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What is a good gift for lottery lovers?

For those who love playing the lottery, finding a great gift for them can be tricky. While most lottery lovers enjoy the thrill of playing and the possibility of winning big, they also appreciate gifts that enhance their lottery experience or display their passion for playing. In this article, we’ll explore some excellent gift ideas for the lottery devotee in your life.

Scratch-Off Tickets

One of the most obvious yet consistently appreciated gifts for lottery lovers are scratch-off tickets. Also known as instant win tickets, scratchers allow players to immediately see if they’ve won a prize by scratching off a thin latex coating. These types of lottery games offer instant gratification and come in a variety of price points to suit different budgets. A booklet of higher priced ($20+) scratch-offs can make a great gift for devoted players. Lower priced scratchers are also fun gifts to give in bulk. The key is choosing distinctive scratch-off games that your lottery player may not purchase for themselves.

Where to Buy Scratch-Offs

You can find scratch-off tickets at most convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, and lottery retailers. For wider selections, visit your state’s official lottery website, which may offer holiday-themed scratchers and themed ticket packs around major holidays and events. If accessible, visiting your state’s lottery headquarters is another excellent place to shop for scratch-offs. Many headquarters locations have the largest selections and even exclusive scratch-off games only available at their on-site lottery store.

Tips for Giving Scratch-Offs

  • Look for limited edition games with better odds not always available.
  • Select a variety of ticket values and price points.
  • Consider themed tickets tied to your loved one’s interests.
  • Pair scratchers with small inexpensive gifts for a lottery lover’s gift basket.
  • Have the giftee scratch the tickets off while you’re there to share in the excitement.

Creative Ways to Give Scratch-Offs

  • Place tickets in a custom lottery ticket Christmas stocking.
  • Fill a leotard leg shaped container or nylon with tickets.
  • Put tickets inside lottery themed greeting cards.
  • Roll up tickets and tie them with curled ribbon.
  • Creative gift basket ideas filled with themed tickets and small extras.

Lottery Ticket Subscription

For lottery lovers who play reliably every week, a lottery ticket subscription service is the perfect gift. These services allow you to purchase advance lottery tickets for your desired lottery game and number selections. The service will buy the tickets on your behalf and send your recipient notifications when they win. Some services even allow you to have a gift message attached to ticket purchases.

Popular Lottery Subscription Services

  • Lottosend
  • Jackpocket
  • LotteryMaster
  • Lotto Agent
  • TheLotter

These services cover most major national and state lottery games. The key is finding one that supports the specific lottery your gift recipient prefers to play. Common options include Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Lotto Texas, and more. Make sure to research available lottery selection in your recipient’s state.

Tips for Giving Lottery Subscriptions

  • Choose subscription duration – options range from 1 month to 1 year.
  • Select the specific lottery game(s) and number combinations.
  • Add a gift message for a personalized touch.
  • Give notifications to share the excitement.
  • Consider bundling with other fun lottery accessories.

Lottery Scratcher Tool

For the lottery player who likes instant scratch-off games, a lottery scratcher is ideal. These tools allow you to quickly and easily scratch off the latex coating on scratcher tickets. Often ergonomically designed, they are much preferred over using coins or keys to reveal hidden symbols and prize amounts. This makes scratching off multiple tickets quicker and more enjoyable.

Popular Scratcher Tool Brands

  • Rainbow Scratchers
  • Tuxedo Scratchers
  • Lottery Platinum Scratchers
  • Scratch My Back
  • Lucky Ducky Scratchers
  • Scratchers Gone Wild

You’ll find a range of styles and designs among different brands, from single scratcher tools to multi-pronged devices. Prices range from $5 to $15 for more heavy duty versions. Select a scratcher made of durable metals like stainless steel, brass, or silver. Plastic scratchers have the disadvantage of breaking easily.

Features to Look For

  • Metal construction
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Size – keychain or full handle
  • Design – practical or novelty
  • Multiple vs single scratcher
  • Protective case

Consider if your lottery lover would prefer a whimsical novelty design or a more sophisticated scratcher tool. Keychain sized scratchers are excellent for portable convenience while full sized versions allow for greater leverage and scratching strength.

Lottery Ticket Holders

Lottery ticket holders are a practical gift idea for the frequent lottery player. Also called lottery ticket organizers, these holders provide protected storage and easy organizers for both winning and non-winning tickets. Most feature crisp clear display windows so your lottery devotee can still see their tickets inside.

Benefits of Lottery Ticket Holders

  • Keeps tickets neatly organized
  • Displays tickets clearly
  • Protects tickets from damage
  • Portable for easy mobility
  • Holds both winning and losing tickets
  • Variety of size options

Ticket holders are made of durable materials like plastic, leather, or aluminum. Sizes range from slim sleeves for single ticket storage to wallets and binders that hold 50+ tickets. Consider your recipient’s typical ticket volume when selecting size.

Creative Ticket Holder Options

  • Leather ticket binder
  • Aluminum briefcase ticket holder
  • Acrylic display case holder
  • Faux alligator pattern ticket wallet
  • Vinyl ticket sleeve with chain keyring
  • Desktop acrylic ticket frame holder

For convenient access while playing, opt for a portable ticket wallet or sleeve case. Frame and display case holders are better suited for showing off winning tickets. Look for specialty lottery ticket holder designs online or at lottery retail stores.

Lottery Number Selection Apps and Software

Tech-savvy lottery players will appreciate lottery number generator software. These digital tools offer various methods for selecting potential winning lottery numbers. Functions can include choosing numbers based on mathematical probability, numerology compatibility, and more.

