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What happens if someone reports you on clash of clans?

If someone reports you on Clash of Clans, your account will be reviewed by Supercell’s moderation team. Depending on the severity of the offense, the team can give you a warning, suspend you temporarily, or even terminate your account in extreme cases.

The team takes reports seriously and takes into account reports of offensive language, hate speech, and unsportsmanlike behavior. To prevent yourself from being reported, avoid using inappropriate language, being excessively aggressive, and engaging in other behavior that could be considered unsportsmanlike during online play.

Additionally, keep in mind that breaking any of the game rules can lead to permanent suspension or termination of your account.

How do you report someone on clash of clans?

If you wish to report someone in Clash of Clans, the process is quite simple. Firstly, open up the profile of the player you wish to report. Then, select the “Report Player” option at the bottom of the screen.

A window will open, asking you to confirm the report. After you select “Confirm,” it will ask you to “Select Report Reason. ” Choose the option that best describes why you’re filing a report; choose from issues like cheating, offensive language, inappropriate content, and more.

Once you’ve selected the report reason, a small window will appear asking you to provide additional information on the report. Be sure to give as much detail as possible to make sure Supercell, the company that developed Clash of Clans, can take appropriate action.

Once you provide the information, select the “Send” option to submit the report. You’ll get confirmation that your report has been received. Supercell will then review the report and take appropriate action.

It’s important to note that you cannot report someone for their game tactics as this is a part of the game, but may still be unpleasant.

How do I report supercell?

Reporting Supercell depends on the complaint that is being reported. Generally, if you believe that an action or behavior of someone you have encountered in Supercell games does not follow their Terms of Service, you can contact them directly.

For example, if you have encountered an individual who is verbally harassing you, you can submit a ticket via the Supercell support page for the game in which you’ve encountered this behavior. If you come across someone cheating or using exploits to gain an unfair advantage in game, you can add “Cheating” as the category of your ticket and provide as much evidence as possible.

Alternatively, if you feel your complaint is not well suited for a ticket, you can contact Supercell’s customer support team directly via email or phone. Simply go to the Supercell contact page, provide your contact details, and choose your issue or type in a brief description of your problem.

You can also send Supercell a physical letter to their corporate headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. The address is Supercell Oy, Itämerenkatu 3, 00180, Helsinki, Finland.

Can you sell Clash of Clans accounts?

Yes, you can sell your Clash of Clans accounts. Generally, the process involves you posting your account details on an online marketplace, like eBay or PlayerAuctions, where potential buyers can then view and purchase your account.

When displaying your account for sale, you will typically be required to provide account details (including the Town Hall level, the gems, coins and elixir you have, and other noteworthy features), along with screenshots as evidence of ownership of the account so potential buyers can feel comfortable knowing the account is legitimate.

Additionally, many sites will have specific rules or restrictions regarding the sale and purchase of Clash of Clans accounts. Therefore, we recommend reading through any terms and conditions the online marketplace has before listing and selling your account.

What happens if you don’t play Clash of Clans for a long time?

If you don’t play Clash of Clans for a long time you may be subject to a variety of inactivity penalties. After 28 days of inactivity, all collected resources will be reduced to 50% of their original values.

After 43 days, the resources will be reduced to 25% of their original values. After 58 days of inactivity, all structures and all troops will be removed, apart from walls, which will remain. After a further 7 days, all walls will be removed too.

In addition, a weekly maintenance fee will be imposed after 8 days of inactivity. If the maintenance fee is not paid, the village will be removed from the game completely. Finally, rewards from seasonal events, such as the Clash of Clans Christmas event, may be forfeited if the village is inactive for 14 days or more.

How do I send a message to Supercell ID?

To send a message to Supercell ID, first ensure that you have a registered Supercell ID account. To do this, download the game to your mobile device, then select the Supercell ID option in the settings menu.

When you have the Supercell ID log-in form open, click the sign-up button and follow the prompts to create your own account.

Once you have a Supercell ID account, you can log in and use the ‘friends’ option from the menu. When you are in the ‘friends’ menu, you can find the profile of the user you want to message by searching for their username or user ID.

When you have found the profile of the person you want to message, click on the message icon to open the chat dialog box. Finally, you can type your message and click the send button.

How long does it take for Supercell to respond?

It usually takes Supercell from 24 to 48 hours to respond to inquiries from users. Depending on the nature and complexity of the issue, you may receive a response sooner or later than this. Supercell also states that heavier volumes of customer support inquiries may cause a delay in response times.

It’s always best to contact Supercell directly via email or through their contact page, as this often produces the fastest response.

Who is the owner of Supercell?

Supercell is one of the most successful mobile gaming companies in the world, known for its popular games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Brawl Stars. The company was founded in 2010 and is currently owned by Tencent, a Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate.

Tencent first invested in Supercell in June 2013, owning a majority stake in the company. Tencent continued to make strategic investments throughout 2015 and 2016, eventually obtaining full ownership of Supercell in 2016.

With Tencent’s support, Supercell has become a leader in the mobile gaming industry, with many of its games reaching multi-million-dollar revenues.

How long does Clash of Clans support take to answer?

