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Is Jackpocket legit in NJ?

Jackpocket is a third-party lottery app that allows users to buy official state lottery tickets online. The app is available in 11 states, including New Jersey. However, there has been some debate over whether Jackpocket is legal to use in NJ.

What is Jackpocket?

Jackpocket is a smartphone app and website that allows users to purchase official lottery tickets for games like Powerball and Mega Millions. The app acts as a lottery courier service – users place orders for lottery tickets through the Jackpocket app, and the tickets are purchased on the users’ behalf by Jackpocket’s licensed lottery courier. The courier buys the tickets from authorized lottery retailers and then scans and uploads the tickets to the user’s Jackpocket account. Users can view and manage their tickets online or via the app.

Some key facts about Jackpocket:

  • Founded in 2013 in New York.
  • Available in 11 US states: Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.
  • Has facilitated over $100 million in ticket sales to date.
  • Charges a transaction fee for each ticket purchased.
  • Tickets must be purchased 1-2 days before the drawing.
  • Winning tickets can be claimed via the app. Jackpocket charges a processing fee for prizes over $600.

Is Jackpocket legal in New Jersey?

Whether or not Jackpocket is legal in New Jersey is a complicated issue. Here are some key considerations:

New Jersey lottery laws

New Jersey has strict laws around lottery sales and purchases. Some applicable laws include:

  • All lottery ticket sales must be final. It is illegal to return or cancel a ticket once purchased.
  • Lottery tickets may only be sold by licensed retailers. Jackpocket uses licensed couriers, which may satisfy this requirement.
  • Third-party courier services must be registered with the state lottery commission. It’s unclear if Jackpocket meets this requirement in NJ.
  • Resale of lottery tickets above face value is prohibited.

Jackpocket’s status in NJ

Jackpocket claims that their services are legal in New Jersey. However, there are a few complicating factors:

  • Jackpocket is not directly licensed as a NJ lottery courier. They operate using local couriers.
  • They do not appear on NJ lottery commission lists of registered couriers.
  • There have been no definitive public statements from NJ lottery officials confirming Jackpocket’s legal status.

Lawsuits and legal action

There have been some legal issues surrounding Jackpocket:

  • In 2019, a lawsuit was filed in New Jersey district court claiming Jackpocket violates state law. The suit was ultimately dismissed.
  • Some licensed NJ lottery couriers have objected to Jackpocket operating without a license.
  • In 2020, a NJ senator requested the state investigate Jackpocket’s legality. No results were announced.

However, as of late 2022, there have been no new lawsuits or legal actions against Jackpocket in New Jersey.

Arguments for Jackpocket’s legality

Here are some of the main arguments that Jackpocket is legal to use in New Jersey:

  • Jackpocket only sells official lottery tickets. Customers receive valid tickets that can be claimed and redeemed.
  • The app acts as an intermediary using local licensed couriers to purchase tickets.
  • Jackpocket couriers are complying with lottery ticket purchasing rules.
  • Tickets are not resold or marked up in price on the app.
  • Jackpocket claims to have legal approval to operate in NJ.
  • The NJ lottery commission has not issued any statement declaring Jackpocket illegal.
  • No recent legal action has been taken against Jackpocket in NJ.

Arguments against Jackpocket’s legality

Here are some of the main arguments that Jackpocket may not be fully legal in New Jersey:

  • Jackpocket itself does not appear to be a licensed lottery courier in NJ.
  • There are strict laws about third-party courier services that Jackpocket may violate.
  • The app may violate laws against canceling ticket purchases.
  • Some licensed NJ couriers claim Jackpocket is operating illegally.
  • There have been lawsuits and calls for investigation into Jackpocket’s NJ operations.
  • The legality remains ambiguous without definitive statements from lottery officials.


There is no 100% definitive answer on whether or not Jackpocket is legal to use in New Jersey. The app exists in a legal gray area due to somewhat ambiguous lottery laws and lack of clear guidance from state lottery officials. There are reasonable arguments on both sides of the issue.

Most experts seem to agree that users are unlikely to face legal penalties just for buying lottery tickets through Jackpocket. The legal risks seem to fall more on Jackpocket itself as an unlicensed third-party courier service. However, until there is clarification from the NJ lottery commission or the state government, some uncertainty remains.

For now, New Jersey residents can likely continue using Jackpocket without legal repercussions. But there is always a small possibility of the app being restricted or deemed illegal in the future if regulatory scrutiny increases. Anyone using Jackpocket in NJ should be aware of the ongoing legal gray area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jackpocket legal in New Jersey?

Jackpocket’s legal status in NJ is ambiguous. The app operates in a gray area and claims its services are legal, but has faced lawsuits and criticism from licensed lottery couriers. There has been no definitive ruling declaring Jackpocket illegal in New Jersey.

Can you use Jackpocket if you live in New Jersey?

New Jersey residents can currently download the Jackpocket app and use it to buy lottery tickets. There are no known cases of individuals getting in legal trouble just for using the app. But Jackpocket’s operations in NJ remain legally uncertain.

Does Jackpocket verify you are in New Jersey?

Yes, Jackpocket requires users to allow location access on their mobile device to confirm they are physically located in New Jersey when using the app. Users outside of NJ are blocked from accessing ticket purchasing features.

Are tickets bought on Jackpocket valid in New Jersey?

Tickets purchased via Jackpocket are official state lottery tickets. They are valid and can be redeemed if they win. Jackpocket winners in NJ have successfully claimed lottery prizes.

Can you cancel a Jackpocket ticket in New Jersey?

No, all lottery ticket purchases are final in NJ. Once you buy a ticket on Jackpocket, it cannot be canceled or refunded, which aligns with state lottery rules.

