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Is Itadori a villain in Jujutsu Kaisen?

No, Itadori Yuji is not a villain in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is the protagonist of the series and a first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Itadori is a kind and brave individual who is passionate about protecting those he cares about.

He is forced to take on the curse of the powerful Sorcery Supremacy Curse, but he decides to use this power to fight against evil curses. He even joins the Jujutsu Tech Club and works with his fellow students to fight against the supernatural threats that plague the world.

While Itadori has to confront powerful curse users, he ultimately agrees to fight for the sake of protecting the people he loves and the world. He is determined to be the hero the world needs and use his powers for good.

Is Itadori hero or villain?

The answer to whether Itadori Yuji from the series, Jujutsu Kaisen, is a hero or a villain depends on the perspective of who is answering this question.

On one hand, Itadori is a kind-hearted individual with strong morals who deeply cares for his friends and would do whatever it takes to protect them. He has a keen sense of justice, becoming dedicated to eliminating evil curses and demons, out of a desire to protect the innocent and prevent them from suffering.

This makes him an ideal hero in the eyes of some viewers.

On the other, Itadori is a cursed individual descended from a line of cursed beings and is consumed by a powerful demon himself. He is determined to take on the powers of Cursed Spirits knowingly, leading some to view him as an antagonist.

He is also ready to fight at a moment’s notice, using a variety of deadly techniques and abilities, including summoning curses from his own body to take on powerful enemies. This could make him seem villainous to some viewers.

Ultimately, Itadori is neither a hero nor a villain, and is instead presented as a complicated and fascinating character who uses whatever methods necessary to achieve his goals. What makes Itadori stand out is that he can both defend those in need and cause massive destruction.

Itadori’s morality is always in question, making it up to viewers to decide for themselves if this character is considered a hero or a villain.

Will Itadori become evil?

The question of whether Itadori will become evil is a difficult one. It is impossible to predict the future, so there is no way to know for certain if Itadori will turn to the dark side. However, it does seem unlikely, as Itadori’s journey thus far has been marked by his selfless actions and immense strength of character.

Itadori often puts himself in harm’s way to protect those he loves, shows remarkable levels of compassion, and is motivated by his desire to protect others from curses and their malevolent effects.

In addition, Itadori’s bond with Megumi and other characters around him is a key factor in his growth as a person. The strong relationships he builds serve as a source of strength for him, inspiring and motivating him to be courageous and do the right thing.

They also help provide him with a moral compass and provide a sense of balance when he is feeling overwhelmed.

Given what we know about Itadori’s character and his relationships with those around him, it is difficult to imagine him going down a path of evil. However, it is still a possibility and one that should not be taken lightly.

Is Yuji Itadori antagonist?

No, Yuji Itadori is not an antagonist. He is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a third-year high school student who discovers a mysterious cursed object that unleashes ancient demons.

He has gained cursed powers of supernatural speed and agility, and with the help of a powerful group of demon slayers must stop the curse from furthering chaos in his world. Despite his newfound powers, though, he never forgets the importance of protecting his friends and family and puts their safety above his own.

In the end, he is a hero who fights to protect humanity.

Who kills Itadori?

Itadori is ultimately killed by Megumi Fushiguro using the forbidden technique, but the circumstances are not as straightforward as it appears. After trapping Itadori in a dimension, Megumi releases him after realizing the extent of Itadori’s devotion to his friends.

He pleads with Itadori to not try and fight a powerful Sukuna as it will most likely mean his own death, but Itadori refuses to go back on his word and still chooses to fight. After Itadori tells Megumi that he is no longer scared of death and remembers his promise to his friends, Megumi compels to let Itadori make his own choice.

Megumi uses the Forbidden Technique to take Sukuna’s cursed energy in order to save Itadori, transforming it into a pair of tengu wings and allowing him to fly away. However, instead of Itadori escaping, the combined curse, the wings, and his weakened body cause him to become one with the cursed power and take on Sukuna’s identity.

