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How to purchase Sikkim lottery ticket?

The Sikkim state lottery is a popular lottery draw in India run by the Sikkim government. With attractive prizes ranging from a few hundred rupees to crores of rupees, purchasing a Sikkim lottery ticket provides a fun and easy way for people across India to try their luck at winning big. The lottery draw takes place daily and weekly, providing frequent opportunities to participate.

While purchasing a Sikkim lottery ticket is straightforward, some key steps should be followed to ensure you buy official Sikkim lottery tickets and are entered into the draws. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to purchase Sikkim lottery tickets, covering everything you need to know including:

Where to Buy Sikkim Lottery Tickets

Sikkim lottery tickets can be purchased both online and offline. Here are the main options for where to buy Sikkim lottery tickets:

– Authorized lottery ticket retailers – Most common option. Retailers can be found across Sikkim and in major cities across India. Provide option to buy tickets in person for upcoming draws.

– Online lottery agents – Tickets can be purchased online through certified lottery agents connected to the Sikkim lottery. Convenient for those living outside Sikkim.

– Official lottery website – Tickets can be purchased directly through the Playwin lottery website. Provides enhanced reliability.

– Mobile apps – Some lottery apps, such as Playwin, allow digitized lottery ticket purchases. Useful for last-minute purchases.

When purchasing online or through a retailer, it’s important to verify you are buying through authorized and certified sources for official Sikkim lottery tickets.

Types of Sikkim Lottery Games

There are several different lottery games and prize draws within the Sikkim lottery program:

– Dear Treasure Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹70 lakhs.

– Dear Respect Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹80 lakhs.

– Dear Valuable Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹1 crore.

– Dear Admire Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹1 crore.

– Dear Cherished Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹1.5 crore.

– Dear Love Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹2 crores.

– Dear Precious Morning – Daily lottery draw held 11:55 AM. Top prize of ₹3 crores.

– Weekly lottery – Draw held every Monday at 4 PM. Top prize of ₹10 crores.

When purchasing a Sikkim lottery ticket, you will need to select which lottery game you want to potentially win. Each game has different prize amounts, prices per ticket, and draw days/times.

Lottery Ticket Prices

Sikkim lottery ticket prices vary depending on the game:

– Daily lottery games – ₹6 per ticket

– Weekly lottery – ₹6 for one ticket, ₹100 for 20 tickets

– Some retailers may charge a small service fee

You can choose to purchase multiple tickets for a single draw to increase your chances of winning, though each ticket still counts as a single entry. Lottery winnings are tax free in Sikkim.

How to Pick Lottery Numbers

When purchasing a Sikkim lottery ticket, you can choose to have your lottery numbers randomly generated or pick your own.

For most Sikkim lottery games, 6 numbers between 1-31 are drawn to determine prizes. If playing the weekly lottery, 7 numbers are drawn between 1-40.

Some strategies for picking your own numbers include:

– Important dates like birthdays
– Lucky numbers or numerology numbers
– Quick pick through random combinations

Many people believe certain sequences like 1-2-3-4-5-6 or geometric patterns increase your chances, but randomly selected numbers have the same probability in reality.

Where to View Results

Sikkim lottery results are available through the following sources:

– Official Playwin lottery website
– Mobile apps
– Local newspapers and media
– Retailers selling tickets
– YouTube live results

Results are typically published within an hour after the draw takes place. Checkingmultiple sources can help confirm the numbers.

Purchasing Sikkim Lottery Tickets Online

Purchasing Sikkim lottery tickets online provides a fast and convenient way to participate in the lottery games. Here is the step-by-step process to purchase online:

1. Find a Reputable Online Lottery Agent

Start by finding an authorized online lottery agent with a secure website that sells official Sikkim state lottery tickets. Some popular platforms include:

– Playwin

– Lottery Sambad

– Lottery Sangam

Research agents and read reviews before purchasing to avoid scams. Legitimate online agents should display licensing information on their website.

2. Create an Account

Most online platforms will require you to create a user account to make purchases and withdrawals. The sign-up process is quick and involves:

– Entering your name, email, password

– Verifying your email

– Providing KYC details for identity verification

Creating an account allows you to securely save payment information, view transaction history, and withdraw winnings.

3. Select Lottery Game

Once logged into your account, you can browse and select which Sikkim lottery game you wish to play. Available options may include Sikkim Supreme, Sikkim Super Lotto, Dear Respect Morning, and more.

Make sure to verify the date and time of the upcoming draw so you don’t accidentally select the wrong one.

4. Choose Numbers or Quick Pick

Next, you will be prompted to either have your numbers randomly generated through Quick Pick or manually choose your own numbers.

If picking your own, enter your desired 6 or 7 digits depending on the game. You can choose multiple sets of numbers on a single ticket.

5. Confirm Selections and Buy

Carefully review your selected lottery game, numbers, and the purchase amount before completing the transaction.

Digital agents accept various payment methods including credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets like PayTM, and UPI.

You should receive a confirmation email with your virtual lottery ticket details. Save this forreference.

6. View Results and Winning

Use your online account to view results after the draw takes place. Winnings get credited to your account automatically if you hold a winning ticket.

You can transfer winnings to your bank account through the agent platform. Be sure to withdrawwithin specified time limits.

