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What does it mean if you have the last laugh?

The phrase “having the last laugh” refers to the satisfaction of being proved right—or having justice prevail—after enduring ridicule or opposition. It typically implies that the person who was initially laughed at or belittled has successfully navigated through difficult circumstances, or achieved something despite long odds.

Having the last laugh is often seen as a form of revenge for those who were underestimated, and it’s a powerful way to affirm the validity of an opinion or the results of hard work. It suggests that, despite the opposition, the speaker persevered and ultimately overcame the challenge.

It’s a metaphor for resilience, determination and persistence.

Where does the saying last laugh come from?

The phrase “last laugh” is a proverb that has been used in various contexts and languages over the centuries, beginning with classical Latin and ancient Greek. The phrase has been used to convey an idea of triumph over adversity, a somewhat ironic point that those who have been wronged, mocked, or derided will ultimately have the last laugh.

The most commonly accepted source of the phrase is Aristophanes’ comedy play Plutus, in which the main character, a poor and blind man, is able to beat back the influence of the wealthy on his life and come out victorious.

Aristophanes writes, “The last laugh is mine, and not theirs who suppressed me unjustly.” This was interpreted by William Shakespeare in his play The Taming of the Shrew, in which Katerina declares, “for I will have my last laugh for all my pains.”

The phrase has since been used in many contexts to express a kind of satisfaction in ultimate triumph, either in a moral or practical sense. While it is most commonly used to refer to positive outcomes, it can also be used more negatively, suggesting that a person will be humbled in the end or that a person who seeks revenge will ultimately be hurt.

The phrase also suggests that, no matter the hardships faced, a person can and will persevere, and that adversity can be overcome with a little bit of luck and determination.

Who gets the final laugh?

The saying “who gets the final laugh” suggests that the person who gets the last laugh ultimately triumphs over adversity, difficulty, or failure. Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on the individual situation at hand, as there is no hard and fast rule for who will get the final laugh in any given situation.

In some cases, the individual who has put forth the most effort in trying to overcome a difficult challenge will get the last laugh. This is usually seen in tales of success or perseverance. For example, if a person goes through a tough job interview process and is rejected several times, but eventually lands the job, they are likely to get the final laugh because they persevered despite the odds.

On the other hand, sometimes the person who has done nothing throughout a certain struggle can be the one who gets the final laugh. This could be someone who has been negative and cynical, who not expects the best outcome and yet does not take any action to try to improve their situation.

Although it may seem like justice is not served in this situation, the person has avoided putting themselves out there and therefore has no expectations and is often pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

At the end of the day, it is hard to tell who will get the final laugh in any given situation. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual, and whether or not they put in the effort and have the right attitude to come out on top.

Who laughs last laugh better?

The phrase “he who laughs last, laughs best” is a proverb that is used to suggest that the person who has the last laugh is the one who enjoys life the most. The idea behind the phrase is that it is not important who wins or loses in any situation, but rather, who is able to truly enjoy the experience, even if they don’t achieve the desired result.

This proverb can apply to any number of situations, whether it’s an argument, a competition, or a game. The person who is able to find the most enjoyment and joy in the experience, even if they are not the ultimate victor, is generally the winner in the end – the one who laughs last and laughs best.

They are the ones who take away the most from any situation, having learned lessons and enjoyed the journey.

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