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How to play Fantasy Five Arizona Lottery?

The Arizona Fantasy 5 lottery is a popular draw game run by the Arizona Lottery. It offers Arizonans the chance to win big cash prizes for a $1 play. Fantasy 5 is easy to play and draws are held every day, making it a convenient lottery game for players. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to play Fantasy 5 Arizona lottery.

Introduction to Fantasy 5 Arizona

Fantasy 5 is an Arizona-exclusive lottery draw game. It was launched in September 1995 as the state’s first in-house game after Arizona Lottery began operations. Fantasy 5 offers better odds of winning compared to multi-state games like Powerball. Players select 5 numbers from 1 to 41. During the draws, 5 winning numbers are randomly selected. To win the jackpot, players must match all 5 numbers. Lesser prizes are given for matching 2, 3, or 4 numbers.

Fantasy 5 Game Details

– Cost per play: $1
– Draws: Held daily at 6:59 pm MST
– To play: Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 41
– Prizes: Match all 5 numbers to win jackpot. Lesser prizes given for 2, 3, or 4 matches.
– Jackpot: Starts at $50,000 and increases until won
– Odds: 1 in 575,757 to win jackpot

Fantasy 5 is popular among Arizona lottery players because the odds of winning are better compared to massive multi-state games. It also offers decent prizing. Players have a chance to win thousands in cash prizes everyday.

How to Play Fantasy 5 Arizona

Playing Fantasy 5 is simple. Follow these steps to select your numbers and purchase official tickets:

1. Pick Your Numbers

– On a Fantasy 5 playslip, choose 5 numbers from 1 to 41
– Mark your numbers by filling the bubbles underneath
– You can do ‘Quick Pick’ to get computer-generated numbers
– Each Fantasy 5 ticket costs $1

2. Get Your Ticket

– Take your completed playslip to an Arizona Lottery retailer
– You can also ask the retailer for a ‘Quick Pick’ ticket
– Give the retailer your playslip or ask for Quick Pick
– Pay $1 for each Fantasy 5 ticket
– Retailer will print your official ticket(s)

3. Check Your Ticket

– Make sure all selected numbers and ticket details are correct
– Fantasy 5 tickets print from terminals connected to lottery system
– Retailers cannot handwrite or issue invalid tickets
– Store ticket safely until the draw

It is that easy to play Fantasy 5 Arizona lottery! You can buy tickets at over 3,000 retailers statewide. Just visit a lottery retailer, submit a playslip or ask for Quick Pick.

Fantasy 5 Draw Information

Fantasy 5 draws are held daily at 6:59 pm MST. During the draw, 5 winning numbers between 1 to 41 are selected. Here are key details on Fantasy 5 draws:

Draw Times

– Daily at 6:59 pm MST
– 365 days a year
– Draws held on all holidays

Draw Location

– Arizona Lottery TV Studio
– 4740 E University Dr, Phoenix AZ 85034

Draw Procedure

– Host activates Random Number Generator (RNG)
– RNG randomly selects 5 winning numbers
– Numbers shown on electronic draw equipment
– Results transmitted digitally to lottery terminals


– Winning numbers posted at after each draw
– Also available at retailers and in next day’s newspaper
– Televised results on KAZT-TV Channel 7

Fantasy 5 draw procedures are fully automated using certified RNGs. Results are made public via lottery channels after each draw.

How to Win Fantasy 5 Arizona

Matching the Fantasy 5 winning numbers in the exact order wins you the jackpot. There are also smaller prizes for matching some numbers. The Fantasy 5 prizing is:

Match All 5 Numbers

– Wins Fantasy 5 jackpot
– Jackpot starts at $50,000
– Rolls over and increases if not won

Match 4 Numbers

– Wins $200

Match 3 Numbers

– Wins $10

Match 2 Numbers

– Wins $2

Only players matching all 5 numbers win the Fantasy 5 jackpot. You can still win smaller fixed prizes by matching fewer numbers.

