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What color is similar to Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray is a dark gray color with charcoal and blue-gray undertones. Alternatively, colors such as Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, and Valspar Seagull Gray will all offer an aesthetic similar to Stonington Gray.

All three colors are light, cool-toned grays that provide a neutral backdrop to lamp lighting and warm wood furniture. Additionally, colors such as Ashwood by Farrow & Ball, Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore, and Pigeon by Farrow & Ball provide a color match to the blue-gray undertones of Stonington Gray.

Is Gray Owl lighter than Stonington Gray?

No, Gray Owl is not lighter than Stonington Gray. Gray Owl is a light, cool, slightly muted gray with subtle blue undertones, while Stonington Gray is a medium-light warm gray with a hint of purple. They are both considered light grays, but Stonington Gray is the darker of the two.

Gray Owl is a great choice for rooms that receive a lot of natural light, while Stonington Gray works better in spaces with lower levels of natural light. Ultimately, the choice of which gray to choose for your project is subjective and depends on your personal taste and the lighting of the room.

Which is darker Coventry Gray or Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray is darker than Coventry Gray. Coventry Gray is a cool, slightly muted mid-tone gray. Its undertones of green or blue give this neutral a subtle depth, which adds dimension and creates interest in any space.

On the other hand, Stonington Gray is a classic medium to dark gray with a balanced mix of cool and warm tones. With more noticeable blue undertones than Coventry Gray, it can create a sophisticated look that is cooler and more contemporary.

Whether used as a wall color or on furniture pieces, its darker hue will create a moody atmosphere in any room.

Is Stonington gray warm or cool gray?

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore is a cool-toned warm gray. It has a balanced mix of warm undertones of taupe and blue, making it a versatile shade that works in almost any interior design palette. The warm tones create a cozy atmosphere and make it a go-to color for a variety of living and dining areas.

The cool tones give the room a modern, chic look, making it a great choice for bedrooms, powder rooms, and other smaller spaces. It is a perfect middle ground for those looking for a color that is slightly warmer than a true gray but not as deep as a charcoal.

Stonington gray also pairs well with deep, saturated blues, greens, whites and other mid-toned neutrals, making it easy to use in monochrome palettes or as part of a bold, colorful look.

What shade is lighter than Gray Owl?

Gray Owl is a light warm-toned gray with a hint of green undertone. To find a shade lighter than Gray Owl, you could consider a few options. For a cool-toned gray, you could try Benjamin Moore’s Silver Chain.

It is a light warm grey with a slightly blue undertone. For a warm-toned gray, you could try Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine. It is a light grey with a hint of yellow undertone. Alternatively, you could go for a creamier tone by trying Benjamin Moore’s Vanilla Milkshake or White Heron for a more neutral tone.

All of these hues are light and warm-toned, and will still be a few shades lighter than Gray Owl.

What is the most popular Benjamin Moore GREY color?

The most popular Benjamin Moore GREY color is Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter, a mid-toned classic gray, is the perfect shade to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that is both modern and timeless. This color pairs well with both modern and traditional furnishings and complements a variety of color combinations.

Revere Pewter works best in open spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways, but it can also be used to great effect in bathrooms, bedrooms and other spaces. The color grey is versatile, timeless, and never goes out of style, making Revere Pewter a popular choice for many homeowners.

Is Gray Owl a warm or cool color?

Gray Owl is a neutral color and can be described as warm or cool depending on how it is used. When combined with blues and purples, Gray Owl takes on a cool tone, while when combined with oranges and pinks it can appear more warm.

This versatility makes Gray Owl a great choice if you’re looking to create a palette that features a wide range of tones and depths. Additionally, Gray Owl can be a great color to introduce into a space with existing warm and cool accents, as it will unify the look and make the different shades feel balanced.

What undertone does Stonington Gray have?

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore is a warm and inviting light gray paint color. It has a muted, smoky undertone that is slightly cool but still cozy and inviting. It is not a stark or industrial-looking gray, but rather one that still feels welcoming and comforting.

It pairs well with both bright whites and warmer neutrals, as it complements both equally well. In a bedroom, for example, StoningtonGray can be used as the wall color, while crisp white accents can then be added to add contrast and brighten the space.

It also works well in a kitchen, as its soft warmth can lighten the look of a smaller space and make it feel more inviting.

Is Stonington GREY too dark?

That depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Stonington Grey is a very dark, classic grey that works well in modern and traditional décors alike. Depending on the size of the room and the other colors used throughout the space, Stonington Grey can serve as a grounding element to bring balance and continuity.

Alternatively, if you want to make a strong statement and create a dramatic look, Stonington Grey may be too dark and overpowering. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference and the desired effect. If you are unsure if Stonington Grey is too dark, it may be wise to test it out by painting a sample on the wall to see how it looks with the other elements in the room.

What is a shade darker than Stonington gray?

A shade darker than Stonington Gray is Iron Mountain SW 7069. This is a deep gray that provides a bold, modern look to any space. It is a great choice for a living room or a kitchen due to its neutral, timeless aesthetic.

It pairs well with soft colors like blues and greens but can also be used to great effect with brighter colors, making it a versatile choice for any room. Iron Mountain has a muted undertones which mean you can adapt the look to suit each environment.

It looks great when contrasted with white trim, making it the perfect shade for a coastal inspired home.

Does Hale Navy go with Stonington gray?

Yes, Hale Navy and Stonington Gray are a beautiful combination for both interiors and exteriors when used together. Hale Navy is a deep, rich, almost-black navy blue color that pairs beautifully with the softer Stonington Gray, which is a light warm gray.

Together, they create a muted and sophisticated palette that would work in almost any decorating style. When used in interiors, they’re perfect for creating a chic, lounge-style vibe or a relatively formal space, depending on how you choose to accent them.

Both colors also look great with white or other off-white colors and various woods. For exteriors, they offer a softer, more serene and tasteful alternative to bright colors. When used together, Hale Navy and Stonington Gray retain a classic, timeless look that won’t quickly fall out of fashion.

How dark is Stonington gray?

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore is a fairly deep and muted gray. It is a great color for creating a tranquil and sophisticated living space. It has a soft blue undertone that creates a slightly warmer finish compared to a lot of its gray counterparts, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

It has enough depth to be a great backdrop for bright whites, navy blue, and bold colors. It is a great choice for accent walls and living rooms. It is the perfect shade of gray for a cozy and calming living space.