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What is the 100 days of winning cash calendar?

The 100 days of winning cash calendar is a fun and exciting way to potentially win cash prizes over the course of 100 days. It works by purchasing a calendar that contains 100 numbered days. Each day corresponds to a unique 4 or 5 digit number. Every day, the calendar company randomly draws a winning number. If the number drawn matches the number of the current date on your calendar, you win the prize for that day! It’s an easy way to enjoy the thrill of daily lottery-style drawings for an extended period of time.

How does the 100 days of winning cash calendar work?

Here is a breakdown of how the 100 days of winning cash calendar works:

  • You purchase a calendar for a set price (usually $25-$50). This calendar contains 100 days numbered 1 through 100.
  • Each numbered day has a unique 4 or 5 digit number associated with it (example: Day 1 = 29483, Day 2 = 39429, etc).
  • Every day, the calendar company randomly draws a winning 4 or 5 digit number.
  • If the number drawn matches the number of the current date on your calendar, you win the prize listed for that date!
  • Prizes vary for each date. Some days may have smaller prizes like $25 or $100, while others may have grand prizes of $1000 or even $10,000.
  • To claim your prize, you simple present your winning calendar and ID.
  • Drawings occur once per day, every day for 100 straight days – providing you with 100 chances to win!

So in summary, you purchase a calendar upfront that gives you the opportunity to win daily cash drawings for 100 days. Each dated square has a unique number. If that number is randomly selected by the company as the winning number for that day, you win! It’s a fun way to enjoy the excitement of a different lottery-style drawing every single day.

What are the prize amounts?

The specific prize amounts will vary depending on where you purchase your 100 days of winning cash calendar. Here are some general guidelines on prizes:

  • The grand prizes are usually between $1000-$10,000 and fall on major holidays or dates.
  • Medium sized prizes in the $100-$500 range are common and distributed randomly throughout.
  • Smaller $20-$100 prizes tend to occur more frequently to keep things interesting.
  • Overall, your calendar will likely contain a mix of big grand prizes and many smaller prizes throughout the 100 days.
  • The calendar company determines the number of large and small prizes. More expensive calendars tend to have more valuable prizes.

To maximize your chances of winning, look for a 100 days of winning calendar that aligns with your prize preferences. If you want more frequent small wins, find one with more $20-$50 prizes. If you want to swing for the fences on larger jackpots, look for calendars with more $1000+ grand prizes. The prizes and prize structure will be clearly advertised so you know what you are playing for.

What are the odds of winning?

Your odds of winning on any given day depend on how many total calendars the company sells for that game. For example:

  • If 500 calendars are sold, your odds are 1 in 500 of matching the winning number on a certain day.
  • If 5000 calendars are sold, your odds are 1 in 5000.
  • The more calendars sold, the lower your odds of winning.

Calendar companies will clearly advertise approximately how many calendars are in play to give you an honest understanding of your odds. Reputable companies aim for calendar sales in the 1000-5000 range to offer reasonable odds while also funding larger prize pools.

While your odds on any given day aren’t extremely high, remember that you get 100 total chances to win over the course of the calendar. Having 100 opportunities helps improve your overall chances of capturing at least one prize!

Are there any guarantees?

There are typically no guaranteed wins provided with 100 days of winning calendars. Your odds of winning are simply determined by the number of calendars in play. Some key points:

  • No numbers are removed after wins occur.
  • All calendars have the same odds of winning on every draw.
  • Winning one prize does not affect your chances of winning another.
  • No calendar is “due” to win based on previous draws.

That said, reputable calendar companies stand by their advertised odds. They work to ensure enough prizes of all sizes are distributed throughout the 100 days of drawings.

Are there any catches or hidden fees?

Reputable 100 days of winning calendar companies will clearly advertise the full rules and number of prizes per game. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Make sure you understand the specific prize amounts and number of each prize.
  • Look for fees like shipping, processing, or taxes that may reduce winnings.
  • Read the claims process – are there any expiration dates or other limitations?
  • Find out where the calendars are sold. Avoid shady secondary dealers.
  • Research the company online to confirm they have a track record of paying prizes.

As with any lottery or drawing game, it’s important to read the fine print. Legitimate calendar companies will be very upfront about the prize details and rules. Look out for anything suspicious and be an informed consumer before purchasing.

Are 100 days of winning calendars a scam?

When run properly by reputable companies, 100 days of winning calendars are a legitimate sweepstakes-style game of chance. As with any games involving money, scams do unfortunately exist. Here are some signs a calendar company may not be trustworthy:

  • No physical address or established company history.
  • Unclear rules on prizes and odds of winning.
  • Hard to reach customer service.
  • Unable or unwilling to provide winners lists.
  • Calendar prices significantly above market rates.
  • Only available from third-party dealers, not direct.

There are plenty of long-running calendar companies with thousands of verifiable winners and satisfied customers. As always, you should thoroughly research a company before purchasing. Reputable sellers will be very open about past winners, rules, and odds. If anything seems suspicious, stick to more established calendar options.

Are there other calendar gambling games?

