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What are the spiritual lucky numbers for Pisces?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is represented by the fish. As a water sign, Pisces energy is known to be compassionate, intuitive, adaptable, and imaginative. When it comes to luck and fortune, Pisces benefits from paying close attention to numerology. Numerology assigns numbers to letters and can reveal the vibrational frequency connected to different numbers. By understanding which numbers resonate most strongly with the sign of Pisces, those born under this sign can better align themselves with frequencies that attract good fortune.

An Overview of Pisces Traits

Before exploring the lucky numbers for Pisces, let’s first take a closer look at the general characteristics of this zodiac sign:

  • Dates: February 19 – March 20
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Symbol: The Fish
  • Key Traits: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, creative
  • Weaknesses: Escapist, idealistic, gullible, prone to addiction, secretive

Pisces energy is mystical, romantic and highly creative. Pisces intuition is very strong which allows them to easily tune into emotions and the unseen realms. However, Pisces sometimes struggle with boundaries and can easily lose themselves in fantasy worlds or addictions if their energy becomes unbalanced. As the final sign of the zodiac wheel, Pisces integrates all the wisdom of the other 11 signs.

Pisces Personality Overview

There are a few key qualities that make up the Pisces personality. First, Pisces are extremely compassionate. They feel the pain of others acutely and aim to soothe suffering in the world. Pisces also have powerful intuition and may receive premonitions or have psychic experiences. This intuition allows Pisces to tune into the energy field around people and situations quite easily. Pisces imagination is vivid; they thrive in creative pursuits that stir inspiration through music, art, poetry and dance. Finally, Pisces wisdom is profound after soaking up the teachings from all other zodiac signs. Integrating their compassion, intuition, creativity and wisdom, Pisces aims to give back to humanity in some profound way.

Pisces Strengths

Let’s explore some of the key strengths associated with Pisces further:

  • Compassionate – Pisces feel deep compassion towards suffering and are often found helping professions.
  • Intuitive – Pisces intuition is powerful, allowing them to pick up on emotions, energy and spiritual signals.
  • Wise – Integrating all the zodiac signs before it, Pisces has profound wisdom.
  • Imaginative – Pisces thrives by exercising their creative and vivid imagination.
  • Adaptable – The flowing nature of water allows Pisces to adapt to many circumstances.
  • Romantic – Pisces loves profoundly and romantically.

When their strengths are cultivated, Pisces live in alignment with their higher purpose. Their compassion leads them to serve others. Their intuition guides them on important decisions. And their wisdom and creativity helps them make a profound impact.

Pisces Weaknesses

However, Pisces must be mindful of overplaying their weaknesses:

  • Escapist – Pisces may seek an escape through substance abuse or unrealistic fantasies.
  • Addictive – Pisces are prone to addiction to numb their intense feelings.
  • Gullible – The trusting nature of Pisces can make them easily duped.
  • Idealistic – Pisces may focus too much on unrealistic ideals rather than practicalities.
  • Disorganized – The fluidity of Pisces can lead to a lack of structure and planning.
  • Secretive – Pisces intimate nature sometimes leads them to be guarded and secretive.

If Pisces act out their weaknesses, they may engage in unhealthy behaviors and relationships causing self-undoing. Staying centered, mindful and grounded can help Pisces not drift into negative patterns.

Pisces in Relationships and Love

In relationships, Pisces is exceptionally loving, gentle and giving. They cherish intimacy and togetherness in relationships and often merge completely with their partner. Pisces romantically fantasize about their love interest before becoming involved. Pisces weaknesses like idealization and wearing rose-colored glasses can be present in relationships, so Pisces must keep it real. Their soulmate is someone who shares their spiritual beliefs and creative sensibilities but can also be more rational and logical to balance Pisces’ idealism. Pisces is also harmonious with water signs and earth signs in romance.

Pisces Friendships

In friendships, Pisces are often trusted confidants as they are natural listeners and very empathetic. However, because Pisces are so focused on giving to others, they can attract friends who take advantage of their kindness. Pisces must be discerning about who they give their energy to. While they are givers by nature, they need to ensure they don’t tolerate one-sided friendships. The signs most compatible with Pisces in platonic friendship are generally the fellow water signs—Cancer and Scorpio—as they speak the same emotional language.

