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How to get free Burger King crowns?

Burger King crowns are fun cardboard crowns that are given out to customers, usually to kids, when they purchase a kids meal. The crowns are decorative and allow kids to feel like royalty while enjoying their food. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a Burger King and ask for a free crown. The crowns are considered part of the kids meal package and are not given out separately for free. However, there are some ways you can try to get your hands on some free Burger King crowns if you are so inclined.

Ask Politely

One way to potentially get a free Burger King crown is to simply ask the person working at the counter. You may want to go during a time that isn’t too busy so the employee has more time to consider your request. Politely ask if they have any extra crowns available and state that you would really appreciate one. There’s a chance they might have some extra in the back or be willing to give you one for free just to be nice. This method definitely isn’t foolproof but it doesn’t hurt to ask! Just be sure to accept it gracefully if they say no.

Purchase a Kids Meal

Obviously the guaranteed way to get a free Burger King crown is to purchase a kids meal that comes with one. Burger King kids meals typically cost between $3-5 and come with main entree, side, drink, and the crown. You can purchase a kids meal even if you are an adult if you really want that crown. Just know you’ll be getting kids sized portions. Going with a buddy and each ordering a kids meal can help you both get crowns while still getting a decent amount of food.

Celebrate Your Birthday

Many fast food restaurants, including Burger King, offer freebies on your birthday! Download their app on your phone and complete the birthday rewards registration. Then on your special day show them the coupon in the app to redeem your freebie, usually a free kids meal crown set. This allows you to score a free crown and kids meal once a year.

Ask on Special Occasions

Going through the drive-thru on holidays like Halloween or your birthday? It never hurts to ask politely if they have any spare crowns they can give you to celebrate the special occasion. Employees are often empowered to give out treats on these type of holidays. The holidays where crowns are most likely available are:

  • Halloween
  • Birthdays
  • New Years
  • Mardi Gras
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • 4th of July

Buy Them Online

Burger King crowns have become popular party supplies, so you can actually buy packs of them online. Try checking Amazon, eBay, or party supply websites. The downside is you’ll have to pay instead of getting them for free, but at least you’ll get bulk crowns delivered right to your door. Packs of 12, 24, or 48 crowns generally range from $10-$25 online.

Ask a Friend Who Works There

If you happen to have a friend who works at Burger King, you can ask them if they can hook you up with some crowns. Employees may have access to extras in the back that they could give you. Just remind them not to take so many that it would get them in trouble! Most locations keep track of inventory.

Reuse Old Crowns

If you or someone you know has previously gotten Burger King kids meal crowns, wash and reuse them! As long as you keep them in good condition, Burger King crowns can be worn multiple times. These crowns are made from cardboard and plastic so they are durable.

Buy a Happy Meal at McDonalds

Okay this one is kind of cheating, but McDonalds does give out paper crowns in their Happy Meals as well. Stop into a McDonalds and order a $2-3 Happy Meal that comes with a main, side, drink, and crown. The designs might be different than Burger King’s crowns, but they can still bring some royalty into your day.

Search for Crown Coupons

Burger King occasionally releases coupons for free crowns with the purchase of a kids meal. Search online or check fast food coupon sites to see if any current offers are available. Print or download the coupon and head to your local BK. Typically the coupons are meant for children but most employees will still honor it for adults.

Buy a Crown Separately

It turns out you CAN buy Burger King crowns separately without a kids meal, but you’ll still have to pay. Ask at the counter if they have any crowns for individual sale. The price is usually around $1-2 per crown depending on the franchise location. Burger King lets each store decide if they want to sell crowns individually to accommodate birthday parties, events, and crown enthusiasts.

Check resale Sites

Searching online resale sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist may reveal people selling extra Burger King crowns. You can often find opened packages of new crowns for cheap since the seller bought them in bulk. Individual crowns run $5-10 on resale sites generally, so make sure to price compare.

Places to Check for Resale Crowns:

  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Etsy

Team up with Friends

If you have several friends who also want Burger King crowns, team up! Get a group of 4 friends together, have each friend order a kids meal with crown, then divide up the crowns evenly amongst yourselves. This allows you to only pay around $3-5 each depending on kids meal price, and you all get crowns.

Bring Them From Home

If the restaurant you are dining at has paper crowns available, there is nothing stopping you from bringing your own crowns instead! Simply bring cleaned, unused Burger King crowns you have at home and use those. No one will know they didn’t actually come from that restaurant.

Write to Corporate

Try writing a nice letter or email to the Burger King corporate headquarters explaining why you’d love some Burger King crowns and asking if they’d be willing to send you some for free. There is a chance someone may take pity and send you a few crowns out of goodwill. The odds aren’t great, but it could be worth a shot.

