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What are pull-ups good for?

Pull-ups are an excellent exercise that can help build strength and stability in the back, arms, and shoulders. They focus on the lats, which are the large muscles in your back, while also working the triceps and biceps in the arms, and the shoulder stabilizers in the shoulder area.

By doing pull-ups, you can improve your upper-body strength and stability. Additionally, pull-ups can be good for engaging and toning the core muscles in the abdominal area. As you do the pull-up motion, you gain better control over your core muscles by relying on them for stability and balance.

Lastly, when done correctly, pull-ups can help to burn calories, improve physical endurance, and help your cardiovascular system. All in all, pull-ups are a great exercise for improving upper-body strength and stability, toning your core muscles, and providing the added benefit of burning extra calories.