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Is Orla Kiely still in business?

Yes, Orla Kiely is still in business. The Irish designer established her design house in 1995, and it has since become a globally recognized leader in contemporary textile and fashion design. In 2016, Orla Kiely announced the closure of her stores and the shift to an international e-commerce platform and catalogue outlet.

However, the company’s signature printed and patterned stationery, homeware, and fashion collections remain available in stores and online around the world. The company continues to collaborate with a range of industry partners and pursue creative projects, too.

Additionally, Orla Kiely has launched an initiative to make all UK-made products soft plastic recyclable by 2025. Thus, it is clear that Orla Kiely is still in business.

Did Orla Kiely reopen?

Yes, Orla Kiely has reopened. The Irish designer and homeware retailer closed all of its stores in 2018 when the company went into administration. However, in 2020, the company was bought by another retailer, Andrew Goy, who went on to open a new flagship store in London in December 2020.

The store features Orla Kiely’s signature range of timeless products, such as homeware, clothing, accessories, stationery and fragrances. The store also holds special events and product launches so customers can discover the latest collections.

The store is also supported by an online website which offers customers a range of products to purchase online. Following the launch of the London store, Orla Kiely plans to open more stores this year in other parts of the UK, Europe and the US.

Where is Orla Kiely manufactured?

Orla Kiely is a designer brand from Ireland, and the majority of their products are manufactured in Europe. In recent years, some of their collections have been produced in Asia, typically in Hong Kong and China.

Generally, the production processes for Orla Kiely’s bags, furniture, clothing, and other accessories are carried out in Europe and the Far East. Quality control is essential to their production process which is why they have selected factories in these areas.

Most of their products arrive in the UK in finished form, and they are all subject to a rigorous quality assurance process before they are released to the market.

Is Orla Kiely a graphic designer?

Yes, Orla Kiely is a graphic designer. She was born and raised in Ireland, and is known for her signature prints and captivating design aesthetic. She was a clothing and accessory designer for over 20 years, and her works have been featured in many publications like the V&A, Galeries Lafayette, and The New York Times.

Her signature style is characterized by retro-inspired, bold prints that bring a vibrant, youthful energy to fashion, furniture, home accessories, apparel, and more. In addition to being a graphic designer, Orla Kiely is also an artist, and she has worked with many big names in the fashion industry such as H&M, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.

What does Orla Kiely do now?

Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer and businesswoman from Dublin, Ireland. She is best known for her signature retro-inspired prints and designs, which have become popular throughout the world. In 2019, she launched her own independent brand, Orla Kiely Ltd, complete with a bespoke embroidery and interiors line.

Her namesake fashion brand is sold across the UK and Ireland, and in multiple countries around the world. Orla’s brand is well-known for its beautiful vintage-inspired prints, as well as playful modern pieces.

In addition to her clothing line, Orla Kiely has an extensive product collection, ranging from homewares to stationery, bags to beauty products. She is also the author of several books, such as ‘This is Orla Kiely’, and has appeared on television shows such as the BBC’s ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’.

In recent years, she has also been involved in projects for charities, including a donation of €50,000 which was made to the Irish Hospice Foundation. Orla Kiely is committed to providing her customers with beautiful, timeless designs that are accessible to everyone.

How does Orla Kiely create her designs?

Orla Kiely is known for her signature style of combining bold colors, prints, and shapes to create a truly unique look. Her designs are driven by her passion for fashion and textiles, and she often looks to vintage and folk art for inspiration.

She often begins with her signature “Doodle Flower” print, and then adds bold colors, prints, and patterns from there. She combines patterns from seasonal trends with timeless designs that she feels fits her style and aesthetic.

She adds texture and dimension to her prints by mixing and contrasting different tones, weights, and textures of fabrics. She then adds her own unique graphics and motifs, as well as unique buttons and closures, to give her designs a unique look and feel.

Her designs are then often hand-crafted and tailored, to create one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly suit her customers.

