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What charity number is 1021367?

The charity with number 1021367 is WaterAid, a UK-based international non-governmental organisation focused on providing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in some of the world’s poorest communities.

WaterAid is a well-known international charity that works to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to people across the world who currently lack these basic human rights. The organisation has the charity registration number 1021367 in the UK, where it is headquartered.

Knowing the official charity number for an organisation like WaterAid can be useful for a few key reasons. Firstly, it allows donors and supporters to verify that a charity requesting donations or advertising charitable appeals is properly registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies. This provides transparency and accountability. Secondly, the charity number serves as a unique identifier that allows the public to differentiate between charities with similar names and purposes. Lastly, in some countries like the UK, the charity number can be used to claim Gift Aid or tax relief on donations, so it is an important piece of administrative information for many givers.

About WaterAid

WaterAid is an international non-profit organisation focused on improving access to safe water, toilets and hygiene facilities in the world’s poorest communities. It was founded in 1981 by the UK water supply companies initially to improve access to clean water and sanitation in developing countries. Since then, WaterAid has grown to become one of the most high-profile water, sanitation and hygiene charities globally. It works across over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific region and Central America and reaches millions of people each year with its programs and interventions.

WaterAid’s main areas of work include:

  • Building and maintaining wells, piping systems, water pumps and other infrastructure to provide clean water access
  • Constructing toilets and sewage management facilities
  • Promoting good hygiene practices through education programs
  • Campaigning for policy change and government funding towards water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Researching issues and future technologies related to the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors
  • Responding to humanitarian crises with provisions of clean water and sanitation

The organisation has an extensive presence across dozens of poorer nations where water-borne diseases are a major health risk. It mobilises public donations and government funding to implement programs to increase access and reduce this health burden.

WaterAid’s Beginnings and History

WaterAid was co-founded in July 1981 by the UK water industry along with important charity sector partners. This followed the UN’s International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade of 1981-1990 which highlighted the vital need for increased access to clean water and decent sanitation globally.

The organisation was set up as a collaboration between the country’s newly privatised water companies who provided the initial funding alongside established development and disaster relief charities like Oxfam and Save the Children who contributed expertise in aid delivery. The goal was to demonstrate the UK water industry’s goodwill and technical capabilities while saving lives internationally.

Starting with just three staff, WaterAid delivered its first water supply and sanitation project in early 1982 in a refugee camp in Khao-I-Dang, Thailand. Further projects soon followed in poor communities across Asia and Africa. By 1985, WaterAid had over 30 projects in operation across 12 countries, assisted by cooperation with local partners and volunteers.

Over the following decades, WaterAid expanded significantly thanks to growing public support. It progressed from basic wells and pump installations to major piped water infrastructure and comprehensive hygiene promotion initiatives. The charity also began taking on policy and lobbying roles to achieve systemic change.

Today, WaterAid employs over 4,000 staff across four regional hubs and 30 country offices. It spends over £150 million annually on programs and reaches millions of people each year with sustainable access to clean water and decent, hygienic sanitation facilities.

Organisational Structure

As an international NGO, WaterAid has a complex organisational structure spanning multiple countries.

Its global headquarters are located in London, UK. This houses the main administrative centre and hosts the Board of Trustees. As a UK-registered charity, WaterAid must comply with all governance regulations set by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

WaterAid also has regional hubs in Stockholm, New York, Delhi and Johannesburg. These coordinate efforts across different continents where WaterAid operates.

At the national level, WaterAid has country offices headed by national directors and staffed by local employees. They carry out programs, liaise with governments, and raise funds locally.

Supporter engagement takes place through 17 different WaterAid member organisations around the world. These promote fundraising and advocacy within specific countries.

Operationally, WaterAid does not implement programs directly but works through local delivery partners on the ground. It collaborates closely with community groups, local NGOs, contractors and municipalities to deliver sustainable projects.

WaterAid’s Charity Number and Registration Details

WaterAid’s primary registration number is 1021367. This is the charity number issued to it by the Charity Commission for England and Wales upon incorporation and registration as a nonprofit entity.

As well as this charity number, WaterAid has several other key registration and identification details:

  • Registered office address: 6th Floor, 20 Canada Square, London E14 5NN, UK
  • Company number: 1787329
  • Registered charity status in England and Wales since 1981
  • Scottish charity number: SC039479
  • Australian charity number: ABN 99 700 687 141
  • Swedish charity number: 900114-98
  • USA tax ID number: 20-4186761

These details allow the public, governments and donors to identify WaterAid as a legally registered charity subject to regulation and oversight in the various countries where it is established.

