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What is Florida Powerball with Powerplay?

Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games in the United States. It is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association and players in 45 states, as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands can participate. The Florida Lottery joined Powerball in January 2009. Powerball drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Powerplay is an optional feature in Powerball that offers players the chance to increase non-jackpot winnings by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times for an additional $1 fee per play. Powerplay does not apply to the Powerball jackpot but can result in significant prize increases on the lower-tier prizes. The Powerplay number is randomly selected before each Powerball drawing.

When playing Powerball in Florida, players can choose to add Powerplay for an extra $1 per Powerball play. This multiplies non-jackpot prizes by the Powerplay number selected in the drawing. For example, matching four white balls plus the Powerball normally wins $50,000. However, if you played Powerplay and the multiplier drawn was 5X, you would win $250,000 for matching the same four white balls and the Powerball.

How to Play Florida Powerball

To play Powerball in Florida, players pick five numbers from 1 to 69 plus one red Powerball number from 1 to 26. Tickets cost $2 per play. Players can choose their own numbers or select a Quick Pick and let the random number generator choose the numbers.

To add Powerplay, simply check the Powerplay box on a Powerball playslip or ask for Powerplay when purchasing a Quick Pick. The Powerplay option costs an additional $1 per Powerball play. After buying a Powerball ticket, players can add Powerplay up until 15 minutes before that night’s drawing.

Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. EST. Five white balls are drawn from one drum containing 69 white balls. Then the red Powerball is drawn from a second drum with 26 red balls.

How to Win Florida Powerball

There are nine ways to win a Powerball prize:

Match 5 White Balls + Powerball

Match all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball to win the Powerball jackpot prize. The jackpot starts at $40 million and grows until someone wins it. Jackpots are paid out over 30 annual installments or as a one-time, lump-sum cash option.

Match 5 White Balls

Match five white balls in any order to win $1 million. The $1 million prize can be doubled to $2 million with Powerplay.

Match 4 White Balls + Powerball

Match four white balls and the Powerball to win $50,000. This can be increased to $250,000 by adding Powerplay.

Match 4 White Balls

Match four white balls in any order to win $100. With Powerplay, this prize can be multiplied to $500.

Match 3 White Balls + Powerball

Match three white balls and the Powerball to win $100. This can grow to $500 with Powerplay added.

Match 3 White Balls

Match three white balls to win $7. Powerplay can increase this to $35.

Match 2 White Balls + Powerball

Match two white balls and the Powerball to win $7. An extra $1 Powerplay purchase boosts this prize to $14.

Match 1 White Ball + Powerball

Match one white ball and the Powerball to win $4. Adding Powerplay multiplies this prize to $12.

Match Powerball Only

Match just the red Powerball to win $4. With Powerplay, this increases to $8.

Powerball Odds

The odds of winning a Powerball prize depend on how many numbers you need to match. The Powerball odds are as follows:

Prize Odds
Match 5 White Balls + Powerball 1 in 292,201,338
Match 5 White Balls 1 in 11,688,053.52
Match 4 White Balls + Powerball 1 in 913,129.18
Match 4 White Balls 1 in 36,525.17
Match 3 White Balls + Powerball 1 in 14,494.11
Match 3 White Balls 1 in 579.76
Match 2 White Balls + Powerball 1 in 701.33
Match 1 White Ball + Powerball 1 in 91.98
Match Powerball Only 1 in 38.32

As you can see, the hardest prize to win is the jackpot for matching all five white balls and the Powerball. But the chances improve dramatically for the smaller prizes. A 1 in 38 chance of winning $4 for matching just the Powerball isn’t bad!

Powerplay Prize Increases

Adding Powerplay to a Powerball ticket for $1 more per play can increase non-jackpot prizes. A random Powerplay number (2X, 3X, 4X or 5X) is drawn before each Powerball drawing. This multiplier is applied to prizes, with the exception of the jackpot and Match 5 prize.

Here is how Powerplay boosts each prize:

Prize Normal Prize With Powerplay
Match 5 White Balls $1 Million $2 Million (with 2X)
Match 4 White Balls + Powerball $50,000 Up to $250,000 (with 5X)
Match 4 White Balls $100 Up to $500 (with 5X)
Match 3 White Balls + Powerball $100 Up to $500 (with 5X)
Match 3 White Balls $7 Up to $35 (with 5X)
Match 2 White Balls + Powerball $7 Up to $14 (with 2X)
Match 1 White Ball + Powerball $4 Up to $12 (with 3X)
Match Powerball Only $4 Up to $8 (with 2X)

As you can see, Powerplay offers the chance to significantly increase secondary prizes in Powerball. While the jackpot is unaffected, prizes like $50,000 can climb to $250,000 and $100 prizes can reach $500. For just $1 more, Powerplay is a smart play in Florida Powerball.

Claiming Florida Powerball Prizes

For prizes under $600, winning Powerball tickets can be cashed at any Florida Lottery retailer. Prizes over $600 must be claimed at a Florida Lottery district office. Jackpots must be claimed at the Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee.

