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What is cash pop Missouri Lottery?

Cash Pop is a Missouri-exclusive instant win terminal game from the Missouri Lottery. Cash Pop gives players the chance to win cash prizes instantly by matching numbers on their Cash Pop ticket to the numbers drawn for that play. Here are some quick answers about how Cash Pop works:

  • Cash Pop is only available in Missouri through lottery retailers with Cash Pop terminals.
  • Tickets cost $1, $2, $5, or $10.
  • When you play, 5 numbers between 1 and 35 are randomly selected.
  • If you match all 5 numbers drawn, you win the top prize for that ticket price.
  • Partial matches of 2, 3, or 4 numbers also win smaller prizes.
  • Drawings happen every 4 minutes.
  • Winners can collect instantly at the retailer.

Cash Pop gives players instant gratification and the chance to win prizes up to $100,000. Keep reading for more details on how this exclusive Missouri Lottery game works.

How to Play Cash Pop

To play Cash Pop, you simply visit a Missouri Lottery retailer that has a Cash Pop terminal. These touch screen terminals are connected to the lottery system and allow you to instantly purchase and play Cash Pop tickets. Here is how to play:

  1. Decide how much you want to play. Cash Pop tickets cost $1, $2, $5, or $10.
  2. Select the play type. You can choose Quick Pick where the numbers are randomly selected or pick your own numbers.
  3. Confirm your ticket and payment. The terminal will show your selected numbers and ticket cost.
  4. Wait for the next draw. Draws happen every 4 minutes.
  5. Check your numbers. The terminal will display the 5 winning numbers for that draw.
  6. Match the numbers to your ticket. Fully or partially matching numbers win prizes.
  7. Collect your winnings. Retailers can pay prizes up to $600 or you can claim larger prizes at a Missouri Lottery office.

The Cash Pop playing process is designed to be fast and easy. In just a matter of minutes, you can have a ticket for the next draw and know whether you’re an instant winner.

Cash Pop Ticket Options and Prices

Cash Pop offers four different ticket prices, each with different prizes:

Ticket Price Cost Per Play Top Prize
$1 $1 $100
$2 $2 $200
$5 $5 $500
$10 $10 $1,000

As you can see, the $10 ticket has the biggest top prize at $1,000. All other prizes also scale up accordingly with the more expensive tickets.

When you play, you have the option to purchase multiple quick pick tickets for the same draw. This gives you additional chances to win without having to wait for more drawings. Players can purchase up to 10 of the $1 or $2 tickets per draw. For the $5 and $10 tickets, up to 5 tickets can be purchased per draw.

Cash Pop Prizes

Cash Pop offers instant cash prizes ranging from $2 up to $100,000. The prizes are based on matching some or all of the 5 winning numbers drawn. Here are the prize amounts:

  • Match 5 numbers – Top prize ($100 to $100,000 depending on ticket price)
  • Match 4 numbers – $20 to $2,000
  • Match 3 numbers – $3 to $150
  • Match 2 numbers – $2 to $25

The more numbers you match, the bigger your prize. And if you match all 5 winning numbers, you win the top prize for that ticket amount.

The overall odds of winning any prize are about 1 in 4.5. Prizes up to $600 can be claimed at the retailer location. Larger prizes must be claimed at one of the Missouri Lottery claim centers.

Cash Pop Drawings

One of the unique aspects of Cash Pop is that drawings happen every 4 minutes. This means you never have to wait long between plays.

Drawings occur daily from 5:04 AM to 1:54 AM. So you can play early morning or late night depending on when you visit a lottery retailer.

For each drawing, 5 winning numbers are randomly selected from 1 to 35. The lottery system alternates between displaying the numbers in red or blue. This has no impact on prizes but adds some visual interest for players watching the screens.

Timing your ticket purchase so you don’t miss a drawing takes a little coordination. But with drawings every 4 minutes, you won’t have to wait long until the next one.

Odds of Winning Cash Pop

Cash Pop has overall odds of winning any prize of about 1 in 4.5. This includes breaking even by matching 2 numbers to win your money back. The odds get longer as you try to match more numbers and hit the bigger prizes.

Here are the detailed odds for each Cash Pop prize:

  • Match 5 numbers – 1 in 240,000
  • Match 4 numbers – 1 in 2,400
  • Match 3 numbers – 1 in 57
  • Match 2 numbers – 1 in 9

The odds are calculated per $1 play. So on a $5 ticket you technically have 5 chances to match numbers and win.

Compared to draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions, Cash Pop has much better odds of taking home a prize. The instant win aspect improves your chances versus having to wait for a periodic drawing.

Unclaimed Cash Pop Prizes

With Cash Pop being an instant win game, you might think unclaimed prizes aren’t possible. But they do occasionally happen.

Some scenarios where Cash Pop prizes can go unclaimed:

  • A player doesn’t realize they won. Without checking your ticket, it’s easy to miss a prize.
  • Lost or forgotten tickets. If a winning ticket isn’t redeemed, the prize goes unclaimed.
  • Malfunction with the lottery terminal.
  • Delayed prize collection. All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing date.

For these reasons, some Cash Pop prizes do end up rolling over to the unclaimed funds pool. This money is then used in future contests, drawings, and giveaways. So check your tickets carefully and remember to redeem any big prizes quickly.

