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How much should you spend on wedding favors per guest?

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you. While not a requirement, wedding favors serve as a thoughtful memento and gesture of appreciation. When it comes to determining how much to spend on wedding favors, there are a few factors to consider such as your overall wedding budget, number of guests, and type of favor you choose. Typically, brides and grooms can expect to spend anywhere from $1 to $15 per favor. Establishing a budget for wedding favors ahead of time will help guide your spending.

How Much Do Wedding Favors Usually Cost?

Wedding favors can range dramatically in terms of price. On the lower end, you can find bulk quantity favors such as Jordan almonds or mints for less than $1 per piece. Handmade favors or higher end items like candles, bottles of wine or olive oil, and other personalized gifts may cost anywhere from $3 to $15 each.

Here is an overview of typical price ranges for popular wedding favor ideas:

Less than $1 per favor:
– Jordan almonds – $0.25 to $0.50 each
– Candies like mints, chocolates, or hard candy – $0.25 to $1
– Individual tea bags or sachets of coffee – $0.50 to $1
– Seeds or succulents – $0.25 to $1
– Mini bottles of water, soda, or beer – $0.50 to $1

$1 to $3 per favor:
– Cookies, mini cakes, or donuts – $1 to $3 each
– Honey jars – $1 to $2 each
– Candles – $2 to $3 each
– Lotions or soaps – $1 to $2 each
– Seed paper – $1 to $2 each
– Coasters – $1 to $2 each

$3 to $5 per favor:
– Small succulents or potted plants – $3 to $5 each
– Jars of jam, sauces, spices, or mixes – $3 to $5 each
– Personalized matchbooks or bottle openers – $3 to $5 each
– Lottery tickets – $3 to $5 each
– Terra cotta pots with herbs – $3 to $5 each

$5 to $15 per favor:
– Mini bottles of wine or olive oil – $5 to $10 each
– Frames, albums, or other personalized gifts – $5 to $15 each
– Candles – $5 to $15 each depending on size
– Pottery or ceramics – $5 to $15 each
– Higher end chocolates or truffles boxes – $5 to $10 each
– Donations made on behalf of guests – $5 to $15 per donation

As you can see, spending $1 to $5 per favor is very common and manageable for most wedding budgets. However, couples should not feel obligated to spend a certain amount and can get creative with more affordable ideas too.

How Many Wedding Favors Should You Order?

The number of wedding favors needed depends entirely on the number of guests you will have in attendance. As a rule of thumb, you should plan on ordering one favor per guest.

Some additional favor ordering guidelines:

– Order 5-10% extra as a buffer. Leftover favors can be used as thank you gifts for vendors or other wedding helpers.

– If you have a very large guest list of 200+, ordering in bulk quantities can help lower the per unit cost.

– For destination weddings or events with high travel costs, consider giving your guests gifts instead of traditional trinket favors. Nice gifts show extra appreciation for those who have invested a lot to attend.

– If children will be in attendance, consider getting just a small token favor for kids or skipping favors for them altogether. Children are often less interested in keepsake favors.

– Don’t feel obligated to give favors to every vendor and supplier. Favors are intended for guests. You can give gifts or thank you notes to other wedding helpers instead.

– If budget is tight, you can reduce the number of favors by placing just one per couple or per family.

Get an accurate guest count before finalizing your favor order. Knowing exactly how many guests to expect will ensure you order the right favor quantity.

How Does Your Wedding Budget Factor In?

Your overall wedding budget plays a big role in determining what you can afford to spend on favors. Couples with larger budgets for their wedding day can splurge more on favors, while those on tighter budgets will want to stick to more frugal favor ideas.

As a general guideline, try to budget 1-2% of your total wedding costs toward wedding favors.

For example:
– Wedding budget of $10,000 = $100 to $200 for favors
– Wedding budget of $15,000 = $150 to $300 for favors
– Wedding budget of $20,000 = $200 to $400 for favors
– Wedding budget of $30,000 = $300 to $600 for favors

Scale up or down based on your own wedding budget and the number of guests you need favors for. Allotting about 1-2% is a reasonable amount for this non-essential wedding expense.