Unable to contain the power, Itadori dies in the process and is succeeded by Sukuna.

Is Sukuna good with Itadori?

The relationship between Sukuna and Itadori is complicated. Although Sukuna was originally an enemy, he acts as an ally to Itadori as his work progresses. Despite their rivalry, there is a strong bond between them.

Sukuna does view Itadori as a friend, even though it is not shown very clearly. It’s not just about the physical connection, but there is also a much deeper emotional aspects between them. Sukuna is often irritated by Itadori’s insistence on being reckless and risking his life, but even then he often shows signs of profound respect and admiration towards Itadori.

While he may not be completely open to the idea of friendship, his innermost emotions often resonate with Itadori’s.

Most of their conversations have a bit of a quarrelsome nature, but the pair still have a strong will to protect one another. Itadori understands Sukuna’s motive, and often makes difficult decisions to try and show his understanding.

Similarly, Sukuna never leaves Itadori’s side while they’re in danger and is willing to die together with Itadori.

So in conclusion, Sukuna and Itadori have a complicated relationship, but it’s clear that their connection goes far beyond simply being allies. They have a strong bond which is filled with trust and understanding, even if it’s not always outwardly expressed.

Who is Yuji Itadori rival?

Yuji Itadori’s main rival is Megumi Fushigoro, another powerful Cursed Wielder. Although they have been rivals since their first encounter in the anime, they eventually become close friends and allies.

Megumi is a Cursed Wielder who is determined to defeat the mysterious entity known as the King of Curses. He is also one of Yuji’s most reliable allies and supports him through thick and thin. Despite their rivalry, Megumi and Yuji share a mutual respect for each other and care greatly for each other’s safety and well-being.

Megumi also serves as a mentor and teacher to help Yuji refine his cursed power. Apart from Megumi, Yuji has a few more rivals, including Yuuta Okkotsu, Gojo Satoru, and Jujutsu Kaisen’s principal, Kugisaki.

Will Itadori Yuji be able to control Sukuna?

It is possible that Itadori Yuji will be able to control Sukuna in the future. With his immense spiritual power, Yuji could gain control over Sukuna using Heart-Directing Permeation, a technique used by members of the Jujutsu Order.

With this technique, Yuji could use his spiritual power to permeate and dominate Sukuna’s spiritual power. He would need to be careful, though, as overriding Sukuna’s power could cause him to lose control of himself and even activate other forms of Sukuna.

If successful,Yuji would become the host of Nakiri Family’s Curse, allowing him to possess a portion of Sukuna’s Divine Attributes while still maintaining control over himself. Ultimately, this could lead to Yuji being able to use Sukuna’s abilities, making Yuji one of the strongest practitioners of Jujutsu in the world.

Will Yuji surpass Sukuna?

There’s no easy answer to this question since it depends on the plot development of Jujutsu Kaisen. It is clear that Yuji is likely to be a great character, and he will likely have to grow and develop his jujutsu powers to a very high level in order to defeat Sukuna.

However, whether he is actually capable of surpassing his powerful opponent when the time comes is unknown.

Yuji has already shown some amazing powers. He has already easily taken on enemies who would normally be considered much more powerful than him. He has an impressive ability to feel and manipulate aura, an ability that could be used against Sukuna.

However, Sukuna is one of the most powerful creatures in existence, so it might very well be extremely difficult for Yuji to be able to defeat him.

At this point, it’s impossible to know if Yuji will be able to surpass Sukuna. The only way to know is to wait and see how Yuji continues to grow and develop as a character, and to see what lies ahead in the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Who can beat Sukuna at full power?

At full power, it’s unclear who could beat Sukuna. Known as “The King of Curse”, Sukuna is an incredibly powerful and dangerous figure within the Jujutsu Kaisen universe and is widely regarded as the strongest character.

