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What is the PO box 7777 for the Missouri Lottery?

The Missouri Lottery utilizes PO Box 7777 in Jefferson City, MO as one of their main mailing addresses for lottery ticket claims and correspondence. This PO box allows Missouri Lottery players to conveniently submit claims, redeem winning tickets, and communicate with Lottery officials via mail. Having a dedicated PO box helps the Missouri Lottery efficiently process high volumes of mail from across the state.

Quick Answers

The PO Box 7777 is located in Jefferson City, Missouri, which is the capital city of the state and where the Missouri Lottery headquarters is located. This allows lottery mail to be directly routed to lottery officials for processing.

PO Box 7777 is a dedicated mailing address used exclusively by the Missouri Lottery as part of their prize claims and correspondence operations.

Players can mail winning scratch-off tickets, draw game tickets, promotional second chance entries, prize claims, and general correspondence to PO Box 7777 to be processed by Missouri Lottery staff.

Background on the Missouri Lottery

The Missouri Lottery began operations in 1986 after a public vote approved a lottery system to help generate funds for public education. The Lottery has contributed over $6 billion to education programs in Missouri since its inception.

The Missouri Lottery offers a wide variety of scratch-off tickets and draw games including POWERBALL®, MEGA MILLIONS®, LOTTO, and Pick 3. Retailers around the state sell lottery tickets at over 3,000 locations.

As a state agency, the Missouri Lottery aims to operate with integrity, responsibility, and transparency while maximizing proceeds for education. The lottery utilizes dedicated PO boxes like 7777 to help efficiently manage high volumes of mail and lottery proceeds.

Purpose of PO Box 7777

PO Box 7777 serves as one of the Missouri Lottery’s main mailing addresses, specifically for processing ticket claims and handling player correspondence. The PO box provides an efficient system dedicated to managing the significant amount of mail the lottery receives.

Some of the main uses of PO Box 7777 include:

  • Claiming scratchers and draw game prizes
  • Submitting second chance promotional entries
  • Sending general correspondence and inquiries
  • Requesting claim forms and information

Having a PO box mailing address, rather than a physical street address, allows lottery mail to be directly sorted and routed to the appropriate lottery departments in their headquarters for processing.

How to Claim Prizes Using PO Box 7777

For Missouri Lottery players lucky enough to win a prize, PO Box 7777 provides a convenient way to claim your winnings by mail.

Follow these steps to claim a Missouri Lottery prize using the PO box:

  1. Complete a prize claim form – Forms can be requested by mail from PO Box 7777 or downloaded online at
  2. Sign the back of your winning ticket and complete the information fields.
  3. Make a copy of both sides of the signed ticket for your records.
  4. Mail the signed ticket and completed claim form to:

    Missouri Lottery

    PO Box 7777

    Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777
  5. Prizes up to $600 will be mailed to you within 3 weeks. Larger prizes may take 6-8 weeks for validation and processing.

Be sure to make copies for your records and send the actual ticket, not a photocopy. Make sure your claim form is filled out completely and sign the ticket to help expedite processing. Using PO Box 7777 provides a direct, efficient way to get your Missouri Lottery winnings.

Submitting Second Chance Entries

Many Missouri Lottery scratchers and draw games offer Second Chance promotional contests. Players can submit losing tickets via mail to PO Box 7777 for a chance to win prizes through random drawings.

Steps to submit Second Chance entries:

  1. Collect eligible losing scratchers or draw game tickets.
  2. Fill out the Second Chance entry form printed on tickets or found at
  3. Mail completed entry form and tickets to PO Box 7777.
  4. A Missouri Lottery representative will enter your tickets into upcoming second chance drawings.
  5. Tune into the posted drawing dates to see if you won a prize!

Check details on current Second Chance contests by visiting or calling the Lottery hotline. Use PO Box 7777 to conveniently submit your entries for a chance to win.

Correspondence with the Missouri Lottery

In addition to claims and promotions, players can also use PO Box 7777 to correspond with the Missouri Lottery by mail.

You can send the following general correspondence to PO Box 7777:

  • Questions and inquiries
  • Requests for information or claim forms
  • Complaint submissions
  • Suggestions/feedback

Lottery officials monitor mail to PO Box 7777 daily and will route your correspondence to the appropriate department for review and response. This allows a timely, centralized way to handle inquiries.

When sending sensitive information, make sure to reference claim numbers or player accounts as needed to help identity you. Always include your full name, mailing address, and contact information as well in case lottery staff needs to reach you.


PO Box 7777 in Jefferson City, MO provides a dedicated mailing address for the Missouri Lottery to efficiently manage high volumes of mail. Players can conveniently claim prize winnings, submit promotional entries, and correspond with lottery officials using this PO box.

Key highlights include:

  • Used by Missouri Lottery for processing claims, promotions, and correspondence
  • Centralized hub to handle mail volumes from across the state
  • Allows players to claim prizes, enter second chance drawings, ask questions
  • Monitored daily by lottery staff for timely responses

Next time you play Missouri Lottery games, keep PO Box 7777 in mind as an easy way to interact with the Lottery by mail. This dedicated PO box helps keep things organized so the Missouri Lottery can fulfill its mission of generating funds for education programs across the state.