You can also factor favor costs into your overall wedding stationery and paper goods budget. Things like invitations, programs, menus, and signage will also eat up a portion of your budget.

If your budget is very tight, remember that favors are optional. Focus your remaining budget on priorities like food, music, and photography before stressing about favors.

Do Wedding Favor Costs Vary by Region?

Wedding favor costs can fluctuate a bit depending on where your wedding is located. Regional differences in prices, customs, and etiquette can impact what is considered typical for wedding favors.

Here are a few regional factors that can influence cost:

– High cost of living means higher prices for goods and services
– Expect to pay at the higher end of average favor pricing

– Traditional etiquette standards remain strong
– Spending $3 to $5 per favor is common

– Prices tend to be lower than coastal areas
– Spending $1 to $3 per favor is typical

West Coast
– Casual vibe – spending under $3 a favor is fine
– Food favors like sweets are most popular

Destination Weddings
– Higher expectations for nice guest gifts
– Budget $5+ per favor or useful gift

Regardless of where you get married, set your favor budget mainly based on your wedding costs, guest count, and favor ideas – not just regional averages. Any nice gesture of thanks will be appreciated by your guests.

How Does Number of Guests Impact Favor Costs?

The number of wedding guests directly impacts your overall favor costs. Even if you select an inexpensive favor, buying in bulk for 200 guests is different than a small guest list of 50.

To estimate total favor costs based on the per unit price:
– Favor costing $1 each x 100 guests = $100 total
– Favor costing $3 each x 150 guests = $450 total
– Favor costing $5 each x 200 guests = $1000 total

As you can see, your per guest favor amount multiplied by total guests adds up fast. This is why large weddings with 150+ guests invest more in their overall favor budget.

For smaller weddings, you may be able to splurge more per favor when buying in lower quantities. Or keep it simple with DIY favors you make yourself.

One way to lower per guest costs for large weddings is buying simple bulk favors like candy or almonds. You can also place just 1 favor per couple or per family to reduce quantity.

Do You Have to Give Out Favors at All?

Wedding favors are gifted as a gesture of thanks to guests, not a requirement. Some couples opt to skip favors altogether to save money for other wedding expenses.

Here are common reasons couples may skip favors:

– Trying to cut costs from their overall wedding budget
– Have a large guest list – buying favors for 200+ gets pricey
– Dislike the idea of giving trinket favors that may get thrown away
– Planning a casual backyard wedding where favors aren’t expected

Skipping favors does not come across as rude. Just make sure to express your gratitude to guests in other heartfelt ways throughout your celebration.

If you want guest takeaways but not typical favors, you can give consumables like cookies, donuts, or other edible treats. Or make a donation to charity as your favor.

What Are the Most Budget Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas?

If you want to give wedding favors but are trying to stick to a bargain budget, here are some of the most affordable options to consider:

Food Favors

Small edible favors are often inexpensive when buying bulk quantities:
– Jordan almonds – classic wedding favor for under $100 total even with 100+ guests
– Hard candies like mints, lifesavers, or gum – often under $0.25 each
– Chocolate truffles, coconut haystacks, or fudge – make in batches yourself
– Mini cookies, cupcakes, or donuts – ask your baker for pricing

Single Serve Beverages

Fun favors guests can enjoy right away:
– Individual tea bags or coffee packets – $0.50 each or less
– Granola bars, snack bars, or trail mix packets – under $1 each
– Mini sodas, juice boxes or bottled water – often under $1 each
– Single serve alcohol like mini bottles or airplane sized liquor – $1 to $2 each

Natural Favors

Rustic nature-inspired favors on a budget:
– Seeds packets for flowers or herbs – $0.50 and up
– Mini succulents, cacti, or live plants – $1 to $3 each
– Rocks, shells, or sand gathered into bags or jars
– Potted plants like herbs or mini cactus – under $5 each

Make Them Yourself

DIY options where you provide the labor and get creative:
– Decorated candles or votives – make from dollar store supplies
– Homemade food mixes like soup, bread, or dip mixes
– Flower presses or potpourri sachets with dried flowers and herbs
– Dried lavender or other herbs tied with ribbon
– Decoupage magnets or coasters – use scrapbooking supplies

These are just a sampling of budget favor ideas. The possibilities are endless!

