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What is the official Powerball twitter?

The official Twitter account for Powerball is @PowerballUSA. This account is run by the Multi-State Lottery Association, which administers the Powerball game on behalf of the participating state lotteries. The @PowerballUSA Twitter account shares the latest Powerball jackpot information, winning numbers, reminders about when drawings are held, links to the Powerball website, and other relevant news and announcements about America’s favorite national lottery game.

When was the @PowerballUSA Twitter account created?

The @PowerballUSA Twitter account was created in April 2009, not long after Twitter started becoming a mainstream social media platform. As one of the biggest and most well-known lottery games in the United States, Powerball saw the potential for using Twitter to reach new audiences and disseminate information about the game in a timely manner.

Some key facts about the @PowerballUSA Twitter account:

  • The account joined Twitter in April 2009
  • The first tweet was sent on April 17, 2009
  • As of October 2023, the account has over 230,000 followers
  • It has sent over 5,000 tweets
  • The account tweets multiple times per week, especially around draw times

So @PowerballUSA has been tweeting out Powerball content and engaging with followers for over 14 years.

What type of content does @PowerballUSA tweet?

The @PowerballUSA Twitter account posts a variety of Powerball-related content to keep followers informed about the game. Some of the main things you’ll see tweeted from the account include:

  • Jackpot amounts – tweets announcing the current jackpot and if it has rolled over to increase the prize
  • Winning numbers – tweets revealing the latest winning number combinations after drawings
  • Winners – tweets congratulating big jackpot winners and linking to press releases
  • Draw reminders – tweets noting the date/time of upcoming drawings
  • Behind-the-scenes – occasional tweets showcasing Powerball artwork or events
  • Q&A – replies answering Powerball questions from followers
  • Links to – tweets linking to relevant jackpot info, winner stories, etc.
  • Promotional content – tweets about Powerball special events, second chance contests, etc.

The focus is on utilitarian content that provides users with the Powerball information and news they want as opposed to overly promotional or branded content. Engaging directly with followers to answer questions is also a priority.

How often does @PowerballUSA tweet?

The @PowerballUSA Twitter account is very active, tweeting multiple times per week, and often multiple times per day in the lead up to drawings and during peak jackpot periods.

Some key facts on the tweeting frequency:

  • Tweets 2-4 times per week during normal periods
  • Tweets 4-8 times per week when jackpots exceed $150 million
  • Tweets 8-12+ times per week for jackpots over $500 million
  • Tweets most often on draw days (Wednesdays and Saturdays)
  • Busiest tweeting is in the hours leading up to the drawing

So while the baseline tweeting is a few times a week, the frequency ramps up considerably when Powerball jackpots start reaching astronomical levels measured in the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. The account becomes very active on drawing days advising followers of the increasing jackpots and upcoming cut-off times.

Does @PowerballUSA ever tweet during drawings?

Yes, the @PowerballUSA account has occasionally livetweeted during Powerball drawings for extremely high jackpots. While this is not standard practice for every drawing, during some unprecedented jackpot runs the account has provided followers with live updates as the winning numbers are selected.

Some notable examples:

  • January 2016 – Livetweeted during the $1.6 billion jackpot drawing
  • March 2019 – Livetweeted during the $768.4 million jackpot drawing
  • January 2021 – Livetweeted the $731.1 million jackpot drawing

These enormously high jackpots understandably sparked a lot of public interest, so the official Powerball account tried to enhance the experience by revealing the winning numbers in real-time on Twitter as they were drawn, rather than make followers wait for a post-draw tweet. For record-breaking jackpots, it adds to the event and excitement.

What special hashtags does @PowerballUSA use?

The @PowerballUSA account utilizes several special Powerball-related hashtags to categorize tweets and increase engagement from followers. Some of the main hashtags you’ll see used include:

  • #Powerball – used in most tweets as the default hashtag
  • #Jackpot – used when tweeting current jackpot amounts
  • #Winners – used when mentioning winners
  • #RecordJackpot – used for new all-time record jackpots
  • #PowerballDrawing – used on draw day tweets
  • #DidYouWin – used when posting winning numbers
  • #TuneIn – used reminding when to watch the drawing
  • #PowerCruise – used for promotion of Powerball events

Using consistent hashtags allows followers to easily find tweets about certain topics and join in the online conversation. The hashtags also increase the overall online visibility and reach for Powerball-related tweets.

Does the @PowerballUSA account interact with followers?

Yes, the @PowerballUSA account makes an effort to engage directly with followers. In addition to tweeting out Powerball information, they also respond to fan questions and queries about the game.

Some examples of @PowerballUSA replying to followers:

  • Providing the latest jackpot total when asked
  • Confirming or correcting winning numbers
  • Responding with Powerball rules, odds, and FAQs
  • Answering questions about claiming prizes
  • Directing fans to Powerball retailers in their state

This level of engagement helps build an ongoing rapport with Powerball fans. Followers appreciate having their questions answered by the authoritative source versus having to hunt down information. The responses also add a friendly, helpful voice behind the Powerball brand.

Does @PowerballUSA follow anyone back?

No, as of October 2023, the @PowerballUSA Twitter account does not follow anyone. With over 230,000 followers of its own, it would be difficult to reciprocate by following fans back.

However, even without formally following anyone, @PowerballUSA does interact with and reply to a wide range of Twitter users through tweets and comments. So they still aim to connect with fans and lottery enthusiasts without necessarily needing to “follow” them on the platform.

It makes more sense for corporate branded accounts like @PowerballUSA to focus solely on producing content and engaging audiences as opposed to trying to follow lots of individual users back. The Powerball account takes this one-way, broadcast-style approach for sharing official jackpot, winning number, and promotional information out to the masses.

