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What does link device mean on Clash of Clans?

Link device on Clash of Clans is a feature that allows players to link multiple devices together to transfer game information and resources from one device to another. This can be useful if you need to switch devices, as it allows you to transfer your account over and continue playing from where you left off.

Using the link device feature requires both devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the device being linked must have the same operating system as the original device. After the linking process is complete, players will be able to transfer Clash of Clans accounts and resources, including in-game currencies, army buildings, and other items.

This feature can be very useful for players who either want to switch devices or to share items or accounts with family or friends.

How do I link my Clash of Clans to another device?

In order to link your Clash of Clans account to another device, you first need to log in to your account on the Supercell ID website via a web browser. Once logged in, click on the Account Linking tab in the left-side navigation menu.

You will then be given the option to link your account to either an Apple, Google or Game Center ID. Click on the account type you wish to link with your Clash of Clans account and enter the appropriate login details.

After successfully linking your account, you will be able to log in to Clash of Clans on the second device with the same account details.

Can you have the same Clash of Clans account on two devices?

Yes, it is possible to have the same Clash of Clans (COC) account on two devices. To do this, you will need to link your COC account to your Google Play or Apple ID. By logging into your COC account through this connected ID, it will allow you to access your account on any device with the same ID.

Additionally, you can link your COC account to your Facebook account if you’d prefer. To do this, simply go to the in-game settings, then click on ‘Link Device’. Make sure you have the same Facebook and Google Play account active on both your devices in order to ensure a smooth experience with no data-loss.

Can you have 2 Supercell IDs on the same email?

No, it is not possible to have two Supercell IDs associated with the same email. Each Supercell ID must be linked to a unique email address, as the email address is how Supercell is able to verify players’ accounts and secure game data.

Using two Supercell IDs on the same email could also potentially lead to some problems regarding how the account is managed and maintained, so for the best experience it is important that players stick to one Supercell ID linked to one unique email address.

How can I recover my Clash of Clans account without Supercell ID?

If you do not have a Supercell ID linked to your Clash of Clans account, there are several different methods you can try in order to recover your account.

First, you can try connecting your Clash of Clans account to a new or existing Game Center or Google Play account. To do this, open the game and click the “Settings” cog icon in the upper right corner.

Then, click “Link a Device,” and choose either Game Center or Google Play. Follow the on-screen instructions to link an existing account or create a new one.

If this doesn’t work, try contacting [email protected] with as much of the following information as you can provide:

• Your Town Hall level

• Your Clan name and tag

• Payment proof from your most recent in-app purchase

• Your real name and approximate date the account was created or the Clash of Clans account username

• Your device type and device OS version

• Your league

If you can provide this information, Supercell may be able to recover your account.

How can I transfer my COC account to another email?

If you would like to transfer your Clash of Clans (COC) account to a different email, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve linked your COC account to a social platform like Google+, Facebook, or Gamecenter.

If you’ve already done so, you can follow the steps outlined below to transfer your COC account to another email.

1. Open the COC game on your device and access Settings > Help and Support.

2. Find ‘Accounts&Settings > Migrate a Village’ option and select it.

3. Select your current platform and enter the account credentials of the account which you have decided to use as your new account.

4. As soon as the new account is logged into, you will need to select the particular village that you would like to transfer and the new account can be used to access your village and all the related items associated with it.

5. After this, you can reset the game and login with the new account information.

It’s also important to note that this process only works if both accounts are linked to the same platform. For example, if your current COC account is linked to your Google+ account, then you will need to use the same platform for your new account as well.

Also note that the process of account migration is the same for both Android and iOS devices. Also, when migrating an account, you should ensure that you are using a compatible device, otherwise you might encounter issues with the transfer process.

How many Supercell IDs are there on one device?

The exact number of Supercell IDs on a single device can vary, as different devices have different capabilities. Generally, however, there is usually one Supercell ID available per device.

The Supercell ID is a unique identifier assigned to the device by Supercell, the developer behind popular gaming titles such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. A Supercell ID allows users to log into the games on multiple devices, syncing their game library and data across each device without having to start over.

