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What is the promo code for Broadway Week?

Broadway Week is an exciting time for theater lovers in New York City. During Broadway Week, people can purchase 2-for-1 tickets to some of the most popular Broadway shows. This makes Broadway Week an excellent opportunity to see top Broadway productions at a discounted price. Many people wonder how they can take advantage of the 2-for-1 Broadway Week ticket deals. The key is using the Broadway Week promo code when purchasing tickets online or at the box office.

When is Broadway Week?

Broadway Week occurs twice every year in NYC. The winter Broadway Week traditionally takes place in January or February. The summer Broadway Week usually happens in September. The exact dates vary each year. Broadway Week spans over 2 weeks, running for 12 days total. During this time, 2-for-1 Broadway tickets are available for purchase to designated Broadway Week shows. Not all Broadway shows participate in Broadway Week. There are generally around 30-40 Broadway Week shows each season.

How Does the Broadway Week Promo Code Work?

The Broadway Week promo code allows you to unlock the 2-for-1 ticket deal. Think of it like a password you enter to access the special offer. The promo code is required to buy the BOGO (buy one get one) tickets. Without using the code, you would pay regular full price. The Broadway Week promo code is the key to the discount.

Here’s how it works when purchasing tickets online or at the box office:

  1. Decide which Broadway Week show you want to see. Look at the list of participating productions.
  2. Select your show date and time. You can choose matinee or evening performances.
  3. Pick your seats if booking online. You choose 2 seats together since you’re getting 2 tickets.
  4. Enter the Broadway Week promo code when prompted. The code will be displayed on the website.
  5. Complete your ticket purchase. The 2-for-1 discount will automatically apply.

When you use the promo code, the price for 2 tickets will be equivalent to the regular price of one single full-priced ticket. It cuts the total cost in half. The code cannot be applied retroactively if you do not enter it when initially buying your Broadway Week tickets.

Where Do You Find the Broadway Week Promo Code?

Wondering where to get the Broadway Week promo code? There are a few places you can find it:

  • Official Broadway Week website – The code will always be available on the main Broadway Week site. Simply search “Broadway Week” to find the official page.
  • Show websites – Participating Broadway show websites will have the code posted. Look for a Broadway Week section or banner.
  • Email lists – If you’re subscribed to Broadway newsletters, they will send out the code.
  • Social media – Broadway Week promo codes are shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Ads/articles – Broadway Week promotions and stories will mention the code.

The promo code is typically a short phrase or combination of words and letters. For example, it may be something like “BWPROMO” or “BROADWAYWK22”. The code often ties into the Broadway Week theme for the season.

Do Broadway Week Promo Codes Change?

Yes, the Broadway Week promo codes change each season. It’s not the same code reused every year. The codes are updated for both the winter and summer Broadway Weeks annually. So don’t try to reuse an old code! Make sure you are using the current Broadway Week promo code for the specific season.

Why do the codes change? This prevents people from trying to use old or expired codes. It also allows producers to track where tickets are being sold using each unique new code every Broadway Week. So hunt for the promo code advertised for that particular Broadway Week rather than assuming it’s the same from a previous season.

How Many Tickets Can I Buy with the Promo Code?

When using the Broadway Week promo code, you can buy up to 4 BOGO tickets in a single order. That’s a total of 8 tickets maximum at the 2-for-1 price. You can purchase the tickets all together in one transaction using the code. There’s no need to make multiple separate orders.

Here’s an example of how many tickets the promo code applies to:

  • Buy 1 ticket, get 1 free (2 total tickets)
  • Buy 2 tickets, get 2 free (4 total tickets)
  • Buy 3 tickets, get 3 free (6 total tickets)
  • Buy 4 tickets, get 4 free (8 total tickets max)

You cannot use the Broadway Week promo code to get a discount on more than 8 tickets. Attempting to purchase 10 tickets, for instance, would result in only 8 being discounted, not 10.

What’s the Best Way to Buy Broadway Week Tickets?

Purchasing your Broadway Week tickets online is highly recommended. Buying the BOGO tickets online allows you to:

  • Secure your seats in advance
  • Compare seating options
  • Easily enter the promo code
  • Avoid box office lines

You can buy Broadway Week tickets directly on the website for the show you want to see. Popular ticketing sites like Telecharge and Ticketmaster also sell the 2-for-1 seats online. This gives you the most flexibility and convenience.

It’s possible to buy the BOGO tickets in person at the box office too. However, it can be more time-consuming. You may have to wait in longer lines during the busy Broadway Week period. Purchasing online ahead of time is best to lock in seats. But the box office is a fine option too if needed.

Can the Promo Code Sell Out?

Yes, it’s possible for the Broadway Week promo code tickets to sell out. The 2-for-1 seats are in high demand and limited quantity. On especially hot shows, the allotment of BOGO tickets may get purchased quickly. So you’ll want to buy early after the tickets first go on sale to ensure you secure a pair.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Book your Broadway Week seats as soon as possible once the code is released. Sign up for email alerts from your chosen show so you’re notified right when the tickets go on sale. Planning ahead helps guarantee you’ll get the 2-for-1 deal before it sells out.

