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Is there a Power spin off with Tommy?

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation about whether Starz will develop a Power spinoff focused on Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora. Power was a hugely popular crime drama that aired on Starz for 6 seasons from 2014 to 2020. It focused on James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a New York drug kingpin trying to go legitimate, and the criminal underworld he operated in.

Tommy was Ghost’s volatile best friend and business partner who acted as his primary enforcer. Sikora’s portrayal of the violent yet charismatic Tommy made him a definite fan-favorite character. So it’s understandable why viewers would be excited by the possibility of a Tommy-centered spinoff after the original Power series ended.

Evidence Pointing to a Tommy Spinoff

There are several reasons why a Tommy spinoff seems highly plausible:

  • Popularity of the Character – As mentioned, Tommy was one of the most popular characters on Power, with Sikora’s performance often singled out for praise.
  • Unresolved Storyline – Tommy’s story was left fairly open-ended in the Power finale, without a definitive conclusion to his character arc.
  • Actor Interest – Sikora has expressed interest in reprising the role of Tommy in interviews when asked about a potential spinoff.
  • Successful Power Universe – Power has already successfully launched multiple spinoff shows, including Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force. Starz is clearly invested in expanding the Power franchise.
  • Variety of Locations – As an enforcer/killer for hire frequently on the run, Tommy’s character interacts with various criminal elements across the country, allowing for a wide variety of settings.

Given these factors, Tommy seems a natural fit for carrying his own spinoff series, allowing fans to delve deeper into his background and activities separate from Ghost.

Challenges and Obstacles for a Tommy Spinoff

However, there are also some challenges and potential drawbacks standing in the way of a Tommy spinoff:

  • Narrative Limitations – As an openly violent criminal with few redeeming qualities, some argue Tommy works best as a supporting character rather than the lead.
  • Joseph Sikora’s Availability – Sikora currently stars on another series, so his availability may be limited.
  • Repeated Formulas – A Tommy show could seem like a retread of familiar antihero tropes seen in shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad etc.
  • Less Connection to Power – Without direct connections to Ghost, Tasha, etc. the show could lose some built-in Power fanbase.
  • Tommy’s Ultimate Fate – If they confirm Tommy’s death in the Power universe, it puts a firm endpoint on when any spinoff would have to be set.

These challenges would need to be addressed carefully for a Tommy spinoff to live up to its potential.

Likely Storylines and Plot Points

If Starz does greenlight a Tommy spinoff, what kinds of stories and plot points might it explore? Some likely ideas include:

  • Tommy’s Earlier Life – Flashbacks showing Tommy’s childhood and teen years, including how he met Ghost and got involved in the drug world.
  • Building His Own Empire – Tommy striking out on his own in the drug game separate from Ghost and trying to build his own distribution network.
  • New Adversaries – Tommy making new enemies across the country as he expands his criminal contacts.
  • Romantic Relationships – Tommy dealing with various romantic entanglements, something Power did not deeply explore.
  • Family Ties – Tommy’s family did not feature heavily in Power, so the spinoff could bring in more of his relatives.
  • Ghost Cameos? – If the timeline allowed, Michael Rainey Jr. could potentially reprise his role as Ghost in limited flashbacks.

There is a wealth of ideas to draw on from Tommy’s complex backstory and relationships that could fuel multiple seasons of a spinoff.


In summary, while not yet confirmed, there are many good reasons for why Starz may be interested in greenlighting a spinoff focused on Tommy’s character following the success of Power. There is certainly no shortage of story potential given Tommy’s dark, mysterious history and connections to crime empires across the country. However, careful creative choices would need to be made for a Tommy spinoff to not seem redundant or fall into antihero clichés. Ultimate fan interest and Joseph Sikora’s involvement may be the biggest factors in determining whether the show becomes a reality. But with the Power franchise continuing to grow, Tommy anchoring his own spinoff seems like an increasingly plausible next chapter in the overall story.

Tommy Spinoff Possibility FAQ

Is a Tommy spinoff definitely happening?

No, Starz has not yet confirmed a Tommy spinoff is in development or been greenlit. The possibility has been discussed frequently among fans and industry insiders, but remains a rumor at this point.

When could a Tommy spinoff premiere if it’s picked up?

The earliest a Tommy spinoff seems likely to premiere is late 2022 or sometime in 2023. This timeline would allow proper development and coordination with Joseph Sikora’s schedule. Starz also seems focused on not oversaturating the Power universe.

