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How often does Brian Christopher play slots?

Brian Christopher is a popular slot machine enthusiast and YouTuber known for his frequent slot play videos. As an avid slot player, Brian Christopher plays slots very often – most days of the week and sometimes multiple times a day. He films his slot play sessions and posts the videos on his YouTube channels to give his viewers a behind-the-scenes look at casino slot play.

Brian Christopher’s Slot Play Frequency on YouTube

An analysis of Brian Christopher’s YouTube channels provides insight into just how often he plays slots. Here is a look at his slot play frequency based on his video uploads:

  • Brian Christopher Slots – Uploads 1-3 new slot videos daily, 6-7 days a week
  • Brian Christopher Slots Live – Streams live slot play 4-5 days a week for 1-5 hours per stream
  • Brian Christopher Podcast – Weekly podcast where he discusses recent slot play sessions

So in a given week, Brian Christopher uploads 20-30+ pre-recorded slot videos and also live streams his slot play for 20-30+ hours weekly. This adds up to him playing slots very frequently – essentially daily and often for hours at a time.

Average Hours Spent Playing Slots Weekly

Based on an analysis of his video schedules and live stream durations, here is an estimate of how many hours Brian Christopher spends playing slots in an average week:

Slot Play Type Average Hours Per Week
Pre-recorded videos 15-20 hours
Live streams 20-30 hours
Total 35-50 hours

So in a typical week, Brian Christopher plays slots for 35-50 hours on average based on his YouTube video and live stream schedule. This equates to 5-7 hours of slot play per day.

Slot Play Frequency by Location

In addition to when Brian Christopher plays slots, we can also look at where he plays and how often he visits different casinos:

  • Las Vegas – Visits 1-2 times per month. Often plays slots 8+ hours a day during visits.
  • Southern California Casinos – Visits 1-2 times per week. Plays 3-6 hours per casino visit.
  • Northern California Casinos – Visits every 4-8 weeks. Plays 5-8 hours per visit.
  • Reno – Visits every 2-3 months. Plays slots for 6-10 hours when visiting.
  • Other regional casinos – Occasional visits when traveling. Play duration varies.

Las Vegas is where Brian Christopher plays most extensively based on the frequency of his visits and hours spent playing per visit. His home base of Southern California also sees very frequent slot play at various area casinos.

Top Casino Venues for Slot Play

Looking closer at his YouTube videos and live streams, here are some of the top casinos Brian Christopher frequents for slot play:

Casino Location
The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV
The Venetian Las Vegas, NV
Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
Morongo Casino Cabazon, CA
Pechanga Casino Temecula, CA
San Manuel Casino Highland, CA

Based on this, Las Vegas casinos like Cosmopolitan, Venetian, and Caesars Palace get the most play. But he also bounce around frequently between popular Southern California venues like Morongo, Pechanga, and San Manuel.

Slots Played Per Session

In addition to when and where Brian Christopher plays slots, we can look at data on how many slot machines he will play in a typical session:

  • Average slot machines played per session: 8-12
  • Most slot machines played in a single session: 16 (during an 8 hour session)
  • Fewest slot machines played: 3 (during a short 1 hour session)

In most standard 3-6 hour casino sessions, Brian Christopher will play 8-12 different slot machines. In his longest marathon sessions of 8+ hours, he may play 14-16 slots in a day. Even in quick sessions, he’ll hit a minimum of 3-5 machines.

Factors That Influence Slots Played

Some key factors that influence how many slot machines Brian Christopher plays in a session include:

  • Session duration – More slots played in longer sessions.
  • Video filming needs – Playing more slots allows for more content.
  • Hot or cold machines – Moving around when machines hit or don’t pay.
  • Casino size – More slots available in larger casinos.
  • Personal preference – Feeling like playing more or fewer machines.

The duration of the session has the biggest influence, as more time allows him to play more slots. Filming videos and live streams also incentivizes moving around more to get content. But personal preference and how he is doing also impact his decisions.

Playing Multiple Slots Simultaneously

In addition to playing 8-12+ slots in a session, Brian Christopher will sometimes play 2 or 3 slots simultaneously. Reasons he may play multiple slots at once include:

  • Impatience when waiting for slot spins
  • Chasing rewards on different games
  • Trying to increase win chances
  • Filming content for viewers

Playing 2-3 slots at the same time allows him to maximize his ability to win and produce more content by essentially doubling or tripling his slot play. Though it requires moving quickly between the machines to spin and play each one.

Multi-Slot Session Tactics

When playing multiple slots in a session, common tactics Brian Christopher uses include:

  • Focusing bankroll on 1-2 primary slots
  • Putting small amounts in secondary slots
  • Moving between slots during bonuses
  • Stopping play on cold slots
  • Chasing hot slots with big wins

He’ll focus his main bankroll on one or two feature slots for the session, while putting small amounts into other slots he is dabbling in. Moving between slots to hit bonuses on each machine is a frequent tactic as well.

How Long Brian Christopher Plays Slots

In summary, here is an overview of Brian Christopher’s typical slot play duration in various scenarios:

Slot Play Scenario Typical Duration
YouTube filming session 3-6 hours
Live stream session 2-5 hours
Las Vegas trip session 6-12 hours
California casino session 2-5 hours
Quick casino visit 1-2 hours

YouTube filming and Las Vegas sessions tend to be his longest play durations, ranging from 3-12 hours. Live streams and local casino trips average 2-5 hours. Occasional quick sessions may only last an hour or two.

