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What clothing size would I be in Japan?

The sizing system for clothing in Japan generally runs a bit smaller than American and European sizes, so it can be difficult to figure out what size you may need when shopping. Your best bet is to check the exact measurements of any given item and compare them to your own measurements.

Some stores in Japan may also provide a size chart and some helpful instructions so you can determine which size would be best for you. Additionally, it is important to take into account the type of fit most clothing from Japan is designed for.

For instance, if you have a slender frame, you may size down and will typically find clothes in Japan to fit better. If you have a larger frame and plenty of curves, it may be easier to size up with clothing from Japan.

What size am I in Japanese clothes?

When buying clothes in Japan, it’s important to remember that sizes tend to run smaller than in the United States and European countries. If you’re familiar with your US or European clothing size, then it may be helpful to use a size chart for Japanese clothing to make sure you’re selecting the right size.

Typically, Japanese sizes start from XXS and go up to 3XL, which is equivalent to an American or European large. However, it is best to keep in mind that the conversions may vary depending on the specific brand and style.

The size chart below is only meant as a general reference. It’s important to measure yourself to get an accurate reading of your size in terms of Japan’s sizing system. To measure your chest and waist, get a cloth measuring tape, place it around your chest or waist (which ever is larger) and draw it tight, then take the measurement in centimeters.

Japanese Size: XXS XS S M L XL XXL XXXL

USA/EU Size: 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22 24-26

Chest (inches): 29-31 32-34 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46 47-49

Waist (inches): 24-26 27-29 30-32 33-35 36-38 39-41 42-44

So if your chest and waist measure 36-38 inches and 33-35 inches respectively, then your size in Japanese clothes would be equivalent to an American/European medium, or a Japanese large.

What size is US XL in Japan?

The size of US XL in Japan is typically a size 3L-4L. This size is similar to US XXL, however it is not an exact match. US XL is typically between 44-48 inches in chest size while Japan’s 3L-4L is between 116-124 cm.

The overall fit of these items may vary depending on the garment type and manufacturer. Additionally, in Japan many garments are labeled by name rather than with a numerical size. It would be worth also checking the measurements of each garment to assure the correct size is chosen to match US XL.

Is 4xl bigger than 3xl?

Yes, 4XL is bigger than 3XL. This is because 4XL is an extended 3XL size. 4XL usually refers to an extended 3XL size, which is one size bigger than 3XL. 4XL is designed to accommodate more body measurements than 3XL.

This can include taller body height and/or wider chest, waist and hip measurements. 4XL typically has larger sleeve lengths, plus additional fabric to allow for a roomier fit than the 3XL size.

What is 3XL equivalent to?

3XL is equivalent to a US men’s size of XXL or 2XL, which is equal to a size 24 in pants, and a size 48 in a normal suit jacket. 3XL is also equal to a size 20 women’s pant, as well as a size 46 in a suit jacket for women.

3XL is about 8 inches larger than a typical XL in the chest (from armpit to armpit), 7 inches longer in the length from shoulder to hem, and 1.5 inches more in the armhole. 3XL can also be roughly equal to a size 68-72 in European sizes.

When choosing a size, it is important to refer to the specific garment manufacturer’s size chart to be sure you are choosing the correct size.

How big is a medium in Japan?

A medium in Japan is typically considered a size 7 – 8 in US sizes. This translates to a circumference of approximately 23.6 – 24.4 inches for the chest, 24 – 24.8 inches for the waist and 34.2 – 35 inches for the height.

It is important to note that sizing can vary greatly across different brands, so shoppers should double-check measurements whenever possible. In addition, Japanese sizes often go up to 11, while US sizes usually stop at 10, so one should keep this in mind when shopping.

What is M in US size?

M or Medium in US apparel sizes typically refers to a size 6-8 (for Women) or a size 38-40 (for Men). Women’s size M generally fits a chest/bust size of 34-36 in and a waist size of 26-29 in. Men’s size M typically fits a chest/bust size of 38-40 in and a waist size of 32-34 in.

In Shoes, US size M corresponds to a 9.5-10 Women’s or a 7.5-8 Men’s. Beyond this, it is important to note that US sizing standards vary across brands, as companies may have different cut, shape, and sizing standards for their products.

In general, it is recommended to read the product descriptions for more accurate sizing information and to compare the measurements of each product to the measurements of yourself.

Is M size 6 or 8?

The size of M varies depending on the brand and style of clothing. Generally, M is considered to be a size 8 in women’s clothing and a size 6 in junior’s clothing. However, as sizes will vary between brands and styles, it is not always possible to determine exactly which size an M is without knowing the individual measurements, or checking the specific size chart of the brand or style.