Players have 180 days from the draw date to claim Powerball prizes. For Powerball tickets purchased online, players have 180 days from the draw date to return to their Lottery account and complete the claim process. Failing to claim prizes during the 180 day period results in ticket expiration and forfeiture of the prize.

Powerball prizes can be claimed in person or by mail. To claim by mail, sign the back of the winning ticket and complete a claim form available on the Florida Lottery website. Mail the signed ticket and claim form to the address listed for the prize amount. Keep copies for your records.

Federal and jurisdictional taxes apply to Powerball prizes. U.S. citizens are subject to a mandatory 24% federal tax withholding on prize payments exceeding $5,000. Florida does not tax lottery winnings.

Is Powerball Legal in Florida?

Yes, Powerball is completely legal to play in Florida. The Florida Lottery is an authorized member of the Multi-State Lottery Association that operates Powerball. By joining Powerball in 2009, the Florida Lottery was able to offer residents and visitors bigger jackpots and more prize levels on the popular national game.

Powerball tickets can be purchased at over 13,000 authorized Florida Lottery retailers across the state. Players must be at least 18 to buy Powerball tickets. The Florida Lottery provides oversight of retailers and the integrity of Powerball drawings.

When the Florida Lottery sells Powerball tickets, the revenue goes to supporting key state programs and services. Since joining Powerball, billions in Florida Lottery profits have been transferred to education in the state. So playing responsibly benefits everyone.

Is Powerball Rigged?

There is no evidence that Powerball is rigged. The Multi-State Lottery Association and its member lotteries take extensive security precautions to protect the integrity of Powerball drawings. The drawing process is conducted under tight supervision recorded by security cameras and witnessed by independent auditors.

The Powerball drawing room can only be accessed via a secured keycard and is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance. All drawing balls are weighed, measured, numbered and inspected regularly. Independent auditors are on site to oversee all drawings and security protocols.

Randomness is ensured by the use of mechanical ball drawing machines and sets of 69 white balls and 26 red Powerballs. The machines and ball sets are routinely tested and rotated between drawings. All results are subject to audits before being certified official.

With so many heavy security procedures in place, it is highly unlikely the Powerball drawing process could be illegitimately influenced. Billions in prizes have been awarded to random winners since 1992 with no evidence of tampering. Powerball takes extensive measures to guarantee fair outcomes for players.

Biggest Florida Powerball Winners

Here are some highlights of major Powerball winners from the Sunshine State:

May 2013: $590.5 Million

A lucky player from Zephyrhills, FL won the biggest Powerball jackpot in Florida Lottery history at $590.5 million. Gloria C. Mackenzie, 84 at the time, claimed the prize and chose the lump-sum cash option of $370,894,000. The winning ticket was purchased at a Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills. The jackpot rolled for over two months before Mackenzie’s historic win.

January 2016: $536 Million

The second largest Florida Powerball prize was a $536 million jackpot shared by three winners nationwide in January 2016. One of the lucky ticketholders was form Melbourne Beach, FL. Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt chose the one-time cash option of $327.8 million for their share of the jackpot. The couple told the Lottery they planned to enjoy an early retirement and share with family.

May 2013: $50 Million

A Publix supermarket in Altamonte Springs sold a jackpot-winning Powerball ticket worth $50 million just a few weeks before Florida’s record $590 million prize was hit. The Altamonte Springs winner opted for a $31.5 million lump-sum payment after taxes. At the time, it was the 6th biggest Powerball prize in Florida Lottery history. Not a bad consolation after just missing the much larger jackpot.

These winners represent some of the biggest Powerball paydays enjoyed by lucky Florida residents. In total, over a dozen jackpots worth $200 million or more have been won in the state since Florida joined the national game. Powerball continues to create millionaires and attract huge excitement across the Sunshine State.

Resources for Florida Powerball Information

Here are some useful resources for staying up-to-date on Powerball in Florida:

Florida Lottery Website

The Florida Lottery’s official website,, has a section dedicated to Powerball with the latest jackpot amounts, winning numbers, claim information, retailer locator, frequently asked questions and more. Players can find all the Powerball details they need.

Mobile App

The Florida Lottery mobile app for iOS and Android allows players to scan tickets for winners, access winning numbers, find retailers, play various games online and more. Download the app to have Powerball info right on your phone.

Winning Numbers Hotline

Call the Florida Lottery’s Winning Numbers hotline anytime at 850-921-4227. You can get the latest Powerball numbers following each drawing. This automated phone service is available 24/7.

Social Media

The Florida Lottery maintains active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Follow for current jackpots, winner announcements, promotions, giveaways and other timely updates.

Stay on top of all things Powerball by utilizing these handy Florida Lottery resources. And most importantly – play responsibly and have fun!


Powerball offers Floridians the chance to win jackpots starting at $40 million and often climbing much higher. For just $2 per play, a life-changing fortune could be won on this hugely popular national lottery game. Adding the Powerplay feature for $1 more can multiply smaller prizes for even bigger winnings. With reasonable odds and exciting drawings twice a week, Florida Powerball delivers entertainment and possibilities of amazing riches to players across the state. Responsible play supports key educational programs, so everyone comes out ahead.