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Is there a lottery app for Massachusetts?

Yes, there are lottery apps available for those living in or visiting Massachusetts. The Massachusetts State Lottery offers an official app called the ‘Mass Lottery App’ which allows players to check winning numbers, scan tickets to see if they have won, find the nearest lottery retailer, play various lottery games online and more. There are also some third party lottery apps that provide additional features for those playing the lottery in Massachusetts.

Official Massachusetts State Lottery App

The official Massachusetts State Lottery app is called the ‘Mass Lottery App’ and is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. This app allows you to:

  • Check the winning numbers and jackpot amounts for draw games like Mega Millions, Powerball, Mass Cash and more.
  • Scan lottery tickets to instantly see if you’ve won a prize.
  • Find the nearest lottery retailer that sells tickets.
  • Play instant ticket games and KENO online (you must be located in Massachusetts to play).
  • Save your favorite numbers and tickets.
  • Get notifications when the jackpots are high.

Some key features of the Mass Lottery App:

  • Easy ticket scanner – simply scan your draw game tickets or instant scratch tickets to see if you’ve won a prize. The app will notify you if you’ve won.
  • Winning number alerts – get push notifications whenever the winning numbers are drawn for your favorite games.
  • Interactive instant games – play instant games directly in the app and uncover prizes with a simple scratch.
  • KENO and All or Nothing games – play KENO or All or Nothing right in the app for the chance to win up to $100,000.

The Mass Lottery App provides a convenient way to play and check lottery games while on the go. As it’s the state’s official lottery app, it can be trusted and used with confidence by Massachusetts lottery players.


Jackpocket is a popular third party lottery app available for iOS and Android devices. Unlike the official state lottery app, Jackpocket allows you to conveniently order official state lottery tickets online.

Here’s how Jackpocket works for Massachusetts lottery players:

  • Browse and order tickets – securely order official Mega Millions, Powerball and Mass Cash tickets right through the Jackpocket app.
  • Easy payment – Tickets can be paid for with a credit card or account balance.
  • Ticket scanning – Scan your ticket in the app after the drawing to automatically see if you’ve won a prize.
  • Winning redemptions – If you win a prize, you can redeem it directly through the app. Jackpocket will process the claim on your behalf.
  • Notifications – Get notified when your ticket is ready and for winning numbers.

Some key things to note about Jackpocket:

  • You must be physically located in Massachusetts to purchase tickets.
  • Tickets are purchased by Jackpocket on your behalf from authorized retailers.
  • Winning redemptions over $600 must be processed at the state lottery headquarters.
  • Jackpocket charges a small service fee per ticket order.

Jackpocket provides a handy way to get official lottery tickets online if you can’t make it to a retailer. The app takes care of purchasing, scanning and even redeeming winning tickets for you.

Lottery Crusher

Lottery Crusher is an app developed by Smart Luck software that focuses on lottery number analysis and prediction. It provides a variety of tools to help you pick and analyze numbers for games like Powerball, Mega Millions and Mass Cash. Some key features include:

  • Number analysis tools – Find hot, cold, overdue numbers and view statistical charts.
  • Number predictor – Generates recommended number combinations based on sophisticated algorithms.
  • Number wheels – Create numbers wheels to systemically cover more possible combinations.
  • Past draw history – View detailed data on previous winning numbers and additional stats.
  • Customizable filters – Filter and view data in different ways, e.g. by odd/even numbers.

Lottery Crusher uses data, statistics and computer algorithms to help players make more informed lottery choices. While there’s no guarantee of winning, it may give you an edge compared to quick pick numbers.

The app does not actually provide lottery tickets directly. You still need to purchase official lottery tickets separately, either from a retailer or an app like Jackpocket. But Lottery Crusher can be a useful tool in selecting potential winning numbers and combinations.


WinLotto is another lottery statistics and number analysis app available for iOS and Android. For the Massachusetts lottery, it provides analysis for Mega Millions, Powerball and Mass Cash games. Some of its key features include:

  • Smart Pick numbers – Get data-driven recommended numbers to play based on statistical algorithms.
  • Number patterns – View hot/cold numbers, number pairs and other patterns and trends.
  • Number generators – Quickly generate random numbers or combinations to play.
  • Past draw analysis – Analyze winning numbers from previous draws going back many years.
  • Custom wheeling – Create custom wheels or use pre-made wheels to cover more number combinations.

As with Lottery Crusher, you’ll need to buy actual lottery tickets separately from the WinLotto app analysis. But it can be a handy tool for picking potential numbers by analyzing previous draw data and patterns.

Lotto Logic

The Lotto Logic app takes a similar data-driven approach to helping lottery players in Massachusetts and other states. Its tools include:

  • Game analysis – View frequency and statistical charts on numbers, pairs, triplets, trends, odd-even patterns and more.
  • Smart picks – Get data-based recommended number picks using predictive algorithms.
  • Number wheels – Generate systems to cover a range of possible number combinations.
  • Number groups – Create custom groups of numbers to track and analyze.
  • Past draw history – Lookup numbers from winning draws going back 10+ years.

