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What is Chalk Couture made of?

Chalk Couture is a revolutionary craft system made up of specially designed products to make creating artwork of all kinds easier and more enjoyable. The main product of Chalk Couture is their Chalkology Pastes which are a specialty blend of high-quality plaster and chalk.

They created this unique blend to make sure their pastes could stick to virtually any surface without leaving any residue behind. They also use their own unique color palette for their pastes, as well as specially formulated Chalkology Ink, which can be used to write and draw on a multitude of surfaces.

Additionally, Chalk Couture offers unique Transfer designs which are adhesive backed pieces of art that can easily be transferred onto just about any surface. These versatile tools and products make creating with Chalk Couture easy and fun!.

How do you get paid with Chalk Couture?

When you join Chalk Couture as a Design Artist, you can start earning a commission on your sales immediately. It’s easy to keep track of your earnings too – all of your commission data is tracked in your online dashboard.

The commission rate is incredibly generous, too. As a Design artist, you can earn 20-30% commission on all your personal orders, depending on your rank. With Chalk Couture’s powerful comp plan, you can earn even more by building and maintaining a strong team of Design Artists as you climb the ranks.

The commission payments are also timely and reliable. All commission payments are sent to you via PayPal, or direct deposit if signed up. Commission payments are sent out on the 5th and 20th of the month to all Design Artists.

The minimum amount to receive a payment is $10.00.

Once you join Chalk Couture, you will have access to your personalized replicated site, enabling customers to shop online directly from you. Additionally, you can earn commissions from online sales hosted by other Design Artists in your team.

All in all, getting paid with Chalk Couture is really easy and straightforward. With a generous compensation plan, timely payments, and the ability to track your earnings in your online dashboard, this is an opportunity worth exploring and sharing with others.

Can I sell my Chalk Couture creations?

Absolutely! As a Chalk Couture Independent Designer, you are able to sell creations made with Chalk Couture products however you choose. You can sell in person at markets and craft shows, on your own website, or even on social media.

Chalk Couture provides all the tools you need to get started, and they encourage entrepreneurs to create their own unique businesses. You can join the Chalk Couture community and connect with hundreds of other aspiring designers, get ideas and advice, and even place orders with tools such as their Flip Catalog, which allow you to see the catalog of products, place orders, and get connected with Designer Specials.

Get postings on projects, tips, and updates to help you market and grow your business.

How do you use chalk paint transfers?

Using chalk paint transfers is a simple way to update furniture with intricate images and detailed designs. To begin, you’ll need to purchase a chalk paint transfer from a craft supply store or online.

Most transfers come with a special adhesive backing so all you have to do is cut out the desired shape or design. Once it’s cut out, simply peel off the backing and stick the transfer onto the furniture piece.

It’s best to position the transfer flat against the surface in order to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. Once it’s in place, take a wet cloth and press firmly over the transfer. Let it sit for a few minutes before removing the wet cloth and backing of the transfer.

Let it dry until it’s completely adhered to the surface. For a distressed look, you can add an additional layer of chalk paint or wax. By using chalk paint transfers, you can easily transform plain furniture into something unique and beautiful.

Is Chalk Couture permanent on fabric?

No, Chalk Couture is not permanent on fabric. Chalk Couture’s transfers are designed to be used in conjunction with Chalkology paste, which dries to a matte, non permanent finish. Because of this, Chalk Couture transfers can easily be removed from most fabrics with a damp cloth or sponge.

Furthermore, up to five washes can be done with detergent but warm or hot water should not be used. A cool iron can also be used to help set the paste, but it must not be allowed to remain in contact with the fabric for longer than 30 seconds and should be used with a scraping tool like a spatula between the fabric and the iron.

All in all, while Chalk Couture is not permanent on fabric, it is still quite durable and should last quite a while.

How much money can you make selling Chalk Couture?

The amount of money that you can make selling Chalk Couture depends on how much time and effort you are willing to invest in your business. Through their compensation plan, Chalk Couture offers the chance for sellers to make up to 25% commissions on their product sales plus additional bonuses.

Those who choose to invest their time and energy in building a strong Chalk Couture business can earn a lucrative residual income. Also, sellers have the potential to advance in rank and reach new heights with increased bonuses and additional benefits.

With the right effort and dedication, you have the potential to earn a good income!.