What Are Some Mid-Range Priced Favor Ideas?

If you want to spend a bit more per favor but not break the bank, mid-range favors in the $3 to $7 range allow you to give a nicer takeaway gift. Popular options in this price point include:

Personalized Favors

Add names or dates with these customized favors:
– Personalized bottles – bath products, olive oil, wine, maple syrup etc.
– Matchboxes or matchbooks printed with names and date
– Coasters etched with the couple’s names or wedding date
– Canvas bags screenprinted with the couple’s names or monogram

Gifts for the Home

Useful favors guests can use around the house:
– Monogrammed hand towels or potholders – $3 to $7 each
– Picture frames, album frames or mirrors – $5 to $10 each
– Candles shaped like houses, hearts, etc. – $3 to $7 each
– Measuring cups or spoons with recipes – $3 to $5 each

Edible Gifts

Tastier treats if you want to spend a bit more:
– Fancy chocolates, truffles, or Italian cookies – $3 to $5 per box
– Handmade caramels or chocolate spoons – around $3 each
– Olive oil, vinegar, or other gourmet food gifts – $5 to $7 each

Charitable Favors

Make a donation in lieu of physical favors:
– Donate $5 to $10 per guest to the couple’s charity of choice
– Animal rescue or shelter donations on behalf of each guest
– Donation cards letting guests know a contribution was made in their honor

This middle ground price point still keeps favors in a reasonable range. Go with nicer gifts if it fits your budget and guest list size.

What Are Some High End Favor Ideas?

For couples with larger budgets, spending $10 or more per favor allows you give high end gifts and mementos. Lavish favor ideas in this range include:

Luxury Edibles

Upscale food gifts sure to impress guests:
– Metal tins of caviar, smoked salmon, or gourmet crackers – $10 to $20 each
– Artisan olive oils, vinegars, jams, or nut spreads – $10 to $15 each
– Chocolate truffle boxes from gourmet shops – $10 to $15 each
– Classic wedding favor of 5 Jordan almonds in luxe packaging – $10 each

Splurge Takeaways

Swanky non-edible favors guests can use:
– High end candles or scented soaps – $10 to $20 each
– Jewelry gifts like necklaces, earrings or cufflinks – $10+ each
– Silk hand fans, pouches, or embroidered handkerchiefs – $10 to $15 each
– Floral seed paper in upscale folders – $10 each
– Monogrammed luggage tags or makeup bags – $10 each

Handmade Touches

Luxe versions of crafty favors:
– Ceramic dishware – hand painted tiles, platters, mugs etc.
– Embroidered pillowcases, eye masks, or bags – often over $10 each
– Framed photos, pressed flowers or other paper art
– Locally made pottery, woven baskets, blown glass – priced $15+ each


Make grand donations on behalf of guests:
– $15 to $25 donations per guest to charity
– Sponsor an endangered animal or adopt a shelter pet for each guest
– Donations made in honor of each attendee

Guests will feel extra spoiled by these high end wedding favor gifts and keepsakes.

