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What is Coby’s rank?

Coby’s rank is not publicly available at this time. He has not disclosed his rank to the public, so there is no definitive answer to this question.

Is Coby a Rear Admiral?

No, Coby is not a Rear Admiral. While he is a respected and skilled navy officer, Coby currently holds the rank of Captain in the United States Navy. Rear Admirals are two-star flag officers and typically command squadrons, air wings, numbered fleets, naval districts, or large shore installations.

In order to be promoted to a Rear Admiral, Coby would first need to reach the rank of Commodore which is a one-star flag officer. Commodore is typically the highest attainable rank for a naval officer who is a line officer, meaning they are administrative and operational commanders rather than staff officers.

What rank is Helmeppo?

Helmeppo is a navy lieutenant commander and is a high-ranking member of the Navy. He has held this rank since he joined the Marines, after being promoted to the position by his father, Rear Admiral Shelby.

He is seen as a capable subordinate to his superior officers, but often underestimated in combat due to his indifferent attitude. He is also known to be quite talkative and is often seen trying to gain favor and reputation in the eyes of others.

Ultimately, he is loyal to Admiral Shelby and the Navy.

Does Coby know the 6 powers?

No, Coby does not know the 6 powers. The 6 powers are a set of magical abilities that are granted through a special ceremony and can only be used by those who have been specially initiated. Only those who have gone through the ceremony are allowed to know the specific powers and how to use them.

Coby has not gone through this ceremony, so he does not know the 6 powers.

What is the 4th Haki?

The fourth type of Haki, also known as Haoshoku Haki, is an extremely rare form of Haki only found in one in a million people. It allows the user to overpower the will of others by giving off an immense spiritual pressure.

This power can be used to knock out an entire group of opponents, or to even make entire races of animals submit to their will. It can also be used to perceive the weaknesses in the spirits of others, allowing the user to exploit them.

Haoshoku Haki is extremely rare and powerful, with it’s power far surpassing even the strongest Busoshoku Haki user.