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What is the best sleep hypnosis?

Sleep hypnosis, also known as hypnotic sleep training, is a technique that uses guided relaxation and visualization to help people fall asleep faster and get higher quality sleep. It works by using hypnotic suggestion to calm the mind and relax the body before bed. Sleep hypnosis can be an effective remedy for insomnia, sleep anxiety, racing thoughts, and other sleep issues.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using self-hypnosis for better sleep. First, we will explain what sleep hypnosis is and how it works. We will then provide steps for practicing self-hypnosis for sleep at home. Finally, we will recommend the best sleep hypnosis audio tracks and YouTube videos to help you drift off into deep, restful sleep.

What is Sleep Hypnosis?

Sleep hypnosis is a form of guided meditation that uses soothing imagery and suggestion to help relax the body and quiet the mind before bedtime. It works by inducing a trance-like state where you are more open to positive suggestion.

A sleep hypnosis audio track typically begins by guiding you to relax your body from head to toe. Soft music or nature sounds may play in the background. The hypnotist will then walk you through visualizing a peaceful scene, such as lying in a hammock on a warm beach.

The hypnotic suggestions focus on letting go of stress and anxiety. The tracks affirm that you will fall into a deep, restful sleep and wake up refreshed. This positivity helps minimize restless thoughts and prep your mind for sleep.

Sleep hypnosis leverages the power of your subconscious mind. In the trance-like state, you are more receptive to suggestions for relaxation and sleep. With regular practice, the mind more readily accepts and adopts these positive behaviors.

How Does Sleep Hypnosis Work?

Sleep hypnosis guides your mind and body into a deeply relaxed state through intentional focus and visualization. Here’s a look at how it promotes better sleep:

Induces Physical Relaxation: Through suggestion, your body progressively relaxes from head to toe. This eases muscular tension and prepares the body for sleep. Relaxed muscles, a slower pulse, lowered blood pressure, and slower breathing are characteristics of the hypnotic state.

Quiets Mental Chatter: Being fully immersed in the hypnotic experience minimizes distracting thoughts. Guided imagery occupies your mind with calming scenes that facilitate a transition into sleep.

Increases Suggestibility: In the relaxed, trance-like state, you are more open to hypnotic commands. Affirmations for relaxation and deep sleep are able to penetrate your subconscious.

Boosts Melatonin: Hypnosis may help increase melatonin levels. This sleep-promoting hormone is produced when you feel safe and relaxed in a dark environment. Guided relaxation signals rest time.

With consistency, self-hypnosis can reprogram the mind and body for faster sleep onset. Lower stress hormones and increased feelings of calm also support better sleep quality.

Benefits of Sleep Hypnosis

Studies show that sleep hypnosis can improve different aspects of sleep by reducing anxiety and overthinking. Some benefits of regular practice include:

Falls Asleep Faster: Sleep hypnosis relaxes the entire body and quiets the mind, helping you fall asleep faster instead of tossing and turning. This makes it ideal for those with insomnia.

Stays Asleep: Hypnotic suggestions can help you sleep through the night instead of waking frequently. This improves sleep continuity.

Boosts Sleep Quality: The deep relaxation of hypnosis leads to more time spent in restorative slow wave and REM sleep. You awake feeling more refreshed.

Lowers Anxiety: Hypnosis eases anxiety, calms racing thoughts, and minimizes mind-chatter that impedes sleep, especially for those with anxiety issues.

Natural Relaxation: Self-hypnosis elicits the relaxation response without need for sleep medications that can cause side effects and dependency.

Convenient: Audio tracks allow you to practice self-hypnosis easily at home or when traveling without need for a hypnotherapist.

While results vary by individual, many report positive changes in sleep quality within 1-2 weeks of consistent practice. Ongoing use helps sustain benefits.

How to Practice Sleep Hypnosis

It’s easy to start using sleep hypnosis at home. Follow this step-by-step guide for success:

1. Find a Quiet Environment

Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can relax completely undisturbed for 20-45 minutes. Turn off bright lights and potential distractions. Practicing at the same time each night cues your body for sleep.

2. Get Comfortable

Wear loose, soft clothing. Lie down or sit somewhere you can fully relax. Make sure your head, neck, arms and legs are supported. Use pillows as needed. Remove your glasses and loosen tight clothing.

3. Prepare for Sleep

Use the bathroom and do your regular pre-bedtime routine before starting. This avoids disrupting the relaxed state later to take care of nighttime necessities.

4. Dim the Lights

Soft lighting enhances relaxation during hypnosis. Either turn off all lights or use a low wattage bulb. Candles or salt lamps also create soothing ambiance.

5. Set a Peaceful Mood

Optional enhancements include playing soft music, using essential oils, sipping herbal tea, or taking a warm bath. Make the environment as calming as possible.

6. Select a Hypnosis Track

Pick a sleep hypnosis audio or video that fits your needs. See our recommendations below. Have it queued up and ready to play.

7. Listen and Follow Along

Play the hypnosis track and listen closely with your eyes closed. Visualize suggested scenes, breathe deeply, and repeat affirmations in your mind. Avoid analyzing the process. Stay focused.

8. Come Out Slowly

At the end, the hypnosis guide will count you out. Take your time coming fully alert before getting up. Moving slowly avoids feeling lightheaded or spacey.

9. Keep Practicing

Use your chosen hypnosis track every night initially. Consistency helps cement its positive effects. After 1-2 months, you can reduce practice to several times weekly.