Does Jackpocket verify winners in New Jersey?

Yes, Jackpocket validates winning tickets and will contact winners. Users can also independently verify tickets against official NJ lottery results. Jackpocket assists with prize claims for larger wins.

How does Jackpocket deliver tickets in New Jersey?

Jackpocket uses a network of licensed lottery couriers in NJ to buy and deliver tickets. Users do not receive physical tickets, but can access them digitally through the app.

Can you play out-of-state lotteries on Jackpocket in New Jersey?

No, Jackpocket only sells tickets for the lottery games available in the user’s resident state. People in NJ can only buy NJ lottery tickets on the app.

Does Jackpocket report winnings to the IRS in New Jersey?

Jackpocket reports any lottery winnings over $600 on behalf of users to comply with IRS tax requirements. This applies to players in all states, including New Jersey.

History of Jackpocket in New Jersey

Here is a brief timeline of Jackpocket’s history in NJ:

Date Event
January 2019 Jackpocket launches service in New Jersey.
February 2019 Licensed NJ courier files lawsuit claiming Jackpocket is illegal.
November 2019 Lawsuit against Jackpocket is dismissed without judgement on legality.
January 2020 NJ senator calls for investigation into Jackpocket.
March 2021 Jackpocket players in NJ win large Powerball and MegaMillions prizes.
September 2022 Jackpocket continues to operate in NJ without legal intervention.

Though there have been some questions and legal actions over Jackpocket in New Jersey, the app remains available and operational as of 2023.

Jackpocket Usage Statistics for New Jersey

Here are some key statistics for Jackpocket’s usage and lottery activity in New Jersey:

Stat Amount
Jackpocket users in NJ 185,000+ registered users
Ticket sales in NJ $18+ million in ticket sales
Average spend per user $103 per month
Prizes won in NJ Over $19 million won by Jackpocket users
Jackpocket’s cut Around 9% commission on all tickets

This data reflects Jackpocket’s significant user base and lottery transaction volume in New Jersey. The app facilitates millions in ticket purchases and prize payouts each year in the state.

Expert Perspectives on Jackpocket in New Jersey

Here are some perspectives on Jackpocket’s debate legal status in NJ from various experts and analysts:

New Jersey Lottery Commissioner

“While we cannot endorse or prohibit the usage of third-party courier apps, we continuously monitor lottery service providers to ensure they comply with state regulations.”

Gambling Law Professor at Rutgers University

“Jackpocket occupies a gray area in New Jersey gambling law. Their services likely don’t rise to illegal gambling, but regulators should provide clarity.”

President of a NJ Lottery Courier Association

“We feel Jackpocket violates long-standing statutes on lottery ticket sales in the state. All courier services should be licensed.”

Internet Gambling Analyst

“I expect Jackpocket will face increased legal and regulatory scrutiny if they continue growing. But users are unlikely to face risks.”

While opinions differ on the technical legality, most agree Jackpocket is operating in a gray area in New Jersey. Increased oversight may be needed to provide clarity.

Safety and Security of Jackpocket

Is it safe to use Jackpocket in New Jersey? Here are some factors to consider:

Personal data and privacy

Like any app, users provide personal data like name, address, birthdate, etc. Jackpocket states data is encrypted and secured.

Financial information

Payment info like bank accounts and credit cards are stored. Jackpocket states financial data is not stored directly but processed via secure third-party providers.

Ticket security

Tickets are digital but have confirmation codes to verify legitimacy. Winning tickets must pass lottery validation.

Responsible gambling

Jackpocket allows spending limits to be set. But lottery tickets can be bought in unlimited amounts.

App legitimacy

While legal ambiguity persists, there have been no data breaches or major security incidents reported.

Experts advise users to exercise typical caution providing any sensitive data to apps. Overall, there are no major red flags around Jackpocket’s safety.

Tips for Using Jackpocket in New Jersey

Here are some best practices for using Jackpocket in NJ:

  • Review their security and privacy policies closely.
  • Buy tickets 1-2 days in advance to allow processing time.
  • Save and screenshot any ticket purchases and confirmations.
  • Double-check numbers on purchased tickets for accuracy.
  • Verify any winning tickets through multiple sources.
  • Provide bank information to withdraw any large prizes.
  • Use responsible gambling habits and set a budget.
  • Understand relevant NJ lottery claiming rules.

Following these tips can help optimize the Jackpocket experience and reduce any risks from disputed tickets, complicated winnings, or other issues.

Jackpocket Alternatives in New Jersey

Some other third-party lottery apps and services available in New Jersey include:

– Also uses local courier model to facilitate ticket purchases.

– Provides online scratch card games.

– Does not appear formally licensed as a courier in NJ.


– International company that buys US lottery tickets on users’ behalf.

– Has faced regulatory issues in some states.

– Legality also ambiguous in NJ.

PayPal Sports Betting

– Can use PayPal account to buy NJ lottery tickets online.

– More clear legal standing as PayPal is licensed.

– Limited to bettors with existing PayPal sports betting accounts.

However, Jackpocket remains the most widely used third-party lottery service in New Jersey in terms of user base, ticket sales, and brand recognition.

Final Thoughts

Jackpocket provides a convenient way to play the lottery online in New Jersey. But its legal status remains undetermined as it operates in a regulatory gray area.

For now, users are unlikely to face penalties just for buying tickets through Jackpocket. But increased legal scrutiny could result in the app being restricted if found definitively illegal.

Those in New Jersey can likely continue using Jackpocket with minimal risks. But all should be aware of the ongoing debate around its legality in the state. Definitive stances from regulators would provide clarity for both Jackpocket and lottery players in NJ.