Most Popular Wedding Favors Based on Style

Certain types of favors pair better with different wedding aesthetics. Here are top favor recommendations based on your wedding style:

Classic/Formal Wedding
– Jordan almonds – elegant traditional favor, often presented in tulle
– Monogrammed matchboxes or napkins
– Silver plated gifts like candlesticks or picture frames
– Donation to charity in lieu of favor

Rustic Chic/Barn Wedding
– Mini succulents or potted herbs
– Mason jars of apple butter, jam, honey or spices
– Personalized cork coasters
– Mini dip mixes, soup mixes or seasoning blends

Beach Wedding
– Shells, starfish, sand or seed favors for a coastal vibe
– Mini bottles of sunscreen or aloe
– Sunglasses for guests to use at the wedding
– Flip flops with custom inserts

Garden Wedding
– Seed packets for flowers or herbs
– Mini potted plants like succulents or bonsai trees
– Honey favors from local apiaries
– Strawberry or lavender jam

Winter Wedding
– Hot chocolate kits with mugs and toppings
– Candles perfect for cozy season
– Hand warmers or hydration packs for outdoor weddings
– Donation to charities that help the homeless

Choose favors that complement your wedding style and season. Opt for useful favors if having a destination wedding where guests will travel.

Most Meaningful Wedding Favor Ideas

Beyond matching your wedding style, you can give favors that are meaningful to you as a couple. Some ideas for favors with significance:

– Donation to a cause important to the couple – animal rescue, cancer charity, etc.

– Food favors featuring family recipes – grandmother’s jam or famous cookies

– Seeds or seed paper featuring native flowers from where the couple met or wed

– Personalized favors with the wedding location city name

– Favors with ingredients sourced from couple’s hometown – local honey, wine etc.

– Custom favors featuring couple’s hobby or interest – gardening, sports team etc.

– Favors referencing how the couple met – cinema tickets if met at a movie theater

– Cultural favors like origami or dreidels if embracing family heritage

– Cookbooks with recipes from both families

– Custom favors for kids like coloring books or a toy

– Pet treats or donations acknowledging couple’s pets

Giving favors that reference your love story or family traditions makes the gift more meaningful, beyond just being decorative tchotchkes. This transforms the favor into a keepsake.

Should You Give Favors to Wedding Vendors?

It’s thoughtful but not required to give small mementos of thanks to key wedding vendors who bring your vision to life. Favors or gifts for your:

– Planner
– Photographer
– Videographer
– DJ or band
– Hair/makeup artist
– Florist
– Officiant
– Transportation provider

You can give them the same wedding favors your guests receive. Or do more personal gifts tailored to their services like:

– Nice frame, album, or camera accessory for photographer
– Candle, flowers, or plant for your florist
– iTunes gift card for DJ
– Engraved pen for your officiant to use in signing marriage certificate
– Monogrammed towel or branded water bottle for your planner

If you’ll have a very long list of vendors, consider just the 4-5 who are closely working with you all day like planner, photographer, DJ etc. They’ll appreciate being remembered!

How to Present and Display Wedding Favors

A beautiful display elevates your favors and makes them easy for guests to spot and take home. Favor presentation ideas:

– Arrange favors in baskets, boxes, bowls etc. on main guest exit table
– Display favors on vintage plates or cake stands
– Hang favor bags from a jewelry organizer tree
– Place favors at each place setting tied to napkins
– Set up a “candy bar” with takeaway bags or boxes
– Work favors into reception centerpieces that guests can take
– Have staff hand out favors as guests depart

Other tips:

– Include a personalized tag or note explaining the significance of your favor choice
– Print table numbers, guest names or a thank you message on favor packaging
– Choose containers that suit your wedding style – burlap bags, organza pouches, ceramic boxes etc.
– Make sure display allows easy access – guests won’t dig through piles to find theirs
– Use signage so guests know favors are for taking
– Assign someone to tidy up the favor area and replenish if needed

With a gracious favor display, you’ll build anticipation for this treat and make it easy for guests to scoop theirs up.

