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How to get discounted Lion King tickets NYC?

Getting discounted tickets to see the Lion King on Broadway in New York City can seem daunting, but with some planning and insider tips, you can often find great deals. Here are some of the best ways to find discounted Lion King NYC tickets.

Buy Early

One of the best ways to get cheaper Lion King tickets is to buy early. Broadway tickets are almost always the most expensive the closer you get to showtime. Lion King is one of the most popular shows on Broadway, which means tickets are in high demand. If you plan your trip to NYC several months in advance, you’ll have the widest selection of seats and lowest prices to choose from. Buying 3-6 months ahead is ideal.

Many people wait until they know their exact travel dates to New York City before buying tickets. But with a show as popular as Lion King, tickets can sell out quickly or may be 3-4 times more expensive if you wait too long. As soon as you confirm your trip, check ticket prices and lock in seats if the price is right. You can always exchange tickets later if needed.

Look for Discounts Online

Here are some of the best sites to check for Lion King ticket discounts online:

  • – This site exclusively sells discounted NYC show tickets. You can save 20-50% on many shows, including Lion King. They offer a limited number of tickets for most shows each day.
  • – This mobile app and website offers discounted same-day Broadway tickets. You can find significant discounts if you’re able to be flexible on show dates/times.
  • – Get up to 50% off select Broadway shows when you buy in advance. Lion King discounts vary.
  • – Look for ticket lotteries and promotions for select performances.
  • – Offers discounted NYC theater tickets, usually around 20-40% off.

Checking these sites frequently is key, as discounted tickets are limited and sell out quickly. Comparing prices across multiple discount providers can help you find the best deal.

Purchase Lion King Ticket Packages

Several NYC tourism sites like and offer Broadway ticket packages that bundle a Lion King ticket with a hotel stay, meal voucher, city attraction pass, or other perks. Packages are great ways to save money, as the bundled attractions and services typically cost less than if purchased separately.

For example, you may find a Lion King ticket package that includes:

  • 1 orchestra or mezzanine ticket to The Lion King
  • 2-night hotel stay
  • $100 dining credit
  • Admission to the Empire State Building

The whole package saves you $200-300 compared to purchasing each item separately. Look for these deals on tourism authority and Broadway-specific sites.

Try the Lion King Lottery

Many popular Broadway shows, including Lion King, offer in-person lotteries on the day of the performance for heavily discounted tickets. Here’s how it works for Lion King:

  • Lottery held 2.5 hours before showtime at the Lion King box office.
  • Fans submit their names into a drawing.
  • Names are drawn at random until all discounted tickets are awarded.
  • Winners can purchase 2 tickets for $20 each (cash only, limit 2 tickets).

While not guaranteed, the lottery provides a great chance at scoring last minute tickets at a huge discount. Attend in groups to increase your chances.

Buy Standing Room Only Tickets

If you don’t mind standing, consider standing room only tickets. Often abbreviated SRO, these are discounted tickets that don’t guarantee an actual seat. You stand in designated areas, usually at the back of the orchestra section or balcony.

SRO tickets are released on the day of the show for $40-50. You won’t have an assigned spot and will need to arrive early to get a good vantage point. But it’s a affordable way to experience an iconic Broadway show like Lion King.

Check for Discounts at the Box Office

You can sometimes score same-day discount Lion King tickets by going directly to the box office. Many theaters hold back some tickets to sell at discounts leading up to showtime. Stop by the box office 1-2 hours before the performance you want to attend.

Explain you’re hoping to buy last minute discounted tickets. The staff can let you know if they have any deals available. This is a bit of gamble, but can provide big savings if you get lucky.

Look for Lion King Promo Codes

Some Broadway ticket sellers provide promo codes that can be applied to further lower prices. Common places to find Lion King promo codes include:

  • The show’s official website – Check their promotions page.
  • Your selected ticket seller’s website – Look for banner ads or pop-ups with codes.
  • Broadway fan sites –,, etc. May list codes on forums.
  • Tourism websites – Such as – Can have ticket promos.

Enter any codes you find during checkout to see if they apply additional discounts. Every dollar off helps when tickets are $100-200 each.

Join Audience Rewards Programs

The two major Broadway rewards programs are:

  • Audience Rewards ( – Earn points for Broadway ticket purchases that can be redeemed for free tickets or exclusive discounts.
  • Broadway Roulette ( – Buy tickets at a discount in exchange for not knowing the exact show until the performance date. Great way to experience random Broadway shows at below face value price.

Joining these programs gives you access to special Lion King ticket offers, presales, and more chances to save. The more shows you see, the more points you can accumulate over time.

Follow The Lion King on Social Media

Social media is a great way to find Lion King ticket deals. Follow the show’s official accounts and turn on notifications so you never miss a discount announcement.

Check these Lion King social channels for promotions:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @TheLionKing
  • Instagram: @TheLionKing

Discounts are often posted to social media first before anywhere else. So checking frequently can help you find and claim deals before others get them.

Join Lion King Email Lists

Subscribe to The Lion King newsletters and Broadway email lists. This ensures you receive exclusive pre-sales, discounts, promotional codes, and other offers right to your inbox.

