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What happened to Powerball Nov 7?

The Powerball drawing on November 7, 2023 garnered significant attention across the United States, as the jackpot had rolled over multiple times to reach an advertised grand prize of $1.9 billion, the largest in U.S. lottery history. With a cash value of $929.1 million, the winner would instantly become one of the richest people in America overnight. Naturally, this resulted in a surge of ticket sales in the days leading up to the drawing, with people lining up at lottery vendors and convenience stores to try their luck. But what exactly happened with this historic Powerball drawing, and did anyone actually win the jackpot?

The Winning Numbers

The winning numbers drawn on the night of November 7, 2023 for the $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot were:

10 12 31 47 48 Powerball: 23

The Power Play multiplier was 3x.

To take home the complete $1.9 billion grand prize, a player needed to match all five white ball numbers as well as the red Powerball. The odds of this happening are incredibly low, at just 1 in 292.2 million. That’s why the jackpot was able to roll over 39 times before being won. Even matching five main numbers without the Powerball is an incredible feat, with odds of 1 in 11.7 million.

The Winning Ticket

After the November 7 drawing, it was announced that a single ticket sold in California matched all six numbers to win the $1.9 billion jackpot. This marked only the second time in history that the Powerball grand prize had been won at such a high amount, with the previous record set back in 2016 at $1.586 billion, split by three winning tickets.

The California Lottery soon confirmed that the winning ticket for the November drawing had been sold at Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County. The retailer that sold the jackpot winner will receive a $1 million bonus from the California Lottery.

As of the morning after the drawing, the winner had not yet come forward to claim the record $1.9 billion prize. Lottery winners in California have up to a year from the date of the drawing to come forward and collect their prize. The winner also has the choice between taking the full $1.9 billion spread out over 29 annual payments, or a reduced lump sum of $929.1 million, which is what most jackpot winners opt for.

How the Jackpot Got So Big

The Powerball jackpot starts at $20 million and continues rolling over each drawing until a winning ticket is sold. Jackpots this large are rare, but a few factors contributed to the slow build up to $1.9 billion for the November 7 drawing:

  • No winners for months – The last Powerball jackpot win was on August 3, 2022. Over three months passed with no grand prize winners.
  • Increased ticket sales – The huge jackpot led to increased ticket sales, making it harder for any single player to win.
  • Lack of winner “saturation” – Once a jackpot reaches extremely high amounts, more casual players buy tickets, further diluting the odds.
  • Powerball rule changes – Powerball doubled the number pool in 2015, reducing the odds of winning from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million today.

All of these circumstances combined resulted in 39 straight rollovers since August, allowing the jackpot to reach a world record amount.

Reactions to the Winning Ticket

As soon as it was announced a single ticket had won the $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot, reactions began pouring in across social media and in news headlines. Here are some of the ways Americans responded:

  • Excitement – Many expressed awe and celebration that one lucky player had actually managed to beat the incredible odds and win such an enormous prize.
  • Speculation – Social media lit up with guesses about who the California winner might be and what their plans would be for the money.
  • FOMO – Some felt regret that they didn’t buy a ticket for this record jackpot, experiencing a “fear of missing out” on life-changing winnings.
  • Encouragement – Those who bought tickets but didn’t win were still happy for the winner and considered trying their luck again on future drawings.
  • Disappointment – With only one winning ticket nationwide, many players experienced disappointment after realizing their tickets didn’t match enough numbers.

Of course, until the winner comes forward publicly, we won’t know exactly how this mysterious ticket holder reacted to instantly winning one of the biggest lottery jackpots in history!

The Winning Retailer

In addition to the attention on the $1.9 billion jackpot winner, the California retailer that sold the single ticket also attracted notice. Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, northeast of Los Angeles, received a $1 million bonus from the California Lottery for selling the winning Powerball ticket.

The owner of Joe’s Service Center, Joe Chahayed, described how the last-minute surge of customers on the day of the drawing was so busy that they nearly ran out of paper for lottery tickets. Once it was announced his shop sold the only jackpot winning ticket nationwide, Chahayed expressed excitement and pride for having sold such a life-changing prize for one of his customers.

Joe’s Service Center is more than just a lottery retailer – it is an auto repair shop and convenience store that has been family-owned and operated since the 1970s. Selling the record $1.9 billion ticket provides great exposure for the small business. Locals describe Joe’s Service Center as a neighborhood institution and a reminder that huge jackpot winners can come from anywhere, even your friendly neighborhood gas station.

How the Winner Can Claim the Prize

Since the holder of the winning $1.9 billion Powerball ticket has up to a year to come forward in California, they have the luxury of time when it comes to claiming their record-setting prize. Here are the steps the winner will need to take:

  1. Sign the back of the winning ticket – A key first step to establish ownership if lost.
  2. Consult legal and financial advisors – To provide guidance on complex decisions related to the prize.
  3. Visit the California Lottery office – To officially begin the claims process, verification and paperwork.
  4. Decide on cash or annuity – Choose between the full advertised jackpot spread over 29 annual payments, or the reduced lump sum cash option.
  5. Attend press conference – Winners traditionally appear publicly at a press event organized by the state lottery.
  6. Collect the winnings – After taxes, the winner can spend their prize money however they see fit!

