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What Is The Standard Bedroom Door Size?

Every homeowner and builder have at one point, or the other reached the critical point of deciding what the standard bedroom door size is. The bedroom is a vital part of the home, and every decision made in its setup must be adequately and carefully made to suit the dwellers. Ranging from the average bedroom door height to the bedroom door width, all the specifications of the bedroom door has to be suitable for every category of persons that could possibly use the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if such persons are tall or plus-sized; the bedroom door must allow for easy movement. This explains why every homeowner or builder must pay close attention to the standard, average and minimum size of the bedroom door.

average and minimum size of the bedroom door

If you’re reading this article, it is most probably because you would like to know what specifications in terms of width and height are best for your bedroom doors. You are in the right place! In the same vein, if you’re planning to buy an apartment somewhere, the bedroom sizes and related ideas discussed here will come in handy as you make your decision.

 Advantages Of The Bedroom Door

There are quite different types and nature of bedroom doors, and they all come with their respective benefits and disadvantages. Here is a full draft of the advantages of different types of bedroom doors.

Easy to Install

Wooden bedroom doors and steel doors are relatively easy to install. They require little expertise, and you could DIY the installation all by yourself with the right tools in place. Mind you; it doesn’t require many tools to install.


Most bedroom doors, especially the steel bedroom doors do not rust. This is largely because they are not exposed to rust agents such as moisture, wet air, rain and sun. In addition to easy installation, most bedroom doors are not susceptible to rust, and this extends the durability period.

Moderate Hardness

Another really interesting thing about bedroom doors is that they are not too hard on the knuckles. The aluminum alloy bedroom door, for example, is sturdy enough to withstand time but also gentle on the hand enough that it doesn’t cause hurt on the knuckles while knocking.

Moderate Hardness

Durability and Extensive Use

Perhaps one of the reasons why people prefer bedroom doors of different materials is that they last for an extended period of time. They give you all the value for your money and last for as long as many years without croaking or bending.


Like every other door type, bedroom doors provide ample security. Most of the materials used are strong, dependable and secure enough to protect your bedroom.

The Standard Bedroom Door Height And Width

The Height and The Width

There are several factors that influence the size of a bedroom door. We’ll touch on the factors shortly. But, if we talk about one standard size, then the width of the door can be anywhere between 24 inches, 28 inches up to 32 inches. The height of the door is 80 inches usually. So that even a person with a tall height can pass through easily without having to stoop. But, decorating isn’t bound to any hard and fast rules. Even if you choose a bedroom door that is a little bit different in dimensions from the standard that will work fine too.

The width of the door is also dependant upon the amount of available space. A home with small rooms won’t look good with a bedroom door that is 32″ in width. But if you are still inclined towards choosing a broader bedroom door even in a small home, then you can opt for a sliding door. The sliding mechanism of the door will make its width less prominent.

What About a Bedroom with Doors to a Balcony or a Backyard?What About a Bedroom with Doors to a Balcony or a Backyard

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We have talked about the main door of a bedroom, but a bedroom doesn’t have a single entrance door in all cases. Some bedrooms also have doors that access the balcony or a backyard. For those doors that connect your bedroom to the outdoor, you can take the liberty and make them as broad as you want.

What Should be the Size of The Bathroom Door inside a Bedroom?

What Should be the Size of The Bathroom Door inside a Bedroom

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The standard size of a bathroom door inside a bedroom, is between 24 to 32 inches, depending upon the available space.

Alternate Bedroom Door Size

  • For one reason or the other, if you cannot use the standard bedroom door size, maybe because your apartment is extremely small or rather too large or lacking in space, here are alternate bedroom door sizes you could use:
  • An alternate height for bedroom door is 78″. It is also called 6/6 door.
  • For utility purposes and small closets, the alternate width for doors ranges within 24 inches and 30 inches.
  • In very rare cases, a bedroom door could be as wide as 36 inches.
  • The alternate thickness of bedroom door, especially those made from hardwood, is between 1½ inches and 1¾ inches.
  • The alternate for jamb thickness is around 6-9/16 inches.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Size Of Your Bedroom Door

Type of Home

One of the most basic factors that affect the choice of bedroom doors is the home style. In other words, in what kind of apartment do you intend to use the door? This is necessary because certain types of homes, the traditional tall buildings, for example, require tall doors, and the bedroom doors are not left out.

Height of Bedroom Ceiling

Another major determinant factor of the size of your bedroom is the height of the ceiling. By extension, this means the height of the bedroom. It would look odd to have high bedroom ceilings and very small doors. Your bedroom door size should complement the dimensions of the room.