Jackpot Info and Winning Odds

Fantasy 5 jackpots start at $50,000 and roll over to increase if there is no 5 number winner. Here is key info on jackpots:

Starting Jackpot

– $50,000 to start
– Rolls over if no winner

Average Jackpot Won

– Around $150,000
– Some jackpots reach $500,000+

Record Jackpot

– $664,000 on Jan 30, 2009
– Won by 1 ticket

Jackpot Odds

– 1 in 575,757
– Tougher than winning Powerball or Mega Millions

Overall odds

– Match all 5: 1 in 575,757
– Match 4: 1 in 2,309
– Match 3: 1 in 106
– Match 2: 1 in 19

Fantasy 5 odds are longer than most lottery games, but the smaller prizing makes wins more frequent. Thousands of Arizona players win Fantasy 5 prizes everyday!

Claiming Fantasy 5 Prizes

To collect Fantasy 5 wins, players must submit winning tickets to the Arizona Lottery. Here is how to claim Fantasy 5 prizes:

Win Notification

– Prizes under $600 automatically paid by retailer
– Wins $600+ get a claim form from the retailer

Smaller Prizes

– Wins under $100,000 can be claimed at any retailer
– Retailer scans ticket and pays cash
– Take claim form and ID to retailer

Large Prizes

– Wins $100,000+ must be claimed at lottery office
– Make an appointment and bring claim form and ID
– Lottery verifies ticket and pays winner

Prize Expiration

– Tickets expire 180 days from draw date
– Expired tickets become unredeemable

Always sign the back of your winning ticket and keep it safe. To avoid expiration, redeem Fantasy 5 wins as soon as possible after the draw.

Tips for Winning Fantasy 5

Although Fantasy 5 results are random, you can apply some smart strategy to increase your odds of winning. Here are useful tips:

Play Consistently

– Playing regularly improves overall odds
– Never miss a draw
– Can play same numbers or Quick Pick

Mix it Up

– Vary your number selection
– Don’t play just birthdays or patterns
– Use both standard and Quick Pick

Get Number Balanced

– Don’t select all high or low numbers
– Split numbers across the number field

Go For Rollovers

– Jackpot is bigger on rollovers
– Higher jackpots have better odds
– Can win big with smaller bet

Play in a Group

– Splitting tickets in groups improves odds
– Shared play allows more number combinations

Check Every Ticket

– Always check draw results
– Tickets with 2-4 matches still win prizes
– A second chance at jackpot!

What to Do if You Win Fantasy 5

Here are important steps if you win a Fantasy 5 Arizona jackpot or large prize:

1. Sign Ticket

– Immediately sign the winning ticket
– Sign in the space on the back of the ticket
– This establishes ownership

2. Safekeeping

– Store ticket in secure place
– Avoid exposure or damage
– Unsigned damaged ticket may be invalid

3. Get Advisors

– Consult financial advisor and legal counsel
– Choose advisors with expertise in lottery wins
– Help decide best course for claiming prize

4. Remain Anonymous

– Arizona allows lottery winners to stay anonymous
– Helps maintain privacy and security
– Can still advertise win, without identifying details

5. Claim at Lottery Office

– Make an appointment at Arizona Lottery office
– Bring winning ticket, claim form and ID
– Lottery will verify and pay jackpot prize

Staying anonymous and getting professional advice are critical steps after you hit a Fantasy 5 jackpot!

Buying Fantasy 5 Tickets Online

The Arizona Lottery website and mobile app allow you to conveniently purchase official Fantasy 5 tickets online. Here’s how online play works:

1. Create Account

– Visit and click “Sign Up”
– Provide personal info to create account
– Username, password and email required

2. Deposit Funds

– Log into your account
– Click “Deposit” to add money
– Deposit minimum $5

3. Select Game

– Go to “Games” and choose Fantasy 5
– Pick numbers manually or use Quick Pick
– Confirm ticket details before purchase

4. Get Email Confirmation

– Ticket purchase creates online record
– Email sent confirming ticket details
– View purchased tickets in your account

5. Watch Draw

– Wait for draw and check results
– Get email if you win a prize
– Win same cash prizes as retail tickets

Online play offers easy Fantasy 5 ticket access 24/7. You control ticket purchases and can view past tickets in your account. Register for a free account and play Fantasy 5 online today!