Creative Ways to Give Wedding Favors

Looking for something different? Here are unique ways to gift your favors:

– Have the best man or maid of honor hand them out
– Place favors at each guest’s table setting for a personalized touch
– Set up a donut wall where each guest can pull their favors off sticks
– For kids, arrange favors in a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt to find
– Mail favors to guests as thank yous after the wedding
– Donate to charity in honor of each guest then mail notification cards

Other creative distribution ideas:

– Use your favors as escort cards by affixing name tags
– Arrange as a candy buffet or dessert bar
– Display on vintage bicycles, in wheelbarrows, or other fun “vehicles”
– Have guests choose favors from a selection to suit their tastes
– Set up stations around venue where guests can assemble custom favors

With these imaginative presentation ideas, your favors become an interactive experience and talking point!

Should You Give Out Favors Before or After Reception?

Most couples distribute wedding favors as guests are departing the reception at the end of the night. However, giving favors earlier in the event is an option too.

Here are pros and cons of giving favors at different times:

Beginning of Reception
– Guests appreciate gift upon arrival
– Don’t have to remember to take favor at end
– Opportunity to enjoy consumable favor during event

– Can feel rushed as guests entering
– Items may be misplaced
– Less convenient if doing reception exit line

End of Reception
– Creates fond ending note for event
– Guests don’t have to carry favors all night
– Favors less likely to be lost in shuffle
– Easy to incorporate into exit line

– More logistics handling favor distribution
– Guests may forget to take favors
– Less time to enjoy consumable favors

Many couples stick to favors at the exit for convenience. But feel free to break tradition if another time suits you better!

How to Incorporate Favors into Your Wedding Exit

Your wedding sendoff is the grand finale! Incorporating favors creates a smooth closing flow. Strategies to try:

– Set up favor display near exit doors so guests take one as they depart

– Have bridesmaids hand out favors to guests as they come through exit line

– Use favors as centerpieces guests take after you cut the cake

– For tossed bouquet and garter tosses, give favors to those who catch

– Place favors at each seat so guests have them for departure

– Work with transportation coordinator so favors are handed out upon boarding shuttle, coach bus, etc.

– Have your planner or day-of coordinator oversee favor distribution

– For kids, use favors to lure flower girls and ring bearers away once their role is done

Ideally give favors out 10-15 minutes before last dance or sendoff. This prevents a favor traffic jam at the very end.

With some coordination, favors can be a seamless part of your wedding finale.

Wedding Favor Ideas to Delight Your Guests

At the end of the day, the most important thing is honoring guests with a meaningful favor. Focus on sincerely expressing thanks over spending lavishly. Some top options to delight attendees:

– Donation to a charity near and dear to couple – attach a personalized note explaining significance

– Custom photo coasters or ornaments with a wedding photo and guest name

– Homemade bake sale boxes with couple’s favorite treats

– Succulents, mini plants, or seed paper – a living memento

– Local edibles like jam, honey, hot chocolate – featuring regional flavors

– DIY favors guests assemble like s’mores kits or hot cocoa

– Hand sanitizer or hydration packet – especially useful for summer outdoor weddings

– Items referencing special wedding details – bouquet seed paper, cuisine candles, song lyric bookmark etc.

– Pet toys, treats, or donations for beloved couple’s pets

– Useful favors like sunglasses, hand warmers, hangover kit – perfect for destination weddings

Focusing on unique, meaningful favors over frills and extravagance will be appreciated most by your guests.


Determining budget for wedding favors ultimately comes down to your total wedding costs, number of guests, and the type of favor you select. There’s no universal rule on how much to spend, but typical amounts range from $1 to $15 per favor.

Set your favor budget in line with your overall wedding expenses – splurging on a luxurious gift if it’s in the budget or getting creative on the lower end if you need to cut costs. Focus mainly on expressing thanks through a favor rather than stressing over the price tag. A thoughtful gift given sincerely means more than an elaborate trinket.

With all of the favor options out there, you can find something that aligns with your wedding style and budget. Just be sure to order enough for your guest count, store and transport them carefully, and make the display inviting so guests can easily take these treats home.

Most importantly, don’t let wedding planning pressures make you lose sight of the favor’s purpose – showing gratitude. Whatever token you choose, it’s the sentiment behind it that makes a wedding favor special.