Tips for Playing Cash Pop

Cash Pop is clearly a very different lottery game than traditional online and scratcher options. The instant win terminal-based play provides a unique experience. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Know the next drawing time so your ticket is entered.
  • Buy multiple tickets to boost odds.
  • Play higher priced tickets for bigger prizes.
  • Use meaningful numbers like birthdays.
  • Try Quick Pick for random number selection.
  • Spread numbers across the whole 1-35 range.
  • Play consistently for more chances to win.

Following these tips can help increase your odds. But keep in mind Cash Pop is still a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed strategy to win. For best results, use a balanced approach of planning your play while having fun.

Why Cash Pop is Unique

Cash Pop brings something very different to Missouri Lottery players. The terminal-based instant win experience provides a new way to play.

Here are some key things that make Cash Pop unique:

  • Instant win aspect – Most lotteries involve waiting for a drawing. With Cash Pop, you know immediately if you won following each 4-minute drawing.
  • Frequency of drawings – Games like Powerball only have drawings 2-3 times per week. Cash Pop’s drawings every 4 minutes give you many more chances to play and win.
  • Prize claiming – Winners can instantly claim smaller prizes from retailers versus having to mail tickets or visit lottery offices.
  • Gameplay style – The interactive terminal and quick play style create a game experience unlike paper lotteries.
  • Exclusive to Missouri – Cash Pop is only available at Missouri retailers, providing an in-state game option.

The uniqueness of Cash Pop is a big contributor to its popularity in Missouri. The instant results and frequently available plays bring a new level of convenience and excitement.

The History of Cash Pop

Cash Pop has an interesting history dating back over 15 years. Here are some key facts about the origins of Cash Pop:

  • Cash Pop was introduced by the Missouri Lottery on July 21, 2008.
  • It was the first instant win terminal-based lottery game in Missouri.
  • Game was initially branded as Missouri’s Million Dollar Minute.
  • The largest Cash Pop prize won was $100,000 in January 2013.
  • By 2017, players won over $96 million in Cash Pop prizes.
  • A $30,000 top prize was added to the $10 ticket in 2020.
  • Cash Pop celebrated its 10 year anniversary in July 2018.

Cash Pop has maintained its popularity over the years. By bringing instant win excitement, the game carved out a unique niche in Missouri.

While the prizes and ticket prices have been adjusted, the core game remains the same entertaining experience for lottery players. Cash Pop’s history shows the appeal of a well-designed instant terminal game.

Is Cash Pop Rigged?

With any lottery game, some people may feel the drawing process is rigged against players. However, Cash Pop uses a legitimate random number selection system.

Here are reasons why Cash Pop is not rigged:

  • The drawings are powered by certified and tested random number generators.
  • The lottery machines and ball sets are inspected regularly for defects.
  • Strict protocols prevent tampering with drawing equipment.
  • Lottery drawings are conducted in supervised environments.
  • Winners are paid out frequently at different prize levels.
  • Cash Pop has transparency to show it is a fair game.

While no random system is perfect, Cash Pop uses approved lottery draw procedures. There has been no evidence of the game being rigged. Like any luck-based game, some people will of course win more than others over time. But the Cash Pop drawing technology and oversight ensure fair odds for all players.

Playing Responsibly

Cash Pop is meant to be fun entertainment. But with any lottery game, responsible play is important. Here are some tips for keeping Cash Pop enjoyable:

  • Set a budget for what you can afford to spend.
  • Balance lottery play with other activities.
  • Don’t chase losses by spending more trying to win.
  • Remember your chance of hitting the top prize is very low.
  • View any winnings as a bonus, not a source of income.
  • If it stops being fun, take a break or consider stopping.
  • Play for the excitement, not financial gain.

By following these guidelines, Cash Pop can remain an entertaining experience. Just use good judgment in your lottery habits.

Why People Love Cash Pop

Cash Pop has become a popular Missouri Lottery game due to the many ways it engages players. Here are key reasons people love Cash Pop:

  • Instant results – The real-time drawings provide instant gratification compared to delayed games.
  • Frequency – Drawings every 4 minutes mean more chances to play and win.
  • Easy play – The touchscreen terminals make buying a ticket quick and easy.
  • Win instantly – Collect smaller prizes right away instead of waiting.
  • Excitement – The fast-paced nature creates suspense and excitement.
  • Jackpot chases – Players enjoy chasing the top prizes on bigger $5 and $10 tickets.
  • Anytime fun – Terminals are available early morning or late night when convenient.

The combination of factors above makes Cash Pop an engaging experience. Players get the big jackpot appeal of lotteries but with much faster results. Add in the interactive terminal factor, and Cash Pop offers a unique and entertaining way to play.


Cash Pop brings the appeal of instant win lotteries to Missouri players. The frequent drawings create regular excitement and chances to win. And being able to collect smaller prizes immediately at retailers adds to the instant gratification. While the top jackpots aren’t as big as massive draw games, they can still reach $100,000 or more. For players looking for a fun and fast-paced lottery experience, Cash Pop delivers. The next time you’re in Missouri, try your luck and play this exclusive in-state lottery game.