Lotto Logic’s number analysis tools are focused specifically on the Massachusetts lottery games, including Mega Millions, Powerball and Mass Cash. This can help players make more strategic choices than just picking random quick pick numbers.

As with other analysis apps, you’ll need to buy tickets from the lottery or a third party app once you’ve selected numbers.

Lotto Sorcerer

Lotto Sorcerer is one of the most full-featured lottery analysis programs for the PC and Mac. It provides a deep set of data analysis tools, number prediction methods and wheels/systems for generating strategic number combinations.

Some key features for the Massachusetts lottery include:

  • Game analysis – View statistical summaries, trends, charts and reports on hot/cold/overdue numbers.
  • Prediction – Use statistical, AI and mathematical models to recommend numbers.
  • Wheels – Generate full wheels, filtered wheels and freeform wheeling systems.
  • Visualizations – View interactive charts and graphs for number frequencies and trends.
  • Filtering – Filter, sort and view data in customizable ways.
  • Draw history – Lookup winning numbers for previous draws going back many years.

With Lotto Sorcerer, you can dive deep into statistical analysis to look for patterns and trends and generate optimized sets of numbers. This provides players a chance to gain an edge over just picking quick picks.

The software is designed for desktop/laptop use rather than mobile. So it’s better suited for studying lottery data at home to prepare potential number combinations versus checking tickets on the go.

Other Massachusetts Lottery Apps

There are a variety of other third party Massachusetts lottery apps available as well. Some examples include:

  • Lottery Ticket Scanner – Apps that scan lottery tickets to check for winners. Some popular scanner apps include Lottery Ticket Scanner, National Lottery Scanner, Lotto Ticket Scanner and Scan Lotto.
  • Results Apps – Apps focused specifically on providing the winning lottery numbers and results. Examples are USA Mega for Mega Millions and Powerball Results.
  • Horoscope Lottery Apps – Generate lottery numbers based on horoscopes, numerology, astrology and lucky numbers. Some examples are Lottery Horoscope, Zodiac Lottery and Lucky Lottery.

These types of apps provide additional convenience for various parts of lottery gameplay – scanning tickets, getting results and selecting lucky numbers. They can be used in conjunction with the Massachusetts lottery apps above.

Key Considerations

Here are some key things to consider when playing the Massachusetts lottery with apps:

  • The official Mass Lottery App is the only app endorsed by the state lottery.
  • Third party apps like Jackpocket provide a way to order tickets online.
  • Analysis apps help recommend numbers but cannot directly sell tickets.
  • Always purchase lottery tickets and redeem winnings according to official rules.
  • Apps are supplemental to playing the lottery, not required.
  • Be sure to use legitimate app stores like Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Scrutinize app ratings/reviews and developer credibility before downloading.
  • Only provide personal/payment information to trusted apps that secure your data.

Properly vetting apps and using them as supplements rather than requirements can lead to a smoother overall lottery playing experience. The convenience of checking results, scanning tickets and analyzing numbers from your phone is a big plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about using lottery apps in Massachusetts:

Are lottery apps legal in Massachusetts?

Yes, lottery apps are legal to use in Massachusetts so long as they follow all state lottery rules and regulations. The Mass Lottery App is approved and regulated directly by the state lottery. Third party apps like Jackpocket work by ordering tickets on your behalf through licensed lottery retailers.

Can I buy Mega Millions and Powerball tickets through an app in Massachusetts?

You can legally purchase Mega Millions and Powerball tickets through the Jackpocket app while physically located in Massachusetts. The app orders tickets through authorized retailers on behalf of players. You can also buy tickets for these games through the official Mass Lottery App.

Do I have to be a Massachusetts resident to play the lottery with an app?

Most Massachusetts lottery apps require you to be physically located within the state to purchase tickets or redeem prizes. Residency is not always required. For example, Jackpocket allows anyone visiting MA to place ticket orders through their app.

Can lottery apps scan my tickets to check for winners?

Yes, many lottery apps like the Mass Lottery App and Jackpocket allow you to scan your physical draw game and scratcher tickets to automatically check if you’ve won a prize. This provides a quick and easy way to check tickets instead of looking up numbers manually.

How do I redeem winning tickets from an app?

For app-ordered tickets, you can typically redeem small prizes directly through the app. For large jackpot wins, the app will assist you with redeeming at the state lottery headquarters. Always be sure to follow the official redemption rules outlined by the particular app and the Massachusetts State Lottery.


There are a variety of useful lottery apps available for Massachusetts lottery players. The official Mass Lottery App provides a simple way to check tickets, view results and play instant games online. Third party apps like Jackpocket allow you to conveniently order official lottery tickets on your mobile device. And statistics and analysis apps can help recommend numbers based on historical data and computer algorithms.

When used properly and with care, Massachusetts lottery apps can enhance the playing experience and convenience. Just be sure to choose trusted apps, scrutinize app reviews, and always follow official state lottery rules. The apps provide helpful supplements but lottery tickets can still be purchased traditionally in-person as well. With the power of mobile apps, playing the lottery in Massachusetts has never been easier.