The amount of time it takes for the Clash of Clans support team to answer a query varies depending on the complexity of the issue. Generally, they respond to most inquiries within 24 hours. However, some requests may require additional investigation or research, which could add time to the resolution process.

Additionally, the game’s support may take additional time over the weekend and holidays due to an increased volume of requests. If a player’s query is urgent and they require an immediate response, it is recommended that they contact the support team via their in-game support system.

This will enable them to receive a direct response from the support team. While it is impossible to estimate how long a response will take in this case, the support team is generally quick to reply and should be able to help the player with their issue in a timely manner.

How can I contact COC?

You can call us toll-free at 1-800-222-3166, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern. You can also email us directly at info@conservationofcultures. org. Our mailing address is Conservation of Cultures, 123 Main Street, Suite 200, Boston, MA 02101.

We also have a contact page on our website where you can fill out an inquiry form and submit it to us. We try to respond quickly to all inquiries and will usually get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Finally, you can follow us on social media and connect with us through various platforms. Our Twitter handle is @ConservationCultures, and you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How can I get back my COC account?

If you have lost your Clash of Clans account and are wondering how to get it back, the following steps can help.

1. Firstly, try to recover your COC account with your Google Play orGame Center account that is associated with it. For Google Play users, you will have to select “Sign in with Google” in the COC app and enter your Google Play credentials.

Similarly, for iOS users, you will have to select “Sign in withGame Center” and enter your Apple ID and password.

2. If the above option does not help, you can contact Supercell support through the Contact Us section on their website. You will have to provide information such as your Game Center or Google Play ID, the email address used for your account, your account name, and a date when you last played your account.

3. Additionally, if you had recently transferred your COC account to a new device, you will have to provide the name of the old device along with the registration code Supercell sent to it.

4. If you still have trouble recovering your account, you can reach out to Supercell through their social media handles.

While recovering your COC account can be difficult and time-consuming, if you have provided enough proof, Supercell will help you to get your account back. Keep in mind that you should always protect your account by setting a strong password and linking it to a platform like Google Play or Game Center.

Does supercell delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Supercell does delete inactive accounts. Accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months will automatically be removed from the Supercell servers. Players are encouraged to sign into their Supercell account regularly to prevent this from happening.

Before an inactive account is deleted, Supercell first sends out an email to the account’s registered email address to notify the user that their account is about to be removed. The email also provides the player with the option to reactivate their account and continue playing.

If the player does not reactivate their account within the allotted time, their account and all related information will be permanently deleted. This includes game progress, purchased items, promotions, and so on.

Players are advised to link their Supercell account to an authorized platform where they can securely store their progress, such as Facebook or Game Center, so that it can be recovered if their account is ever deleted.

How can I find my old COC username?

If you’re trying to find an old username associated with your Clash of Clans (COC) account, the best way is to review your account data. You may be able to find the username through your connected account data or your payment history.

To do this, go to your account settings and view your linked accounts, then look for any usernames associated with your payment method. You may also be able to find your old COC username by viewing your past in-app purchases.

To do this, look for any purchases associated with your COC username. You may also want to check your old emails or any messages you sent and received on the game. If all else fails, you may need to contact customer support and provide details about your account, such as your payment method, email address, or name associated with the account.

How can I recover my COC account without Gmail?

If you are looking to recover your COC (Clash of Clans) account without Gmail, there are a few steps you can take.

The first step is to use the Support tab within the game itself. On the Support tab you can request for your Player Tag for your COC account, which is a unique identifier for your account. All you need to do is provide the Support team with some basic information that they can use to easily locate your account in the game.

If a support request is unsuccessful or takes too long to receive a response, the next step is to try using the account recovery page on SuperCell’s website. Here, you will need to provide a valid email address or valid phone number tied to your account.

Once you have provided the email or phone number and receive an email or SMS code, enter it into the account recovery page to verify your account.

Finally, if these methods fail, consider submitting a ticket directly to SuperCell’s team providing all the details you can about your account, such as your Player Tag, your most recent in-game name, and the last time you logged in.

Be sure to explain that you do not have access to the email account tied to your account, and you will need to provide proof of ownership to recover it. SuperCell’s team can then manually investigate the situation and help with the recovery process.

Do people cheat on Clash of Clans?

Yes, unfortunately some people do cheat on Clash of Clans. Cheaters use various methods to gain an unfair advantage such as buying or exchanging accounts to gain resources, modifying the game client or using glitches and exploits.

Players have been caught using modded armies, using bots to farm resources and using a range of different hacks to gain an advantage in the game. Additionally, some players buy or exchange accounts in order to skip ahead in the game without having to invest the time to progress naturally.

Clash of Clans takes steps to ensure fair play by issuing bans and restrictions to those who are caught cheating. They also have a prohibition on any form of account sharing or selling. If players are caught they could have their account suspended or even permanently banned.

Additionally, Supercell has initiated regular system updates and bug fixes to prevent players from exploiting any loopholes in the game made by programmers.

It’s unfortunate that some people still choose to cheat on Clash of Clans, but with the proactive steps taken by Supercell, the game experience for honest players remains intact.