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What is the WhatsApp number of Nagaland State Lottery?

Quick Answer: The WhatsApp number for contacting Nagaland State Lottery is +91 7005139587

The Nagaland State Lottery is a government authorized lottery system operated by the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries. With its headquarters located in Kohima, Nagaland, the state lottery organizes multiple weekly and bumper draw events. The lottery system provides an opportunity for individuals to try their luck and win exciting cash prizes.

To provide better customer support services, Nagaland State Lottery has set up a dedicated WhatsApp contact number that interested persons can message to get more details about the lottery system, prizes, draw timings, results etc. The official WhatsApp contact number for Nagaland State Lottery is +91 7005139587.

This WhatsApp number is an easy way for people to directly get in touch with the lottery organizers and get their queries or concerns addressed. Since WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging platform, using this mode of communication makes it convenient for both the lottery customers as well as the administrators.

About Nagaland State Lottery

The Nagaland state lottery is run by the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries. The state government of Nagaland established the Directorate in the year 1968. The main purpose behind starting the lottery game was to provide employment opportunities to the people of the state and also generate funds for government welfare programs and infrastructure development.

Over the last five decades, the Nagaland lottery system has grown into a full-fledged business that now organizes draws six days a week. Various weekly games are conducted that include Monday Dear Flamingo, Tuesday Dear Parrot, Wednesday Dear Eagle, Thursday Dear Falcon, Friday Dear Vulture and Saturday Dear Ostrich.

In addition to the weekly lotteries, the Directorate also organizes bumper draws on special occasions such as Nagaland Republic Day, Independence Day, Nagaland Statehood Day etc. These bumper draws offer lucrative prizes worth crores of Rupees.

All the lotteries organized by the state are implemented as per the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998. The Directorate works under the supervision of the Finance Department, Government of Nagaland. The lottery draws are conducted with high transparency and integrity.

Over the years, the Nagaland State Lottery system has gained popularity across India for its fair draws and attractive prizes. People from different parts of the country participate in the lottery games with hopes of getting lucky and winning huge cash rewards that can transform their lives.

Lottery Tickets and Prize Claim

To participate in the Nagaland state lottery games, individuals have to purchase lottery tickets. These paper lottery tickets are available at authorized retailers across the state. The tickets clearly mention details like lottery name, serial number, price and date of draw.

The ticket prices for the different Nagaland lottery games are fixed by the Directorate. Typically, the weekly lottery tickets are priced at Rs 6 while bumper lottery tickets can cost anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 200 depending on the specific draw.

After purchasing the ticket, participants have to wait for the draws which are held on the scheduled date and time. The lottery results are published in leading newspapers of the region and also on the official government portal. Prize winners have to submit their winning lottery tickets to the Directorate office in Kohima within 30 days of result declaration to claim the prize money.

The verification process involves tallying ticket details with the draw results data. Once the ticket is verified, the claimant is paid the prize money through account transfer or demand draft. For bumper prizes, winners may need to visit the Directorate office in person for completing verification formalities.

How to Contact Nagaland State Lottery on WhatsApp

If you wish to contact Nagaland State Lottery administrators through WhatsApp, just send a message to their number +91 7005139587. This number is available for all lottery related queries and information.

When you send a WhatsApp message to this number, make sure to include your name and place of residence. Also clearly state your reason for contacting in the message.

Some examples of WhatsApp messages that can be sent are:

Hi, this is Ramesh from Delhi. I wanted to know the rules for claiming lottery prizes.

Hello, my name is Priya. I stay in Mumbai. Can you please tell me when is the next bumper lottery draw scheduled?

Namaste, I am Vikas calling from Bangalore. I wanted to find out about lottery dealer authorizations. Please guide.

Based on your location, query and requirements, the lottery administrators will respond to your WhatsApp message and provide you the necessary information or assistance.

If you have any urgent issues that need priority addressing, do mention that in the WhatsApp message so that the staff can get back to you quicker. Also, keep your message crisp and concise for fast response. Avoid any vague or generic questions.

Be polite in your communication. Begin your texts with a courteous greeting like “Hello”, “Hi”, “Dear Sir/Madam” etc. Use words like “Please”, “Thank you”, “Regards” etc. where applicable. This enhances the overall experience.

Also, note that the WhatsApp number is solely for lottery related communication. Do not send any irrelevant messages or spam texts to the number as those may be ignored. Stick to lottery enquiries only on this helpline.