Due to the secure nature of modern devices, it is nearly impossible to assign more than one Supercell ID to a single device. This is intended to protect user data and prevent users from being able to access multiple devices and accounts with the same credentials.

As such, it is highly recommended that users only use one device and one Supercell ID to play Supercell games.

What is account sharing COC?

Account Sharing COC (Code of Conduct) is a set of rules that should be followed when it comes to sharing accounts on online gaming platforms. It is designed to protect both the players and the gaming companies from potential harm.

The guidelines cover topics such as the need to obtain consent from the other individual before sharing an account, the prevention of unauthorized account use and the need to protect confidential information from the account owner.

Account Sharing COC also outlines a number of types of behavior that are not tolerated in online gaming and offers guidance on the proper methods for reporting suspicious activity, such as attempts to access another player’s account or the use of cheating software.

All in all, Account Sharing COC provides a set of rules and standards to guarantee gaming activities remain fair, secure and enjoyable for everyone.

Can you sell your Supercell account?

Yes, it is possible to sell your Supercell account. Supercell allows players to transfer game progress between different devices, allowing them to do things like sell their accounts or give them to a friend.

If you wish to sell your account, you should take the following steps.

First, be sure to back up all your progress and account information so that it can be restored on the new device. You should also delete any personal information from the account, like credit card numbers, so that the person you’re selling it to can have a clean slate.

Then, make sure to change the email address associated with your account.

The next step is to find a buyer for your account. Different websites offer services where you can post a listing of your account details and find potential buyers. Just make sure that the website is legitimate and secure before selling your account to anyone.

Finally, you should never give out your account login details until the transfer is complete and the money has been sent. Once the money has been sent, the buyer should be given login credentials and instructions on how to transfer the account.

After they’ve completed the transfer process, the account should be removed from your device.

With these steps, you can safely and securely sell your Supercell account.

Can you get banned for playing Clash of Clans on PC?

Yes, it is indeed possible to get banned for playing Clash of Clans on PC. Anyone who is caught violating the terms and conditions of the game can face a ban from the game. This includes activities such as using unauthorized third-party software, collaborating with modders or hackers, and excessive use of alternate or “throw away” accounts.

In addition, users who are found to be exploiting flaws or vulnerabilities in the game can be banned from playing. It is very important to remember that Clash of Clans is intended to be a fair and fun gaming experience, and players should always make sure that they are playing with the rules.

Can two people play on the same clash Royale account?

No, it is not possible for two people to play on the same Clash Royale account. As players progress through the game, their individual stats, Trophies, and collections are saved to their specific in-game profile.

This means that two separate players would not be able to access the same in-game profile so it would be impossible for them to both play on the same account. Additionally, Clash Royale requires players to make in-game purchases with real money in order to progress further in the game, and it would not be fair for one person to have to buy the in-game upgrades for another person that was playing on their account.

What is shared account in game?

A shared account in a game is a type of account that can be shared between multiple users. This type of account is popular in games that require collaboration or cooperation between players, such as role-playing games or massively multiplayer online games.

In these types of games, two or more players can create a shared account to share resources, capabilities, and possibly in-game rewards. The players who share an account will generally have the same levels and access to items, quests, and experiences in the game.

Shared accounts can allow players to work together and strategize more effectively, as they are able to coordinate and utilize the same resources. Additionally, shared accounts can be beneficial for players who have limited access to the game, as they are able to benefit from the other players’ experiences.

Does riot track your IP?

Yes, Riot does track your IP address. When you play League of Legends, the game will periodically collect the IP address of your computer or device that is connecting to their server. This data is collected for a variety of reasons, including for network administration, troubleshooting, identifying malicious activity, and for player verification purposes.

Riot also collects your IP address when you use their services and websites, such as their forum, the client, and their website. This helps them monitor usage and viewership trends of their services and helps identify malicious or illegal activity.

Riot also uses your IP address to detect suspicious activity and to implement certain safety measures, such as two-factor authentication, to protect its players.

Overall, Riot does track your IP address as part of their game and identity verification process, and for security and fraud prevention.

Do old Clash of Clans accounts get deleted?

