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How painful is threading?

Threading can be painful depending on an individual’s pain threshold. Since it involves pulling individual hairs from the follicle, some people can find it to be a mildly irritating or even a sharp, stinging pain.

However, many people find that the pain associated with threading is much less than that of waxing since the area being treated is usually much smaller. Additionally, threading helps to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs, so this short-term pain can come with long-term gain.

Ultimately, some people may find the pain of threading to be more bearable than any other form of hair removal.

Does threading hurt the first time?

The answer to whether threading hurts the first time depends on the individual. Generally, threading will result in some discomfort, especially if the thread is being pulled very tightly. Some people might find this uncomfortable at first, while others may find it tolerable enough.

Factors such as the type of skin and its sensitivity will also affect the amount of pain felt. However, this discomfort usually dissipates quickly and different people respond in different ways. It is also important to find an experienced threader as this will make a huge difference in the overall experience.

An experienced individual should be able to determine the exact amount of strength needed to pull the thread and make sure it is not too tight. In general, threading may cause some discomfort the first time, but it is usually very temporary.