Pisces Careers

When it comes to career, Pisces thrive in roles that activate their compassion, creativity, intuition and imagination. Some of the best career matches include:

  • Spiritual teacher
  • Psychic or astrologer
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Artist, musician or dancer
  • Photographer
  • Poet or writer
  • Nonprofit work or charity

Pisces often excel when self-employed or able to structure their work lives in an adaptable manner. They are not well-suited for rigid corporate careers with no creative freedom. Playing to their strengths allows Pisces to shine in their vocation.

Pisces Learning Style

The Pisces learning style is visual, emotional and experiential. They excel when information is presented aesthetically through images, film, metaphors, poetry and stories. Pisces absorbs knowledge in an intuitive, nonlinear fashion, so structured learning may be challenging. They are drawn to theoretical concepts they can analyze and imagine applicability for. Hands-on learning is ideal for Pisces so they can get creative.

Pisces Health and Wellness

The natural health tendencies of Pisces include:

  • Prone to absorbing others’ energy and emotions
  • Success with spiritually-based self-care like meditation, yoga, divination
  • Benefits from activities near water
  • Must guard against addictive tendencies
  • Vices may involve alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, media over-consumption
  • Artistic hobbies relieve stress

Overall, Pisces well-being is supported through mystical practices that activate intuition, creative hobbies that engage imagination, and maintaining healthy boundaries against energetic absorption. Spending time near water also revitalizes Pisces. They thrive when they can strike a balance between material and spiritual care.

Pisces Symbolism and Mythology

Let’s explore the mythology behind the Pisces constellation and symbol to gain further insight into the sign’s lucky numbers.

Pisces Constellation

The Pisces constellation dates back to Babylonian astronomy and astrology. The constellation lies between Aquarius to the west and Aries to the east. The constellation’s name means “the fishes” and depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions but bound together with string. They are often represented as one fish swimming west and one fish swimming east. The duality of the two fish reflects Pisces dualistic nature and struggle between fantasy and reality.

Pisces Symbol

The Pisces astrological symbol depicts two crescent moons/fish joined at the ends:

This symbol represents the soul’s immortality as it moves between realms of existence connected to the oceans. The intersection of the two crescent moons creates an inward and outward focus, again reflecting Pisces receipt and dissemination of wisdom. Pisces is also associated with divine feminine energy, the feminine aspects of water, and the awakening of Christ consciousness.

Pisces Ruling Planets

Pisces is ruled by a modern and ancient planet – Neptune and Jupiter:


In modern astrology, Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune represents illusions, mysticism, compassion and psychic energies which aligns with Pisces’ intuitive and spiritual abilities. Neptune draws attention to the unseen realms and brings a dissolving influence. It awakens openness, musicality, and universality. The energy of Neptune makes Pisces compelled to transcend the mundane and merge with mystical higher planes.


In ancient astrology, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter represents luck, expansion and generosity – pointing to Pisces hopefulness and giving nature. Jupiter governs long distance travel, religion, philosophy and education – domains that help us broaden our experience. The energy of Jupiter cultivates Pisces desire for knowledge, wisdom and truth. It supports Pisces in sharing their gifts with as wide an audience as possible.

Pisces Element: Water

Let’s examine the elemental energy of Pisces further. Pisces is one of the three water signs along with Cancer and Scorpio. The element of Water represents fluidity, emotion, intuition, and feminine energies. For Pisces, water aligns with their compassionate spirit, emotional depth, intuition and adaptability. They flow through life in response to emotions and subtle energies they pick up on around them. As the most mutable water sign, they are the chameleons of the zodiac, absorbing influences easily. Yet Pisces must be mindful of maintaining healthy boundaries so as not to keep shape-shifting based on external input. Staying grounded allows Pisces to flow gracefully through life while retaining their core essence.

Pisces Modality: Mutable Quality

In addition to element, Pisces is also defined by modalities. Along with Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius, Pisces belongs to the modal group of Mutable signs. The Mutable quality represents flexibility, transition, endings and preparation. For Pisces, the Mutable mode aligns with their adaptability and openness to outside energies. However, Pisces must remain grounded so as not to only morph based on external input. The essence of Pisces is restored through self-care practices like meditation, time near water, and focusing inward.