Fantasy 5 Second Chance Drawings

The Arizona Lottery holds special Second Chance Fantasy 5 drawings for players. Here is how Second Chance works:

Enter Non-Winning Tickets

– Players submit eligible non-winning tickets
– Enter ticket details on lottery website
– Get one entry per qualifying ticket

Prize Drawings

– Lottery holds periodic Second Chance draws
– Random entries selected to win prizes
– Prizes include vacations, cash and more

Eligible Tickets

– Lost, stolen or damaged tickets not eligible
– Qualifying tickets have no retail value
– Gives players another chance to win

Enter Online

– Submit tickets on Play it Again page
– Requires free Account login
– Track entries and prize status

Fantasy 5 players get more chances to win with Second Chance! Non-winning tickets can win amazing prizes in the drawings.

Where the Money Goes

As Arizona’s only state lottery, all Fantasy 5 and Arizona Lottery proceeds contribute to vital state programs and services. Here is where Arizona Lottery revenue goes:


– Around 60% of revenue pays prizes
– Millions in winnings each year

Retailer Commissions

– 6% goes to retailer commissions
– Paid for selling tickets

Operating Expenses

– 13% pays costs like staff, equipment
– Covers drawing operations and office costs

State Beneficiaries

– Remainder transfers to state fund
– Benefits public education, health and safety programs, environmental conservation

In FY 2022, the Arizona Lottery generated over $300 million for state programs. Fantasy 5 revenue contributes to this public funding.

Important Notes

Here are some key points to remember about playing Fantasy 5 and claiming prizes:

Must be 21+ to Play

– Arizona law: players must be 21 or older
– Lottery retailers verify age at ticket purchase

Tickets Not Transferrable

– In Arizona, lottery tickets cannot be gifted or resold
– Winning tickets only redeemable by original ticket owner

Know the Rules

– Read all game rules on Arizona Lottery website
– Understand policies for ticket validation, draws, etc.
– Helps avoid confusion or disputes later

Check Site for Results

– Official Fantasy 5 results at
– Avoid misinformation from other sources

Sign Ticket Immediately

– Sign winning ticket once you verify all numbers
– Provides ownership proof if lost or stolen

Remember these key rules and policies around Fantasy 5 tickets, wins, and prize claims. Understand the official game procedures and lottery regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about playing Fantasy 5 in Arizona:

How many numbers do you pick in Fantasy 5?

You select 5 numbers from 1 to 41 on each Fantasy 5 play. Match all 5 numbers to the drawn results to win the jackpot.

What days are the Fantasy 5 drawings?

Fantasy 5 draws are held daily at 6:59 pm MST, including weekends and holidays.

What is the Fantasy 5 jackpot amount?

Fantasy 5 jackpots start at $50,000 and roll over to increase if there is no winner. Jackpots have reached over $500,000.

Where can I buy Fantasy 5 tickets?

You can buy official Fantasy 5 tickets at over 3,000 Arizona Lottery retailers statewide. Find a retailer near you on the lottery website.

How late can you buy Fantasy 5 tickets?

You can buy Fantasy 5 tickets until 6:45 pm on draw days. Ticket sales close 15 minutes before the draw.

Can you buy Fantasy 5 tickets online?

Yes, you can register for an account on the Arizona Lottery website or mobile app to conveniently purchase official Fantasy 5 tickets online.

How long do you have to claim Fantasy 5 prizes?

Fantasy 5 winning tickets expire 180 days after the draw date. Prizes must be redeemed before ticket expiration.

What are the odds of winning Fantasy 5?

The odds of winning the Fantasy 5 jackpot are 1 in 575,757. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 7.


Fantasy 5 is an exciting lottery game exclusive to Arizona offering state residents the chance to win big jackpots and cash prizes. With daily draws and better odds, Fantasy 5 gives more ways to win compared to massive multi-state lotteries. Players simply select 5 numbers from 1 to 41 and match to the draw results to win prizes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fantasy 5 tickets can be purchased easily at local retailers or via online play. Consistently check draw results to see if your numbers match. Winnings help support vital state programs and services. With easy play, frequent chances to win and a distinctly local feel, Fantasy 5 is a lottery favorite across Arizona.