Factors Impacting Session Length

Some key considerations that determine Brian Christopher’s slot play session duration include:

  • Video content needs – Longer for YouTube filming
  • Available time – More free time allows longer play
  • Casino location – More play time when visiting major destinations
  • Bankroll size – Bigger budget allows longer sessions
  • Personal energy – Fatigue shortens duration

Producing video content results in some of this longest sessions. Las Vegas trips also call for extensive slot play. But everyday factors like available time, budget, and energy levels also impact how long he plays on a given day.

Frequency of Slot Machine Bonuses

One important slot play consideration is how often Brian Christopher hits bonuses and big wins. Here is an overview of his approximate slot machine bonus frequency:

  • Minor base game hits: Once every 15-25 spins
  • Free spins rounds: Once every 50-100 spins
  • Mini/minor bonuses: Once every 75-125 spins
  • Major bonuses: Once every 300-500 spins
  • Handpay jackpots: Once every 1000-2000 spins

He hits smaller wins like base game hits and free spins most frequently. But major bonuses, handpays, and jackpots only hit periodically after many hundreds or thousands of spins. This requires extensive slot play to hit those elusive big wins.

Factors Impacting Bonus Frequency

Some factors that influence how often Brian Christopher hits slot machine bonuses and wins include:

  • Slot game volatility – Higher volatility means less frequent payouts.
  • Bet amount per spin – Bigger bets have more bonus potential.
  • Casino tightness – Some casinos have tighter slots.
  • Random luck – Pure chance always a factor.
  • Skill/experience – More strategic play can improve odds.

Game volatility, bet sizes, and casino/slot tightness play big roles. But a portion always comes down to random luck as slots are games of chance. Over time, skill and experience can potentially improve bonus frequency.

Brian Christopher’s Slot Game Selection

In addition to when and how long Brian Christopher plays slots, another key factor is which slot games he chooses to play. Here is an overview of his typical slot selection strategy:

  • Prefers video slots with bonus features
  • Seeks slots with free spins, picking bonuses, and interactive play
  • Mix of licensed theme slots and original games
  • Focuses on medium to high volatility slots
  • Target bet size $5-$50 per spin, sometimes up to $100+

He gravitates towards video slots with frequent bonuses. Licensed branded games and original themes are both options. Medium to high volatility slots are preferred to maximize bonus potential. His average bet sizes range from $5 to $50.

Top Slot Games Played

Some of the specific slot games Brian Christopher plays most frequently include:

Slot Game Slot Developer
88 Fortunes SG Digital
Buffalo Aristocrat
Tarzan IGT
Wheel of Fortune IGT
Willy Wonka Everi
Walking Dead Aristocrat

These top played games include a mix of originals like 88 Fortunes and licensed branded slots like Tarzan, Wheel of Fortune, Willy Wonka, and Walking Dead.

Brian Christopher’s Slot Results and Profits

Of course, the most important slot play results are whether Brian Christopher actually wins, and how much profit he earns. Here is an overview of his recent slot results:

  • Average session loss: -$500 to -$2,000
  • Biggest recorded slot wins: $30,000-$60,000
  • Largest slot loss: -$22,500 in one day
  • Slot play profits over 12 months: -$150,000 estimated

Like most slots players, Brian Christopher loses on average per session but periodically scores big wins. Over time, he maintains an expected loss as the house advantage grinds him down.

Profit and Loss Factors

Some key factors that influence Brian Christopher’s slot machine profits and losses include:

  • Bet size – Larger bets yield bigger wins/losses.
  • Bonuses hit – More bonuses mean more payouts.
  • Game volatility – Higher volatility has more potential.
  • Bankroll size – Bigger budget can withstand losses.
  • Session duration – More play equals more risk.

As with any slots player, the bet size, slot game math, and length of play largely determine results. Brian Christopher stands out for his large bet sizes, long sessions, and high volatility game preference – yielding both big wins and losses.

Brian Christopher’s Slot Strategies

Throughout his extensive slot play, Brian Christopher employs various strategies and tactics to try maximizing his wins. Some of his frequent slot play strategies include:

  • Uses loyalty club cards and comps for perks
  • Takes advantage of casino promotions when available
  • Prefers slots with bonus features and picking games
  • Plays maximum bets to access top jackpots
  • Sessions entire machines to find hot and cold ones

Loyalty club membership, casino promotions, playing slots with bonuses, max betting, and sessioning machines are examples of strategies he uses. He also shares tips with his viewers on strategic slot play.

Advanced Strategies and Tactics

Some more advanced slot tactics Brian Christopher employs include:

  • Analyzing pay tables and game math
  • Bankroll management based on volatility
  • Studying slots mechanics and configurations
  • Adjusting strategies for tight/loose slots
  • Targeting “hot” machines through observation

Really getting into the math behind slots along with bankroll management are key. He also watches machine behavior closely to spot patterns and hot slots. Using adjustable tactics is part of his approach as well.


In summary, Brian Christopher plays slots very frequently, essentially on a daily basis for lengthy sessions when not traveling. His passion for slots is unmatched, evidenced by the 35-50+ hours a week he spends spinning reels in casinos and creating YouTube content. While Brian Christopher loses money on slots in the long run like most players, his goal remains hitting big jackpots and enjoying the thrill of slot play.