He is the only being in existence who can use both Curse and Sorcery simultaneously and he is also the only one of the Twenty-Seven Ancestors that has never been defeated. That being said, some characters like Mahito, Gojo Satoru, and Megumi Fushigoro have proven themselves to be formidable opponents that could potentially give Sukuna a run for his money in a fight.

However, even the most powerful characters in the series still remain unsure of their chances in a one-on-one fight against Sukuna at full power.

Is Yuji weak without Sukuna?

No, Yuji is not weak without Sukuna.

Although the Grudge can give Yuji a significant power boost when it’s combined with his Nutcracker and tomes, Yuji is still able to effectively use his other abilities to battle and fend off enemies.

He is a talented and powerful user of Forbidden Arts, and has an immense healing ability. His spiritual awareness is strong and he can detect enemies at great distances. He also has a tremendous amount of determination and a willingness to stand up for what he believes in even when things may seem hopeless.

Most importantly, Yuji has a deep and meaningful relationship with his adventuring companions in the Jujutsu Kaisen, who all rely on their bonds with each other to remain strong amidst the darkness and despair of their cursed world.

Despite his reliance on Sukuna’s power, Yuji is still very capable of handling battles on his own.

Will Yuji be executed?

At this time, it is unclear if Yuji will be executed or not. This is because the legal proceedings regarding his case are ongoing, and the final determination has not yet been made. It is possible that Yuji could be sentenced to death, particularly due to the seriousness of the accusations against him.

However, this will not be known until the full trial has concluded and all evidence has been presented and considered. In the meantime, Yuji’s fate remains uncertain and will remain so until the court has made their decision.

Who is the strongest curse after Sukuna?

The strongest curse after Sukuna is not definitively known, as curses are not typically ranked in order of strength. However, certain curses have been recognized for their power, such as the “Consuming Curse” and “Cursed Extinction Technique”.

The Consuming Curse is an advanced form of the Curse Technique known more commonly as a jutsu, which has the ability to absorb the energy of other jutsu which it comes into contact with. This is an incredibly powerful ability, as very few beings have the ability to resist or stand up to its power.

The Cursed Extinction Technique, on the other hand, is described as the “ultimate destruction technique” and it has a vast range of effects – ranging from manipulating life forces and creating powerful force fields to turning objects such as mountains into quick sand.

This jutsu is so powerful that it was even capable of levelling an entire city in seconds, so it is likely one of the strongest curses in existence. Other incredibly powerful curses include the Three Extremes slaying curse, the curse of Dreadful Breath, and the Heavenly Jargon Spell, but the true power of these curses is unknown.

Will Itadori and Sukuna become friends?

It is unlikely that Itadori and Sukuna will become friends in the traditional sense. Unlike most other characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, Itadori and Sukuna have an exceptionally unique relationship. Itadori is bound to Sukuna’s body, and as such is an extension of him.

Itadori is not Sukuna’s ally, servant or disciple by any means, but he is connected to the cursed spirit by a powerful, yet strange bond.

What’s more, Sukuna is known as the apex predator of cursed spirits and Itadori as the “born exorcist”. Their diametrically opposed natures make it highly unlikely that the two will become friends in the traditional sense.

However, Itadori respects Sukuna and shows him genuine courtesy, despite the spirit’s less-than-friendly attitude. It may be possible for the two to develop an uneasy truce in the future.

Does Itadori have Sukuna’s powers?

No, Itadori does not have Sukuna’s powers. Itadori has acquired some of Sukuna’s cursed techniques through his training with Megumi and his ability to absorb cursed energy, however, he does not possess Sukuna’s actual power.

Itadori has some special abilities due to his body being infused with the consciousness of Sukuna, such as being able to see other people’s curses, giving him a leg-up in battle, but the intense power Sukuna held is still beyond his reach.

Each shikigami, or cursed technique, he has acquired are primarily used for defense or offense tactics, and don’t make him as powerful as Sukuna ever was.