Yes, 100 days of winning cash calendars are one example of calendar-based gambling games. Some other popular styles include:

  • Monthly calendars – New drawing each month for a year.
  • Year-long calendars – 365 straight days of drawings.
  • Seasonal calendars – Drawings only during set seasons.
  • Advent calendars – Drawing for each day leading up to Christmas.
  • Birthday cash calendars – Drawings align with your birth month.

The 100 days of winning format offers a nice balance between number of drawings and calendar duration. But plenty of options exist for different gambling calendar styles and lengths!

Are 100 days calendars legal?

In most areas, 100 days of winning cash calendars qualify as legal sweepstakes games. They function similarly to allowable lottery drawings and contests. Some key points on legality:

  • No purchase is technically required to play (alternate free entry is available).
  • Outcomes are entirely random chance based.
  • Calendar companies do not keep profit from sales.
  • Winnings come directly from the prize pool funded by sales.
  • Calendar purchasers actively desire the product itself.

As long as calendars follow sweepstakes laws, they are legal in most (but not all) areas. It is up to the buyer to determine if they are legal in their specific jurisdiction. Reputable companies will clarify legality and only operate in legal territories.

What are the tax implications?

Cash prizes won from 100 days of winning calendars constitute gambling winnings. This means any prizes over a certain threshold will require the winner to pay taxes. Some key tax points:

  • In the US, prizes over $600 require the company to issue a W2-G tax form.
  • Winnings are subject to both federal and state/local tax rates.
  • Current federal gambling tax rate is 24% for amounts over $6000.
  • State tax rates range from 0-8% depending on location.
  • Taxes are taken out automatically before the winner receives their prize.

Make sure to factor in tax implications when looking at calendar prizes. Companies should clearly disclose necessary tax withholdings. For large jackpots, winners may still take home significant money after taxes.

How do I buy a 100 days of winning calendar?

You can buy physical 100 days of winning cash calendars from a variety of sources:

  • Directly through the calendar company – Safest option but can have limited availability.
  • Fundraising groups – Schools and non-profits sometimes sell calendars for fundraisers.
  • Authorized retailers – Specialty stores approved to sell that lottery’s calendars.
  • Online marketplaces – Use caution and only buy from authorized sellers.
  • Secondary markets – Riskier option since calendars may be marked up.

Your best bet is to buy directly from the company, either on their website or through authorized retailers. This guarantees you receive an authentic calendar for the standard market price. Be wary of unofficial third party sellers.

What strategies can I use?

There are no skill-based strategies that will increase your odds when playing 100 days of winning cash calendars. Each number on each calendar has an equal random chance of being selected on any given draw. However, there are some general tips that may boost enjoyment:

  • Buy early – Gives more time to enjoy the full 100 days.
  • Stagger purchases – Buy calendars from different games to vary your prize chances.
  • Gift calendars – Give as fun gifts to share the experience.
  • Split with friends – Buy together and agree to split any winnings.
  • Track prizes won – Note prizes already claimed to manage expectations.

Since all calendars and numbers have equal odds, strategy boils down to picking reputable games and maximizing enjoyment of the experience.

Are there ways to save money?

100 days of winning calendars can provide great entertainment value, but also represent a significant upfront cost. Here are some tips for saving money:

  • Look for occasional sales, discounts, and coupons from calendar companies.
  • Split the cost with friends or family and agree to share any winnings.
  • Purchase a calendar as a gift for someone else to reduce your own cost.
  • Buy calendars directly from the source company to avoid markups.
  • Only buy 1-2 calendars per year to limit your total outlay.

While not a cheap form of entertainment, calendars can provide 100 days of exciting drawings for often less than $1 per day. Following some of the above tips can help reduce the damage to your wallet.

Can I buy calendars as gifts?

Yes, 100 days of winning cash calendars make excellent gifts! The extended drawings provide anticipation and excitement that recipients can enjoy for months. Some tips for gifting calendars:

  • Make sure calendars are legal in the recipient’s state before gifting.
  • Consider gifting to groups or couples so they can experience it together.
  • Time the start date so exciting drawings fall near the recipient’s birthday or holidays.
  • Include a heartfelt card explaining the calendar if gifting to less tech-savvy recipients.
  • Pair the calendar with related gifts like lottery tickets or scratch cards.

With their element of surprise and range of prize possibilities, calendars create a unique gift that keeps on giving over 100 days of potential winnings!

Can I purchase calendars as investments?

100 days of winning calendars are purely a game of chance and not recommended as sound investments. Reasons why include:

  • No guaranteed return on your purchase amount.
  • Reselling is prohibited and lowers your odds if you buy multiple.
  • Prizes are variable each game – not a fixed rate of return.
  • No ownership stake in the managing company.
  • Calendar purchases are technically for the product only, not investment.

Think of calendars as entertainment rather than potential returns. While you may recoup your investment if luck is on your side, counting on winning prizes is an extremely speculative gamble.


100 days of winning cash calendars offer an exciting extended dose of lottery-style anticipation. While not a sound investment, they provide a fun way to enjoy up to 100 days of potential winnings. Take the time to find a reputable calendar company with a prize structure that matches your preferences. Follow the rules closely and be sure to consider the tax implications of any big jackpot wins. With sensible expectations and some good luck, calendars can yield an entertaining and rewarding experience!