No, old Clash of Clans accounts will not be automatically deleted. If a Clash of Clans account is not played or accessed for a long period of time, the account will eventually become inactive and you will no longer be able to access it.

If this happens, you can contact Supercell’s customer support team and they may be able to help you recover your account. When contacting them, please be aware that having a valid receipt of a purchase made through the in-game shop is usually needed.

It would also be important to have as much account information available as possible (player name, home village, etc. ) in order to make the process smoother. It should be noted that account recovering is not a guarantee, but the customer service team will do their best to assist you.

How can I find my old clan in Clash of Clans?

Finding an old Clash of Clans clan can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the exact clan name. If you are able to remember the name, then you can use the Clash of Clans website to search for clans.

Simply open the homepage, click on ‘Clans’ and then enter the exact clan name into the search box at the top of the page. If the clan still exists, you will see it in the search results.

If you are unable to remember the exact name of your old clan, then you will need to think of a different strategy. You can start by searching for posts that you remember contributing to or created in the past by browsing social media forums, such as Reddit or Clash of Clans forums.

This will give you some clues as to what the clan name was, or at least some of the members of the clan.

You can also try to use the ‘Clan Search’ within the game itself. This is a feature of the settlement version of the game that allows you to search for clans based on a number of criteria. You can filter your search by name, player level, current number of members, total trophies etc.

This will help you to narrow down the search results and find your old clan.

Finally, you can try to contact your old clan members by sending them a direct message through the game or on various Clash of Clans-related social media pages or forums. You can also use in-game chat and post an announcement in Clan Chats to find players from your old clan.

With a bit of luck and dedication, you can locate and rejoin your old clan again.

Does Supercell delete inactive COC accounts?

Yes, Supercell does delete inactive Clash of Clans (COC) accounts. Supercell reserves the right to terminate any inactive accounts at any time and without notice. An inactive account is defined as an account that has not been logged into for an extended period of time or hasn’t been logged into at all.

Supercell indicates that inactive accounts may be deleted after a period of 90 days of inactivity. However, the exact period of inactivity before an account is deleted can vary depending on when Supercell conducts a yearly data cleanup.

Additionally, accounts that have been inactive for a longer period of time may be deleted immediately upon logging in, as the game requires an active connection to the Supercell service.

Can Supercell delete your account?

Yes, Supercell can delete your account in certain cases. If you violate their Terms of Service, they can terminate your access to their services. They can also delete your account if they believe you are not following their guidelines, or if they think that you are misusing their services.

Additionally, if you have been inactive for an extended period of time, your account could be deleted. If your account is deleted, all of your game data and in-app purchases will also be lost, so it’s important to follow the rules and regulations set out by Supercell.

Do people sell their COC accounts?

Yes, people often sell their Clash of Clans (COC) accounts. Sellers typically advertise their accounts on app marketplaces or independent websites dedicated to account sales. The accounts are often classified according to their level, as well as the number of gems and coins included, and the different troops and buildings built.

Prices of accounts depend on the specific details of each and can range from a few dollars to several hundred. It’s important to note that many COC players have expressed concerns about buying accounts, citing possible technical and ethical issues associated with doing so.

Therefore, it’s recommended that great caution should be exercised when purchasing a COC account.

How can I sell my COC game?

To sell your COC (Clash of Clans) game, you’ll need to take a few steps:

1. Make sure you’re done playing. Uninstalling the app won’t help you with selling, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve done everything you want to do before listing it for sale.

2. Gather all the necessary information. To sell your game account, you’ll need to collect your village level, achievements, army size, troop types, number of gems, and account age.

3. list it for sale. There are many websites and forums that cater to buying and selling COC accounts, so find one that suits your needs and list your game account. You may also want to set a payment method and, if applicable, shipping fees.

4. Promote your listing. Make sure you are getting the word out about your game sale. Use social media, forums, and other platforms to get the word out.

5. Finalize the sale. When you’re ready to complete the sale, make sure you have received payment and that you and the buyer are in agreement on the sale details. Then, provide the buyer with the necessary details of the account, so they can take it over.