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Is 7 11 dunks cancelled?

7-Eleven is a popular convenience store chain known for selling coffee, snacks, and other convenience items. The stores are also known for their 7-Eleven Slurpee frozen carbonated drinks. Many 7-Eleven locations have self-serve coffee bars where customers can add flavors, sweeteners, and creamers to their coffee. The stores also have a hot food menu that includes hot dogs, taquitos, sandwiches, and pizza.

One popular menu item is the 7-Eleven coffee drink called 7-Eleven Dunks. Dunks are a coffee drink made of coffee mixed with a flavored powdered creamer. Customers can create their own Dunks beverage by adding powdered creamer and coffee to the provided cup. Dunks come in flavors like French Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato. They provide a sweet, creamy, flavored coffee drink.

Are 7-Eleven Dunks Cancelled?

There have been some social media posts and online discussions speculating that 7-Eleven may be discontinuing or cancelling their Dunks coffee drinks. However, 7-Eleven has not made any official announcement regarding removing Dunks from their menu. As of October 2023, Dunks remain available for purchase at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. The Dunks drinks are still prominently advertised on the 7-Eleven website and app.

It does not appear that 7-Eleven plans to cancel or discontinue Dunks at this time. The social media speculations about Dunks being removed from the menu seem to be unofficial rumors only. 7-Eleven is likely to make a formal announcement if they ever decide to stop selling the Dunks beverages.

As long as the Dunks coffee drinks continue to sell well for 7-Eleven, it seems unlikely the convenience store chain would remove them from their offerings. The customizable flavored coffee provides a unique menu item that 7-Eleven customers enjoy. Dunks also likely have high profit margins due to the inexpensive ingredients.

History of 7-Eleven Dunks

7-Eleven first introduced Dunks flavored coffee drinks to their United States stores in 2010. The concept for Dunks came from the success of flavored and creamy coffee beverages sold at competitor convenience stores in Canada. 7-Eleven wanted to provide their own signature coffee drink to stand out from other convenience store coffee.

After successful testing, Dunks launched at 7-Eleven stores nationwide in the United States in 2010. The first flavors were French Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato. Each box of Dunks powdered creamer made around 15 servings. Customers combined coffee and Dunks powder in special Cuppy cups.

The Dunks drinks proved popular, and 7-Eleven proceeded to expand the lineup with additional flavors like Hazelnut, Toasted Marshmallow, and Cookies & Cream. Limited time flavors were also introduced for holidays and seasons. Other convenience store chains took notice and began selling their own powdered creamer coffee drinks to compete with 7-Eleven Dunks.

Over the years, 7-Eleven has continued to promote Dunks as a signature item. Marketing has emphasized the customization options that allow each customer to create their perfect coffee drink. 7-Eleven also introduced larger Dunkaroo cups to allow even more add-ins.

Reasons 7-Eleven Might Discontinue Dunks

While there are currently no signs that Dunks are going away, there are some hypothetical business reasons why 7-Eleven could potentially decide to remove them from store menus:

– Declining sales – If demand for Dunks started to decline sharply, 7-Eleven may decide to cut the item rather than waste inventory and marketing costs. However, there have been no reports indicating slowing Dunks sales.

– Increasing costs – Key ingredients in Dunks like coffee, creamer, milk, and sugar could rise in cost due to supply chain issues or inflation. This may squeeze margins and make Dunks less profitable to produce and sell.

– New leadership preferences – A future 7-Eleven CEO may want to put their own mark on the menu by removing some legacy items like Dunks.

– Competition from other drinks – With customers having so many coffee options, Dunks may lose their novelty and no longer bring customers into 7-Eleven stores.

-Health trends – More customers prioritizing low sugar and low fat foods and drinks may shy away from the sweeter Dunks beverages.

-Cannibalizing other sales – Some speculate 7-Eleven wants to promote their plain coffee more and sees Dunks as detracting from coffee bar purchases.

However, these scenarios are speculative. 7-Eleven would likely need to see very compelling data and market changes to justify removing a consistently popular menu item like Dunks from all stores.

Response If 7-Eleven Dunks Are Discontinued

If 7-Eleven ever did announce they were discontinuing Dunks coffee drinks, there would likely be backlash and complaints from many loyal customers. Just as many react strongly when a favorite fast food menu item is removed, 7-Eleven fans would not be happy to see Dunks go away.

Social media sites like Twitter and Reddit would see substantial outcries from Dunks devotees. Many customers would likely vent about the decision and ask 7-Eleven to reconsider. A petition to save Dunks could also gain thousands of outraged customer signatures.

The response would be especially negative if 7-Eleven removed Dunks without a similar replacement drink. Customers have come to expect a sweet flavored coffee option from the chain. Simply eliminating Dunks would remove that customization and flavored drink choice.

Of course, over time most customers would adjust if Dunks were pulled from stores. But in the short term, backlash could substantially hurt 7-Eleven’s brand image and reputation. The company would need to carefully weigh Dunks profitability versus potential customer dissatisfaction.

Alternatives If Dunks Are Discontinued

If 7-Eleven ever discontinues Dunks, they would presumably develop or promote alternative coffee drinks to replace Dunks:

– Dunks replacements – 7-Eleven may create another proprietary powdered creamer drink with a new name but similar flavors. This would allow them to save money on ingredients while still keeping a signature beverage.

– Enhanced coffee bar – Without Dunks competition, 7-Eleven may expand coffee bar syrup pumps and creamer options to allow DIY flavored drinks.

