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What is the official twitter for Mega Millions?

Mega Millions is one of the two major multi-state lottery games in the United States, along with Powerball. Mega Millions is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), while Powerball is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Group. Mega Millions can be played in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The game has evolved over the years, with changes to the matrix of balls, the prize payout structure, and more. Having an official Twitter account is one way the Mega Millions team communicates with and engages its widespread player base.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking platform that allows users to post “tweets” of up to 280 characters. The platform has become an important communication channel for brands, celebrities, media organizations, and other entities to disseminate information, interact with audiences, and more. As of Q2 2022, Twitter reported having over 237 million daily active users worldwide.

Some key features of Twitter include:

  • Tweets – The core piece of content on Twitter, tweets may contain photos, videos, links, polls, and more in addition to text.
  • Hashtags – Enables users to categorize tweets and follow topics by including the # symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase.
  • @Mentions – Users can tag or mention other accounts in their tweets by including the @ symbol before their username.
  • Retweets – Allows users to easily share tweets from other accounts with their own followers.
  • Threads – Twitter added the ability to connect multiple tweets together in one conversation or narrative thread.

In the brand/organization context, Twitter provides a public-facing way to share announcements, run campaigns, address issues, and interact with customers/followers at scale. Most major consumer brands have Twitter accounts to complement their other social media and digital communications efforts.

Does Mega Millions Have a Twitter Account?

Yes, Mega Millions does have an official Twitter account. Their handle is @MegaMillionsUS.

As of October 2022, the @MegaMillionsUS account has over 163,000 followers and has posted over 5,400 tweets. It is a verified Twitter account with the blue checkmark, confirming its authenticity as the official Mega Millions profile.

The account tweets out announcements about recent Mega Millions drawings, jackpot amounts, winner alerts, game changes, promotions, and more. Followers can turn on notifications from @MegaMillionsUS to stay on top of lottery results and news.

Here are some example tweets from the Mega Millions Twitter account:

The #MegaMillions jackpot has rolled again with no jackpot winner for last night’s drawing. The Tuesday, #October18 jackpot now rises to a massive $494 million! What would you do with an almost half BILLION dollars?! #TuesdayThoughts #HalfBillionDollars 🤯
There were more than 1.9 million #MegaMillions winners last night at all prize levels – 18 lucky players matched the first 5 numbers for a $1,000,000 prize! Not too late to try your luck again before Friday’s $494 million #jackpot!

The account provides timely updates around drawings, winners, and jackpots. It also shares motivational messaging, community initiatives, contest promotions, and more.

Overall, @MegaMillionsUS enables direct, two-way engagement between the famous lottery brand and its broad player community on Twitter. The account has amassed a large following since joining Twitter in January 2010.

What Does the Mega Millions Twitter Account Tweet About?

The Mega Millions Twitter account tweets about a variety of topics to keep followers informed and engaged with the lottery game, including:

Jackpot Amounts

Tweets announcing the current Mega Millions jackpot amount before each drawing are very common. These highlight the estimated grand prize up for grabs to motivate players to participate. If there is no jackpot winner, the next jackpot total gets tweeted when it rolls over.

Winning Numbers

Following each Mega Millions drawing held Tuesdays and Fridays, the winning numbers are always tweeted out so followers can check their tickets. The numbers are presented visually in a graphic showing the white balls and gold Mega Ball.

Winners & Winnings

For drawings when there is a jackpot winner or other major prize winners, the @MegaMillionsUS account provides updates on the winning state(s), retailer that sold the ticket, and occasionally the winner’s plans for the money. Reminders to double-check tickets are included.

Game Changes & Promotions

Tweets announce any changes to the Mega Millions game, such as increases in starting jackpots or new features. Special sweepstakes and product giveaways are promoted as well.

Motivational Messaging

In addition to game results and news, inspirational messaging and quotations are mixed in, such as “Follow your dreams!” This keeps the tone fun and aspirational.