Types of Queries to Ask on WhatsApp

Here are some common examples of lottery related queries that you can ask on the official WhatsApp number:

  • Upcoming lottery draws schedule
  • Lottery draw result details
  • Prize claim process information
  • Lottery ticket pricing and availability
  • Authorized lottery dealers in your city
  • Eligibility criteria for participating in lottery draws
  • Payment options and account details for prize transfers
  • Claim submission requirements and documents list
  • Status update on prize claims processing
  • Customer support helpline numbers and staff contacts
  • Lottery guidelines, rules and regulations

Besides the above topics, you can ask any other lottery related question that you may have on the WhatsApp number provided. The administrators usually respond with helpful information, links, resources, contact details etc. to address the user’s query satisfactorily.

Do note that very long or highly detailed queries are better suited for the official email or call helplines. WhatsApp is for short, urgent questions that need a quick response. So frame your lottery questions concisely before sending them via WhatsApp to the state lottery department.

Benefits of Contacting Via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most popular instant messaging tools globally thanks to its simplicity, ease of use and quick communication abilities. Here are some key advantages of contacting Nagaland State Lottery department through their WhatsApp number:

Real-time communication

WhatsApp messages generally get delivered immediately and are viewed quickly. This enables real-time communication with instant responses from lottery organizers unlike email which can have delays.

Convenient interface

WhatsApp has an user-friendly interface. Sending messages via WhatsApp is simple, fast and convenient for citizens of all age groups.

Options to ask doubts

Users can easily clarify their doubts by asking follow-up questions on WhatsApp if the initial response is insufficient.

Wide accessibility

Since WhatsApp works seamlessly across different phone models, smartphone users can easily access it for contacting the lottery department.

Official source of information

Details received on WhatsApp directly from the lottery administrators serve as official and reliable information for users.

Quick resolution of issues

Urgent queries or issues when communicated via WhatsApp can get resolved sooner by the concerned lottery officials.

Helps build trust

Fast WhatsApp responses create a feeling of reliability and transparency about the state-run lottery system.

WhatsApp Lottery Support Timings

The Nagaland State Lottery administrators typically respond to WhatsApp messages from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM to 5 PM. Queries received during non-working hours may see a delayed response.

For bumper draw periods, WhatsApp support is available for extended hours to promptly handle the high volume of queries. The department also makes timely announcements of any changes in WhatsApp support timings on their website and official social media pages.

During festival holidays, administrative leaves etc. the WhatsApp support may remain unavailable. Users must check the official handles for support availability details during such special occasions. Planned maintenance breaks are also announced beforehand on the lottery website.

While the WhatsApp number remains constant, +91 7005139587, the response hours can vary depending on seasonal lottery rush and administrative decisions. Subscribers looking for timely updates must keep checking the lottery department’s online channels.

How to Identify and Avoid Lottery Scams on WhatsApp

While the Nagaland State Lottery department provides a genuine WhatsApp contact number for customer support, there are some unscrupulous elements that try to scam gullible users via fake lottery links circulated on WhatsApp. Here are some tips to identify such WhatsApp lottery frauds and keep your information safe:

Verify the sender’s number

If you receive any SMS or WhatsApp message related to lottery wins, first note down the phone number carefully. Cross check it with the official website for Nagaland State Lottery to see if it matches. Fraudsters use unauthorized numbers.

Check for accurate details

Scammers send vague messages filled with spelling errors and false claims of hefty prize wins. Verifying the facts mentioned in the message can reveal any inconsistencies.

Do not pay any fees

Genuine lottery organizers never ask for any fee or charges to process your prize claim. Reject any such requests for advance payments on WhatsApp.

Avoid unknown links

Fake lottery links sent on WhatsApp can lead to malicious websites that steal your confidential data or infect your phone. Do not open unverified links.

Ask for credentials

If you get a suspicious lottery offer on WhatsApp, immediately ask for the sender’s license details and registration credentials to authenticate if they are legally authorized.

Notify authorities

Report fraud lottery numbers to cyber crime officials and notify the state lottery department about any fake WhatsApp accounts misusing their name. This can help prevent further scams.

By learning to identify shady messages and contacts, lottery participants can avoid falling into WhatsApp scams. Always verify the facts before believing any lottery claims forwarded on WhatsApp messages or posts. Rely only on the official lottery website and verified social media handles for genuine lottery updates and support.


The Nagaland State Lottery provides an authorized WhatsApp contact number +91 7005139587 for citizens to directly get in touch with administrators and get their queries addressed in real-time. This easy WhatsApp access builds greater confidence in the lottery system and enhances user experience through prompt communication. By texting their questions on this helpline with relevant details and politeness, individuals looking for lottery information can obtain reliable support from officials quickly without hassles. However, they must also exercise caution to avoid any fake lottery scams circulating on WhatsApp by verifying facts and reporting suspicious numbers or links to authorities. Overall, the Nagaland State Lottery WhatsApp number serves as an efficient instant support channel for citizens if used properly.