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What is the email format for people’s postcode lottery?

People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery that raises money for charities. Players sign up with their postcode and play with others in their area. It costs £10 per month to play and winning postcodes are announced every day. Players in that postcode win a share of £1000 per ticket played in their postcode that day.

Quick Answers

The email format for People’s Postcode Lottery is typically [email protected]. This follows the common convention of using first name, last name and company domain for professional email addresses.

Email Format Details

When signing up for People’s Postcode Lottery, players provide their personal details including first and last name. These details are used to generate a unique email address for each player in the format:

[email protected]

For example, if a player’s name is John Smith, their Postcode Lottery email would be:

[email protected]

This email format follows standard conventions for professional emails:

  • First name and last name separated by a period
  • @ symbol to denote the domain name
  • Domain name reflecting the company – in this case

Using players’ names ensures each email is unique and associated with an individual player account. The domain identifies it as an official email from the company.

Usage of Emails

People’s Postcode Lottery uses these unique email addresses to communicate with players about:

  • Confirmation of ticket purchases and subscriptions
  • Notification of prizes won
  • Announcements of lottery draws and winning postcodes
  • Information about supported charities
  • Player account details and management
  • Customer service and support requests

Email is the primary way Players’ Postcode Lottery corresponds with its players. The personalized email addresses allow them to deliver targeted and relevant information to each player.

Changing Email Addresses

Players can change the email associated with their People’s Postcode Lottery account if needed. Some reasons may include:

  • Changing their name after marriage/divorce
  • Fixing a spelling error in their name
  • Wanting to use a different email address

To change the email on file, players must contact People’s Postcode Lottery customer support. This ensures the request is valid and made by the player themselves, not someone else trying to gain access.

The player will need to verify their identity by providing personal details, account information, and confirmation of their new preferred email address. Once validated, the existing email will be replaced with the new one.

Email Security

Email security is very important for a lottery system handling player details and winnings. People’s Postcode Lottery employs these measures to protect player emails:

  • Encryption – Emails are encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) to prevent intercepted emails being read
  • Authentication – Email authenticity is validated using SPF/DKIM to prevent spoofing
  • Security scanning – Emails are scanned for malware and threats before delivery
  • Data protection – Player emails are never shared or used for marketing purposes

These protections ensure player emails remain private and secure from external threats. The personalized format also prevents guessing or brute force attacks attempting to gain access.

Forgotten Emails

If a player forgets the email used for their People’s Postcode Lottery account, they can recover it through these steps:

  1. Go to the People’s Postcode Lottery login page
  2. Click “Forgot Email” link
  3. Enter personal details like name, postcode, phone number
  4. Verify identity through additional checks if needed
  5. The registered email will be displayed or sent to the player to access their account

This allows players to securely retrieve their Postcode Lottery email even if they forget it. Password reset emails can also be sent to the discovered address if needed.

Spam Filtering

To ensure important emails from People’s Postcode Lottery reach players’ inboxes, players should add to their email whitelist. This will prevent the emails wrongly being flagged as spam.

If players notice Postcode Lottery emails ending up in spam/junk folders, they should immediately mark them as “Not Spam” and add the sender to their safelist. Players can also contact customer support if emails are consistently going to spam.

Email Forwarding

Players should not set up email forwarding from their address. These lottery emails often contain sensitive information that should not be forwarded to external inboxes.

If players wish to use a different email, they can change their registered address by contacting customer support. This will ensure all lottery emails are safely delivered to the new inbox.


People’s Postcode Lottery uses a standard [email protected] email format for all players. These personalized emails allow secure, targeted communication about lottery activities, winnings, and account details. Players should keep their email address up to date, avoid forwarding Postcode Lottery emails, and whitelist the sender domain to prevent issues accessing important correspondence.

The unique format provides each player with their own email while identifying the emails as belonging to the official lottery system. Overall, the email structure strikes a balance between personalization, security, and effective communication between Players’ Postcode Lottery and its valued participants.