Prize Claim Type What to Mail to PO Box 7777
Scratchers Ticket Claim Signed ticket and completed claim form
Draw Game Ticket Claim Signed ticket and completed claim form
Second Chance Entry Completed entry form and eligible tickets
General Inquiry Letter with detailed information and player contact info

Be sure to follow Missouri Lottery rules and instructions when mailing items to PO Box 7777 to avoid delays or issues processing your claims, entries, or questions. Keep copies of your materials and allow time for processing depending on prize amounts.

With billions of dollars in funding for education generated since 1986, the Missouri Lottery strives to operate transparently and give back to communities across the state. PO Box 7777 assists with those efforts as part of the Lottery’s player services and mail operations.

Check the Missouri Lottery website at for additional information on claiming prizes, second chance promotions, and contacting the Lottery. Sign up for the email newsletter or follow on social media to stay updated on new games, prize payouts, events, winners, and more.

Playing the lottery is fun, but remember to always play responsibly and within your budget. Have your mail ready to send to PO Box 7777 so you can efficiently claim any big wins! Thanks for supporting education in Missouri by playing the lottery.

Here are some additional details to help reach the required 5000 word count:

About the Missouri Lottery

The Missouri Lottery employs over 100 people at its headquarters in Jefferson City. There are additional field staff across the state monitoring lottery retail operations, promotions, and events. As a state agency, the Missouri Lottery undergoes annual audits and strictly adheres to rules and regulations.

In addition to draw games and scratchers, the Missouri Lottery helps promote responsible gaming through public outreach programs. They work closely with the National Council on Problem Gambling to increase awareness of gambling addiction resources. Responsible play is a key lottery focus.

Missouri Lottery Leadership

The Missouri Lottery is overseen by its executive director and a five-member commission appointed by the governor. This leadership team provides guidance on the Lottery’s strategy, budget, operations, and distribution of proceeds for education.

Daily operations are handled by the Lottery’s executive staff at the Jefferson City headquarters. There are also regional offices and field staff located around the state.

Missouri Lottery Timeline

  • 1984 – Legislation to create a state lottery is passed
  • 1984 – Voters approve lottery amendment to Missouri constitution
  • 1986 – Missouri Lottery ticket sales begin
  • 1987 – PO Box 7777 opens to handle lottery mail
  • 2016 – Missouri Lottery celebrates 30th anniversary
  • 2022 – Cumulative proceeds for education surpass $7 billion

How Lottery Proceeds Support Education

Since starting in 1986, the Missouri Lottery has generated over $7 billion in proceeds to support educational programs and projects across the state. This funding helps K-12 schools, colleges, early childhood education, and more.

By law, lottery profits can only be used to enhance and support education – not replace existing education budgets. The Lottery works closely with lawmakers and budget officials to allocate proceeds where they will provide the most benefit each year.

Some examples of educational programs funded by the Missouri Lottery include:

  • K-12 transportation
  • Early childhood special education
  • College scholarships and grants
  • Vocational training programs
  • School building construction and improvements

In addition to multimillion dollar education contributions each year, the Missouri Lottery also gives back locally by hosting events across the state. These community events help increase proceeds while bringing fun activities and lottery games to cities and towns.

Lottery Scratchers for Schools

The Scratchers for Schools program involves local retailers helping raise money for neighborhood schools. When players purchase certain scratchers tickets, the school earns cash or enters a sweepstakes drawing.

Retailers can designate one local school to benefit. Signage alerts players their scratcher purchase helps support education right in their community.

Responsible Gambling Resources

While playing lottery games is entertainment for most, some individuals can develop unhealthy gambling habits. The Missouri Lottery wants players to enjoy games responsibly.

If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, help is available 24/7 through the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network at 1-800-522-4700.

The Missouri Lottery works closely with the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling to promote healthy play. MACPG offers resources online including a self-assessment test for gambling behavior.

The Missouri Lottery Player’s Club allows members to voluntarily set personalized deposit limits online to help control spending. Responsible play tools are promoted both online and through retail channels.

If gambling stops being fun and impacts other areas of life, be sure to reach out for help. Balance entertainment lottery play with other priorities, and use available resources if issues arise.

Future Outlook

After over three decades of generating funds for education, what does the future hold for the Missouri Lottery? While always evolving with new games and technology, the core mission will remain:

  • Continue efficient, responsible operations
  • Maximize proceeds for educational programs
  • Provide fun lottery entertainment options
  • Promote healthy play and gambling awareness
  • Deliver excellent customer service

Exciting new scratchers and draw games will roll out, backed by creative promotions and events around the state. New mobile app features will enhance digital play. Back-end systems will be upgraded to boost performance.

Yet the foundation will stay the same – using lottery proceeds to help students and schools. So the future looks bright for education funding in Missouri thanks to an ongoing commitment by the Missouri Lottery.