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Is there a lottery app in Texas?

Yes, there are a few lottery apps available for playing the lottery in Texas. The main lottery in Texas is the Texas Lottery, which is run by the Texas Lottery Commission. The Texas Lottery offers a variety of lottery games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, Cash Five, Pick 3, Daily 4, All or Nothing, Texas Triple Chance, and numerous scratch-off games. The Texas Lottery has an official mobile app called the Texas Lottery App which allows you to check winning numbers, find retail locations, play various games, and more.

Overview of Lottery Apps in Texas

Here are some of the top lottery apps available for playing the lottery in Texas:

  • Texas Lottery App – The official app of the Texas Lottery.
  • Jackpocket – A third-party app that lets you buy official Texas Lottery tickets.
  • LottoHub – An app to track numbers and get notifications for drawings.
  • Lottery Ticket Scanner – Scan and check paper lottery tickets.
  • WinTicket – Get alerts and track numbers for various lotteries.

Most of these apps provide easy access to lottery information, ability to scan or purchase tickets, track numbers and drawings, and more. The official Texas Lottery App and Jackpocket are the main apps that facilitate purchasing of lottery tickets. The other apps serve as supplementary lottery tools and can be quite useful for frequent lottery players in Texas.

Texas Lottery App

The Texas Lottery App is the official mobile app of the Texas Lottery. It is a free app developed by Linq3 that is available for iOS and Android devices. The Texas Lottery App allows you to:

  • Check the winning numbers and jackpot amounts for Texas Lottery games.
  • Find authorized Texas Lottery retailers near your location.
  • Scan and validate paper lottery tickets to check for winners.
  • Create virtual ePlayslip to easily play Quick Pick and manual selections.
  • Save favorite numbers and ePlayslips for Easy Play.
  • Get alerts and reminders for unclaimed prizes, jackpot amounts, and more.
  • View odds, prize payouts, game details, and more lottery information.

The Texas Lottery App does not actually facilitate purchasing of lottery tickets. It serves as an information and management hub for playing the lottery in Texas. Users still need to physically purchase paper lottery tickets from authorized retailers. But the app makes it more convenient by showing nearby retailer locations and allowing players to store and manage their lottery selections digitally.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the Texas Lottery App:

  • Winning Numbers – View winning numbers, jackpot amounts, and draw dates for all current Texas Lottery games. Numbers update instantly after each drawing.
  • Retailer Finder – Find authorized Texas Lottery retailers conveniently located near you. Information includes addresses, distance, store hours, etc.
  • Ticket Scanner – Use your phone’s camera to easily scan and validate printed lottery tickets to check for wins. The app will detect all draw games and scratch tickets.
  • ePlayslip – Create virtual playslips to play Quick Pick or make manual number selections for games like Lotto Texas, Powerball, Mega Millions etc. Playslips can be saved for convenience.
  • Prize Center – See lists of unclaimed top prizes across all Texas Lottery games. You can even set alerts for unclaimed prizes near you.

Overall, the Texas Lottery App provides a useful and feature-rich experience for checking lottery information and managing playslips. It’s a valuable tool for any frequent lottery player in Texas. The main limitation is that it does not offer purchasing of tickets through the app.

How to Download and Use

Downloading and using the Texas Lottery App is quick and easy:

  1. Download the app on your iOS or Android device via the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for “Texas Lottery”.
  2. Open the app and enable push notifications if desired. This can alert you for drawings, unclaimed prizes, winners, etc.
  3. Browse games to view odds, prizes, jackpots, drawings, and more detailed info.
  4. Tap Retailer Finder and allow location access to find Texas Lottery retailers near you.
  5. For a ticket you already purchased, use the scanner to validate and check for winners.
  6. Create virtual ePlayslips to easily play your numbers at a retailer. Access and manage ePlayslips in My Playslips.
  7. Check winning numbers regularly and set reminders for upcoming draws of your favorite games.
  8. Go to a local Texas Lottery retailer and purchase your playslip tickets to play.

The Texas Lottery App provides great convenience for checking results and finding retailers to purchase tickets. Most features work immediately upon installation. Be sure to allow the app to access your device’s camera and location to enable ticket scanning and retailer finder functionalities.