– Frozen coffee – More freezer space may allow wider rollout of frosted and iced coffee drinks customized with flavors.

– Order ahead custom drinks – The 7-Eleven app could start allowing advance orders for made-to-order specialty coffee beverages.

– Branded partnerships – 7-Eleven could do promotional deals to sell popular flavored coffees like Starbucks Frappuccinos or Dunkin’ Coolattas.

– Self-serve machines – Beverage dispensers with touchscreens could provide customer control for adding flavored creamers, syrups, sweeteners, and toppings to both hot and cold drinks.

Without Dunks, 7-Eleven would still have strong motivation to provide alternative coffee customization choices. Flavored and creamy coffee drinks attract important millennial and Gen Z customers into stores.

Impact on 7-Eleven Without Dunks

If Dunks drinks were removed from 7-Eleven stores, it could impact the chain in several ways:

– Lost Differentiation – Dunks provide a signature drink not found at competitors. Removing them may cause 7-Eleven to lose distinction in the crowded convenience category.

– Lower Foot Traffic – The appeal of Dunks likely brings incremental customer visits to 7-Eleven for both coffee and ancillary purchases. Traffic could dip without this differentiated drink choice.

– Less Customer Loyalty – Customers develop habits and emotional connections with favorite drink and food items. Eliminating Dunks could sever some personal bonds and hurt repeat visits.

– Higher Coffee Competition – With their own flavored coffee gone, 7-Eleven may lose more coffee sales to cheaper self-serve competitors like Wawa, QuikTrip, and Maverik.

– Lower Morning Sales – Dunks are likely popular with commuters getting breakfast and coffee. A Dunks cancellation could reduce crucial early morning purchases.

– Brand Damage – Customer backlash from removing a well-liked menu item could hurt 7-Eleven’s brand reputation, at least in the short term. Perceptions of the chain being out of touch could develop.

– Loss of Differentiated Marketing – Dunks provide a unique product to promote with ads and social media that make 7-Eleven stand out from other convenience stores.

– Franchisee Pushback – Many 7-Eleven franchise owners likely sell significant Dunks volume. They may oppose the loss of this revenue stream by corporate decree.

Overall, removing a successful legacy menu item like Dunks coffee drinks would come with considerable downside risks and require careful consideration by 7-Eleven leadership.

Likelihood of 7-Eleven Discontinuing Dunks

Given the popularity and uniqueness of Dunks coffee drinks, it is unlikely 7-Eleven would choose to discontinue them without a replacement product strategy. Dunks still seem to be selling well based on available data. There are no supply shortages or other external factors forcing 7-Eleven to remove them.

Dunks also occupy valuable self-serve cooler space that provides ongoing marketing. Unless the profits from Dunks drinks dropped precipitously, it makes sense for 7-Eleven to keep stores stocked. Developing a new customized coffee drink to replace Dunks would also require additional effort and risk.

With Dunks remaining a signature menu item for over a decade, the backlash from loyal customers if the drinks were discontinued could outweigh any potential savings. 7-Eleven would need very compelling financial or operational reasons to justify ending Dunks.

Barring any unforeseen factors, Dunks coffee drinks are likely to remain available from 7-Eleven for the foreseeable future. Customers who enjoy customizing their coffee with Dunks can expect their favorite morning beverage to continue being served at 7-Eleven stores.

Key Factors Supporting Ongoing Dunks Availability:

  • No announced plans by 7-Eleven to discontinue Dunks
  • Dunks still actively promoted and featured on 7-Eleven website/app
  • Ongoing social media buzz and reviews about Dunks
  • No indications of ingredient supply issues or shortages
  • Dunks provide signature differentiated drink not sold by competitors
  • Discontinuing would remove key customization coffee option
  • Backlash from loyal Dunks drinkers could hurt 7-Eleven brand reputation
  • Dunks occupy prime self-serve cooler space with continual advertising
  • Developing replacement drink could have execution risks

Barring major unanticipated changes, loyal 7-Eleven customers can continue enjoying their daily Dunks coffee drinks when stopping in for a convenient coffee fix. Dunks have become an expected staple beverage that provides consistent sales and strong customer retention for the iconic convenience chain.


Based on all current information, it appears unlikely that popular 7-Eleven Dunks flavored coffee drinks will be cancelled or discontinued in the near future. The Dunks beverages remain prominently featured on 7-Eleven’s menus and website. There have been no official announcements or indications from 7-Eleven corporate regarding plans to end Dunks.

While some speculation and rumors of a possible Dunks cancellation have circulated online, these seem to be unfounded. Dunks remain an important differentiated drink offering that brings many customers into 7-Eleven stores. Discontinuing Dunks could result in backlash from loyal drinkers and lost beverage sales.

Barring any unforeseen changes in product demand, ingredient costs, or company strategy, customers can expect to continue enjoying mixing up their own sweet Dunks coffee drinks at 7-Eleven. The convenience store chain seems unlikely to remove these signature self-serve beverages that have been popular menu items for over a decade. 7-Eleven would need compelling financial or operational reasons to justify ending Dunks given the downside risks.

For coffee drinkers who crave a creamy sweet flavored coffee, Dunks figure to remain available for mixing up the perfect customized beverage. Customers can keep Dunkin’ at their local 7-Eleven while on the morning commute or when in need of a midday pick-me-up. While nothing lasts forever, Dunks seem poised to remain on 7-Eleven shelves and continue delighting loyal convenience store coffee drinkers.