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What happens when you delete message on Discord?

When you delete a message on Discord, the message will be removed from your current text channel and anyone else’s view of the channel. However, the message will remain on Discord’s servers, and Discord Administrators and Discord Trust and Safety Team can view deleted messages if necessary.

Only users with “Manage Messages” or “Manage Server” permissions have the ability to delete messages from another user. It is not possible to delete a message sent by another user, or to delete messages in channels you don’t have permission to manage.

When a message is deleted, it is replaced with a system message that reads “Message Deleted”. This message includes the name of the user who deleted the message, the channel in which the message was posted, and the time the message was deleted.

How do you delete Discord messages on both sides?

In order to delete Discord messages on both sides, you must use the “Delete for Everyone” function. This function is available on the mobile application and can be accessed by pressing and holding on the message that you wish to delete.

Once you have pressed and held on the message, the “Delete for Everyone” option should appear at the bottom of your screen. If you press this, the message will be deleted from both the sender’s and recipients’ sides.

How do I delete a whole Discord DM?

To delete an entire Direct Message (DM) conversation, you will need to go through each individual message you wish to delete, one at a time, while logged in to your Discord account. To delete each message, hover over the message you wish to delete, and click on the trash can icon that appears.

This will open up a small window that allows you to delete the selected message. Once you have gone through each individual message, the entire DM conversation will be erased from your account, and no one involved in the conversation will be able to access it again.

Do Discord DMs disappear?

Yes, Discord DMs can disappear. The ability to delete direct messages can be enabled or disabled by the individual user. It’s up to the user to decide which messages they would like to keep and which should be disposed of, which provides increased flexibility.

When someone deletes a message, it is removed from both of their servers and can no longer be seen. However, the recipients of these messages may still have copies of them due to features like quote tweets.

Deleting Discord messages is simple and can be done directly from the user’s server. To delete a message, simply hover your mouse over the message in question and select the “x” icon that appears. This will prompt the user to confirm their decision, and if they do, the message will be deleted from the conversation.

In addition to deleting messages, users also have the ability to delete entire conversations if they’d like. To do this, the user will need to select the conversation and then click the delete icon on the top right corner.

Again, the user will need to confirm the action before it is finalized.

Overall, Discord DMs can disappear if the user enables the ability to delete them. This gives users more control over the content they share and can help keep conversations more private.

How long until Discord messages are deleted?

The amount of time a Discord message is kept before being deleted depends on a few different factors. By default, all messages sent on Discord are stored indefinitely – however, server administrators can choose to set up server-specific message retention policies, which can be configured to delete messages after a certain amount of time.

For example, some servers may have policies that delete messages after 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Additionally, each individual user has the ability to set up individual message auto deletion policies, which can be configured to delete messages sent on a specific channel after a certain amount of time.

Are Discord DMS really private?

Yes, Discord DMs (Direct Messages) are generally private. All conversation through Discord can only be read by those involved in the conversation and is therefore private. Encrypted messages, which are a recent addition to Discord, provide an extra layer of security to your private conversations and make them even more secure.

All messages sent through encrypted messages are encrypted and can only be read if both users have the encryption key. Discord also doesn’t read or store any private messages sent by users. However, it’s important to remember that anything said on the internet can be seen by other people, even in private conversations.

Even if Discord itself is not reading or storing your DM conversation, it’s possible that other people may still be able to read it or access it without your knowledge. It’s important to remain vigilant while using any online platform or app, particularly when sending private messages.

Do old Discord DMS get deleted?

No, old messages stored in a DM are never automatically deleted. Messages sent in a DM will remain stored in both users’ inboxes until either user manually deletes them. However, if a user deletes their account, all of their messages will be deleted in the process, even messages sent in a DM.

Do Discord chats expire?

No, Discord chats do not expire by default. Each Discord server can set an individual expiry time for previous messages, but there is no global expiry setting. If a server has not set an expiry time, then conversations on that server will not expire.

Expiry times for messages can be set to delete messages after a set period of time, but this is specific to each server. It is possible to delete messages manually from channels or from individual users.

Users can also clear all the messages from a channel or from an entire server at once.

How do you Unsend in Discord?

Unfortunately, the ability to unsend a message in Discord is not currently available. However, if you want to delete messages, you can do so quickly and easily. First, open the channel or conversation that contains the message you want to delete, then simply click the icon to the right of the message (the three dots).

You’ll be given the option to delete the message. If you’re the owner of a channel or server, you can also delete messages from other people by hovering over the message and clicking on the “X” icon, which will give you the option to delete the message.

Keep in mind that deleted messages are gone forever, so be sure to use this feature responsibly.

Why won’t Discord let me delete a message?

Discord won’t let you delete a message in a variety of situations. This can depend on the permission level of the members in the server, the age of message and the permission settings of the server.

If your permission level does not allow you to delete messages, then you will not be able to delete them. Most servers allow all members to delete their own messages and messages of other users is restricted to moderators or admins.

You will need to contact the owner or moderator of the server to see if you can request that your permission level is raised.

The age of the message may also cause Discord not to let you delete it. In some cases there are restrictions that prevent messages sent a certain amount of time ago from being deleted. This is usually for moderation purposes and the age of the messages that can be deleted depends on the server and the owner’s settings.

If you’ve checked that your permission level and the age of the message allow you to delete it, then the issue may be with the server’s settings. The server owner may have certain settings that prevent certain messages from being deleted.

In this case, you will need to contact the server owner and inquire about why you can’t delete the message.