Jackpocket App

Jackpocket is a popular lottery app available in Texas that allows you to conveniently purchase official Texas Lottery tickets online. Jackpocket is a lottery courier service that physically buys real lottery tickets on your behalf using regulated retailers. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Browse lottery games in the Jackpocket app and make ticket selections.
  • Your order is digitally secured and transmitted to a licensed Texas retailer.
  • The retailer physically prints the official ticket on your behalf.
  • Jackpocket couriers purchase the ticket and upload a digital copy to your account.
  • You receive email/app notification when the ticket is in your account.
  • Winning tickets can be claimed at any authorized Texas Lottery retailer.

Key features of Jackpocket include:

  • Easy online access to purchase Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas and other games.
  • Digital ticket replicas let you view your ticket online.
  • Secure encrypted digitization and transmission process.
  • Official Texas Lottery tickets are physically purchased at licensed retailers on your behalf.
  • Winning ticket redemption done at any lottery retailer in Texas.
  • Jackpocket verifies, scans, and uploads ticket copies to your account.

Jackpocket provides a convenient way to play the Texas lottery online while still using official lottery tickets. All ticket orders must be placed while physically located within the state of Texas. Players must be 18 or older to use Jackpocket. There is no cost to use the app, but ticket prices are the standard Texas Lottery retail prices.

How to Use Jackpocket

Follow these steps to start using Jackpocket in Texas:

  1. Download and install the Jackpocket app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Sign up for an account and go through the verification process.
  3. Deposit funds into your JackPocket account wallet via various payment methods.
  4. Browse Texas lottery games and make your ticket selections.
  5. Confirm and place your order for the ticket selections.
  6. Jackpocket will process the order and update when the ticket is secured.
  7. The ticket will appear in your My Tickets section once it is scanned and uploaded.
  8. Receive email and push notifications for any winning tickets.
  9. Claim prizes up to $599 at any Texas Lottery retailer or via mail.

Be sure to review Jackpocket’s detailed app FAQs for information on ticket expiration dates, maximum purchase limits, prize claims, and other fine print details. Playing the lottery via Jackpocket is very similar to buying in person, except easier and all handled through the app.

Is Jackpocket Legal and Safe?

Yes, Jackpocket operates legally within Texas gambling laws and provides a safe and secure lottery service. Some key points:

  • Jackpocket holds valid Texas lottery retailer licenses to buy and sell tickets.
  • All ticket purchases are handled by licensed retailers within Texas borders.
  • Tickets purchased are official Texas Lottery tickets, the same as those sold at retail stores.
  • No betting, wagering, or gambling occurs on the Jackpocket app itself.
  • Jackpocket uses encryption and physical security measures to protect all transactions.

Jackpocket does not actually operate the Texas lottery – it simply acts as an authorized lottery ticket courier. The Texas Lottery Commission closely regulates and monitors Jackpocket’s operations in the state. So players can feel confident using Jackpocket knowing it complies with state lottery laws. It simply offers a convenient digital method to access real Texas Lottery tickets.

Other Texas Lottery Apps

In addition to the Texas Lottery App and Jackpocket, here are some other useful lottery apps available for players in Texas:

LottoHub App

LottoHub is a lottery results and number tracking app. Key features include:

  • Get instant winning number notifications for Texas lottery drawings.
  • Ability to track specific numbers across drawings.
  • View statistics, trends and hot/cold numbers.
  • Analyze lottery results through various filters and visual graphs.
  • Save favorite numbers and create multiple number lists.
  • Works for Powerball, MegaMillions and state lottery games.

LottoHub does not sell lottery tickets. It strictly serves as an information and statistics app for lottery results and number tracking. The app has free and paid subscription options with additional analytics features available for purchase.

Lottery Ticket Scanner Apps

There are a few mobile apps that allow you to scan and check Texas lottery tickets using your phone’s camera:

  • Lottery Ticket Scanner – Scan tickets to instantly validate wins up to $2500. Supports all Texas lottery games.
  • WinTicket Scanner – Scan and analyze tickets for second chance opportunities and insights.
  • Digit App – General purpose receipt scanning app that also does lottery tickets.