Does chalk paste wash off?

Yes, chalk paste does wash off. Chalk paste is a temporary decorative finish that is water-soluble. It can be cleaned off with just soap and water. You can use a damp rag to remove the paste from any surface including walls and furniture.

If the paste is on surfaces that can be cleaned with a solvent, like nonporous surfaces, you can use a mild solvent like mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol to remove it. If the paste is on fabric, you can spritz the area with a mixture of water and laundry detergent and gently scrub to help remove the paste.

Make sure not to rub too hard, as this can damage the fabric. Once the paste is removed, rinse the area with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

Can you make Chalk Couture permanent?

Yes, it is possible to make Chalk Couture designs permanent. Chalk Couture is considered a “semi-permanent” medium; however, there are ways to make designs last longer. To make a design more permanent, it is recommended that you use permanent ink pens to add highlights and details to your design.

You can also choose to seal the pieces with a clear sealant or varnish in order to protect the chalk from fading or rubbing off. Lastly, if you plan to hang your design in a frame or on the wall, you should use command strips or other wall-safe adhesive to avoid damaging the wall.

When did chalk Couture launch?

Chalk Couture launched in 2016 with a mission to provide a simple, versatile and enjoyable surface decorating product to customers. Founded by Shawn and Brittention Petticrew, Chalk Couture created a new category of creative product that combined the best of a few industries and quickly grew to become the leader in Surface Decorating.

Chalk Couture provides high-quality, unique Transfer designs and Chalkology Paste™ – an all-in-one type of chalk paint – in an easy-to-use format that can be used on a variety of surfaces. With a growing library of designs for customers to choose from, and the ability to customize Pieces by adding individual elements or customizing the color to fit any decor, Chalk Couture has established itself as the go-to resource for home decorators and crafters alike.

How did chalk couture start?

Chalk Couture was started in 2017 when a small home décor company called Snapt Crafting Solutions noticed a major shift in the crafting industry. As customers began to shift away from traditional crafting methods, Snapt decided to introduce a new approach with Chalk Couture.

The idea was to provide customers with the tools to easily create unique and beautiful designs, without the need for complicated craft supplies.

The products offered by Chalk Couture range from decals and stencils to specialty inks, transfer sheets, and fabric markers. With these products, customers are able to create masterpieces that they could never have created with traditional craft supplies.

To make the process even easier, Chalk Couture also sells a variety of accessories that can help to enhance the overall design and look of their projects.

Chalk Couture has been a big success since its launch in 2017, and it has continued to grow in popularity with customers, who appreciate the simple and user-friendly approach. With the increasing demand for home décor products with a charming and unique touch, Chalk Couture is here to stay and will continue to be a leader in the crafting industry.

How much does it cost to join chalk couture?

The cost to join Chalk Couture varies depending on the package you select, but it’s typically between $99 and $179. When you join, you will receive a starter kit with supplies for the designs you choose, and you’ll have access to a generous designer discount and exclusive offers.

You can also join at no cost as a Preferred Customer and save 10% off retail prices. As a Designer, you make a commission on every sale, you earn rewards points to redeem toward product, and you can create your own Chalk Couture business.

Additionally, they offer digital resources and support, marketing materials, and more so you can grow and support your Chalk Couture business.

How do I cancel my Chalk Couture membership?

In order to cancel your Chalk Couture membership, you will need to contact Chalk Couture directly through their customer service center. You can do this by either calling 1-855-2ChalkIt (1-855-224-2554) or by submitting a request for cancellation through the Contact Us page on their website.

The customer service center is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST Monday through Friday.

When you contact the customer service center, you will need to provide certain information in order to complete your request. This will include your name, address, phone number, email address and the date that you became a Chalk Couture member.

Once you have provided this information, a Chalk Couture representative will review your request and provide you with further instructions on how to cancel your membership.

When cancelling your Membership, keep in mind that you may be required to pay a cancellation fee. This fee will be dependent on the terms and conditions of your Membership. So make sure you read through the terms carefully before completing your cancellation request.

Additionally, some of your Membership benefits may be revoked or become unavailable immediately upon cancellation of the Membership.

Finally, once you have successfully cancelled your Chalk Couture membership, make sure you keep a record of your cancellation request, just in case there are any discrepancies.