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What is live Keno games?

Keno is a lottery-like gambling game often played at modern casinos, and also offered as a game by some state lotteries. In live Keno games, numbers are drawn in quick succession and players try to match as many numbers as possible from their chosen set. Live Keno brings the excitement of a real casino game straight to your home or mobile device.

What is Keno?

Keno is a classic casino game similar to lottery or bingo. Players pick a set of numbers from 1 to 80, and then 20 numbers are randomly drawn. Payouts are based on how many of the player’s chosen numbers match the draw. Keno has a long history dating back thousands of years to Ancient China. Legend has it that funds used to build the Great Wall of China were partially raised through a form of Keno. Today, Keno is popular around the world as a fun, fast-paced casino game.

How do you play Keno?

To play Keno, players first select between 1 and 15 numbers from a field of 80 total numbers. This selection is known as a “Keno card”. Numbers can be chosen by marking them on a paper ticket or by pressing the numbers on a video Keno machine. After the player’s numbers are selected, 20 Keno numbers are drawn randomly by the casino or lottery. Higher payouts are awarded to players who match more numbers from their Keno card. Some casinos also offer special features like “way tickets” which allow players to play multiple Keno cards at once.

What are the payouts in Keno?

Payouts in Keno vary depending on how many numbers the player matches from their card. Matching all 15 numbers usually results in the game’s biggest jackpot. Smaller prizes are awarded for matching partial numbers. For example, matching just 3 numbers from your Keno card might win a small prize, while matching 10 numbers could result in a sizeable payout. The specific payout schedule depends on where Keno is being played. Online and mobile Keno games may offer their own unique payout structures as well.

Where can you find live Keno games?

Live dealer Keno is available at many online casinos. Players can watch Keno numbers being drawn in real time and play alongside a live video stream. Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Super Spade Games, Authentic Gaming and other studios offer live dealer Keno using cutting-edge video streaming technology. This creates an interactive Keno experience similar to what you would find in a real casino. Live Keno allows players to chat with dealers and other players during the game for added fun.

Benefits of live dealer Keno


The biggest perk of live dealer Keno is the convenience of playing from home. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access real money Keno games and be dealt into the next round within seconds. No travel or waiting required. Keno is known as a fast action game, making speedy access a must.

Social experience

While Keno is not usually considered a very social game, live Keno allows player interaction through live chat functions. You can celebrate big wins and chat about strategy or luck between rounds. Some live casinos promote a fun party atmosphere.

Real casino environment

Through high quality video streams, live casino Keno creates an authentic land-based casino atmosphere. Sounds of the ball machine and dealer calling numbers brings the real Keno experience to you. Live dealer Keno combines convenience with the excitement and fun of a real casino.

Fairness and security

Like other live dealer games, Keno offers transparency that the game is fair and random. Players can see the Keno ball machine in action as balls are drawn. Live streaming technology also allows oversight of the game by both casinos and regulators.

Bonuses and promotions

Many online casinos offer bonuses like extra cash or free Keno tickets to attract players to their live dealer games. These bonuses give you extra value and bankroll boosts as you play live Keno.

Where to find the best live Keno casinos

Some top casinos for live dealer Keno include:


– Wide selection of live dealer games from Evolution Gaming
– C$1,600 welcome bonus
– Frequent promotions like free spins and reload bonuses

Ruby Fortune

– Live Keno from Ezugi developers
– 100% match welcome bonus up to C$750
– Game show style Ezugi live dealer studios

Spin Casino

– Multiple live dealer providers including Evolution
– Up to C$1,000 starting bonus
– Mobile compatible HD live casino streams

Royal Vegas

– Over 550 casino games including live dealer Keno
– Welcome bonus package worth up to C$1,200
– Industry leader with 20+ years experience

When choosing the best live casino for Keno, look for trusted sites with generous welcome offers. Make sure they provide live Keno from leading gaming studios for the most authentic experience. Fast payouts and mobile compatibility are also useful features for live dealer Keno players.

Live Keno game rules and betting options

Live dealer Keno follows the same basic game rules found in standard casino Keno. However, live games offer additional betting options and special features. Here are some key live Keno rules:

Number selection

Players can choose between 1 and 15 numbers on their Keno card. This selection is also known as a “catch”. Some games allow catch sizes outside this range too. Numbers are marked on virtual Keno cards shown on screen.


20 numbers ranging from 1 to 80 are drawn using an automatic ball drawing machine. Live dealer Keno speeds up the game, with new draws every few minutes.


Pay tables vary between live Keno games, but higher matches generally result in bigger payouts. Top prizes require catching 14 or 15 numbers. Some games offer progressive jackpots.

Betting options

In addition to the standard Keno bets, live games allow additional betting strategies. Players can place combination or way bets covering multiple cards at once. Other options include king bets, super catches, and special patterns.

Repeating numbers

If any numbers are repeated during the draw, additional bonus payouts are usually awarded. This creates extra winning opportunities.