The California Lottery will support the winner through each step. And if the ticket holder waits the full year, they should check back closer to the deadline to begin the claims process in time.

What $1.9 Billion Can Buy

While we wait to find out who the mystery winner of the $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot is, it’s fun to imagine what one could buy with such an enormous prize. Here are just a few incredible things you could purchase if you suddenly had nearly $2 billion to spend:

  • A private island – For the ultimate luxury retreat, your own island starts around $20 million.
  • A sports team – Prices vary, but you could potentially buy a professional football, basketball, baseball or hockey franchise.
  • A fleet of yachts – commission 10 mega yachts at over $100 million each.
  • A private jet – A top of the line Gulfstream G650ER runs about $70 million.
  • Mansions around the world – Pick locations in California, New York, Hawaii, Europe and beyond.
  • Luxury vehicles – Collect Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.
  • Jewelry – Invest millions on diamond rings, necklaces and precious gems.
  • Artwork – Build a world-class collection with masterpieces worth hundreds of millions.
  • Pay off loans/debts – Eliminate any lingering financial obligations.

Of course, most financial advisors recommend establishing trusts, making solid investments, and using extreme wealth responsibly. But it’s still fun to imagine the possibilities if you won!

The All-Time Biggest Jackpots

While the November 7, 2023 Powerball drawing set a new world record at $1.9 billion, other U.S. lottery games have also produced enormous jackpots over the years. Here are the Top 10 biggest lottery prizes of all time:

Amount Lottery Date Winners
$1.9 billion Powerball Nov 7, 2023 1
$1.586 billion Powerball Jan 13, 2016 3
$1.537 billion Mega Millions Oct 23, 2018 1
$1.05 billion Mega Millions Jan 22, 2021 1
$768.4 million Powerball Mar 27, 2019 1
$758.7 million Powerball Aug 23, 2017 1
$731.1 million Powerball Jan 20, 2021 1
$699.8 million Powerball Oct 4, 2021 1
$687.8 million Powerball Oct 27, 2018 2
$656 million Mega Millions Mar 30, 2012 3

The Powerball and Mega Millions games account for each of the Top 10 biggest jackpots, showing their ability to produce historic winnings on certain epic rollovers. It will be exciting to see if future lottery mania can surpass the latest Powerball record of $1.9 billion.

Taxes on the Winnings

While winning over $1.9 billion in the Powerball drawing may seem like all take-home money, the reality is the winner will lose a significant chunk to both federal and state taxes. Here’s how it works:

  • Federal tax: The top federal tax bracket is 37%, which would take over $300 million right off the top if taking the lump sum.
  • State tax: California has no state tax on lottery winnings, offering a nice advantage. Other states can tax up to 8% or more.
  • Reduction to lump sum: The advertised jackpot is reduced by about 40% when taken as an immediate cash lump sum.

After federal withholdings but before anything else, the $1.9 billion winner would take home around $600 million on the lump sum payout in California. Further investments, trusts, and asset protection could provide tax advantages to maximize the windfall.

Will Powerball Fever Continue?

Since someone won the record $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot, the next drawing on November 9 saw a huge decline in ticket sales and player interest. The jackpot reset to $20 million, with no built up rollover fueling lottery fever. However, it likely won’t take long for the next epic Powerball run to commence.

Once the jackpot reaches $200 to $300 million again over some rollovers, casual players will start purchasing tickets in larger numbers once more. And if a few more months pass with no winner, a fresh bout of Powerball mania could return for another shot at a 10-figure prize. Lottery enthusiasts know prize amounts ebb and flow, with patience eventually paying off in a big way for the next lucky winner!

Changes After the Historic Win

The Powerball organization will closely analyze results from the record $1.9 billion jackpot to determine if any changes are required to the game’s format or rules. However, significant alterations are viewed as unlikely.

One possibility is a move to better control jackpot sizes, such as bumping starting amounts after a win or modifying annual payment options. Powerball may also use the historic win to promote itself to new audiences and jurisdictions considering offering the lottery. But the basic 5/69 + 1/26 format that produced the $1.9 billion prize will almost surely remain intact.

Powerball has struck a winning formula that reliably produces enormous jackpots over time. For instance, the previous record was “only” $1.586 billion back in 2016. So the growth to a new high 7 years later follows expectations. Future tweaks will aim to keep the game fresh and fun for players chasing the next epic jackpot.


The Powerball drawing on November 7, 2023 will forever be remembered for producing an unbelievable $1.9 billion jackpot, won by a single ticket in California. This surpassed all previous lottery prizes to become the largest ever in the United States and globally. The winner has up to a year to claim their record-setting prize and decide whether to take an immediate cash lump sum or annual installments. While the jackpot return to normal, Powerball mania will certainly ignite again sometime soon when the next multi-hundred-million dollar lottery jackpot emerges. For now, all eyes remain on California as everyone waits in suspense to see who comes forward with the tiny slip of paper abruptly worth nearly $2 billion dollars!