Best Sleep Hypnosis Audio

Sleep hypnosis audio works well since eyes closed facilitates trance state. Here are top picks with high reviews:

Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is a renowned hypnotherapist from the UK with numerous high quality programs. His sleep hypnosis titles include:

  • Deep Sleep Complete Collection
  • Deep Sleep Every Night
  • Deep Sleep
  • Ultimate Sleep Collection

Tracks average 30 minutes and use Harrold’s soothing voice to relax you into restful sleep through imagery and positive suggestions.

The Honest Guys

The Honest Guys are a team of hypnotherapists with many followers on YouTube. Their sleep hypnosis albums provide deep relaxation:

  • Sleep and Relaxation Music
  • Guided Sleep Meditation
  • Deep Sleep Hypnosis
  • Guided Sleep Talk Down

Tracks incorporate calming music andaveraged 20-40 minutes to lull you into slumber.

Michael Sealey

Michael Sealey is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a popular channel for hypnosis. His best sleep titles include:

  • Guided Meditation for Deepest Sleep
  • Hypnosis for Sleep and Ultra Deep Relaxation
  • Fall Asleep Fast & Beat Insomnia with Sleep Hypnosis

Tracks average 1-2 hours and leverage Sealey’s soothing voice over relaxing nature sounds or music to guide you into deep sleep.

Joe Treacy

Joe Treacy is a hypnotherapist providing a 30 Nights of Deep Sleep program. It spans various guided meditation and hypnosis sessions to improve sleep. His other popular titles are:

  • Deep Sleep Hypnosis
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Deep Sleep Awaken Your Mind

Tracks range from 30-90 minutes helping you mentally prepare for restful sleep.

Best Sleep Hypnosis YouTube

Many excellent sleep hypnosis videos are also available on YouTube from hypnotherapists. Top YouTube channels for sleep hypnosis include:

Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music

With over 900K subscribers, Stephenson’s channel has many deep sleep hypnosis videos including:

  • Fall Asleep Fast | Power Nap Hypnosis (20 min)
  • Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast | Deep Healing Relaxation (3 hrs)
  • Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Mind Body Spirit Cleansing (2 hrs)

These Calming voice audio sessions combine sleep hypnosis and meditation.

Michael Sealey Hypnosis

Sealey shares his best clinical hypnotherapy sleep sessions on YouTube with over 830K subscribers. Popular picks are:

  • Hypnosis for Deep Sleep ~ The Forest River Relaxation (2 hrs)
  • Hypnotic Sleep Story to Fall Asleep Fast (1 hr)

These immersive videos provide relaxation and sleep suggestions over nature sounds.

Be Inspired

This channel provides hypnosis and meditation videos to empower and inspire. Top sleep titles include:

  • 8 Hour DEEP SLEEP: Fall Asleep FAST, STAY Asleep, Meditation to Relax Body
  • Guided Sleep Meditation – The Sacred Garden
  • Fall ASLEEP & STAY ASLEEP | Evening Guided Meditation for Sleep

Tracks average 1-8 hours using vocal hypnosis to facilitate deep relaxation.

PowerThoughts Meditation

With 1M subscribers, this channel offers guided meditations and hypnotherapy. Popular sleep videos are:

  • Fall Asleep Fast – Sleep Hypnosis Session
  • Manifest While You Sleep | DO THIS Before Bed!
  • Instant Relief from Stress and Anxiety | Hypnosis & Meditation

These 20-60 minute hypnosis sessions promote relaxation to improve sleep.

Other Tips for Using Sleep Hypnosis

Follow these extra tips to get the most benefits from your self-hypnosis practice:

  • Stick to a regular sleep schedule to sync your circadian rhythm.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine several hours before bedtime.
  • Unplug from screens 30-60 minutes before hypnosis to minimize distraction.
  • Listen in a comfortable position you can maintain for the session length.
  • Commit to practicing most nights for 1-2 months to cement changes.
  • Download tracks to have one readily available every night.
  • Reduce practice frequency once sleep improves but use occasionally for maintenance.
  • Continue other positive sleep habits like making your room dark, cool and quiet.
  • Consider adding meditation during the day to lower stress.

Who is Sleep Hypnosis Best For?

Sleep hypnosis can benefit many adults who suffer from:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety or rumination that delays sleep
  • Racing thoughts or busy mind at bedtime
  • Restless mind and body at night
  • Nighttime arousal or excitability
  • Light, interrupted sleep
  • Nightmares
  • Need to physically relax
  • Desire to feel tranquil at night

Self-hypnosis is generally not recommended for children under age 12 without guidance. Teens may use it cautiously with a qualified hypnotherapist.

Those with severe insomnia or sleep disorders should first consult their physician. But in most cases, sleep hypnosis can safely complement other treatment.


In conclusion, sleep hypnosis utilizes the power of suggestion to calm your body and mind for better sleep. Listening to a guided hypnosis track is an easy way to practice self-hypnosis at home. High quality audio programs and YouTube videos make it convenient and accessible.

With consistency, sleep hypnosis can retrain your mind and body for faster sleep onset and higher quality sleep. Lower anxiety, increased relaxation, and positive beliefs around sleep are just some of the benefits.

Give one of our recommended sleep hypnosis tracks or videos a try for a month. Follow the tips above to fully integrate it into your evening routine. Sweet dreams!