These apps are useful for quickly validating and checking paper lottery tickets without having to go to a retailer. They can scan any Texas Lottery scratch-off instant tickets along with printed draw game tickets. If a winner is detected, you can immediately begin the prize claim process.

WinTicket App

WinTicket is a general purpose lottery app that provides number alerts, statistics, predictions, wheeling systems, and more. You can use it to:

  • Get notifications when your saved numbers are drawn.
  • View statistical data on numbers, trends, due pairs, etc.
  • Access curated wheeling systems and recommended combinations.
  • Use lottery number generators and prediction algorithms.
  • Dig into number frequency analytics.

Like LottoHub, WinTicket does not actually handle purchasing of lottery tickets. It provides data analytics and notifications to help players make smarter number selections. The app covers the major national games like Powerball and MegaMillions along with state-specific games for Texas.

Buying Lottery Tickets Online in Texas

While lottery apps provide convenience, you still need to buy physical lottery tickets to play in Texas. Here are some key points on purchasing tickets online:

  • Jackpocket is the only licensed service for ordering Texas lottery tickets online. Tickets are purchased in-person by their staff at retailers.
  • The Texas Lottery does not sell tickets directly on its website. You cannot play online at
  • Third-party courier services are legal as long as they use licensed Texas retailers.
  • Any website offering to sell Texas lottery tickets directly online is illegal.
  • Watch for scam ticket resale sites – only trust verified sources like Jackpocket.

While you can order tickets online through apps like Jackpocket, the tickets themselves are still handled through the Texas Lottery’s authorized retail channels. This maintains the integrity of lottery operations while simply adding a convenient digital ordering method.

Future Outlook for Lottery Apps in Texas

The future looks bright for lottery apps in Texas as consumers continue to embrace digital convenience. We can expect to see:

  • The Texas Lottery enhancing its official app with more features and functionalities.
  • More third-party apps offering supplementary lottery services like ticket scanning and analytics.
  • Additional courier services similar to Jackpocket launching in Texas.
  • Improved integrations linking lottery apps to retailer point-of-sale systems.
  • Apps leveraging technologies like machine learning for predictive analytics.

It’s unlikely that Texas will allow a fully online lottery with ticket sales directly on websites or apps. The current courier model maintains important ties back to the brick-and-mortar retail channel. But surrounding innovations in convenience and usability will continue to evolve, especially as consumers grow accustomed to mobile technology conveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy Texas lottery tickets online?

There is no way to legally purchase Texas lottery tickets directly online. However, licensed courier services like Jackpocket allow you to order official lottery tickets online for in-person fulfillment at retail locations. The courier physically buys the ticket on your behalf from a licensed Texas retailer.

Can I play the Texas lottery on my phone?

There is no app or website that allows you to directly play Texas lottery games on your phone. You must purchase physical paper tickets. However, apps like Jackpocket let you order tickets online for delivery. And the Texas Lottery App lets you manage your playslips digitally.

What’s the best Texas lottery app?

The two most useful Texas lottery apps are the official Texas Lottery App and Jackpocket. The Texas Lottery App provides results, retailer finder, and other convenience features. Jackpocket allows you to actually order real tickets online. Other supplementary apps can help with things like ticket scanning and number tracking.

Can I scan my Texas lottery ticket with an app?

Yes, there are several mobile apps such as Lottery Ticket Scanner, WinTicket Scanner, and Digit that allow you to scan and analyze Texas lottery tickets. They can validate whether your ticket is a winner.

How do I know if I won the Texas lottery?

You can use a lottery ticket scanner app to validate your physical paper ticket and check for wins. Or take your ticket to any authorized Texas Lottery retailer and they can check it for you. You can also claim prizes up to $599 at any lottery retailer. For larger prizes, you will need to mail in your winning ticket or visit a Texas Lottery claim center.


There are a variety of useful lottery apps available to players in Texas. The Texas Lottery App and Jackpocket provide the most utility for conveniently checking results and purchasing tickets online through licensed retailers. Supplementary apps add helpful features like ticket scanning and statistics. While the Texas lottery does not offer direct online play, the integration of mobile apps provides a much improved experience with added digital convenience.