal it, Otis gives it back to Kevin, proud of his son for protecting it and earning the winnings. Otis agrees to accompany Kevin to the lottery office.

Down at the office, Kevin submits the ticket and verifies the win. After a months-long journey, the lottery representative confirms Kevin has won the full $370 million jackpot, making him the sole winner.

How the Winnings Were Divided

Once it’s official, the first thing Kevin does is announce that he and Benny will be splitting the jackpot 50-50. Even though Kevin held the physical ticket, it was Benny’s money that purchased it, and his chosen numbers that won it. The two friends agree to split the fortune evenly.

So Kevin walks away with $185 million from the total $370 million prize. This is easily enough for Kevin, his family, and his descendants to live in comfort for generations.

Kevin does plan to share some of his winnings with other close friends as well. He sets aside money for his best friend Benny’s education, promising they’ll go to college together. He also buys his father Otis a new car to thank him for never giving up on Kevin, even when times were hard.

In the end, Kevin sticks to his good-hearted nature by sharing his lottery millions and not letting the money negatively change him. His $185 million prize may not be the full $370 million jackpot, but it sets Kevin up for life and allows him to take care of his loved ones.

How Kevin Spent and Invested His $185 Million

18-year old Kevin, though kind-hearted, was not very financially savvy. Going from broke to having $185 million overnight could have led to recklessly spending that fortune. But Kevin mostly avoided the typical lottery-winner pitfalls. Here’s what he chose to do with the money:


– Bought a nice but reasonably priced house for $450,000 in a gated community. While an upgrade, he didn’t splurge on a mega-mansion.
– Bought his father Otis a new condo for $200,000. Otis had sacrificed so much for Kevin over the years.


– Set aside $4 million in trusts to pay for any college or university he and Benny want to attend.
– Donated $1 million each to 3 struggling local schools to support programs and resources.


– Bought a new luxury Mercedes for $150,000. Kevin rewarded himself with a nice car, but only one.
– Bought 7 brand new Ford Focus cars at $20,000 each for other family members.


– Kevin was smart and put away $100 million into savings accounts, mutual funds, and other conservative investments. This allowed his money to steadily build over time.
– He donated $50 million to his grandmother’s church, as she had cared for him growing up.

Day-to-Day Spending:

– Kevin mostly maintained his normal lifestyle. He continued buying the same brands and frequented his usual barber shop and other neighborhood businesses.
– His one splurge was courtside season tickets for his beloved LA Lakers for $150,000. But for a life-long fan, Kevin considered this worthwhile.

Overall, Kevin avoided blowing all the money on luxury goods and bad investments. He took care of his family, gave back to his community, and made smart financial choices. This allowed his lottery fortune to provide long-term security.

How the Money Changed Kevin’s Life

Winning $185 million had a significant positive impact on Kevin’s life. While he stayed grounded, his financial circumstances improved enormously.


– Kevin was able to move his family out of the dangerous, impoverished projects they had lived in for years. He provided them all with safe, comfortable homes in better neighborhoods.

Work and Education

– The money allowed Kevin to choose his career. He could take his time figuring out what he was most passionate about, without worrying about income.
– College was secured for Kevin and Benny, whereas before winning the lottery this would have been but a dream.

Family and Friends

– Kevin could take care of his family’s health, food, transportation, and other needs without constant financial anxiety.
– He was able to share his windfall and elevate loved ones out of poverty.


– For the first time in his life, Kevin had complete financial security. He never again had to worry about unpaid bills, food, rent, or anything else.


– Kevin’s lottery fortune opened up doors that had always been closed to him before. He could now explore business ventures, travel the world, or anything else he set his sights on.

While Kevin stayed humble, the $185 million prize utterly transformed his life circumstances. It allowed him comfort, security, and options he could never have imagined possible before winning the lottery.

Reaction of Friends and Family

When Kevin’s lottery win became public, those around him had mixed reactions:

– Benny, Kevin’s best friend who originally purchased the ticket, was very happy for Kevin. There was no jealousy between these two, who had agreed from the start to split the fortune evenly no matter whose name was on the ticket.

