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Is Mercari local trustworthy?

Absolutely! Mercari is a reliable and trustworthy online marketplace, both nationally and locally. All transactions are secure and monitored, and buyers have the opportunity to rate their experience with sellers post-transaction.

You can check out individual ratings for longer-term sellers or Mercari’s official ratings and reviews for each item to get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into before making a purchase.

Still, it’s best to use caution regardless of what you’re buying. That means always doing your due diligence to make sure you’re getting a legitimate deal. To make sure you don’t run into any issues, always use Mercari payment options, including Paypal, Credit Cards, and Mercari Credit, and only buy from sellers who have a good user rating and highly visible profile page.

You should also take the time to ask the seller questions or request additional photos or videos if the item description is unclear or inadequate. Finally, if you live close to the seller, you may want to consider meeting in person to make the purchase.

With these best practices, Mercari is a safe and trustworthy platform for making local purchases.

How do I know if a Mercari seller is legit?

It can be difficult to know if a Mercari seller is legit, but there are a few steps you can take to determine their legitimacy. First, read the reviews for the seller and make sure there aren’t any major red flags or complaints from other buyers.

If there are lots of negative reviews, it’s best to take your business elsewhere.

Second, check the seller’s rating. Mercari provides sellers with a rating based on positive customer feedback and ratings between 1 to 5 stars. The higher the rating, the more likely the seller is to be legitimate.

Third, look at the product being sold. If the product is clearly brand new, in its original packaging and is priced significantly lower than retail, there’s a possibility the product is a counterfeit.

It’s best to stay away from such products and seek out sellers with a good reputation.

Fourth, make sure to read the terms and conditions outlined by Mercari before purchasing an item from a seller. This will provide you with information on Mercari’s policy on returns and refunds, as well as any other restrictions.

Finally, contact the seller directly if you have any questions. Make sure to ask for proof of authenticity and feedback from previous buyers. This will give you an idea of the seller’s response time, customer service and dedication to providing a quality product.

Following these steps will give you a better understanding of whether a Mercari seller is legit or not and help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

What is Mercari local delivery?

Mercari Local Delivery is a fulfillment service offering same-day delivery in select markets. Working with local couriers, you can offer Mercari buyers fast, convenient delivery while limiting your time spent on fulfillment.

With Mercari Local Delivery, you can easily manage orders and have items shipped without leaving your store.

Using the Mercari online platform, you can list your items with an estimated local delivery time of one to three days. After an item is purchased, you are notified with the buyer’s delivery address and – if applicable – a delivery time window.

It’s then up to you to make the delivery, or have a courier do it for you. Whenever items are picked up, you’ll be notified with a tracking number leaving you in charge of the package every step of the way.

Overall, Mercari Local Delivery helps you to offer fast, convenient delivery to your buyers. With its easy-to-use platform and local delivery service by experienced couriers, you can make sure your buyers always get their items on-time and in great condition.

Can you do local pick up on Mercari?

Yes, Mercari does offer local pick up as a delivery option. When you make a purchase, select the “local pick up” option. The seller will arrange to meet you in a safe, public place either within their own city or within your city, if you live in the same city.

You should coordinate with the seller to determine the time and place for the pick up. Don’t forget to take a friend with you as well as protective wear when picking up the item to ensure you are safe and your purchase is authentic.

Make sure you examine the item and make sure it is in good condition before you pay for it. Don’t forget to leave feedback with the seller once you have completed the purchase.

How do you use Mercari local?

Mercari Local is a feature that allows you to buy, sell, and browse items within a certain distance of your current location. To use Mercari Local, you need to download the Mercari app or access it through a web browser.

After signing up, you can set your location settings to show you items that are available near you. You can search for specific items or browse items in your area by category.

Once you find an item you like, you can view their details and use the in-app messaging system to discuss the item. If you agree on the price, you can complete the purchase directly through the app. You can then arrange with the seller to pick up the item or have it delivered.

When you’re ready to sell, you can post an item for sale with a few simple steps. You can add photos of the item you’re selling and describe it in detail. Be sure to provide accurate information about the item, including its condition.

You can then decide the price and wait for buyers to contact you. Mercari Local also allows you to access the Mercari marketplace and buy and sell items nationwide.

Does Mercari local show your address?

No, Mercari does not show your address when using Mercari Local. When you make a purchase or sell an item on Mercari, your address is not visible to other members, even if the item is picked up in-person using Mercari Local.

In order to pick up your purchase or exchange the item you are selling, you need to schedule a meeting at a public place. To benefit both buyers and sellers, Mercari encourages the use of cashless (touchless) payments instead of cash, and provides the option to contact your buyer/seller in advance via the Mercari chat or call feature.