Purchasing Sikkim Lottery Tickets Offline

To buy Sikkim lottery tickets in person, you can visit authorized retailers and agents across Sikkim. Here is the process:

1. Locate Nearby Retailers

Look for shops, street vendors, lottery kiosks, and stores selling Sikkim lottery tickets in your area. These retailers should display a government-issued license.

Ask locals for recommendations to find reputable sellers. Retailers are most common in Sikkim but also found in cities like Siliguri.

2. Select Lottery Game and Numbers

Tell the retailer which Sikkim lottery draw you want to enter and on what date. They can show you which games are available.

You can then choose your own numbers for the ticket or have the retailer randomly generate them. Avoid sequential or patterned numbers.

3. Pay for and Receive Lottery Ticket

Pay the retailer the ticket price in cash. You will receive a physical printed lottery ticket with your game, numbers, and draw date.

Scratch the ticket to view concealed security codes that can help verify its authenticity.

4. Check Ticket for Accuracy

Before leaving, carefully check that all printed details on the lottery ticket match what you wanted to purchase. This includes:

– Correct lottery game and draw date

– The numbers you selected or had generated

– Accurate ticket price paid

– Complete ticket without any printing errors

5. View Results to Check for Winnings

Tune into the lottery results through TV, radio, or the retailers to see if your ticket numbers match those drawn.

If you win a prize, return to the retailer with your ticket to collect your winnings in cash.

Tips for Purchasing Sikkim Lottery Tickets

Keep these tips in mind when buying Sikkim lottery tickets:

Purchase from Official Sources

Only buy Sikkim lottery tickets from authorized, licensed vendors whether in person or online. Avoid any sellers that appear suspicious or illegitimate.

Check Draw Schedule

Pay attention to the date and time of the lottery draw you are entering to avoid accidentally playing the wrong one.

Save Lottery Ticket

Keep your physical lottery ticket safe if purchasing offline or take a screenshot if buying online. This will be needed to claim any prizes.

Sign Ticket After Purchase

Consider signing the back of your lottery ticket for security after purchasing. This can help prove it belongs to you if lost.

Check Numbers Carefully

Always verify the lottery ticket has the exact numbers you intended to play, whether self-chosen or quick-picked.

Purchase Well in Advance

Buy your Sikkim lottery tickets at least one day before the draw, as sales are suspended at 1:30 PM the day before.

Consider Pooling Money

Pooling money with friends or family and purchasing multiple tickets can improve your odds in some cases. Just be sure to agree on how to split any winnings.

Checking Sikkim Lottery Results

Sikkim lottery draw results will be available through the following means:

Official Lottery Website

The official Playwin lottery website will display the winning numbers for each Sikkim lottery draw a few hours after it happens. Check here for the most reliable source.

Mobile Apps

Lottery apps like Lottery Sambad also provide instant push notifications and results for Sikkim lottery games.


Local Sikkim newspapers publish the lottery results in their daily editions. Out-of-state newspapers may also print results.

YouTube Live Draws

Some channels on YouTube live stream the Sikkim lottery draws and display the winning numbers as they are drawn.


Return to the same retailer/agent where you bought your ticket to have them scan it and check for winnings.

Be sure to check the results soon after the draw. If you win a prize, claim it within 30 days as per lottery rules.

Claiming Sikkim Lottery Winnings

If you hold a winning Sikkim lottery ticket, here is how to claim your prize money:

Verify Winning Ticket

First, double check that the ticket you hold matches the winning numbers drawn for that lottery game and date. Retailers can help confirm.

Submit Claim Forms

Bring your winning ticket to a lottery office and submit a prize claim form with your bank details within 30 days. Provide ID proof.

Collect Winnings

Prizes up to ₹1 lakh can be claimed directly from retailers. Larger amounts are awarded via cheque or direct bank transfer from the lottery department.

Submit Taxes

There is no tax deducted on Sikkim lottery winnings. But for very large prizes, you may need to pay tax independently later.

Split Winnings

If you purchased a winning ticket as part of a pool or group, be sure to split the prize money according to your predetermined agreement.

Following the claims process carefully ensures you properly collect all lottery winnings you are entitled to based on the numbers drawn.

Common Questions About Sikkim Lotteries

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about playing the Sikkim state lottery:

Are Sikkim lotteries legal?

Yes, Sikkim lottery games are fully legal and regulated by the state government. Both residents and non-residents of Sikkim can participate.

Can I purchase Sikkim lottery tickets online?

Yes, purchasing Sikkim lottery tickets online through authorized agents and apps is allowed. You must be at least 18 years old.

When do Sikkim lottery sales close before each draw?

Sales of Sikkim lottery tickets close at 1:30 PM the day prior to the draw. Make sure to buy tickets well in advance.

What is the biggest prize in the Sikkim lottery?

The Dear Crore lottery offers the biggest Sikkim lottery prize of ₹1 crore. Other top prizes include ₹70 lakhs and ₹10 crores.

How quickly are Sikkim lottery results announced?

Results are typically announced within 1-2 hours after the draw concludes each day. They are published on various platforms.

Can I claim Sikkim lottery winnings from outside the state?

Yes, you can complete the claims process by submitting forms and details by post. Prizes are awarded via cheque or bank transfer.


Playing the Sikkim state lottery offers an exciting chance to win big prizes in a fun and legitimate way. By purchasing official lottery tickets through authorized sources, carefully selecting your ticket numbers, checking results promptly, and completing the claims process, you can successfully participate in these lottery draws. Just remember to always gamble responsibly and within your means.