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What can you do with 2 friends?

With two friends, you can do a wide variety of activities. You could go out for a meal at a restaurant, watch a movie at the cinema, do something active like a game of laser tag or bowling, or simply stay at home and have a good old-fashioned chat.

Alternatively, if you have access to the outdoors, you could explore nature together, go for a hike or picnic, or engage in watersports on a lake or beach. With two people, you can take turns planning activities or trying out each other’s favourite activities.

From the mundane to the thrilling, there are many possibilities when it comes to spending time together with two friends!.

What do 12 year olds do at home with friends?

Twelve year olds at home with friends can find plenty of things to do – some of them active and some more relaxing. For active fun, playing tag, basketball, baseball, dodgeball, kickball, hide and seek, or a game of laser tag can be great for getting energy out.

For something more chill, twelve year olds can have a movie marathon, board game night, play video games, paint, build an obstacle course in the backyard, host a virtual scavenger hunt using Zoom, or create a fun cooking challenge together.

Other ideas include a puppet show or karaoke; having a craft party; or starting a book club.

What do 2 friends do at a sleepover?

At a sleepover, two friends often engage in various activities, including playing games, having meaningful conversations, watching movies or TV shows, snacking, and gossiping. Depending on the group, they may also partake in doing more active activities such as playing sports, going for a walk, or playing tag.

In some cases, sleepovers involve group bonding activities such as making face masks, playing board games, or crafting. Ultimately, sleepovers are a great way for friends to get together and have some fun, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

How many friends should a 12 year old have?

The number of friends a 12 year old should have really depends on the individual child and their personality. For some children it may be important to have a large amount of friends to socialize and connect with, while others may be quite content having just a few close friends.

It’s ultimately up to the child and their parents to decide what’s best for the child.

Having an appropriate amount of friendships for a 12 year old is healthy and helps them learn how to interact with others, form relationships, and build social skills. A good rule of thumb is that if the child is happy, content and comfortable with the amount of friends they have then it is likely the right number.

If they feel overwhelmed when trying to manage too many friendships or are feeling lonely or left out because they don’t have enough connections, then it may be a good idea to work with them to find a good balance.

Parents should ensure that their 12 year old’s friendships are positive and that their safety is always the top priority.

How do you entertain a 12 year old at home?

Entertaining a 12 year old at home can be a lot of fun, but also a bit of a challenge. Here are a few ideas that might work well:

1. Have a dance party: Put on some of their favorite dance music and let them show off their moves. You can also invite other kids their age to join the fun!

2. Movie marathon: Have them pick out a few of their favorite movies and watch them all, snuggled up with some snacks.

3. Crafting: Get creative and let them help you make something! Whether it’s a blanket fort, artistic masterpiece, or some jewelry, they’ll enjoy the process of creating something with their own hands.

4. Get outdoors: Take a walk in the park or go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. The fresh air and exercise will do them (and you!) good.

5. Video games: Get out the video games and let your pre-teen have some fun. This can be a great way to interact with them.

6. Board and card games: Playing a game of Monopoly or a round or two of Uno can be lots of fun, but also a great way to teach them about strategy.

No matter which activity you choose, it’s important to spend quality time and really engage with your 12 year old. This can be a great way to bond, while still making sure they’re having fun.

What Should 12 year olds be able to do?

Twelve year olds should be able to display a good degree of independence and responsibility. This could include taking part in household chores, such as helping to clean or preparing meals, as well as taking responsibility for personal items, like clothes and school books.

This age is also a great time to start learning valuable life skills, such as budgeting and managing money, problem solving, and performing basic home repairs and upkeep.

Twelve year olds should also be encouraged to become involved in extracurricular activities, especially those that help develop teamwork and leadership skills. Examples of activities or clubs that might be particularly beneficial for this age group are Scouts/Guides, debating, music or sports teams.

At this age, youngsters should be actively encouraged to spend time with their friends and to find a hobby that they love and can pursue all their life. Exploring the outdoors, learning a new skill, or just finding ways to have fun outdoors are all excellent activities that can be experienced and enjoyed with friends.

Finally, twelve year olds should be given the opportunity to make their own decisions rather than being pushed into something that they’re not comfortable with. This helps to promote critical thinking skills as well as build self-confidence.

Should a 12 year old have privacy?

Yes, a 12 year old should have privacy. Privacy is a fundamental right, and it should be respected regardless of age. Just like adults, 12 year olds should be allowed the freedom to make their own decisions and explore their interests without undue interference.