Charity Number 1021367

The charity number 1021367 specifically applies to WaterAid’s incorporation as a nonprofit entity under the Charity Commission for England and Wales. This is the main registration number legally associated with WaterAid worldwide.

All charities registered in England and Wales are issued a charity number by the Charity Commission once their application has been reviewed and approved. This number then serves as a unique identifier for that charity and is used on mandatory annual reports and filings to the Commission. It provides an authoritative way for the public, donors and regulators to identify any registered charity.

For WaterAid, being able to demonstrate an official charity number helps provide assurance that it is properly constituted and following required rules and regulations. The 1021367 number can be used to verify the charity’s status using the Charity Commission website’s online search function. This transparency helps build trust and accountability.

The charity number is also sometimes required when claiming Gift Aid or tax benefits on donations given to WaterAid’s UK fundraising efforts. Overall, it serves an important function despite the widespread public recognition of WaterAid’s branding and mission.

Other Registration Details

As an international NGO, WaterAid requires registrations and charity/nonprofit status in each country where it actively fundraises or operates significant programs.

The other registration numbers and identifiers included alongside the primary 1021367 charity number provide local legitimacy to WaterAid’s efforts across different legal jurisdictions like Australia, India, Sweden and the USA.

These details demonstrate compliance with national nonprofit laws and governance requirements. They allow supporters and government agencies in each country to oversee WaterAid’s activities and ensure fundraising and spending follows appropriate regulations.

Maintaining active and lawful registrations globally enables WaterAid to efficiently send or spend money across borders on its programs which involve multiple international partners.

Significance of the Charity Number

The 1021367 charity number has several important functions for WaterAid as an organisation:

Transparency and Trust

The publicly searchable charity number provides transparency about WaterAid’s registered legal entity status and compliance with nonprofit regulations. This builds public trust and credibility.

Distinguishing Identity

A unique registration number differentiates WaterAid from potentially fraudulent organisations falsely claiming to be the same charity.

Verification for Donors

Donors can verify the charity’s identity and lawful nonprofit status using the number before contributing financially.

Claiming Tax Relief

In jurisdictions like the UK, the charity number permits donors to claim tax benefits or relief on eligible donations.


Financial reporting and good governance requirements attached to the registration provide accountability to donors and regulatory oversight.

International Operations

Proper registrations globally enable WaterAid to operate across borders and transfer funds internationally to where needs are greatest.

Therefore while a simple number, the registered charity identifier 1021367 fulfils several vital functions for an organisation like WaterAid working internationally in the nonprofit sector.

Searching for a Charity Number

For those wishing to look up the charity number for any registered nonprofit organisation, there are several options:

Charity Commission for England and Wales

The Charity Commission provides an online Charity Search function where any registered charity in England and Wales can be located using their name or registration number. This retrieves details like the registered address, company number, Trustees, finances, activities and more.

GuideStar UK

GuideStar offers a similar charity search function drawing on data filed by nonprofits with regulators and the commission. It compiles key details on over 160,000 registered UK charities.

Charity Regulators Globally

Most developed countries have charity regulator agencies like the IRS in the US or ACNC in Australia that provide public charity registers searchable by name or number.

Third Party Charity Databases

Various third party databases like GuideStar also sometimes maintain searchable lists of charities or nonprofit organisations across multiple jurisdictions.

Ask the Charity Directly

Contacting a charity’s office directly to request their registration number is also an option for obtaining it.

So in summary, charity numbers are usually freely accessible public information to assist donors, regulators and the general public in verifying an organisation’s registered status.


The charity number 1021367 corresponds to WaterAid, an internationally operating NGO focused on providing sustainable access to clean water and sanitation in the poorest communities globally.

As a registered nonprofit entity under the Charity Commission for England and Wales, WaterAid was issued the number 1021367 upon incorporation in 1981.

This serves as its primary registration as a UK charity. But the organisation also holds active charity status locally across over 30 countries worldwide where it implements programs.

The 1021367 number and other registration details allow for transparency and accountability. They provide assurance to donors that WaterAid is a legally compliant charity subject to appropriate regulation and oversight.

Knowing this number also aids in verifying WaterAid’s identity and facilitates tax relief claims on eligible donations in jurisdictions like the UK.

For any registered charity, their number is public information accessible through regulators or third party databases. So it is easy to find out the number corresponding to a legitimate nonprofit like WaterAid when required.