Good Lion King email lists to join include:

  • Official Lion King Mailing List: (near bottom)
  • BroadwayBox Mailing List: (bottom)
  • NYC Tourism Newsletters:,, etc.
  • TodayTix Emails: (account setup)

Check your email frequently and open Lion King related messages as soon as possible. The best discounts go quickly, so timely response is key.

Book a Lion King Dining Package

Several NYC restaurants offer Lion King dining packages that bundle dinner with great seats for the show. Packages allow you to dine at a nice restaurant and then walk right to the theater.

Popular options include:

  • Junior’s Restaurant – Cheesecake and dinner before Lion King.
  • John’s Pizzeria – Pizza and pasta meal packages.
  • Broadway Diner – Pre-theater dinner bundles.
  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner – Discount Broadway tickets with retro dining.

Depending on the restaurant, you can save $10-40 per ticket going through one of these dining partners. It just takes a little pre-planning.

Go During Broadway Week

Twice a year (winter and spring), NYC Broadway Week takes place. During the 2-3 week promotional period, you can buy 2-for-1 Lion King tickets and other shows.

For example, if Lion King tickets normally cost $149/each, during Broadway week the pair would cost only $149 total. This happens through January/February and September/October each year.

As soon as Broadway Week is announced, get online and start shopping for the best Lion King seats. The most in demand shows and times sell out extremely fast.

Consider Off-Peak Dates/Times

Lion King performs 8 shows most weeks – Tuesday through Sunday evenings, Saturday/Sunday matinees. Tickets prices vary based on day/time.

To save money, look for tickets during less popular showtimes:

  • Tuesday-Thursday evenings
  • Saturday matinee
  • First week of the month
  • January-March (low tourism season)

Avoid Friday/Saturday evenings and weekends if possible, as these fetch the highest premiums. Being flexible on timing can really pay off.

Sit In Partial View Seats

If you don’t mind a slightly obstructed view, partial view seats can offer big discounts. These are off to the side or behind pillars/overhangs. Issues are usually minimal, like missing a small corner of the stage.

Partial view seats can save you $50 or more per ticket compared to “full view” seats in the same section. Well worth it for many budget-focused Broadway fans.

Join Audience Panel Focus Groups

From time to time, Broadway producers will recruit fans to join focus groups and provide feedback on shows. In exchange you get to see the show for free. Opportunities are mainly for established long-running shows like Lion King.

Check and BroadwayWorld forums for audience panel announcements. Spots are limited but provide an amazing experience.

Volunteer As an Usher

Volunteering as an usher for Broadway shows enables you to see sold-out performances for free. Ushers collect tickets, help guests find seats, distribute programs, and sometimes assist with special needs.

In exchange for around 2 hours of work, you’ll get to enjoy the show and save $100+ on tickets. Opportunities can be competitive, but ask box offices about signing up.


While rarely cheap, Lion King on Broadway can be seen affordably with the right approach. The key is buying early, being flexible on dates, and taking advantage of every discount possible. Sites like BroadwayBox and TodayTix provide incredible deals if you check back often. And consider trying the lottery, standing room, or focus groups for even more low-cost options.

Anyone can enjoy the magic of Lion King in NYC with persistence, planning, and creativity in finding deals. Use this guide to experiencing Broadway’s most beloved musical at the best possible price.

Summary of Ways to Get Cheap Lion King Tickets

Method What You Need to Do Expected Discount
Buy 3-6 months early Plan trip in advance and purchase tickets as soon as dates are confirmed 25-50% discounts vs buying last minute
Online discount sites Check BroadwayBox, TodayTix, etc. for deals daily 20-50% below full price
Ticket packages Look for bundled hotel + Lion King deals on tourism websites Up to 40% off compared to individual purchases
Lottery Enter in-person lottery 2.5 hours before showtime Up to 90% off; $20 tickets
Standing room Buy standing room only tickets day-of for $40-50 75%+ discount compared to seated tickets
Box office Ask box office staff about unsold same-day tickets 1-2 hours before showtime 20-50% less than usual ticket prices
Promo codes Search Lion King sites, blogs, forums for coupon codes to use during checkout Typically 10-20% off
Rewards programs Join Audience Rewards and Broadway Roulette. Earn points and get access to deals. Free tickets, exclusive discounts, pre-sales
Social media Follow Lion King accounts, turn on notifications for discount alerts Varies, can offer pre-sales and flash deals
Email lists Sign up for Lion King, Broadway, and NYC tourism newsletters Pre-sales, promo codes, early booking
Dining packages Book dinner + show combo at partner restaurants Typically 10-20% off Broadway tickets
Broadway Week Buy 2-for-1 Lion King tickets during semiannual promotion 50% off
Off-peak days/times Avoid weekends and book Tuesday-Thursday shows instead 25-50%+ cheaper than peak dates
Partial view seats Don’t mind small obstructions; save big on side/rear seats 20-40% cheaper than similar full view
Focus groups Join free audience panels and feedback sessions 100% off – free Broadway shows
Usher Volunteer as an usher for 2 hours; see show for free 100% off