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What happens when you delete a Discord server?

When you delete a Discord server, the server and all of its associated data are permanently deleted. This includes all text, voice, and image data associated with the server, as well as any additional roles and categories you may have created.

All members will automatically be removed from the server and all associated channels/text and voice conversations will be erased. Additionally, you will no longer receive notifications related to the deleted server, which may include notifications of messages sent to or by members previously on the server.

Once a server is deleted, it cannot be recovered and any data associated with it is lost forever.

How do I delete everything from my Discord server?

To delete everything from your Discord server, the best way to do so is to delete all of the channels, categories, roles, and messages that are contained within the server. This can be done by clicking the “Server Settings” (gear icon) at the top of the client window and then navigating to the “Roles” section.

Here, you can delete any roles and categories that are no longer needed.

In the “Channels” section, you can delete any text and voice channels that are no longer needed. Please note, the #general channel cannot be deleted. Additionally, the “Members” section allows you to remove members from the server.

Finally, you can delete any messages within the server by going to the channel where the message or messages are located and pressing the three-dot icon next to the message. It is important to remember that messages can only be deleted by the author of the message or by a server administrator.

Once all of the channels, categories, roles, members, and messages have been deleted, the server will be empty. It is important to remember that once the server has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Does leaving a Discord server delete your messages?

No, leaving a Discord server does not delete your messages. When you leave a Discord server, your messages remain in the server, including any messages you sent in channels or direct messages. However, once you leave the server, you will no longer be able to access those messages or edit them.

Other members of the server can still view and interact with your messages, so be mindful of what you post in Discord.

How do you Delete a whole conversation on Discord?

To delete a whole conversation on Discord, first go to the conversation you wish to delete. Once you have selected the conversation, look for the cog wheel icon and click it. When you click the cog wheel, you will see a “More” option.

Select the “More” option and then you will see an option labeled “Delete Conversation” in the drop-down menu. Click the “Delete Conversation” option and confirm the deletion by clicking “Delete Conversation” once again.

This will delete the entire conversation, including all its messages and any media associated with it.

How long are Discord messages saved?

Discord messages are generally saved for an indefinite amount of time. However, if users delete a message, it won’t stay on the server forever and will eventually be purged. By default, most Discord users have access to the last 1000 messages in any given text channel in their server.

Administrators have the ability to set the total message history per channel between 0 and 10,000. Beyond this limit, messages will be automatically deleted from oldest to newest. Additionally, users can individually delete their own messages that have been sent, provided the server setting for message deletion has not been disabled.

What’s the command for MEE6?

The command for MEE6 is !commands. By using this command in your server’s text channel, you can view all of MEE6’s available commands. You can also use this command to customise the prefix associated with your server’s MEE6 commands – simply type !prefix and MEE6 will respond with the confirmation that it has successfully set the new prefix.

Additionally, you can use the command !help to receive more information about a specific command or feature.

Why can’t I delete my server on Discord?

Generally speaking, you cannot delete your Discord server because once it is created it is persistent and cannot be erased. The only way to remove your server is to transfer its ownership to another user, which requires the user with administrative permissions to go through the Server Settings menu.

Only after all of the required steps have been completed is the server transferred successfully and the new owner can delete it. Additionally, the user who created the server may have to delete all of the channels, roles, and direct messages related to the server before they can successfully transfer the ownership of the server.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the consequences of deleting a server before attempting to do so.

How do you get mee6 to say goodbye?

Mee6 is a Discord bot that is popular for administering server moderation and custom commands. You can get Mee6 to say goodbye by setting up a custom command to do so. To do this, you will need to access the Mee6 dashboard.

On the dashboard, go to Commands, then hit “Add Command” to set up your command. In the command box, type “!goodbye” (or whatever phrase or phrase you would like Mee6 to say goodbye with) then, in the response box, type in the command “!goodbye” followed by a phrase such as “Have a great day!” After you are finished configuring the command, hit “Save Changes” and you are all set! Now when someone types in “!goodbye”, it will trigger Mee6 to automatically respond with “Have a great day!”.

Where is the 6 digit code on Discord?

The 6 digit code for Discord is located in the Account Settings page. To find this code, log in to your Discord account on a web browser and click on the Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

This will take you to the Account Settings. Scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication section, and you will see a 6-digit code displayed in the Two-Factor Authentication window. This code is meant to offer an extra layer of security to your Discord account.

You will be asked to enter this code when you log in to your Discord account from a different device.

What does archiving a server do?

Archiving a server is the process of backing up data and system state and then securely deleting or suspending the server to secure it against unauthorized access. By archiving a server, organizations can protect their critical data and applications against malicious attacks, accidental deletion, and other types of data loss.

Archiving a server begins by performing a full server backup. This step ensures that all data, settings, applications, and preferences are backed up, allowing the organization to restore the server to a known good state in the event of a disaster.

The next step is to delete or suspend the server. This part removes the server from the system, preventing anyone from accessing it other than those who have been provided authorized access.

Finally, the archived server should be stored in a secure location, with appropriate access controls and safeguards to prevent any unauthorized access. It is important to ensure that standard security protocols are followed and that all passwords and data remain confidential.

Archiving a server is an important step in protecting organizational data and applications from data loss or unauthorized access, and should be done on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing security and integrity of an organization’s systems.