– Kevin’s father Otis was proud of his son for keeping the ticket safe and claiming the prize. Otis had always believed in Kevin even when others didn’t, and was glad to see his patience and parenting rewarded.

– Loretta from the local store was thrilled that one of the “little people” in the neighborhood won big against the odds. She happily accepted the large tip Kevin gave her.

– Nikki, Kevin’s crush, was suspicious at first when she heard Kevin won. She thought maybe it was a prank or he had stolen a ticket. But once realizing it was real, Nikki was impressed with how Kevin handled himself after the win.

– The pastor at Kevin’s grandmother’s church was overjoyed at the large donation Kevin gave them from his winnings. This money would help the struggling church’s charitable works.

– Miranda, the pushy neighbor obsessed with getting Kevin’s ticket, was furious she was unable to steal it from him in time. But even she couldn’t be too angry seeing the kind way Kevin used the fortune to help those around him.

Overall, those who cared about Kevin were happy such a windfall went to a good-natured person like him. Kevin did his best to share the wealth and positive impact with those he cared about. His handling of the lottery fortune made almost everyone root for him in the end.

Advice for Future Lottery Winners

Based on Kevin’s experience, here is some advice to anyone lucky enough to win the lottery jackpot:

– Splitting with anyone who had a share in purchasing the ticket, like Benny did for Kevin, avoids resentment and legal issues. Don’t let money come between you.

– Be extremely protective of the ticket before you can claim it. Don’t remove it from your sight until it’s safely redeemed.

– If underage, understand you can’t claim winnings until you reach the age of 18, no matter how eager you are. Wait it out.

– Choose trustworthy relatives or advisors to help manage your money responsibly. Don’t try to handle it all alone.

– Live below your means. Don’t make huge, flashy purchases right away. Adjust slowly.

– Invest most of the money conservatively to ensure long-term financial stability. Live off interest, not principal.

– Use part of the fortune to help out family, friends, and charitable causes important to you. Giving back avoids selfishness.

– Don’t flaunt your winnings publicly. Keep a low profile to avoid being targeted for theft, scams, and jealousy.

– Don’t let the money change your grounded, kind values. Wealth can corrupt virtue if you let it.

Following this advice can help lottery winners like Kevin adjust smartly to sudden wealth and windfalls. With the right moves, a lottery fortune can provide incredible benefits for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Kevin when he won the lottery?

Kevin was 17 years old when the lottery drawing occurred. He had to wait until his 18th birthday 30 days later to claim the winnings.

What were the winning lottery numbers Kevin held?

The winning numbers were 05, 10, 23, 32, 36, and 42. They held special meaning for Kevin and his best friend Benny who picked them.

How much money did Kevin’s friend Benny receive?

Kevin split the full $370 million jackpot evenly with Benny. So Benny ultimately received $185 million, the same amount awarded to Kevin.

Did Kevin tell anyone initially about winning?

No, Kevin kept it secret until he claimed the ticket on his 18th birthday. He knew he had to keep the ticket safe from those who may want to steal it.

What did Kevin do with most of his lottery money?

Kevin mostly saved and invested the bulk of his winnings conservatively. He used portions to help family, charity, and buy a few splurges for himself like a nice car and house.


Winning nearly $200 million instantly would be life-changing for anyone. But especially for a humble teenager from an impoverished background like Kevin. Though the fortune led to some headaches in the 30 days until he could claim it, ultimately Kevin benefited tremendously from his lottery jackpot.

He was able to improve life for himself, his family, his community, and leave behind constant financial struggles. Kevin resisted any urges to become arrogant and irresponsible with the money. His grounded nature and good heart shone through.

Kevin’s story shows how with the right attitude, proper management, and a bit of luck, a lottery windfall can positively change lives. His $185 million prize from the winning Lottery Ticket took him from rags to riches, while staying true to himself.