Does @PowerballUSA have a header photo?

Yes, the @PowerballUSA Twitter account does utilize a header photo. The current header image features a large gold-colored Powerball logo on a black background.

The Powerball logo header provides:

  • Instant brand recognition
  • Visual reinforcement that this is the official Powerball account
  • A consistent look across the account’s profile
  • Helps the account stand out on Twitter

The gold coloring of the logo also evokes notions of winning big jackpot prizes. So the header image succeeds from both a branding and stylistic perspective.

Interestingly, @PowerballUSA has changed its header photo multiple times over the years. Earlier headers featured memorable Powerball winners, promotional cruise images, and photos of massive jackpot amounts. The revolving selection of images keeps the profile looking fresh.

Does @PowerballUSA have a profile photo?

Yes, the @PowerballUSA Twitter profile utilizes an icon-style Powerball logo as its current profile picture. The logo features a distinctive gold-colored ball encircled with stars and stripes imagery.

Some attributes of the Powerball profile photo:

  • Features the classic Powerball logo design
  • Distinct from other lottery game brands
  • Consistent look across social media platforms
  • Easy to recognize on Twitter feeds
  • Evokes patriotic themes with star and stripes

The profile picture also matches the same Powerball logo design used in the header photo for a cohesive look. This strategically branded profile/header combo helps the account stand out and cement its status as the one official source for Powerball news on Twitter.

Who runs and manages the @PowerballUSA account?

The @PowerballUSA Twitter account is run and managed by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) based in Urbandale, Iowa. MUSL jointly oversees administration of Powerball on behalf of the 48 participating state, district, and territorial lotteries where the game is available.

As part of their management duties, MUSL handles:

  • Overseeing draw procedures and ball testing
  • Coordinating with state lotteries
  • Publishing and distributing winning numbers
  • Paying out jackpot prizes
  • Promoting the Powerball brand

This includes running the @PowerballUSA social media accounts like Twitter. MUSL has a marketing team that handles posting content, responding to followers, coordinating giveaways, and driving engagement through the account. They provide a unified voice for Powerball across the country.

Does Powerball have accounts on other platforms besides Twitter?

Yes, in addition to Twitter, you can also find official Powerball accounts on several other major social media platforms. These include:

  • Facebook – @PowerballUSA – Over 2 million page likes
  • Instagram – @powerballusa – Around 50,000 followers
  • YouTube – powerball – 2,000+ subscribers

The Facebook page in particular sees very high engagement levels with millions of followers and active discussions. Instagram and YouTube have smaller but growing followings where Powerball shares photos/videos.

Multi-State Lottery Association marketing staff runs these accounts in coordination with @PowerballUSA on Twitter as part of their overarching Powerball digital media strategy. The accounts allow them to reach broad audiences with jackpot buzz.

Does the @PowerballUSA account run giveaways or contests?

Yes, the account will occasionally run Powerball-related giveaways and contests to further engage followers. These are typically promoted via tweets from the account.

Some examples of past @PowerballUSA contests include:

  • “Retweet to Win” contests for Powerball swag
  • Second chance promotions for losing tickets
  • Respond for a chance to win Powerball experiences
  • Like and share a post to enter drawings
  • Follow and reply for Powerball cruise tickets
  • Tag friends for a chance at cash prizes

The prizes offered are designed to appeal to Powerball fans, with cash jackpots, Powerball merchandise, tickets, and one-of-a-kind experiences as rewards. These contests drive significant engagement on the account from fans hoping to win and share their excitement.

What tone and voice does @PowerballUSA use?

The overall tone and voice of the @PowerballUSA Twitter account can be described as:

  • Friendly – The account uses upbeat, enthusiastic language even when just posting numbers or reminders.
  • Informative – Providing the latest jackpot and drawing info is the priority.
  • Casual – The tone is more relaxed versus overly formal or corporate.
  • Motivational – Emphasizing how Powerball can make your dreams come true.
  • Hopeful – Encouraging positivity and optimism people could win.
  • Exciting – Using emphasis techniques like ALL CAPS or exclamation points to accentuate big jackpots.

This approachable, accessible tone allows @PowerballUSA to engage everyday lottery players. The casual voice mirrors how actual fans talk about Powerball dreams rather than stiff corporate-speak. The upbeat style builds anticipation and urgency around record jackpots in a friendly, motivational way.

Does @PowerballUSA account ever tweet emojis or gifs?

Yes, to add visual flair the @PowerballUSA Twitter account will occasionally incorporate emojis and gifs into tweets, usually during major jackpot runs or on draw days.

Some examples of emojis and gifs used include:

  • Bag of money emojis when jackpot exceeds $500+ million
  • “Eyes” emojis when revealing winning numbers
  • Champagne pop emojis for big winners
  • Alarm clock emojis for draw reminders
  • “Fire” emojis to hype up jackpots
  • Confetti gifs to celebrate winners
  • Depictions of luxury items like yachts, mansions, cars

Using selective emojis and gifs enables @PowerballUSA to capture attention in the crowded Twitter space. The visuals also reinforce the ideas of wealth and celebration associated with huge Powerball jackpots. But they use them sparingly to maintain a professional look.


In summary, the @PowerballUSA Twitter account provides a vital source of official jackpot information, winning numbers, reminders, promotion, and fan engagement for lottery players. Run by Multi-State Lottery Association marketing staff, the always-buzzing account has cultivated an audience of over 230,000 followers. @PowerballUSA continues evolving its content and approach to sustain interest in Powerball drawings and deliver helpful updates to fans across social media. The account reflects the advent of modern lotteries mastering platforms like Twitter to drive record participation in their landmark jackpots.