Burger King Corporate Contact Info:

Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, FL 33126
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-866-394-2493

Trade Other Items

If you have any unneeded toys, games, or other fast food items lying around, check if someone online is willing to trade them for Burger King crowns. You can search sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for people trying to swap random items. You never know who might be willing to trade something you have for BK crowns.

Find Someone Throwing a BK Themed Party

Parents sometimes throw their kids Burger King themed birthday parties and need a lot of crowns for the guests. If you can find someone local throwing this type of party, ask if they need any extra crowns donated or sold on the cheap. They will probably appreciate the help if they are expecting a lot of kids.

Check Discount Stores

Occasionally dollar stores or discount stores like Dollar General will stock party crowns in their seasonal sections. There’s a chance you may find packs of Burger King-style crowns at places like these for very cheap. They likely won’t be official Burger King branded but should have a similar style.

Bring Them from Vacation

If you happen to be traveling somewhere that has a Burger King, swing through the drive-thru and pick up a kids meal crown. Save it after your meal and bring it home as a vacation souvenir. This is a quirky free way to remember your trip. Bonus if you visit a BK in another state or country and can add the location stamped crown to your collection.

Buy in Bulk

One of the best ways to stock up on tons of crowns for cheap is to buy them in bulk packages online. However, these packs will still cost you money. On sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Oriental Trading you can find crown packs with anywhere from 24-100 crowns. Average cost ends up being 10-50 cents per crown when you buy bulk.

Average Bulk Crown Costs:

Number of Crowns Average Price
24 pack $10
48 pack $15
72 pack $20
100 pack $25

Ask if They’re Throwing Any Out

Burger King locations have to throw out leftover crowns once new shipments with updated designs arrive. When they are getting ready to toss old crowns, ask if you can take some off their hands for free rather than having them trashed. Most employees don’t care if you take the crowns they are getting rid of anyway.

Bring Kids

If you have any young kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc take them to Burger King and order each of them a kids meal. Let them enjoy their food and crown, then once they are done collect their paper crowns to take home for yourself. This allows you to get free kids meal crowns without having to only order food for yourself.

Check Tables Before Leaving

After eating in the Burger King dining room, take a quick look around before leaving. People sometimes leave their paper crowns behind on tables and trays when they are done with their meal. Check for any crowns that were discarded on empty tables you can grab on the way out.

Go Through the Drive Thru

The drive-thru method allows you to skip having to dine in. Simply drive through and order each family member a kids meal then collect the crowns once you get home. This is an easy way to quickly build up your crown stash. Don’t forget to check under seats where crowns may fall when driving!

Bring Some From Fast Food Play Places

Many fast food chains have kids play areas similar to Burger King’s crowns. For example, McDonalds has paper crowns in their playgrounds and ball pits. Grab a few clean crowns to take home next time you visit a restaurant with a kids area. Since these crowns tend to get dirty and damaged faster, the staff likely won’t notice a few missing.

Check Party Supply Stores

Party stores like Party City often carry discounted packs of paper crowns you can purchase. While these likely won’t be official Burger King crowns, they make look similar enough that you could pass them off as BK crowns. Check the birthday themed sections and aisle with paper plates.

Befriend an Employee

Try befriending one of the employees at your local Burger King and build up a rapport with them over several visits. After getting to know you, the employee may be willing to slip you some extra crowns here and there if you ask nicely. Building relationships with staff can go a long way.

Keep Your Receipts

An often overlooked strategy is to keep all your Burger King receipts that prove you purchased kids meals. Save these receipts over time, then return to the store and politely show the receipts as proof of your past purchases. Explain you lost the crowns that came with your previous meals and ask if they can replace them. Employees will often oblige if you have proof. Just don’t overdo it.

Buy a Crown Card

For big crown fans, Burger King sells refillable crown cards. These let you pay $5 upfront for the card, then get unlimited refills of kids meal crowns when you purchase food. So you pay $5 once for the card, then just the cost of your meals after that and you still get crowns. A good option if you eat at BK often.

Bring Your Own Arts and Crafts Crown

An easy hack is to create your own crown masterpiece at home. Using construction paper, markers, crayons, and glitter you can craft a royal crown. Cut it to size so it fits your head. Then when out to eat, wear your homemade crown instead of the restaurant’s version. You’ll save money and have a custom crown!


While Burger King crowns won’t just be handed to you for free, a little creativity and determination can go a long way towards scoring yourself some free crowns. Utilize methods like asking nicely, reusing old crowns, celebrating your birthday, buying crowns in bulk, or crafting your own. With some resourcefulness, you’ll be wearing those iconic BK crowns in no time. Now get out there and unleash your inner monarch! Let me know if you have any other frugal tips for acquiring free Burger King crowns.