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What feature is included with an upgraded Georgia Lottery Players Club account?

The Georgia Lottery Players Club offers players the chance to join for free and receive basic benefits like special offers, lottery news, and promotional coupons. Upgrading to a VIP membership provides additional features and perks to enhance the lottery playing experience.

Upgraded VIP Membership Overview

Players who upgrade to the VIP membership level in the Georgia Lottery Players Club gain access to exclusive features not available to regular members. VIP members pay an annual fee of $50 to unlock extra bonuses and privileges designed to improve their odds of winning and make playing the lottery more enjoyable.

The key features included with a VIP membership include:

  • VIP-only second chance contests and giveaways
  • Free play coupons for scratchers and draw games
  • Discount coupons on lottery purchases
  • Bonus entries for select second chance promotions
  • Dedicated VIP customer support line
  • Digital lottery bonuses like multi-draw purchase discounts

These enhanced features aim to reward frequent lottery players who are invested in maximizing their chances to win prizes. The VIP program provides extra incentives for loyal players to continue playing Georgia Lottery games.

Access to VIP-Only Second Chance Contests and Giveaways

One of the biggest advantages of the upgraded VIP membership are the special second chance contests and giveaways only available to VIP players. The Georgia Lottery regularly runs second chance promotions that give players another shot at winning after the initial lottery drawing.

Players can enter losing scratch-off or draw game tickets for a second chance to get drawn and win prizes. At certain times throughout the year, the Lottery will run VIP-only versions of these promotions with bigger and better prizes.

For example, the Georgia Lottery might host a VIP-exclusive second chance contest for a $5,000 cash prize. Only VIP members would be able to enter the drawing by submitting eligible losing tickets. This gives VIP players much better odds at winning high-tier prizes through second chance giveaways.

Top VIP Second Chance Prizes

Here are some of the top VIP-only second chance prizes recently offered to upgraded Georgia Lottery Players Club members:

  • $10,000 Cash
  • Luxury cruise packages
  • VIP trip packages to Las Vegas
  • Large flat screen TVs
  • Expensive electronics like iPads and game consoles
  • Premium sports/music event ticket packages

Having exclusive access to these high-value second chance contests is a major benefit of upgrading to VIP status. It allows dedicated players to potentially win huge prizes without having to beat the long odds of actually winning a jackpot in the lottery drawings.

Free Play Coupons

Another promotional perk available only to VIP members is free play coupons. These coupons allow players to get free lottery tickets for certain draw or scratch-off games printed from the Lottery’s website or mobile app.

For scratchers, the free play coupons provide a completely free scratch-off ticket with a value of $1, $2, $3, $5 or $10. For draw games, players can use the coupons to get one free play for games like Powerball, Mega Millions or Fantasy 5.

The Georgia Lottery periodically distributes these free play coupons via email or direct mailing to VIP members. They often coincide with new game launches, giving VIP players first crack at trying hot new scratcher instant games or draw game options.

Types of Free Play Coupons

Common free play coupons awarded to VIP members include:

  • $1 scratcher ticket
  • $2 scratcher ticket
  • $5 scratcher ticket
  • Free Powerball play
  • Free MegaMillions play
  • Free Fantasy 5 play

These free plays allow VIP players to enjoy Georgia Lottery games without spending any of their own money. Over time, earning a steady supply of free play coupons can lead to significant savings that offset the $50 annual VIP membership cost.

Discount Coupons

On top of free plays, upgraded VIP members also gain access to exclusive discount coupons. These coupons allow players to save money when purchasing lottery tickets at retail locations.

The discount coupons provide a set percentage or dollar amount off lottery purchases over a minimum spend amount. For example, one coupon might take $5 off a $20 scratcher purchase or 20% off a $10+ draw game purchase.

Like the free play coupons, the Georgia Lottery issues discount coupons to VIP accounts on a regular basis. They appear directly in the VIP member’s online Lottery account connected to their Players Club membership.

When making a qualifying lottery purchase, the player can provide the retail clerk a unique discount code or mobile barcode. This results in instant savings off the ticket purchase to benefit the VIP member.

Sample VIP Discount Coupons

  • $5 off $20 scratcher purchase
  • 15% off $10+ draw game purchase
  • $3 off $15 Powerball/MegaMillions purchase
  • Buy one get one 50% off $30 scratcher purchase

Combining these discounts with the free plays allows loyal VIP customers to maximize their lottery budget. The more they play, the more they can take advantage of exclusive VIP savings and promotions.

Bonus Entries for Second Chance Contests

Aside from VIP-only second chance contests, upgraded members also receive extra benefits for standard giveaways open to all players.

Many Georgia Lottery second chance promotions provide VIP players with bonus entries. When entering a qualifying non-winning ticket, VIPs will automatically receive double, triple or even 10 times as many entries as regular members.