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Example Player Emails

Here are some example Postcode Lottery player emails based on real names:

First Name Last Name Email
John Smith [email protected]
Mary Johnson [email protected]
David Williams [email protected]
Susan Brown [email protected]
Robert Davis [email protected]

This table demonstrates real examples of how common first and last names would be formatted into People’s Postcode Lottery email addresses using the firstname.lastname structure.

Player Account Emails

Here are some examples of the types of emails People’s Postcode Lottery may send to inform players about their accounts and lottery activities:

Subscription Confirmation

Dear John, 

Thank you for subscribing to People's Postcode Lottery! We are delighted to have you as a player.

This email is to confirm we have received your monthly subscription payment of £10 and entered your postcode into upcoming draws.

If you have any questions about your subscription or account details, please reply to this email and our customer service team will be happy to assist.

Thanks again for playing People's Postcode Lottery and good luck in the draws!

The People's Postcode Lottery team

Winning Notification

Congratulations Susan!

Your postcode, EC2M 7RX, was announced as a People's Postcode Lottery winner yesterday. 

As a player in this postcode, you have won a share of £3,000! Your portion of the prize money totals £1,000 and has been deposited into your lottery account.

To withdraw your winnings, please log in to your account and request a payment. We've included instructions below for how to do this.

Thanks for playing People's Postcode Lottery and we hope to see you win again soon! Let us know if you have any questions.

The People's Postcode Lottery team 

Charity Impact Update

Dear Robert,

We wanted to share an update on the impact your participation in People's Postcode Lottery is having!

So far this year, the lottery has raised £500 million for good causes across Great Britain and internationally. Some highlights include:

- £10 million for humanitarian relief in Yemen  
- £3 million to protect Indonesia's rainforests
- £1.5 million to tackle homelessness in London 

As a valued player, you are directly enabling this essential work to make the world a better place. Thank you for your support!

If you'd like to learn more about the charities you are benefiting, visit our website here: [link]

Thanks again for playing the People's Postcode Lottery and being a part of something bigger.

Best regards,
The People's Postcode Lottery team

These example emails demonstrate the types of vital lottery information communicated to players via their unique addresses. This includes confirmation of subscriptions, notification of winnings, and updates on the charities supported.

Email Address Security

People’s Postcode Lottery takes extensive measures to protect the security of player email addresses including:

Secure Storage

Player emails are securely stored in Postcode Lottery databases using encryption. This prevents unauthorized access even in the event of a data breach.

Access Limitations

Only authorized Postcode Lottery staff with clearance can access player emails. General customer service staff do not have visibility.

Validation Checks

Strict validation occurs when registering new emails or changing existing ones. This prevents invalid or fraudulent addresses.

Spam Monitoring

Email systems are constantly monitored for suspicious spam activity which could indicate a security issue.

Email Audits

Regular audits ensure proper email use and protocol by staff. Any non-compliant activity results in access removal.

With robust controls like these in place, players can feel confident their personal email information remains protected.

Responsible Email Use

While People’s Postcode Lottery secures player emails, participants also have a role to play in using them responsibly by:

  • Keeping passwords strong and private
  • Not sharing lottery emails unnecessarily
  • Watching for phishing attempts
  • Reporting suspected security issues
  • Updating emails if personal information changes

Following email best practices enhances account security on both ends. Players should treat their Postcode Lottery emails as sensitive and confidential.

Customer Support

If players have any issues with their People’s Postcode Lottery email addresses, they can contact customer support:

  • By email: [email protected]
  • By phone: 0808 109 8765
  • Via online support ticket
  • In person at lottery offices

Experienced staff are available 7 days a week to help with email technical issues, changes, forgotten addresses, and any other needs. Support is included as part of the lottery subscription.


People’s Postcode Lottery assigns each player a unique [email protected] email address. These personalized emails enable secure, targeted communication about lottery activities and winnings.

Players should keep their contact information up to date, avoid forwarding lottery emails, and whitelist the domain to ensure reliable delivery. Extensive technical and organizational measures also protect player addresses from misuse or breach.

Overall, the email format strikes an effective balance between usability and security for People’s Postcode Lottery communications. Responsible use by both players and staff enhances the safety and integrity of this lottery system.

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