Pisces Positive and Negative Traits

To summarize Pisces’ defining traits:

Positive Traits

  • Compassionate
  • Artistic
  • Intuitive
  • Gentle
  • Wise
  • Musical
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Spiritual
  • Adaptable
  • Empathetic
  • Romantic

Negative Traits

  • Escapist
  • Addictive tendencies
  • Gullible
  • Idealistic
  • Disorganized
  • Prone to sadness
  • Fearful
  • Weak boundaries
  • Private
  • Oversensitive

When operating from their highest self, Pisces activates their positive traits and channels their gifts into purposeful endeavors that help others. Getting caught in lower level weaknesses causes suffering for Pisces, making it harder to shine their light.

Pisces Men vs. Pisces Women

While the general characteristics of Pisces apply to both men and women, some gender differences can be observed astrologically in Piscean energy:

Pisces Men

Pisces men are extremely creative, romantic, passionate, and musical. However, they can struggle with addiction more than Pisces women and may seek an escapist outlet through drugs, alcohol or avoidance behaviors. Pisces men live in a world of fantasy and imagination and may avoid adult responsibilities. They thrive when they have a grounded partner to help keep them tethered.

Pisces Women

Pisces women possess ethereal qualities and radiate feminine energy that is compassionate, gracious and deeply intuitive. They pick up on emotions easily from their environment and need to practice energetic boundaries. Pisces women love being in love and need very romantic partners to feel satisfied. They excel by tapping into their creative gifts through music, art, writing or dance.

Understanding Pisces Energy

In summary, Pisces energy is characterized by the following key traits:

  • Water element – emotional, flowing, compassionate
  • Mutable modality – adaptable, changeable, open
  • Ruled by Neptune – mystical, creative, imaginal,psychic
  • Ruled by Jupiter – expansive, generous, global
  • Key strengths – wise, intuitive, artistic, compassionate
  • Key weaknesses – escapist, addictive tendencies, gullible
  • Romantic, musical, poetic, idealistic
  • Prone to sadness but also great depths of joy
  • Benefits from spiritual practices and alone time near water

With this foundational understanding of the sign’s energies, let’s now explore which numbers are luckiest for Pisces and why.

How Numerology Relates to Astrology

To determine Pisces’ fortunate numbers, we look to the esoteric science of numerology. Numerology finds meaning in the numbers 1 through 9 and the mathematical equations that result from combining them. Each number carries its own unique vibration and energy. By analyzing the dominant numbers in an astrological birth chart, we can identify the most harmonious digits for a sign. Numerology is the perfect complement to astrology. While astrology interprets celestial energy, numerology reveals the name/number energetic signature.

Basic Principles of Numerology

Some key principles of numerology include:

  • Each number (1-9) has its own vibrational essence.
  • Numbers hold energetic influence over our lives.
  • Digits can be calculated from names and birth dates.
  • Certain numbers are more compatible with us than others.
  • We can attract luck by aligning with our compatible numbers.

By identifying the prominent numbers associated with Pisces energy astrologically, we can reveal the numerological vibrations most likely to attract good fortune.

Calculating the Pisces Birth Day Number

The first step in determining Pisces’ lucky numbers involves calculating the Birth Day Number for this sign. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add up all the digits in Pisces birth date range (Feb 19 to Mar 20).
  2. So 2/19 -> 2+1+9=12->1+2=3
  3. And 3/20 -> 3+2+0=5
  4. Take the average of birth day numbers -> (3+5)/2 = 4

Therefore, the Birth Day Number for Pisces is 4. This will be an important number for Pisces.

Pisces Personality Number

The next step involves calculating Pisces’ Personality Number using numerology:

  1. Assign numbers 1-26 to the alphabet.
  2. Add up numbers for letters in “PISCES.”
  3. P = 16, I = 9, S = 19, C = 3, E = 5.
  4. 16+9+19+3+5 = 52.
  5. Keep adding digits 5+2 = 7.

Therefore, the Personality Number for Pisces is 7. This is another key number for understanding Pisces’ fortune.

Pisces Astrological Rulers

Let’s look at Pisces’ two astrological rulers – Jupiter and Neptune:


Jupiter is associated with the number 3 in numerology. The essence of Jupiter aligns with growth, expansion and good fortune.


Neptune is connected to the number 7 in numerology. The higher aspects of Neptune include intuition, imagination and sensitivity.