As an extra layer of safety, Mercari provides the option to rate and review those who you have had transactions for to help create a positive user experience for the Mercari community.

How does Mercari ship furniture?

Mercari ships furniture using road carriers, partner companies, and the services of independent drivers. Partner companies, who ship for Mercari, are registered with the federal government and have been assessed and approved to carry furniture items.

Items are usually sent on commercial vehicles, depending on the size and weight of the furniture, and either handed off to an independent driver or shipped directly to the customer’s address. The carriers are known for their reliable and cost-effective shipping, which typically takes up to seven days.

In some cases, the carriers may need a forklift or additional assistance upon delivery to ensure that the item is properly handled. As such, Mercari strongly recommends that the customer is present on the day of delivery to ensure that the item is delivered safely.

How much money does Mercari take?

Mercari charges a 10% fee for all sales on its platform. This means that if an item is sold for $100, Mercari will take a fee of $10. This fee is only taken when the item is sold, so if the item is never sold, no fee is taken.

However, if the item is sold and then the transaction is canceled, Mercari will still take a fee for the sale. Mercari also charges a 4% fee for money withdrawals to cover the expense it incurs processing the withdrawal.

How do you get free shipping on Mercari?

If you’re shopping on Mercari, there are several ways to get free shipping. First, you can use the Mercari app and add items to your cart from different sellers; the order will qualify for free shipping if the total of all items is $35 or more.

Additionally, if you’re purchasing from one seller, some will offer free shipping if your order totals $35 or more or if you use a specific coupon code. You can also save money on shipping if the seller has their own mailing label—just check their store page for any special offers.

Lastly, Mercari does have certain items that offer free shipping no matter how much you buy. Just look for items with the “FREE Shipping” label on the item details page.

How does Mercari local pick up work?

Mercari Local Pick Up is a service offered by Mercari that allows buyers to arrange for a local pickup of their purchases at designated pickup locations. Mercari partnering with InPost provides pick up locations in many cities throughout the US and UK.

When placing an order, buyers chose the Mercari Local Pick Up option, and enter their zip code. This will pull up a list of pickup locations in their area along with the hours of operation. Once buyers select their preferred location, they will receive a confirmation email with confirmation number, and instructions for pick up.

On the day of pick up, the buyer will be asked to show the confirmation number and valid identification to collect the item. If someone else is collecting the item on the buyer’s behalf, they will also need to show the confirmation number, present valid identification, and if the item exceeds a certain value, they will need to provide a signed authorization from the buyer.

Mercari Local Pick Up is a great service for making it easier for buyers to collect their purchases. It also helps merchants who would otherwise have to arrange for delivery, which can be a large expense.

How much can you make on Mercari before you have to pay taxes?

The amount of money one can make on Mercari before they have to pay taxes depends on where they are located. Generally, most countries and states will have a different threshold for when taxes will need to be paid.

In the United States, the threshold for paying taxes on Mercari sales is typically around $400 for federal taxes and $800 for state taxes, although this can vary by state. For example, in California and Washington D. C.

, the threshold for paying taxes is $600 and $1000, respectively. In Canada, the threshold is much higher, typically around $30,000.

It is important to note that even if you have not reached the threshold for paying taxes, it is still wise to keep track of your Mercari sales and submit the appropriate tax forms when you file your taxes, regardless of how much you have made.

Always make sure to check with your local taxation authorities for their specific laws and regulations regarding taxation of online sales.

Can sellers get scammed on Mercari?

Yes, unfortunately sellers on Mercari can get scammed. Sellers are particularly vulnerable to scams because they only accept payment after an item has been shipped, leaving them without any recourse if the buyer does not pay.

Additionally, sellers are responsible for all return shipping costs, which means that if a buyer falsely claims their item was damaged, the seller can be left out of pocket. Other common scams to watch out for are buyers who ask for refunds after their purchase but never return the item, and buyers who try to negotiate a lower price after they’ve already placed an order.

Finally, it’s important to be wary of buyers with a suspiciously low rating or no transaction history, since they may be scammers looking to exploit sellers.

Will Mercari refund me if I get scammed?

Unfortunately, Mercari does not offer refunds for any purchases that involve buyer/seller fraud or scams. While Mercari does have a buyer protection policy, it does not cover situations where a buyer or seller was intentionally attempting to defraud each other.

Therefore, if you were a victim of a buyer or seller scam, a refund is not guaranteed. Mercari recommends that users file a dispute with the issuing credit card or bank within 60 days of the purchase in hopes of a refund.

Additionally, sending a proof of the fraudulent transaction (including fraudulent emails, text messages, and screenshots) to Mercari’s Trust & Security Team can help to reduce the likelihood of similar scams occurring in the future.