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What is Super Lotto second chance?

The Super Lotto second chance is a feature offered by many state lotteries in the United States that gives players a second chance to win prizes if their main Super Lotto ticket did not win. Players can enter their losing Super Lotto tickets into second chance drawings to potentially win cash prizes or other lottery prizes. Second chance contests provide an extra opportunity for players to win without having to buy more tickets.

How Do Super Lotto Second Chance Drawings Work?

Super Lotto second chance drawings allow players to enter their losing Super Lotto tickets for a chance to win prizes through periodic drawings. Here is how it typically works:

  • A player purchases a Super Lotto ticket for the main Super Lotto game.
  • If the ticket does not win a prize in the main Super Lotto drawing, the player can enter the ticket into a second chance promotion by submitting the ticket number online or mailing the ticket into the lottery.
  • The lottery collects all losing tickets submitted and conducts periodic second chance drawings from the pool of tickets.
  • A set number of tickets are randomly drawn as winners for cash prizes or other lottery prizes.
  • Winners are notified if their Super Lotto ticket is selected in a second chance drawing.

So even if your main Super Lotto ticket did not win, you still have a second chance to win a prize by entering your losing tickets into these special drawings. Many lotteries hold second chance drawings monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What Prizes Can You Win?

The prizes offered through Super Lotto second chance drawings vary for each state lottery but often include:

  • Cash prizes – From small amounts like $25 up to top prizes over $1 million.
  • Lottery merchandise – Branded clothing, accessories, or household items.
  • VIP Experiences – Trip packages, tickets to exclusive events, meals with lottery officials.
  • Free lottery tickets – Ticket vouchers for free plays in other games.
  • Coupons & discounts – For lottery retailers or other sponsors.

Some of the top prizes can be quite substantial, while other smaller prizes give players chances to win fun giveaways. The odds of winning any prize are dependent on the number of entries received for each drawing.

How to Enter Super Lotto Tickets for Second Chance

Entering your tickets into Super Lotto second chance drawings is easy. Here are the typical ways to submit tickets:

Online Entry

Most lotteries allow online entry through their website. Players can create an account and enter their ticket details to submit them into upcoming drawings. Online entry allows easy submission without having to mail in tickets.

Mail-In Entry

Players can mail in their physical tickets to the lottery headquarters to enter second chance drawings. Entry forms are often available on lottery websites that players can print and mail along with their tickets. Mailing in the actual ticket provides needed proof of purchase.

Retail Entry

Some lottery retailers may have second chance entry stations in stores where players can scan and submit their tickets in person for upcoming drawings. This provides another convenient way to enter without mailing tickets.

Always be sure to check the expiration dates for entry as tickets are only valid for a certain window of time after the drawing date. Also hold on to your tickets until after the drawing in case you need to provide proof you entered.

Are There any Eligibility Requirements?

There are a few rules that players need to follow to enter Super Lotto tickets into second chance drawings:

  • You must be 18 or older to enter second chance contests.
  • Tickets must have been purchased in the same state as the drawing entry.
  • Tickets must not have won any prize in the main Super Lotto game.
  • Tickets must be entered before any posted expiration dates.
  • Only one second chance entry is allowed per ticket.

As long as your ticket meets these requirements, you are eligible to enter for a shot at the prizes. Make sure to provide accurate contact information in case your entry is selected.

Which States Offer Super Lotto Second Chance?

While rules and prizes vary, the following lottery games currently offer second chance promotions for losing Super Lotto tickets:

State Lottery Game
California SuperLotto Plus
Florida Florida Lotto
Illinois Lotto
Indiana Hoosier Lotto
Maryland Multi-Match
Michigan Classic Lotto 47
Minnesota Gopher 5
New Jersey New Jersey Lottery
New York New York Lotto
Ohio Classic Lotto
Pennsylvania PA Lotto
Washington Lotto
Wisconsin SuperCash!

Check with your state’s lottery page to find out if they currently offer second chance promotions. The list of states offering these contests periodically changes.

Pros of Entering Super Lotto Second Chance

There are some nice advantages to taking the time to enter your tickets into second chance drawings:

  • More chances to win prizes – Allows you to potentially win something even if your main ticket didn’t.
  • Prizes often worth entering for – Top prizes can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.
  • Entry is free – It doesn’t cost anything extra to submit your tickets.
  • Low effort – Online entry only takes a few minutes to submit tickets.
  • Can enter multiple tickets – Enter all your losing tickets to increase odds.

While your odds are still long, it’s easy extra value on top of the regular Super Lotto game.