Combining the numbers 3 and 7 gives us 10. We reduce again by adding 1+0 to get 1.

Therefore, the numbers linked to Pisces’ planetary rulers are 3 and 1.

Pisces Compatible Numbers

Based on the previous calculations, the key numbers for Pisces are:

  • Birth Day Number: 4
  • Personality Number: 7
  • Planetary Rulers: 3 and 1

We can further refine compatibility by looking at the Life Path numbers Pisces is most suitable with in relationships. Compatible Life Path numbers for Pisces include:

  • 2 (The Helper)
  • 4 (The Builder)
  • 6 (The Nurturer)
  • 7 (The Seeker)
  • 9 (The Humanitarian)

These numbers highlight Pisces’ compatibility with partners who are compassionate, creative, mystical, humanitarian, and seek meaning.

Putting it All Together: Pisces Lucky Numbers

When we synthesize the important numbers for Pisces, the core numbers of fortune include:

Luckiest Numbers Overall:

  • 3
  • 4
  • 7

Romantic Compatibility:

  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 7
  • 9

Challenging Numbers:

  • 8
  • 5

Numbers like 8 and 5 may create obstacles or disrupt harmony for Pisces. Overall, aligning with their compatible numbers can help Pisces attract good fortune, success, and felicity in relationships.

How to Harness Pisces Lucky Numbers

Now that we know the fortunate numbers for Pisces, how can this sign practically apply numerological insights to their life?

Incorporate numbers creatively

Get artistic by decorating your space with your lucky numbers, colors linked to your numbers, repeating patterns and images. Surrounding yourself with compatible symbols and digits helps manifest the energies.

Reference numbers in rituals

Incorporate fortunate numbers into meditations, affirmations, candles, and other spiritual rituals to activate the numbers’ vibration. For example, choose a candle with 4 wicks or recite an affirmation 7 times.

Use in intents and prayers

When setting an intention or saying a prayer, repeat it the number of times corresponding to your fortunate numerology numbers to give it power.

Make special dates with numbers

When planning events, trips, launches or milestones, look for dates that reduce to your lucky numbers. Getting married on 10/7 or taking a trip on 5/3 are examples.

Calculate name changes

You can consult a numerologist about formally changing your name to include more of your fortunate numbers which amplifies their influence.

Reference in addresses

When looking for a new home, be mindful of addresses that are reduced or add up to your lucky numbers. This expands harmony in your dwelling place.

Sample Numerology Readings for Pisces

To make things more concrete, let’s imagine sample Pisces individuals and interpret their numerology, identifying the luckiest numbers for them:

Pisces A: Selena Gutierrez

  • Birthday: March 11
  • Life Path Number: 5
  • Soul Urge Number: 9

For Selena, lucky numbers include: 3, 4, 7, 9

Her Life Path and Soul Urge numbers of 5 and 9 are compatible with Pisces energy. Focusing on 3, 7 and 9 can optimize her fortune.

Pisces B: Dylan Cross

  • Birthday: February 24
  • Life Path Number: 6
  • Soul Urge Number: 5

For Dylan, top numbers are: 1, 3, 4, 6

With a Life Path of 6, Dylan has a nurturing and humanitarian focus that resonates with Pisces. Accenting numbers like 1, 3 and 4 can attract more good fortune for him.

Sample Lucky Number Rituals for Pisces

Here are some examples of rituals Pisces could do to activate their fortunate numbers:

  • Write an affirmation incorporating lucky words that add up to their top numbers (e.g. “My creativity flows freely” for a 7 affirmation).
  • Create an altar with 3 purple candles to represent wisdom and spirituality.
  • Start a meditation practice doing 4 sessions per week to activate grounding.
  • Paint a picture using their lucky colors like sea green (for 7) or forest green (for 4).

Trying out creative rituals and practices that speak to their spiritual numbers allows Pisces to align with numerological energies to manifest positivity.


In summary, Pisces’ lucky numbers based on numerology include:

  • 3 – Related to Jupiter
  • 4 – Pisces Birth Day Number
  • 7 – Pisces Personality Number
  • 1 – Derived from Neptune

Aligning with compatible Life Path numbers like 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9 also supports harmony in relationships. By engaging their fortunate numbers creatively through spiritual practices, design, dates and rituals, Pisces can optimize their luck!