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What is Prize Bonds customer number?

A Prize Bonds customer number is a unique identifier assigned to each Prize Bonds holder when they purchase Prize Bonds. It allows National Savings and Investments (NS&I), the issuer of Prize Bonds, to identify and manage each customer’s Bond holdings and any prizes won.

Having a customer number is an important part of owning and managing Prize Bonds. It enables tracking of your Bonds, claiming prize wins, buying more Bonds, cashing in Bonds, and more. This article will explain what a Prize Bonds customer number is, how you get one, what information it contains, how to find yours, why it’s important, and how to use it when interacting with NS&I about your Prize Bonds.

What is a Prize Bonds Customer Number?

A Prize Bonds customer number, also known as a holder’s number or Bond holder’s number, is a unique 8-digit reference number assigned to each person or organization that buys and holds Prize Bonds.

When you purchase Prize Bonds for the first time directly from NS&I, they will allocate a customer number to you. This number will then be permanently associated with you and all the Prize Bonds you hold.

The customer number allows NS&I to identify you as the owner of your Bonds. It links you to the details of all the Bonds registered in your name, even if you have purchased them in multiple transactions over time.

Key Details

– It is an 8 digit number, such as 12345678.
– The number is randomly generated – you do not get to choose it.
– Each holder gets one unique customer number. Joint holders will share a number.
– The number stays with you permanently and does not change.
– All your current and future Prize Bond holdings will be linked to your customer number.
– You should keep a record of your number and quote it when contacting NS&I about your Bonds.

How Do You Get a Prize Bonds Customer Number?

You will automatically be allocated a unique Prize Bonds customer number when you make your first purchase of Prize Bonds directly from NS&I.

The process to get a customer number when buying for the first time is:

1. Apply to buy Prize Bonds via the NS&I website, by phone, by post, or by using the Prize Bonds app.

2. Provide your personal details – your name, address, bank account details etc.

3. Make payment for your Bond purchase.

4. NS&I will process your application and payment.

5. When your purchase is completed, your customer number will be randomly generated by their systems.

6. You will receive confirmation of your purchase, with your new 8-digit customer number included. This confirms you now have a customer account set up.

7. Future Bond purchases will all be linked to the same number.

Your customer number is allocated and notified to you automatically as part of buying Prize Bonds. You do not need to apply for a customer number separately. Just register and buy your first Bonds and your unique number will be issued.

Joint Holders

For two individuals buying Prize Bonds together as joint holders, only one customer number will be assigned for the joint holding. Both holders will share the same reference number for administering those Bonds.

Organizational Holders

For organizations rather than individuals buying bonds, the organization will similarly be allocated a customer number when first purchasing the bonds. This number can then be used for administering any bonds held in the name of that organization.

What Information Does Your Customer Number Contain?

The 8 digits of your Prize Bonds customer number are randomly generated and do not contain or encode any particular personal information about you or your Bond account.

The number itself does not reveal or include:

– Your name
– Address
– Date of birth
– Other personal details
– The value of your Bond holdings
– Details of any prizes won

It is simply a reference number that allows NS&I’s systems to identify you as the holder of a particular set of Bonds. All the detailed information related to those Bonds and your personal details are stored separately linked to your customer number.

Think of it like a customer account number with a bank. The long number itself does not tell you anything specific about the customer or their account. It is just a behind-the-scenes reference code that links you to your account data.

How to Find Your Prize Bonds Customer Number

If you already own Prize Bonds, there are a few ways you can find or be reminded of your 8-digit customer number:

Check Certificate or Bond Record

– Your original purchase certificate or confirmation letter from NS&I which was sent when you first bought bonds.

– Your annual prize bond account statement from NS&I.

– The Bond record page in your online NS&I account.

Contact NS&I

– Call the NS&I Prize Bonds phone line and ask for your customer number.

– Use the live chat function on the NS&I website and request your customer number.

– Visit an NS&I branch and ask them to look up and confirm your customer number.

Identity Checks

In some cases, NS&I may need to verify your identity before revealing your customer number as a security measure. They may ask you some identity questions based on your personal details held on file, such as date of birth, addresses you’ve lived at etc.

Why is Your Customer Number Important?

Your Prize Bonds customer number is an important piece of information you should keep track of. Here are some key reasons why:

Bond Administration

You will need to have your customer number to hand when contacting NS&I about your Prize Bonds, for example:

– Buying more Bonds
– Cashing in your Bonds
– Checking for prize wins
– Arranging for prizes to be paid into your bank account
– Changing your address or personal details
– Adding or removing joint holders
– Changing your nominated bank account for payments
– Retrieving lost Bonds or arranging replacements
– Making a complaint or query about your Bonds or account

Being able to provide your customer number allows NS&I to quickly identify your Bond account and access the information needed to deal with your request.


Knowing your customer number helps prove you are the legitimate owner when contacting NS&I or transacting on your account. NS&I will ask for your customer number as an identity check before disclosing or amending any details on your account.