Community Initiatives

Tweets highlight causes and organizations supported by Mega Millions, such as Maryland Lottery’s beneficiary Veterans of Foreign Wars. This demonstrates social responsibility.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

For a peek behind the curtain, some tweets provide photos, videos, stats, and facts about Mega Millions operations, such as how drawing equipment functions.

Notable Mega Millions Twitter Content

Over the years, the Mega Millions Twitter account has provided updates on some exceptionally notable jackpots and events:

October 2018: Created buzz leading up to the game’s record $1.537 billion jackpot, won in South Carolina on October 23, 2018.

January 2021: Announced a $1 billion jackpot won in Michigan on January 22, 2021. This was the second largest Mega Millions prize ever.

July 2022: The account generated excitement for the game’s second largest jackpot ever – a whopping $1.337 billion prize won in Illinois on July 29, 2022.

Giveaways: Used the platform for special giveaways tied to major events like the 2019 Christmas Day drawing and 2021 National Lottery Week.

Overall, @MegaMillionsUS has provided a direct line of communication on Twitter to inform and engage players during memorable Mega Million moments and milestones.

Usage Insights About @MegaMillionsUS

Some interesting statistics and usage insights about the official Mega Millions Twitter account as of October 2022:

  • Joined Twitter: January 2010
  • Tweets: Over 5,400 tweets
  • Followers: Over 163,000 followers
  • Following: Not following any accounts
  • Account Activity: Tweets multiple times per week, more actively leading up to/following drawings.
  • Engagement: Tweets receive hundreds to thousands of likes and retweets. Much higher engagement for notable jackpots and winners.
  • Tweet Types: Announcements, motivational quotes, photos, videos, GIFs, surveys, contests, etc.

The account exhibits impressive longevity, having provided updates spanning more than a decade. Follower growth has been consistent, indicating strong user interest in Mega Millions Twitter content. Engagement spikes surrounding events like massive jackpot drawings demonstrate the platform’s effectiveness in creating viral, real-time buzz.

How to Find the Mega Millions Twitter Account

Finding and following the official Mega Millions Twitter account is simple:

On Twitter, go to the search bar at the top of the screen and search “Mega Millions” or “@MegaMillionsUS” – the account should appear as the first search result.

Click on the account name to navigate to the profile page. Verify the blue checkmark confirming it is the verified Mega Millions account.

If desired, click the “Follow” button to follow @MegaMillionsUS and receive its tweets in real-time in your main Twitter feed. Turn on notifications as well for alert updates.

Alternatively, the account can be found by navigating directly to:

The Mega Millions Twitter page features the blue verified badge in the profile header, along with details like the account creation date and number of tweets/followers.

How Mega Millions Uses Twitter

As one of the major national lottery games, Mega Millions leverages its Twitter account effectively to:

  • Build widespread awareness of the Mega Millions brand across the U.S.
  • Engage a digitally savvy audience where they are already spending time online.
  • Increase excitement and ticket sales by promoting giant jackpots.
  • Announce winners in real-time to motivate more players.
  • Broadcast changes to the game to educate followers.
  • Run contests, giveaways and surveys for fan participation.
  • Display a fun, aspirational brand personality.
  • Showcase causes and organizations supported by Mega Millions.
  • Humanize the brand by giving a “voice” via tweets.
  • Provide nationwide customer service by answering player questions.

Social media enables brands like Mega Millions to directly engage target markets. Twitter offers wide exposure, real-time updates, viral sharing, two-way conversations, and more.

Best Practices for Mega Millions on Twitter

Mega Millions has adhered to some important best practices that contribute to the effectiveness of its Twitter presence:

– Maintaining consistent branding – the Mega Millions logo, color scheme, and hashtag #MegaMillions are used throughout. This reinforces brand recognition.

– Balancing different types of tweets – a mix of announcements, motivational content, behind-the-scenes looks, promotions, etc. keeps followers engaged.

