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What is the longest imessage text?

The longest iMessage text is limited to 4,000 characters. iMessage uses a form of end-to-end encryption, so any messages sent can only be seen by the person who sent it and the person who receives it.

iMessage does not store messages on its servers, so it cannot be accessed from any other device. While this is great for privacy and security, it does mean that the longest message is limited to 4,000 characters.

On the other hand, SMS texts have a much longer character limit, so if you need to send a longer text, you may want to use regular SMS instead of iMessage.

Who is the worlds fastest texter?

The current record holder for the world’s fastest texter is American teenager Melissa Thompson, who was able to send a text message in a time of 18. 44 seconds at the LG U. S. National Texting Competition in New York City on May 23, 2009.

Thompson outpaced seven other finalists to take the top prize.

In the competition, Thompson was able to accurately transcribe a 198 character text message containing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This text message included a quote from Albert Einstein: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.

” Thompson was able to finish the text in 18. 44 seconds, which was well ahead of the second place competitor’s time of 26. 15 seconds.

The world’s fastest texter title has since been broken many times over. The current record holder is American high schooler Austin Weckerly, who managed to complete a 211-character text message in just 16.

8 seconds. Weckerly set the new record at the LG U. S. National Texting Competition in 2012.

Texting on mobile phones has become an everyday reality, and as a result, people have started to compete to determine who can text the fastest. Due to this, the world’s fastest texter record is constantly changing hands, as competitors strive to achieve greater speed through improved keyboarding techniques and phone software.

What is the longest phone conversation ever?

The longest phone conversation ever recorded is between American Peter and Canadian Rob. The conversation took place in 2004 and lasted a whopping 46 hours, 18 minutes and 10 seconds. To make the conversation more interesting, the two decided to talk about a different topic every 30 minutes.

They began by discussing video games and ended up talking about subjects such as travel and personal goals. The conversation was broken up intermittently so that they could get some rest, but both men managed to stay awake and energized throughout the entire conversation.

In the end, the two friends went their separate ways after having made a few memories and several new ideas.

Do texts exist forever?

No, texts do not exist forever. Texts, whether an email, text message, or any other type of online communication, are stored on physical servers and other digital devices, such as computers and phones.

Over time, these electronic devices can become outdated, corrupted, or simply destroyed, which will cause the texts to be lost forever. Additionally, texts are often automatically deleted from digital archives over time due to storage limits.

While many archives like the Library of Congress are actively preserving texts, it will be difficult to guarantee that all texts will exist forever.

How long is the longest burp?

The current Guinness World record for the longest burp was set by Steven Spiteri of Austin, Texas on April 29, 2018. He burped for a whopping 1 minute and 12.9 seconds.

What is the longest name in the world that takes 3 hours to say?

The longest name in the world that takes 3 hours to say is “Llanfihangelvacreviogrygogogogoch,” which is a Welsh village located in the Snowdonia region of North Wales. The village’s name has 58 characters and is split into five words.

Its full translation is “St. Michael’s Church in the Valley of the Fatherless Groves. ” In order to pronounce the village, you’ll have to take a deep breath and sound out each of the five words. That takes roughly three hours to do out loud, depending on your speed.