Height of Dwellers

If you have particularly tall people in the apartment, say about 5’9 ft. and above, you would have to put them into consideration while selecting your bedroom door size because they will have reasons to visit your room from time to time. It goes without saying that if the owner of the bedroom falls into this category of tall people, the choice of bedroom door must be one that gives them enough space for easy movement in and out of the room.

Available Space

The amount of space in the room affects the width of the bedroom door. You certainly do not want a room where the door takes much more space than necessary on the wall. This would give your bedroom an awkward appearance.

Number of Dwellers

Most homeowners often ignore this equally important factor. When choosing the width of a bedroom door, be sure to consider the number of people who are likely to pass through the door at a time. This is especially useful for homes with multiple dwellers. You don’t want a door so tiny that two or more people cannot pass through at a time.

How To Measure A Door Properly

To measure a door or a door post correctly, you need to be clear on the purpose. In other words, do you want to measure a door post so as to install a door or you want to replace an existing door? It also matters if you want to replace the hinges and frames or you want to leave them. Measuring up a door is quite easy and does not require any tool other than a simple measuring tape. To measure a doorpost, do the following:

  • Measure the height of the door vertically. Do this at three points of the door: the left side, the middle and the right-hand side of the door. Record the smallest measurement
  • Measure the width of the door horizontally. Do this at three points of the door: the top, the middle and the bottom of the door. Record the smallest measurement.
  • Measure from the top of the door to the bore, that is, the hole where the handle fits in.
  • Measure the distance between the bore and the nearest edge of the door.
  • Measure the thickness of the door slab.
  • Measure the height and length of the hinges.

Popular Bedroom Door Styles

Again, the same factors that work in the door size also come to play when you want to choose a bedroom door style for your bedroom. You need to consider the type and size of your bedroom: masters bedroom or just a small regular bedroom. Below are some of the common bedroom door styles you could adopt.

Barn Doors

If you want a door that combines size and fancy, the barn door is your best shot. It is a sliding door that is larger than the regular doors. Barn doors give you a different feel because they are installed, and not just hung like most other doors.

French Doors

What About a Bedroom with Doors to a Balcony or a Backyard

French doors give off an exquisite look in your bedroom. They look posh and welcoming and can be used in combination with decorative items such as curtains, ribbons, etc. However, for bedroom purposes, it is advisable to leave them prim and exquisite, without the excesses of decorations, ribbons, etc. French doors can withstand rust and are very suitable for master bedrooms because of the large size.

Pocket Doors

Using pocket doors in the bedroom is a smart way to maximize available space. They can slide into the space specifically built for the purpose right inside the wall. It looks smart and does not require much space. However, pocket doors could be a little technical to install because you need to create an opening in the wall. You will require the help of experts to get it done.

Continental Doors

Continental doors are another great options of door styles for your bedroom. They are useful for other rooms in the home too and are not a bad option for the bedroom. Continental doors look elegant, polished and sophisticated. Depending on the width of your doorpost and the size of your bedroom, you could use the single or double continental doors.

Rockport Doors

You want a door for your closet, bathroom or bedroom? You should check out the Rockport doors. They come in six rectangular panels that make them appealing to the eyes. They are available in different colors to suit your style and can also be used as single or double doors.

Cambridge Doors

If you’re a lover of sleek simplicity, this is the door style for you! The Cambridge doors have two raised panels of different sizes, and this makes them look contemporary. They look really lovely on the surface, and they have long durability. It is commonly used in most modern homes, thanks to its beautiful outlook. Although white is a common choice, you could get any color of your choice.

Craftsman Doors

This is like saving the best for the last on our list. Craftsman doors are unique in all ways. They are different from the others in terms of size, dimensions and outlook. The panels are aligned to both sides, and they could be fitted with ornate glass. Irrespective of the size, craftsman doors are suitable options for bedrooms, especially masters bedroom as well as other rooms in the home.

Doors Matter Too

Doors Matter Too

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When we imagine the overall look of a bedroom, we think that the furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, and the walls are the significant factors, that decide how the room will turn out in the end. But doors also have importance.

Imagine a room that is decorated beautifully, with classic furniture, perfect curtains and rugs, and incredible wall decor, but the door is in bad condition, it will grab attention and shift the focus away from all the better things. We hope you have a good idea now regarding which size you have to choose for your bedroom.


A standard bedroom door size incorporates the standard bedroom door height, standard bedroom door width, minimum bedroom door size, etc. Whether you will go for a standard bedroom door size or an average bedroom door size depends on several factors including the size of your apartment, the style of bedroom door you want, the height of the dwellers and so on. So, before you order your next door or purchase an apartment, you should take note of the factors mentioned earlier. Bedrooms are our last resort for relaxation and pleasant sleep after each day’s activities. It is vital to make the bedroom look as appealing as it can be.