Where does Orla Kiely get her inspiration?

Orla Kiely’s designs are rooted in nostalgia, inspired by a lifelong passion for everyday objects from the 1950s and 1960s. She is particularly inspired by the Scandinavian prints and geometric motifs of mid-century designs and her pieces often have a vintage, retro aesthetic.

Her iconic handbag designs have become instantly recognisable for their clever use of pattern, print and colour. Her personal interest in the everyday objects of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s often forms the basis of her prints and designs.

She is also inspired by trips to museums and vintage markets and her travels around the world. She has noted that this exploration has enabled her to study artwork, textiles, and design in different countries, discovering new shapes and colours which can be incorporated into her pieces.

As a result, her collections often evoke a feeling of nostalgia, with a playful feeling of recalled memories. Drawing inspiration from a simple lawnmower, a modern greenhouse, or a vintage dress, Orla Kiely has created a unique design passport that combines her love of retro motifs with a bold and modern twist.

What inspired Orla Kiely?

Orla Kiely has always been inspired by mid-century modernism, nostalgia and retro prints, which can be seen in her work. Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, she was exposed to the vibrancy of nature, from dandelions and daisy chains to the colors and textures of fruit and vegetables.

She also grew up surrounded by furniture, fabrics and textiles that had been in her family for generations, which greatly influenced her aesthetic.

In her early career, Orla Kiely was heavily inspired by Scandinavian modernism. Her bright colors, bold patterns and coordinated prints are a nod to the 1950’s, when mid-century modernism was reaching its peak.

Orla Kiely often references the 1960’s, particularly the fashion and interiors of that period. In her collections and stores, she has included geometric shapes, stripes and checks, contemporary florals and abstract prints.

In recent years, Orla Kiely has drawn inspiration from other designers and artists, such as Ettore Sottsass and Alexander Girard. She has also developed an interest in emerging technologies, particularly the internet of things, and the impact this may have on fashion and design.

All of these elements have come together to create the signature Orla Kiely look, which combines nostalgia, mid-century modernism, art and technology. Orla Kiely’s success demonstrates the power of marrying creativity, fashion and art in a delightful, thoughtful and contemporary way.

What kind of art does Orla Kiely create?

Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer who creates a variety of products including bags, accessories and, most notably, art. Many of her designs feature her signature style of bold patterns and colors in a variety of shapes.

She is highly recognizable for her distinctive nature-inspired prints. Orla Kiely’s art often includes floral, botanical and abstract elements. She is known for her stunning use of color in her works, especially her portraits.

Her works are both sophisticated and playful, conveying a balance of contemporary design and visual creativity. In addition to her paintings and prints, she also creates sculptures and installations, as well as a range of lifestyle products such as furniture, curtains, wallpaper and plates.

Orla Kiely strives to bring joy to the everyday through her works, with her delightful designs bringing a unique and uplifting feel to any space.

How did Orla Kiely start?

Orla Kiely began her career as a designer almost by accident. The Irish designer moved to London in 1997 for what she thought would be a short stint as a design assistant for fashion giant Paradox. After laying her eyes on the fabulous fabrics available in London’s markets, however, Kiely had a newfound appreciation for the potential of fashion design and a newfound love for textile printing.

In 1995, she launched her namesake label, starting with handbags and later, luggage, houseware and clothing.

Kiely was praised almost immediately for her unique skill of playing with geometry and incorporating retro motifs into her designs. She has a particular fondness for flower shapes and other bold prints which often take the form of stylized, modern versions of vintage patterns.

Orla Kiely’s original designs took the fashion world by storm and have earned her numerous awards over the years, including a dedicated reception for the Designer of the Year for Home and Interiors in 2010 and a coveted award of merit from Interior Magazine in 2011.

Today, Kiely’s iconic products are sold in over 20 countries and her namesake label continues to be a popular fashion destination for fans of sophisticated, yet playful design.