What network would air a Tommy spinoff?

Starz would be the obvious network home for a Tommy spinoff, given their success with the Power franchise so far. The brand recognition and built-in fanbase make Starz the clear favorite.

How many seasons could a Tommy spinoff run?

If successful, a Tommy spinoff could likely run for 3-6 seasons on its own. Power ran for six seasons, but Tommy’s character provides ample material for a multi-year arc of his own. The length may depend on Joseph Sikora’s interest and commitment.

Could other Power characters appear on a Tommy spinoff?

Yes, it’s very possible characters like Ghost, Tasha, LaKeisha etc. could make cameo appearances on a Tommy show via flashbacks. Other Power universe characters traveling in Tommy’s orbit also seem likely to guest star or have recurring roles.

Will a Tommy spinoff involve the same creative team?

Courtney Kemp would likely remain as executive producer if a Tommy spinoff moves forward, given her role as the Power universe’s chief architect. However, new writers/directors would probably join the spinoff to bring fresh creative energy.

Analyzing Joseph Sikora’s Interest in Reprising the Role of Tommy

A major factor in whether a Tommy spinoff could succeed is lead actor Joseph Sikora’s willingness to return to the iconic role. By all accounts, Sikora seems open to the possibility:

  • He has commented positively about playing Tommy in multiple interviews when asked since Power ended.
  • Sikora has said he’d be interested if the creative vision was appealing and Starz wanted to move forward.
  • He has praised showrunner Courtney Kemp’s writing and storytelling abilities.
  • Sikora has not landed a major full-time lead role since Power ended, leaving his schedule open.
  • He seems to enjoy collaborating with the Power creative team and cast.

However, Sikora has also said:

  • After 6 seasons as Tommy, he doesn’t want to replay the same stories and dynamics again without innovation.
  • The spinoff would need to allow him to continue to grow as an actor.
  • He’d have to see fully fleshed-out scripts and hear the creative direction before officially signing on.

Based on these factors, Sikora seems receptive to more Tommy, but will likely need to be convinced creatively before committing. Given his track record of success playing this character, it seems likely Starz will make signing Sikora a top priority if the spinoff gets the green light.

Fan Reaction to News and Rumors About a Potential Tommy Spinoff

Among dedicated Power fans, the reaction to rumors about a possible Tommy spinoff has been extremely positive overall:

  • Fans cite Tommy as one of their absolute favorite characters from the original series.
  • Many see huge unexplored potential in Tommy’s intricate backstory and complex personality.
  • Viewers seem excited by the talent Joseph Sikora displayed in the role over 6 seasons.
  • Fans are eager to see more of Tommy’s unpredictable criminal lifestyle separate from Ghost.
  • The idea of revisiting beloved characters like LaKeisha or Ghost in flashbacks heavily appeals to the fan base.

However, there are some notes of skepticism:

  • Some worry a Tommy spinoff could feel repetitive of standard antihero tropes.
  • Fans question if Tommy is interesting enough to be the lead instead of supporting player.
  • They worry how Ghost’s absence could affect the energy and chemistry.
  • Viewers stressed that Joseph Sikora would need to return for the spinoff to work.

But overall, the possibility of more Tommy seems to ignite enthusiasm and excitement among devotees of Power eager to expand the universe.

Character Relationship to Tommy
James “Ghost” St. Patrick Best friend, criminal partner
LaKeisha Grant Love interest
Holly Weaver Girlfriend
Tasha St. Patrick Ghost’s wife, friend
Tariq St. Patrick Godson

Critical Reception of Tommy as a Character Within Power

Looking at critical reviews of Power provides useful perspective on Tommy’s qualities as a protagonist and how suited he is to anchoring his own spinoff. Among professional television critics:

  • Joseph Sikora earned widespread praise for his performance as Tommy, often singled out as a standout in reviews.
  • Many noted the energy and humor Sikora brought to Tommy even when doing despicable things.
  • Tommy cited frequently as the show’s most interesting and watchable character.
  • Some observed the Tommy character became more nuanced and layered as Power progressed.
  • Critics highlighted his compelling but troubled friendship/brotherhood with Ghost as a core relationship.
  • Some questioned if Tommy works better as a foil for Ghost than standing on his own.