Are There Restrictions on the Promo Code?

The Broadway Week promo code discount does come with some restrictions you should be aware of:

  • Only valid for designated Broadway Week shows, not all Broadway productions
  • Only applicable during the Broadway Week dates, not year-round
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts
  • No refunds or exchanges allowed on Broadway Week tickets
  • Seating sections are predetermined for Broadway Week; you cannot pick any seat

Make sure to read all the Broadway Week terms and conditions carefully when booking. The 2-for-1 tickets are a special limited offer. You want to understand any restrictions before purchasing.

Do I Have to Print the Tickets?

If you purchase Broadway Week tickets online, printing them at home is not required. You will simply show your digital ticket barcode on your phone when you arrive at the theater. Print-at-home paper tickets are not necessary.

However, if you buy in person at the box office, physical tickets may be issued. It depends on the individual theater’s procedures. But for online purchases, digital tickets on your smartphone are standard and accepted.


The Broadway Week promo code opens the door to huge savings on popular Broadway shows. Taking advantage of the 2-for-1 ticket deal can make seeing a top-tier musical or play much more affordable. Just be sure to get the code in advance online, enter it correctly when buying tickets, and move quickly before the limited BOGO seats sell out! With some strategic planning, you can land awesome seats to a coveted Broadway production at half price using the exclusive Broadway Week promo code.

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Broadway shows are the pinnacle of live theater. The talent, sets, costumes, music, and productions values are unmatched. Broadway brings together the best of the best when it comes to every aspect of putting on a live performance. The writers, actors, directors, and entire creative team are the top in their field. That’s why Broadway shows are so revered and sought after.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a live Broadway musical. The energy in the theater on Broadway is electric. Every detail is meticulously planned and executed. The songs are catchy and memorable. The dances are intricate and perfectly synchronized. The actors have incredible vocal range and stage presence. Every part of the production works together seamlessly to create an enthralling experience.

From comedies to dramas, Broadway has it all. You can see lavish productions with massive spectacle. Or intimate personal stories set on a small sparse stage. Some Broadway musicals adapt classic films or novels. Many are original stories that premiere first on Broadway’s iconic theaters. The variety of different shows is immense.

The costumes on Broadway never fail to impress. They are ornate, vibrant works of art crafted by top designers. The costume changes are frequent and fast with multiple elaborate looks for each character. The costumes help establish time period, location, character traits, and mood. They are an integral part of the world building in any Broadway show.

The sets and staging of Broadway shows elevate productions to the next level. Sets are often multi-level with stairs, balconies, elevators, trap doors, and more to allow fluid scene changes and dynamic blocking. There are productions that utilize massive set pieces that seamlessly transition from one to the next. Props, backdrops, screens, and special effects help bring sets to life.

Broadway orchestra pits house musicians performing live to accompany shows. Depending on the production, there can be 5-30+ orchestra members. This includes instruments like piano, drums, woodwinds, brass, guitar, violin, cello, synthesizer, and more. The orchestra brings the songs to life alongside the incredible Broadway singers.

standardized formatting and structure. Lighting plays a key role in the audience experience. Broadway lighting designers use color, intensity, angles and spotlights to visually shape moments on stage. This guides the audience’s focus and perspective. The lighting shifts with the mood and energy of each scene.

Seeing a Broadway show is a memorable experience. Once the lights dim and the curtain rises, you are transported out of your seat into another world. You laugh, cry, dream, and imagine along with the characters and story. The suspension of disbelief on Broadway is thrilling. Broadway shows take you on an emotional journey from start to finish.

There is a reason millions flock to Broadway in NYC every year. The sheer talent on display on the Broadway stage is unparalleled. The combination of brilliant acting, singing, dancing, writing, composing, and producing all in one place creates theater magic. Broadway brings words and music to life in a powerfully entertaining way.

Broadway has produced countless iconic musical numbers over the decades. Songs from shows like The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Hamilton, The Lion King, Rent, and so many more have permeated pop culture and become beloved hits. The music of Broadway shows helps them live on long after the curtain closes.

NYC’s Broadway theater district is synonymous with show business. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, Broadway contains historic landmark theaters dating back to the early 1900s. Marquees light up nightly to welcome audiences to a magical escape from reality for a few hours.

There are few better date night activities than seeing a Broadway show. The excitement and energy provide a fun shared experience. Broadway shows also make great family outings for parents and kids to enjoy together. The memorable stories, characters, and catchy songs provide plenty to talk about long after you leave the theater.

Broadway shows have launched the careers of countless iconic actors and actresses over the decades. Performers like Lin Manuel Miranda, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Bernadette Peters all got their big breaks doing Broadway shows. Seeing the next big star on the rise is part of the Broadway allure.

Whether you are a lifelong Broadway fan or first-time audience member, seeing a show on Broadway is unforgettable. The talent and production value exceeds all expectations. There’s nothing like an in-person Broadway theater experience. So next time you’re in NYC, be sure to stop by the TKTS booth in Times Square to get discounted Broadway tickets!