– Embedding photos, videos and graphics – visual media makes tweets stand out more in the feed and increases engagement.

– Responding to user questions – directly answering player inquiries strengthens customer service perceptions.

– Promoting big jackpots – capitalizing on lottery dreams and jackpot fever incentivizes ticket purchases.

– Announcing winners promptly – people want to know right away and share winner stories.

– Clear call-to-actions – tweeting reminders to purchase tickets before drawings converts engagement into sales.

– Linking to website/social channels – expands reach by driving Twitter traffic to other Mega Millions platforms.

Optimizing Twitter presence requires both an editorial strategy and grasp of platform best practices. Mega Millions has skillfully executed a long-running, engaging account.

Ways the Public Engages with the Account

Members of the public engage with the official Mega Millions Twitter account in several ways:

– Following the account to receive its tweets in their feed

– Liking and retweeting posts, especially those announcing jackpots and winners

– Clicking links in tweets to visit the website and other social media profiles

– Tagging and mentioning friends to share Mega Millions tweets

– Directly replying to tweets with comments and questions

– Entering giveaways and contests promoted on the account

– Using Mega Millions hashtags like #MegaMillions and #Jackpot to join the conversation

– Turning on push notifications to get drawing results immediately

– Asking customer service questions related to the game, tickets, winnings, etc.

– Showing support for causes championed on the account like veterans groups

– Responding to polls about how they would spend jackpot winnings

Engagement on Twitter can happen actively by directly interacting or passively just from viewing tweets in the feed. Mega Millions provides incentives and content for both types of participation.

Should You Follow the Mega Millions Twitter Account?

Here are some key benefits of following the official Mega Millions Twitter account that you may want to consider:

– Get drawing results, winning numbers, and jackpot announcements in real-time. Never miss a record-setting prize.

– Stay on top of game changes like new rules or features that could impact your gameplay strategy.

– Take advantage of special Twitter-only contests, giveaways and promotions that the general public may miss out on.

– Witness and share in the excitement when massive jackpots are hit. The account makes these moments highly shareable.

– See motivational messages and success stories of past winners that fuel your lottery dreams.

– Ask customer service questions and get helpful responses directly from the Mega Millions team.

– Show your support as a Mega Millions fan and become part of the conversation community engaging with each tweet.

– Get a “behind-the-scenes” look at Mega Millions operations by seeing photos, videos, stats and facts regularly posted.

– Apply hashtags like #MegaMillions and #Jackpot to your own tweets participating in the dialogue.

Of course, you can always just search Mega Millions on Twitter whenever you want to check for updates. But following guarantees you have the latest news immediately in your feed.

Key Takeaways

Some key takeaways about the Mega Millions Twitter presence:

– Mega Millions has an official, verified Twitter account under the handle @MegaMillionsUS with over 163,000 followers.

– The account tweets out real-time drawing results, jackpot amounts, winner alerts, game changes, promotions, inspirational content, and more.

– Notable tweets include the record $1.5 billion jackpot in 2018 and $1 billion jackpot in 2021.

– Twitter enables Mega Millions to engage fans nationwide with a fun, aspirational brand personality.

– The public interacts by following, liking, retweeting, replying, asking questions, and entering giveaways.

– Following the Twitter account provides many benefits like real-time updates, exclusive contests, and community participation.


In summary, the official Twitter account @MegaMillionsUS allows the hugely popular Mega Millions lottery game to engage its widespread player base through real-time updates, promotional campaigns, inspirational messaging, and a fun brand personality.

The public can participate by following @MegaMillionsUS to stay on top of jackpots, drawing results, winner announcements, game changes and more. Twitter enables direct two-way communication between the brand and its audience.

For any Mega Millions lottery fan, following the official Twitter account is a great way to join the Mega Millions community and never miss out on record jackpots, game news, and chances for exclusive Twitter-only giveaways and contests.