Cons of Super Lotto Second Chance Contests

There are also a couple potential downsides to keep in mind:

  • Still low odds of winning – The odds are typically at least hundreds of thousands to one.
  • Prize taxes – Any cash prizes over $600 likely require paying taxes.
  • Time expiration – Tickets expire for entry if not submitted in time.
  • Forfeit main prize – Any ticket entered cannot also claim a main Super Lotto prize later.

Make sure to review the detailed rules in case there are any restrictions like bonus number requirements that invalidate certain tickets from entry. While the odds are low, it’s still an exciting extra chance to win lottery prizes.

Scams Related to Lottery Second Chance Drawings

Unfortunately, scammers try to take advantage of lottery second chance games by tricking players in various ways. Here are some common Super Lotto and other lottery second chance scams to watch out for:

  • Fake notification emails – Scammers send emails pretending you won a prize to steal personal information.
  • Phishing websites – Fake ticket entry sites try to collect credit card details and ticket numbers.
  • Phone scams – Callers lie about prizes won to try and take payment for “fees”.
  • Ticket resale – Criminals try to sell used lotto tickets that have already been entered.

Always enter second chance drawings directly through your state lottery’s official website or mobile app. Never pay any fees upfront to claim winnings. If something seems suspicious, contact your lottery directly to confirm.

Improving Your Odds of Winning Super Lotto Second Chance

While second chance drawings are also games of chance, there are some tips that may help improve your odds:

  • Submit the maximum allowed entries per drawing – Enter all the tickets you have to increase chances.
  • Stagger ticket purchases – Buy tickets over a longer period to have a supply of entries over time rather than just one drawing.
  • Join player loyalty programs – Some lotteries provide bonus entries for program members.
  • Take advantage of multiplier opportunities – Occasional promotions multiply entries for bigger chances.
  • Enter each drawing – Don’t miss any second chance deadlines throughout the year.

Combining these tips maximizes the number of chances you have to potentially win. Though winning is never guaranteed, more entries mean better odds.

Second Chance Strategies Based on Your Budget

Your budget for playing the lottery can impact how you optimize second chance entries. Here are some strategies based on different funding levels:

Limited budget – With a smaller budget, focus on getting the most entries by:

  • Buying tickets on discount nights when they are cheaper.
  • Checking for free ticket coupons and promotions.
  • Pooling together ticket purchases with other people.
  • Entering any and all tickets you do buy.

Moderate budget – Those with a medium-sized lottery budget can:

  • Join loyalty clubs for extra entries.
  • Use multiplier opportunities to increase entries.
  • Buy tickets regularly over time vs all at once.
  • Use winnings to buy more tickets for entry.

Unlimited budget – Big spenders can simply:

  • Buy the maximum number of tickets allowed.
  • Purchase tickets from different stores to vary purchaser.
  • Buy tickets whenever jackpots are elevated.
  • Spend excessively during special promotions.

The key for any budget is always maximizing entries within your means. More tickets equal more chances at prizes.

Should You Enter Super Lotto Second Chance Contests?

Entering second chance contests is typically worth doing for these main reasons:

  • It’s free extra chances at prizes when you don’t win the jackpot.
  • Top prizes are often worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.
  • Online entry only takes a few minutes on the state lottery website.
  • Drawings are held regularly, giving you many opportunities.
  • Prizes can range from large cash amounts to fun giveaways.

With minimal effort to submit losing tickets for prizes worth winning, Super Lotto players have nothing to lose. Just be sure to use trusted official lottery sites and don’t fall for any scams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Super Lotto second chance drawings:

Do I have to buy a ticket to enter second chance?
Yes, you must first purchase a Super Lotto ticket and enter after the main drawing if it does not win.

Can I mail in my losing tickets?
Yes, most lotteries allow you to mail in physical tickets as long as you meet entry deadlines. Include entry forms.

How long do I have to enter my ticket?
Timeframes vary, but often you have around 60-90 days after the drawing to enter tickets.

How many second chance drawings are there?
Drawings are usually held monthly, quarterly, or sometimes annually, depending on the lottery.

If I win second chance, can I still claim the main jackpot?
No, the same ticket cannot be used to claim two prizes. It’s either the main jackpot or the second chance prize.

The Bottom Line

Super Lotto second chance drawings give players a free extra opportunity to win prizes with their losing tickets. With huge potential payouts and no risk, it’s worth taking a few minutes to enter your tickets online after the main numbers are drawn. Just remember to always enter through official state lottery websites and beware of any potential scams. With strategic entry and a little luck, a second chance prize could be in your future!