This offers protection against fraudulent activity. NS&I will not share information or act on instructions about your Bonds without confirmation of the correct customer number.

Prize Claims

If you hold a Bond that has won a prize in one of the monthly Prize Bonds draws, you will need to provide your customer number when claiming your prize winnings. This allows the prize to be validated against your account and paid out accordingly.

The prize warrant will also show the associated customer number, allowing you to cross-reference and confirm the win.

How to Use Your Customer Number

Whenever you need to contact NS&I regarding your Prize Bonds or transact on your account, make sure you have your 8-digit customer number to hand. Here are key uses for your number:

Buying More Bonds

When applying to purchase additional Prize Bonds, you can provide your existing customer number on the application. This will allow the new Bonds to be linked to your current holding.

Cashing in Your Bonds

To cash in some or all of your Prize Bonds, quote your customer number to identify the account and Bonds you wish to redeem. NS&I will then arrange for your cash payment.

Changing Account Details

If you need to update any of your account information such as your address, bank account for prize payments, or nominated holder details, cite your customer number to access and amend your account securely.

Checking for Prize Wins

You can use the Prize Checker on the NS&I website or app and enter your customer number to see if any of your Bonds have recently won a prize.

Claiming Prize Money

When claiming a prize your Bond has won, you will need to provide the warrant number printed on the prize warrant along with your customer number. This allows NS&I to validate and pay out your prize money.

Changing Registered Details

To change the name or address registered on your Prize Bonds, or to add/remove a joint holder, quote your customer number to NS&I during this request to identify the account to be altered.

Making General Enquiries

Whenever contacting NS&I with a question or query about your Prize Bonds, citing your unique customer reference number will help them swiftly locate your account details to assist you.

Protecting Your Customer Number

Your Prize Bonds customer number should be kept safe and secure, in the same way you would protect your bank account details or PINs:

– Do not share your number with anyone other than a joint holder or authorized representative.

– Never reveal your number in full to someone who contacts you out of the blue, even if they claim to be from NS&I.

– Keep records containing your customer number in a secure place and shred them when disposing.

– If you suspect someone else knows your number, contact NS&I immediately to notify them.

Keeping your customer number confidential reduces the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to information about your Prize Bonds.

Can You Change Your Customer Number?

Unfortunately customer numbers cannot be changed or reissued. The 8-digit number allocated to you when you first buy Prize Bonds remains permanently associated with you and your holdings.

Even if your details like address or name change in future, your original customer number stays the same.

If you are concerned about your existing customer number being misused, NS&I can add a security passphrase that will need to be quoted alongside your number for any account transactions or information requests.

But the underlying 8-digit identifier cannot be altered once assigned and linked to your Bond records.

What If You Forget Your Number?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your Prize Bonds customer number, don’t worry. You can contact NS&I and after passing some identity checks, they can locate your number for you.

Ways to retrieve a lost customer number include:

– Phoning the NS&I helpline.
– Using the web chat facility on
– Visiting your local NS&I branch.

You will need to answer some questions to confirm your identity. Details NS&I might ask you include:

– Full name and address.
– Details of when and where you bought your Bonds.
– Bank details provided for your account.
– Your date of birth.
– Past addresses you have lived at.

By providing verifiable personal information, NS&I can search their records and remind you of your existing customer number.


In summary, a Prize Bonds customer number is a unique 8-digit reference used by NS&I to identify you as the holder of a particular set of Prize Bonds.

When you first purchase Prize Bonds, this number is randomly allocated to you. It links you permanently to your Bonds and is needed when transacting or getting information about your account.

The number itself does not reveal any personal details. It just allows NS&I to match you to your Bond holdings securely.

You should keep your customer number safe and quote it whenever contacting NS&I about your Prize Bonds account. Knowing and using your number correctly is key to efficiently managing your Prize Bonds and claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits is a Prize Bonds customer number?

Prize Bonds customer numbers always contain 8 digits.

Can more than one person have the same customer number?

No, each customer number is unique to the holder. Two people cannot share the same 8-digit Prize Bonds customer number.

Do joint holders get two customer numbers?

No. Joint holders share a single customer number that is used for the jointly owned Bonds.

Can my customer number be changed if my details change?

No, your original number remains linked to you permanently regardless of any change of details.

How do I change the details on my customer number?

You need to contact NS&I quoting your customer number, provide identity confirmation, and then request any changes to registered details.

Where is my customer number printed?

Your customer number can be found on your original purchase certificate, annual statements, prize warrants and in your NS&I online account.


Your Prize Bonds customer number is your unique identifier that links you to your holdings and account details. Keep it safe and secure, and have it to hand whenever you need to manage or transact on your Prize Bonds.

Understanding your customer number is key to efficiently buying and selling Bonds, checking for prizes, claiming your wins and liaising with NS&I about your account.