By combining Keno’s simple rules and fast action with live dealer streaming technology, online casinos have created an exciting modern twist on this classic casino game.

Live Keno strategy and tips

Stick to smaller catches

Experts recommend avoiding the maximum 15 spot Keno cards. Lower catches of around 10 numbers or less have better odds, more payouts, and give you a better chance to walk away a winner.

Play more cards at once

Playing multiple Keno cards simultaneously improves your odds. “Way tickets” let you play up to 10 Keno cards together for more chances to hit.

Avoid betting patterns

Some players try to spot betting patterns or lucky numbers in Keno. However, all numbers have an equal chance of being drawn. Stick to random number selection.

Manage your bankroll

Set a gambling budget for your Keno session and stick to it. Remember the house edge favors the casino long-term. Sensible bankroll management is key.

Review the pay tables

Study the payout charts before playing to understand your potential rewards. Live games sometimes offer enhanced pays or special features. Check for options like repeating number bonuses.

Play free Keno

Hone your skills playing free Keno before betting real money. Free play allows you to test strategies without risk. Many live casinos offer demo play alongside real money games.

Have fun!

Keno is meant to be entertaining. Enjoy the live dealer experience and casino vibes while hoping for good luck on your numbers. Stay positive and never chase losses.

With some practice and smart play, Keno can be an exciting and potentially rewarding live casino game. Avoid silly superstitions and stick to numbers you feel good about to maximize your chances while having fun.

Common live dealer Keno variations

While live dealer Keno closely resembles land-based play, some online casinos offer unique live Keno variants. These include:

80 Ball Keno

This version uses the maximum number range of 1 to 80. Playing all 80 spots requires special electronic cards. More numbers means bigger possible catches.

Way Keno

Allows players to bet on multiple Keno cards at once. Way tickets include the standard 8-way, up to a 10-way with 10 cards played simultaneously. Greatly improves winning odds.

Klub Keno

A repeating numbers Keno game where new draws happen every few minutes. Jackpots over $1 million are possible on repeating number bonuses.

Power Keno

A high stakes Keno game where players can win big on larger bets. Jackpots start at $500,000. Limits go up to $100 per number wagered.

Super Keno

Played using cards with 1 to 70 numbers rather than 1 to 80. Features multipliers on wins up to 10x your bet. Adds extra winning excitement.

Video Keno

Plays just like live Keno, but uses computer generated visuals instead of live video streams. Faster gameplay than live dealer games.

The best live casinos include multiple Keno choices and special editions. This keeps the games exciting for both new and experienced Keno players.

Can you play live Keno on mobile?

Mobile compatibility is an important feature for live dealer Keno. The convenience of smartphone Keno lets you play anytime, anywhere. Luckily, most top live casinos now offer fully optimized mobile Keno:

Mobile app

Many live casinos have dedicated iOS and Android apps. These let you access the live dealer Keno lobby right from your homescreen. Tablet optimized as well.

Mobile browser

Don’t want to download an app? No problem. Mobile sites work seamlessly on all devices. Just log in through your phone’s browser.

Multi-camera views

Unique portrait and landscape camera views make mobile Keno easy to see and play. Dynamic streaming adjusts to your screen.

Quick loading

Thanks to improved mobile networks and technology, live Keno streams almost instantly. No lag or buffering issues.

Mobile bonuses

Look for live casinos that offer special mobile bonuses like free spins to use on mobile Keno. Extra value for players.

Safe and secure

Mobile Keno uses the latest 128-bit SSL encryption and fraud prevention measures. You can play worry-free.

Thanks to massive improvements, mobile live dealer Keno now offers a seamless playing experience matching desktop. Your smartphone is now all you need to enjoy real money live Keno anywhere you want.

Is live dealer Keno rigged?

There are misconceptions that Keno, including live dealer games, may be rigged or unfair. However, when playing at a licensed and regulated online casino, Keno uses certified random number generators to ensure fair outcomes. Here are some key points:

RNG testing

Reputable live casinos have their Keno RNG systems frequently tested by independent agencies to confirm randomness. This includes live ball draw machines.


Secure data encryption protocols prevent rigging or manipulation of live dealer games like Keno. Information is well protected.

Dealer oversight

Supervisors and pit bosses monitor Keno dealers to ensure proper procedures are followed at all times during the games and ball draws.

Game transparency

With card selections and ball draws happening in real time, players can see the Keno gameplay is legitimate.

Licensing oversight

Gaming commissions review all aspects of live casinos, including game integrity. Rigging risks would lead to lost licenses.

While nothing is ever 100% certain, auditing, encryption, and oversight measures ensure Keno is fair when playing at a certified live dealer online casino. Reputation is key – stick to long established sites.


Live dealer Keno allows players to experience an authentic casino atmosphere with the convenience of online play. Real time number draws combined with betting options like way tickets make live Keno exciting and rewarding. For fair real money play, choose trusted live casinos with proper licensing. With sensible strategy, bankroll management, and a bit of luck, live Keno provides hours of entertainment with the chance to win big jackpots.