Having exponentially more entries improves a VIP player’s chances of getting picked as a winner. This special treatment further incentivizes serious lottery players to continue playing more games with their VIP membership.

Sample VIP Bonus Entry Promotions

  • 10x entries for VIPs
  • 5x entries for VIPs
  • Double entries for VIPs
  • Triple entries for VIPs

Capitalizing on these bonus entries over many different Georgia Lottery second chance contests greatly boosts VIP members’ odds versus standard players. The more they enter, the better their chances thanks to the extra entry multiplier.

Dedicated VIP Customer Support Line

Upgraded VIP members also get access to enhanced customer service features. The Georgia Lottery provides a dedicated customer support phone line reserved solely for VIP Players Club members.

Rather than waiting on hold or navigating confusing phone menus, VIPs get their own priority service phone number. This provides direct access to the Lottery’s best customer service agents.

The VIP line is designed to resolve any issues or answer questions as fast as possible. Common inquiries might include:

  • Questions about VIP promotions and coupons
  • Trouble accessing online VIP account
  • Notifications about winnings
  • Second chance contest questions
  • Clarification on lottery rules and procedures

In addition, VIP members typically receive higher priority when contacting customer support through email or online chat. This white glove service ensures VIP players get their problems addressed quickly so they can keep playing lottery games.

Digital Lottery Bonuses

The Georgia Lottery also provides VIP members with special discounts and bonuses when using digital platforms. Players who upgrade to VIP get access to exclusive digital benefits like:

  • Discounted multi-draw purchases on online/mobile
  • Online-only coupons and promotions
  • Bonus Loyalty Points
  • Enhanced account management features

These digital perks enhance the experience of purchasing lottery tickets and managing a Players Club membership online. VIP players can save money playing online and unlock features not available for retail purchases.

For example, VIPs may get 25% off buying four weeks of draw game plays in advance. Or they could earn double Loyalty Points for online scratcher purchases added to their account balance. Digital bonuses further maximize the value proposition of the $50 annual VIP membership fee.

Is the VIP Upgrade Worth It?

Here is a summary of the key benefits included with a Georgia Lottery Players Club VIP membership:

  • VIP-only second chance contests
  • Free play coupons
  • Discount coupons
  • Bonus entries for promotions
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Digital bonuses

For frequent lottery players, these features easily offset the $50 annual fee. VIP members gain access to hundreds of dollars in free plays, discounts, and other exclusive promotions.

Casual players may not purchase enough tickets to take full advantage of VIP perks. But for enthusiasts who spend a significant amount on the lottery each month, the upgraded membership can provide huge benefits.

Key Considerations

Here are some factors to weigh when deciding if a VIP upgrade makes sense:

Pros Cons
More free plays and discounts $50 annual fee
Access to VIP-only prizes Must spend significant amounts to maximize value
Higher chance of winning contests Does not increase jackpot odds

For serious lottery players already spending hundreds per month, the VIP membership can pay for itself quickly through exclusive savings. More casual players may not play frequently enough to justify the cost.

Signing Up for a VIP Membership

Signing up for a VIP Players Club membership is easy to do online. Here are the steps to upgrade an existing account:

  1. Visit and log into your Players Club account
  2. Click “Account Settings” and select “Upgrade to VIP”
  3. Enter payment information for the $50 annual fee
  4. Confirm the upgrade to unlock VIP status
  5. Start enjoying exclusive VIP features and promotions

Users can also upgrade over the phone by calling the Georgia Lottery’s hotline. Special VIP renewal discounts are offered to retain existing VIP subscribers year after year.

Maximizing the Value of a VIP Membership

Here are some tips to get the most value out of a VIP Players Club upgrade:

  • Take advantage of every coupon. Print free play coupons the day they are issued to maximize savings.
  • Enter all VIP contests. Submit entries to every VIP-only second chance drawing, even with just minimum entries.
  • Stack savings. Combine free plays, coupons, and Loyalty Points for huge discounts.
  • Provide email and SMS. Opt-in to all promotional contacts for real-time updates on new VIP promotions.
  • Link a card. Connect your Players Club account to a rewards card to speed up retail coupon redemptions.

Members who regularly engage with every VIP benefit are most likely to get a high return on their membership investment via exclusive prizes, discounts, and perks.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading to VIP status in the Georgia Lottery Players Club provides the opportunity to access amazing benefits above and beyond the standard membership. VIP players gain free plays, discounts, increased chances to win prizes, and other valuable perks.

For serious lottery players who already spend a lot on tickets each month, the $50 VIP membership fee can quickly pay for itself through all the exclusive savings and promotions. More casual players may not play frequently enough to justify the cost.

Overall, the VIP program allows Georgia’s biggest lottery enthusiasts to take their experience to the next level. The upgraded membership can significantly increase a player’s chances of winning and enhance every aspect of playing the lottery.