Overall, Tommy clearly emerged as a breakout character among critics, but some uncertainty exists on whether that translates into spinoff success. His explosive chemistry opposite Ghost may pose a challenge to replicate independently.

Addressing Potential Criticism and Concerns About a Tommy Spinoff

If Starz gives a green light to a Tommy spinoff, the biggest criticisms and areas of concern it may face include:

  • Keeping things fresh – Avoiding repetitive storylines and scenarios we saw in Power.
  • Fleshing out dimenions – Moving beyond one-note brutality and giving Tommy more nuance.
  • Lack of Ghost – Hard to replicate the special Tommy/Ghost chemistry that powered scenes.
  • JOseph Sikora’s range – Can Sikora carry a show as the sole lead rather than part of ensemble?
  • Glamorizing violence/crime – Some say Tommy romanticizes the wrong elements.
  • Carrying Power connections – Linking to original Power but also distinguishing itself tonally.

Addressing concerns like these will likely be imperative for a Tommy spinoff to succeed critically. The creative team would need to build on the Tommy character without rehashing. And without Ghost as a balance, Sikora may need to showcase heavier dramatic skills than before.

Potential Story Directions to Take a Tommy Spinoff

If Starz wants to break new ground creatively with a Tommy spinoff while still retaining connections to Power, some potential story directions they could take include:

  • Make Tommy an antihero forced to work for/against law enforcement agencies like the FBI as an informant.
  • Explore Tommy’s family background through new characters like his mother or estranged relatives.
  • Feature flashforward time jumps that show Tommy’s life in 5-10 years.
  • Send Tommy into hiding out west and encountering unfamiliar crime networks.
  • Set up a darker, slower-burn season-long nemesis for Tommy rather than quick episodic villains.
  • Spotlight Tommy navigating new criminal terrains like cybercrime, corporate fraud, etc.
  • Have Tommy based in a completely new city detached from NYC’s old ghosts.

Elements like these could potentially give a Tommy spinoff its own distinct flavor while fleshing out unseen dimensions of the character.

Projecting the Viewership and Success of a Tommy Spinoff

Predicting the potential viewership and success of a hypothetical Tommy spinoff involves weighing several factors:

  • Power viewership declined in later seasons but averaged over 10 million cross-platform viewers per episode at its peak.
  • Tommy ranked as one of the most popular characters on Power in fan surveys.
  • Starz spinoffs have seen mixed results – some drop off while others retain viewers.
  • Much depends on time slot, marketing, competing shows airing at the same time.
  • Tommy spinoff would likely need to be evaluated on a multi-season basis to gauge sustainability.

Based on available data, it seems reasonable to project a Tommy spinoff could potentially average around 6-8 million viewers per episode across platforms if it secures Joseph Sikora and an effective marketing push. But ultimately retaining even half of the Power fanbase would likely be a major mark of success.

Key Factors for Greenlighting a Tommy Spinoff

In deciding on a green light for a Tommy spinoff, here are some of the key questions and factors Starz will need to weigh:

  • Can Joseph Sikora be secured as lead?
  • Is Courtney Kemp and other EP’s vision for the show creatively exciting?
  • Can a strong initial season script and story arc be presented?
  • What is the proposed budget and production timeline?
  • How will production integrate with Power Book II: Ghost shooting schedule?
  • Is there room in the marketplace and Starz slate for another Power spinoff?
  • Does early fan and press buzz seem enthusiastic enough?
  • Can Tommy transition successfully from antihero supporting player to flawed protagonist?

There are still many unknown variables, but Tommy’s breakout popularity makes the potential evident if the other pieces come together. Whether showrunner Courtney Kemp and Joseph Sikora feel they have more ground left to explore with the character will likely be pivotal.


In closing, the prospect of a Tommy spinoff remains uncertain but seems highly plausible given viewer appetite and the expansive Power universe. There is ripe potential to delve deeper into fan-favorite Tommy’s backstory and motivations as he navigates the criminal underworld. But careful creative calibration would be needed to differentiate the show’s tone and perspective from the original Power. Securing Joseph Sikora is likely the make-or-break factor, and Starz will have to assess if the idea fits into its brand strategy. Overall the concept faces both substantial opportunities and challenges. Ultimately Tommy anchored many of Power’s most electric moments, so the character certainly provides robust material to potentially fuel his own equally intense spinoff if handled strategically.