This can include having their own space where they can communicate with friends and develop their own identities, as well as having control over the information they choose to share or keep private. Age-appropriate boundaries of privacy should be communicated and modeled in families, while still respecting the individual’s right to a certain degree of privacy.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the 12 year old is safe when exploring the internet or other online activities, as the digital world can be a dangerous environment for young people.

How do I make my child more physically active?

To help your child become more physically active, there are lots of simple steps you can take. Start by setting a good example for them, by participating in regular physical activity yourself. It’s also important to provide encouragement and praise for any physical activity your child completes, no matter how small.

In terms of practical ways to get your child more physically active, consider enrolling them in organized sports, such as basketball, soccer, or baseball. If this isn’t feasible, look for other options such as gym classes, dance classes, or other group activities.

Depending on their age, an activity tracker may also be a great way to motivate your child to stay active. Some parents even set up regular family physical activity challenges, such as bike rides, scavenger hunts, or obstacle courses.

You can also work with your child to make physical activity fun. For example, turn a walk through the neighborhood into a competition between family members. Alternatively, set up an obstacle course in the backyard and see who can complete it the fastest.

Lastly, playing games such as jump rope, hide-and-seek, or tag can help to spark their interest. Making physical activity enjoyable can be the key to success!.

How can I get my daughter to exercise?

First, it is important to make physical activity a priority and establish a time for it in her daily schedule. Have her choose an activity that appeals to her, and set a realistic goal for her to work towards.

If possible, join her in the activity as this will show her you value physical activity and will provide the chance for increased family time. Additionally, providing rewards for meeting her exercise goals can help motivate her.

Let her pick out a new outfit or game if she meets her goal for the week. If she appears unmotivated, remind her of the health benefits from exercise and explain the importance of looking after her body.

Finally, explain that exercise can help relieve stress and tension, as well as boosting her mood and energy levels. With some planning, patience, and positive encouragement, it is possible to get your daughter to exercise regularly.

How long should kids exercise each day?

Exercise for kids should last anywhere from 60-90 minutes each day. Children should strive to get in an hour of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise, as this type of exercise is associated with improved cardiovascular health and physical fitness.

These activities can include bicycling, running, swimming, jumping rope, or playing games like tag. Additionally, kids should include muscle and bone-strengthening activities, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and weight-training, at least 3 days a week.

Alternately, consider activities that are fun but incorporate physical activity, such as dancing, rock-climbing, or martial arts. Lastly, include some stretching exercises prior to each physical activity session, in order to reduce the risk of injury.

What can an 11 year old do when bored at night?

There can be plenty of activities for an 11 year old to do when bored at night. One option would be to pick up a book and start reading or engaging in an educational activity in order to pass the time.

Depending on the reading level, this could be a fun way to challenge oneself while enjoying a good story. Another activity could be an artistic one. Drawing, coloring, knitting, and other creative activities can help to relax and entertain.

For the tech-savvy 11 year old, time can be taken to research age-appropriate topics on the Internet. Games and activities are also great options for when boredom strikes. Board games, puzzles, or finding activities online that might contain elements of learning may be enjoyable for hours.

Finally, for budding scientists, engaging in a science experiment may be an engaging and educational activity to take part in when bored at night.

What things that I Cannot do at the age of 12 15?

At the age of 12-15 you are unable to do certain things as you are below the legal age for certain activities. You are not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol, smoke, or use any form of tobacco. You are not allowed to drive a car, or ride a motorcycle or jet ski.

You are unable to be tried as an adult in court. You are not allowed to work more than a certain number of hours per week. You are unable to stay out past a certain hour without parental or guardian supervision, and are unable to legally vote.

Additionally, you are not allowed to purchase specific items such as firearms or ammunition, and you should not be involved in any type of gambling, including lotteries and poker.

What do teens do at friends house?

There are lots of things that teens can do when they visit their friends’ houses! Depending on their interests, they may play board or card games, video games, laser tag, watch movies, or have a movie night.

Teens may also engage in shared activities, like cooking dinner together, going on a hike, or swimming in a pool. Some teens might like to spend time hanging out and talking, or playing music together.

Additionally, some friends might plan activities like art projects, sports games, scavenger hunts, and crafting projects. No matter what teens choose, spending time with friends helps teens to foster strong relationships and bond with each other.