Features of Lottery Apps and Software

  • Number pattern analysis
  • Frequency/common numbers
  • Hot/cold numbers
  • Number wheeling systems
  • Historical drawing trends
  • Number grouping patterns
  • Lucky number formulas
  • Numerology principles

For convenience, look for lottery number generator apps for smartphones and tablets. Some computer software provides more robust analytics and data for diehard lottery fans. Consider bundled deals that include apps, software, and lottery strategy guides.

Top Lottery Number Apps and Software

  • Smart Luck Lottery Number Generator
  • WinSlips App
  • Lottery Number Advisor
  • Lotto Logic Lottery Software
  • Gambit Smartwheel Lottery App
  • Lotto Pro Lottery Software

Read reviews to compare the range of features, tools, and ease of use among different lottery number selection options. Make sure the service covers the lottery games played in your recipient’s state.

Lottery Strategy Guides and Books

Books exploring strategies, systems, and tips for winning the lottery provide entertaining reading and useful ideas for devoted players. These guides break down methods for selecting numbers, finding better odds, and maximizing lottery success. Books range from general lottery playing guides to game specific strategy breakdowns.

Types of Lottery Strategy Guides

  • Lottery game odds/number frequency books
  • Number wheeling technique books
  • Individual lottery game strategy guides
  • Mathematical lottery probability theory books
  • Numerology for picking winning lottery numbers
  • Lottery success visualization workbooks

Consider the lottery games your recipient plays when selecting a strategy guide topic. There are specialized books for beating Powerball, Mega Millions, scratch-offs, Pick 4 style games, and daily lottery drawings.

Notable Lottery Strategy Book Titles/Authors

  • “How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction” by Eddie Coronado
  • “Lotto Winning Wheels for Pick-5 and Pick-6 Lotteries” by Howard Schwartz
  • “Lottery Master Guide” by Gail Howard
  • “Zingers! Succinct Thoughts on Playing the Lottery” by Lee Kostroski
  • “Numerology – The Complete Guide to Numerology” by Matthew Oliver

Pair lottery strategy books with complementary gifts like specialized lottery software or number selection apps. Opt for authors with long histories of studying and winning lottery games.

Lottery-Themed Apparel and Accessories

Lottery t-shirts, hats, jewelry, and other accessories allow devoted players to display their love for playing. These lottery-themed goods advertise popular national lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions or feature general expressions like “Lottery Queen” or “I Love Lotto.”

Lottery Apparel Gift Ideas

  • Lottery logo t-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Ball cap featuring lottery numbers
  • “Lottery Addict” coffee mug
  • Scratch-off ticket earrings
  • Necklace with lottery ball charm
  • Novelty lottery boxers briefs

Search for lottery accessories on sites like Etsy for extensive handcrafted, customized, and novelty options. Opt for high quality materials and sizing when selecting apparel items as lottery gifts.

Where to Find Lottery-Themed Apparel

  • Online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon
  • Custom apparel and accessory sellers like Zazzle and CafePress
  • Your state’s official lottery website
  • Lottery retailers and gift shops
  • Novelty gift stores

Picking lottery accessories in your recipient’s favorite colors or adorned with their preferred lottery game can make the gift extra special. Pair with related presents like lottery tickets or number generator tools.

Lottery Gift Baskets and Packages

For the ultimate lottery-themed gift, combine several fun lottery presents in a gift basket or package. Tailor the assortment of goodies to the lottery games and habits of your recipient. Gift basket filler ideas include:

  • Scratch-off tickets
  • Lottery ticket holder
  • Lottery strategy book/guide
  • Lottery apparel – visor, socks, t-shirt
  • Lottery ball pen
  • Fun lottery scratcher tool
  • Lottery number generator app
  • Lottery gift card – for more tickets!

Package the lottery basket in a container like a wine cooler bag, insulated lunchbox, or reusable shopping tote. Include tissue paper, basket stuffing, or lottery confetti for added flair. Top it off with a bow or ribbon.

Tips for Lottery Gift Baskets

  • Include a variety of prize lottery tickets.
  • Select lottery items in the recipient’s favorite color(s).
  • Incorporate useful and novelty gifts together.
  • Make it reusable with a gift basket container.
  • Pair edibles with lottery items like cookies or lottery chocolate.
  • Handwrite gift tags for items.

With myriad lottery-themed elements to choose from, you can create a customizable lottery lover’s gift set sure to delight. Pair the basket with a greeting card celebrating their love of playing the odds.

Fun “Lottery Winnings” Style Gift Presentation

For a creative gift presentation, give lottery related presents as if they had won the lottery. Ideas include:

  • Place items in a wrapped box decorated like an oversized lottery check.
  • Arrange gifts in a suitcase along with fake lottery winnings like a money lei.
  • Fill a personalized printed Powerball lottery bag with goodies.
  • Add a greeting card shaped like a scratch ticket winning millions.
  • Top with confetti or a fun lottery party hat and noisemaker.

Search online for free printable fake lottery tickets and oversized novelty checks for cheap embellishments. The goal is making it look like they won the jackpot when opening their gift!


Finding a thoughtful gift for the lottery gaming enthusiast doesn’t have to be difficult. Lottery scratchers, subscriptions, accessories, tools, books and more allow you to customize options based on their favorite games and lottery habits. Combine several elements for a lottery gift basket tailored specifically to your recipient’s passion for playing. With the endless lottery related gift ideas available, you can make any lottery lover’s day with fun, useful presents designed for devoted players.